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Fijian soldiers singing
Fijian soldiers singing for orphans in Suai, East Timor in 2004. This took place at an orphanage for victims of the massacre in 1999 in which over 250 people were slaughtered.
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Fijian soldiers at a United Nations medal presentation
These Fijian soldiers presented an afternoon of celebration for when they were awarded their United Nations Peacekeeping medals in 2004 in East Timor. The day was full of dances, songs, a parade and a great feast for invited guests (which I was honoured to be invited). It was a fabulous day and I really enjoyed their culture being shared with other people from the many different nations on Peacekeeping duty in East Timor.
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East Timor roads overturned trailer
The roads in East Timor are possibly the worst in the Pacific region. Army trailers are designed to stay on the road when fully loaded, so they tend to bounce a lot when there is no weight on the suspension.
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Staffordshire Bull Terriers welcome new brother
Buddy was adopted from the RSPCA and met his new brother Zac and sister Millie
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Rough roads 4wd
Off road driving on some of the best roads in East Timor
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Stupid bogans with stupid ideas about boat people.
Stupid people, stupid ideas. I bet this idiot would scream if the Government said for every illegal boat arrival it would mean his welfare dole payment would be halved to support them. He just wants his dole money for not working and expects those that do work and pay taxes to just keep doing so. Illegal boat people pay to get to Indonesia, pay people smugglers and then want to come to Australia and be given everything from free housing to free medical and free legal representation. They have very few skills needed to advance Australia. This idiot's views show he has no grasp of reality as he is approached in a back alley during the day. Probably not paying any tax to the Government so we can go and give a free ride to illegal migrants. So let's go pick them up and put them in free housing and give them everything and the Government can cut unemployment benefits to pay for it.
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Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the mud
After chasing the ball at the park Zac (a boy) decided to play in the mud before he was to go home. Millie (a girl) knew better!
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Staffordshire Bull Terriers in a car.
Staffies get excited when they realise they are going to the park.
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