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Tutorial - Excel 2013 VLOOKUP
Easy and simple way to learn VLOOKUP (Vertical Lookup) in Excel 2013; this also applies for Excel 2010 and 2007. VLOOKUP is one of the most useful formulas in Excel.
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Tutorial - Excel 2013 Charts - How to
Learn how to create a chart quickly and easily, this video demonstrates creating a chart in Excel from absolutely nothing. A great start for someone looking into creating charts, very simple and easy to understand.
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Tutorial - Remove Malware-Adware and more
Video tutorial on handling malware, adware and other forms of malicious software. I decided to make this video so others can be aware of how easy it is to fix, cure and remove virus content from a computer.
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Tutorial - Create a Website Using Excel
Quick tutorial teaching how easy it is to create a very simple site in Excel. Excel is used for data work however, we do have the option to create a very simple web site that can serve us on some levels, depending on what the site is for. This example is inspired by a recent project where I had to create tons of small sites in a short time, teaching these in Excel to someone proved to be a good solution; so I figured hey, why not make a video out of it. :)
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Tutorial - 11 Must know Command Prompt (CMD) Commands
Tutorial video showing 11 of the most common, most used and ideal command prompts in Windows. These basic commands are must knows for any technician or windows user, for the new CMD users this video should enlighten you a lot about command prompt. Thank you for watching my tutorials.
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Tutorial - Customizing Microsoft Outlook 2010
Basics of customizing Outlook 2010 forms, developer tab, business contact manager and some custom features people don't often know about.
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Tutorial - Excel 2010 - 10 Things you must know
Tutorial explaining 10 of the most common must-know features in Microsoft Excel 2010, Excel is used world-wide and this tutorial shows slightly beyond the basics in a simple way of understanding how to preform great tasks. My second video, 10 More things you must know in Excel can be seen here: http://youtu.be/LsLLPC00I8M
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Tutorial - How to copy / duplicate web sites
Teaches you how to copy any existing web site and edit it as your own in seconds.
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Outlook Customer Manager (OCM) - Introduction & Overview
Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Customer Manager is now available! This video provides an overview and first look at a fresh install of OCM (Outlook Customer Manager) on Outlook 2016. Outlook Customer Manager is a substitute for Business Contact Manager which is now available for Office 365 Subscribers to manage business contacts in the cloud.
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Tutorial - Excel 2013 - 10 Things you must know
Tutorial explaining 10 of the most common must-know features in Microsoft Excel 2013, Excel is used world-wide and this tutorial shows slightly beyond the basics in a simple way of understanding how to preform great tasks. This is a follow up video based on my original 2010 tutorials, links can be found below. My original 10 Things you must know in Excel 2010 can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SnBlC_1tSk My second video, 10 More things you must know in Excel 2010 can be seen here: http://youtu.be/LsLLPC00I8M Thank you for watching.
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Tutorial - How to Copy CSS Styles
Basic tutorial teaching how to copy CSS styles from existing web sites for use with your own web site.
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Tutorial - Google Docs as a Contact Manager
Using Google Docs as a cloud-based contact manager system is easy! This video shows you how simple it can be to create a form, create custom fields and capture data directly into Google Docs's spreadsheets.
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Tutorial - Creating a CRM 2011 Entity
Quick and Easy tutorial demonstrating how to create a custom entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.
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Tutorial - Excel Web App Forms (Office 360)
Learn how to create forms, surveys, questioners and more with Microsoft Excel; this video shows how to use the cloud e-ware from Microsoft, SkyDrive, in conjunction with Microsoft Office 360 to design, build and deploy forms in seconds. Data is automatically stored in a database in SkyDrive.
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Tutorial - Bulk Mass E-Mail
Learn how to easily send mass e-mail, can be done within seconds. This tutorial demonstrates how to use nothing but Microsoft Office applications to send bulk blast e-mail to any list of your choice.
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Tutorial - QR Code for your Website
Get a free QR (Quick Response) Code for your web site using Google's http://goo.gl service, free and instantly. QR code usage is growing and expanding in mobile phone advertisement, it takes seconds on your part to have and use one!
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Tutorial - Capsule CRM
An awesome CRM system that is cost-effective and easy to manage. Capsule offers a cloud CRM and mobile solution to managing leads, contacts, organizations, clients, cases and opportunities. Organize tasks and a variety of custom fields which lets you tailor this little CRM system to your business needs. You can sign up for a free account by clicking this link: http://capsulecrm.com/?referrer=QAQBSS
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Tips n Tricks - Start your own Business
Video demonstration of a simple and easy process to starting your own business, what are you good at? what can you provide? how will you provide it? this video shows the formula to putting together what you need to start your own business. What are you waiting for? Go try something.
