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God morgen
Fredags morgenbøn I Fælleskirken i Ølstykke betød jeg måtte tidligt op, lige som i dag.
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Video diary Sep. 23
Sunday Video Diary featuring Celine Tam. Celine Tam - Let it go [Japanese TV] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvyZG7fD7Zg&t=182s
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Night-butterfly or a moth?
This beautiful creature has stayed with me for two days. It's only active late evening and early morning when it's dark. The first evening I went to sleep with it sitting on the corner of my bed, next to my pillow. And the next evening, it sat at the end of the head of the bed. Believe it or not, it helped me sleep better, and was just like having a pet. If I knew how to feed it and keep it I would. I don't know what it's called. I never saw one of these before. I've run out of batteries to my DSLR, so this is as close I could come. I estimated its size to be around 4x4 cm. I wish I could've taken a macro of it.
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Playing Fireboy and Watergirl
I really like this game.
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English class   Lingoda.
First 15 minutes of C1 group class with teacher Kerry Marie. The Transition from Silent to Talking Pictures. October 3, 2018
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Read the bible with me
Reading the bible for sanity in times of confusion reveals the healing impact of the living word on the troubled soul.
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Gudstjeneste, ensomhed, og kristi legeme
Hvorfor jeg ikke har været i kirke længe, og hvad jeg har besluttet at gøre ved det.
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Video dagbog sep 21
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Blue Yeti test
Showing you how each of the four recording patterns in the Blue Yeti sounds like, and how easy it is to switch between them and turn the gain up or down.
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Video diary September 22
Fourth day without cigarettes.
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Don't you just hate it when...
The transcription reveals my somewhat slurred speech: "she was 15 she rose from super 13 to 15 in the annex where they were hiding from under nuts is inherent and by the age of 15 she had hosted this book might be used to teach about history associated it Hitomi." To slur: to pronounce (a syllable, word, etc.) indistinctly by combining, reducing, or omitting sounds, as in hurried or careless utterance.
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Tale om Gud
Danskerne taler for lidt om Gud. Udlængsel og tro.
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Beautiful life 2
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Beautiful life
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My book
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Burning match in slowmotion - audio recording with Blue Yeti edited in Audacity.
Creating slowmotion recording of a match being struck using audacity and increasing volume. The first part of the video is recorded using the onboard microphone of my video camera(recording the laptop speakers). The audio to the final sequence is the original recording with the Blue Yeti.
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Talking about Jesus
I talk about my life with God.
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Would you consider sponsoring a child?
Breaking the cycle of poverty through empowerment and education. Children International - https://www.children.org/
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Video dagbog sep 19
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The things I love
The Diary of a Young Girl - Anne Frank. Acorns in the woods. My cross.
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The joys of nature are outside your window every day. All you need to do is look.
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English group class.  Lingoda.
C1: Group class with Kerry Marie. Recorded Tuesday October 2, 2018. "Beauty Standards and Feminism."
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