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Tutorial - Mail Merge in Word and Publisher
Easy tutorial how to mail merge from Excel into Word and Publisher, merge into Letters and Labels from absolute scratch. This video shows how to insert fields into letters and labels within minutes, must know for anyone who uses Excel, Word or Publisher.
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Tutorial - E-Mail Results from a Google Drive Form
E-mail results of form submissions from Google Docs aka Google Drive. This video will teach you how to create the Google Drive form for use with your web sites, e-mail marketing, mobile blasting and also show you how to add the trigger code to e-mail the results from Google Drive directly to your e-mail with all the field values someone fills out. Google Drive has an awesome WYSIWYG Form creating GUI and with this piece of Google Script Code you can have the person filling out the form e-mail the results straight to you. The Google Script Code I used is the following: function sendFormByEmail(e) { var email = "[email protected]"; var subject = "Your Subject"; var message = ""; for(var field in e.namedValues) { message += field + ' :: ' + e.namedValues[field].toString() + "\n\n"; } MailApp.sendEmail(email, subject, message); } Remember to replace [email protected] with your e-mail address and your subject with the form results subject you want to appear in your e-mail when you get the results mailed back to you. Thank you for watching my tutorial videos! Please subscribe. :)
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Tutorial - Business Contact Manager (BCM) Reports
A quick view and introduction into the reporting features of Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010. This is a part of a series about BCM and CRM. Visit us at http://www.dangerstudio.com
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Tutorial - Business Contact Manager (BCM) & Outlook Calendar
A quick view and introduction into the calendar features of Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010. This is a part of a series about BCM and CRM.
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Tutorial - Reverse Engineering Web Forms
Learn how to see what occurs in the back end of a form, when you hit a button; what the form does, what codes does it use and how you may be able to add this functionality to your projects. Reverse engineering forms is the learning process in which I analyze the action of a form and how to mimic and clone its request and response.
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Tutorial - How to copy / duplicate web sites 2
I freestyled part 2 to show (to answer) new techniques and just having fun with freehand copying, amazingly some of the sites had "copy protection" and encryption, which I somehow managed to bypass, pretty cool no? enjoy.
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Tutorial - Customize Business Contact Manager 2013
Video tutorial on customizing Business Contact Manager (BCM) on MS Office 2013, learn how to customize the contact account type; I will make future videos on customizing other record types as well.
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Tutorial - Windows 10 Virtual Desktops
This tutorial shows to to create virtual desktops in Windows 10, a new features that allows multiple desktop instances on a single screen (or more screens). This video shows how to add a new virtual desktop, how to move application (apps) from one desktop to another and demonstrates ease and understanding of the new Windows 10 virtual desktop feature.
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Tutorial - Projects in Business Contact Manager
This video illustrates working with projects in Business Contact Manager 2010 and Business Contact Manager 2013 for Outlook. BCM can be used to properly manage and track projects for service related industries, this video breaks in the ground on understanding the natural flow of how we can use BCM to monitor, track and build out projects for customers, accounts and clients. Thank you.
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Tutorial - Excel - Phone Area Code to State (VLOOKUP)
Short tutorial explaining how to take a list of phone numbers and use the VLOOKUP formula to a state codes to the corresponding area code. Some of you who look for a way to easily convert area codes to states locations my find this very useful. I know for my purpose of converting phone numbers to locate which state a caller phoned in from is very useful. Easily done in Excel 2010, 2013 or 2016. The URL from where I got the states from is: http://www.bennetyee.org/ucsd-pages/area.html The VLOOKUP formula used in this tutorial is: =VLOOKUP(VALUE(LEFT(A1,3)),StateCodes,2,FALSE) If you follow the steps closely this is a great example of using VLOOKUP, defining a table and referencing values to a column. I hope some of you find this useful. Thank you for watching!
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Tutorial - Exchange 2013 ECP Administration Control Panel
Quick view of the Exchange 2013 Administration Control Panel, create a Send Connector, Create a Receive Connector and Mailboxes. Hub Transport role vs. Forefront Transport role and a quick summary of the new mail server Exchange from Microsoft.
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Tutorial - CRM 2011 Workflows and Processes
Video demonstration and explanation of Workflow processes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (RU POLARIS) this video will help you understand how to build and plan your workflow in a practical and simple logic to automate and do multiple things within CRM.
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Top 5 Free Screen Sharing Tools
Discover the top 5 free screen sharing tools, remote tech support, remote sessions, meetings, webinars and other techniques explained in this brief video of the latest screen sharing technology. Reviewed in this video: join.me (join me), zoom.us (zoom us), cisco webex, gotomeeting and teamviewer.
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Tutorial - Office 2013 and SkyDrive
Tutorial focusing on SkyDrive and Microsoft Office 2013 integration, example and use. SkyDrive is Office's Cloud system; it is truly amazing!
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Tutorial - CRM 2011 Reports
A tutorial and introduction to Microsoft Dynamic CRM Reporting, a powerful and amazing feature of CRM to build logic intro reports.
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Tutorial - Outlook 2010 - 10 Things you must know
Tutorial explaining 10 of the most common must-know features in Microsoft Outlook 2010, Outlook is used world-wide and this tutorial shows slightly beyond the basics in a simple way of understanding how to preform great tasks.
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Tutorial - Working Leads in Business Contact Manager
This video illustrates how to work leads, convert to customers, manage and track in Business Contact Manager 2010 and 2013 in Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013. I use the 2013 version which is on a 1:1 scale of the 2010 version. This video gives great insight on how to start using BCM to capture lead data and how to use it properly to ensure that things are done correct. Thank you for watching my videos.
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Tutorial - Import and Export Business Contact Manager 2013
Video tutorial on importing contact type data into BCM (Business Contact Manager) describing how to arrange the input file and import it into BCM. This video also touches on exporting out BCM back ups and customization files.
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Tutorial - Torrents & uTorrent, What is and how to download a Torrent.
A basic, quick tutorial and overview of torrent downloading, what is a torrent, where do you find torrents, what to use to download and how to find and download a torrent of your choice.
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Tutorial - Business Contact Manager E-mail Linking and Tracking
This video demonstrates how to link and track previous historical items in Business Contact Manager (BCM). Those of you who wonder how to go about linking older e-mails to existing leads, accounts or contacts will find it very easy to do by watching this video. Thank you!
Views: 2838 Ilan Patao
Tutorial - Reverse Phone Lookup (the free way.)
Simple tutorial to reverse look up telephone numbers, land lines and a nice little trick to "reverse" cell phone numbers as well. Enjoy. Thx.
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Tutorial - Windows 8 - Add Start Button and more
Learn where to find and add a Start button for Windows 8, 6 programs discussed and also quick shortcuts shown in this video. Windows 8 Start Button software is available throughout the web, this video will help you find and bring back the old look-and-feel of Windows 7. Thank you for watching.
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Tutorial - Free SMS & Text Messaging from your PC
Video showing how to send and receive free text messages through your computer, best free service out there where you don't even need to know the other person's carrier. This is a great way to communicate with consumers, follow up and chat with others. This video also shows how to embed and add this kind of technology to your existing site or sites.
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Tutorial - Decompile SWF Flash Games & Movies to FLA (Part 2
Simple tutorial how to save any flash document off the web, decompile it to an FLA, test it, learn it, clone resources, etc. (Part 2)
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Tutorial - Create Image Maps using CoffeeCup ImageMapper
First tutorial teaching how to create a seamless image map using CoffeeCup Image Mapper.
Views: 6125 Ilan Patao
Tutorial - Store Locator and Zip Locator How-To
Learn how to create a free store locator and zip locator either for your own personal use, internal work or for your web site for customers to find locations you add to a database. This video displays the ease of building, creating and publishing a live zip code store locator and search.
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Business Contact Manager - Real Estate Build
This is a demo of a custom build of Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010 customized for use by Real Estate agencies. This custom design allows for personal and custom data capture to assist in rental and property management content with the use of Outlook.
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Tutorial - Excel 2015  - Basic Calculated Spreadsheet
Tutorial explaining how to easily create a calculated Excel spreadsheet for forecasting, reporting and analysis. Though this is basic for beginners, it contains instruction how to evaluate different numbers in a live spreadsheet to calculate sales data, close rates, forecast revenue and any other kind of data you'd like to calculate. This spreadsheet uses basic math to automate reports and number evaluation that can be useful in almost any scenario from evaluating employees, creating invoices, orders, quotes, budgets and can be universally applied to almost anything. :)
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Tutorial - Business Contact Manager Mass E-Mail
Demonstration of Mass E-Mail marketing feature within Business Contact Manager (BCM) which allows you to market to either your leads, contacts or accounts. This video illustrates the creation of an e-mail campaign, selecting the recipients, composing the message and shooting a live e-mail to all your contacts.
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Tutorial - Weak Website Security (View Admin & More)
Tutorial demonstrating how weak web site security is..
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Tutorial - Free Virtual FAX Line and Voicemail
Tutorial on how to obtain a free phone number to accept virtual faxes and voice mails, in seconds! This is a great way to get paperless faxes on the fly and voicemails without having to pay a phone company or any other service. K7.net
Views: 2339 Ilan Patao
Tutorial - Business Contact Manager Call Lists
A telemarketing, cold calling and organized way of creating lists for outbound dialing for leads, contacts and accounts in Business Contact Manager (BCM). A Powerful tool to organize, track and increase communication efforts between you and your contacts.
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