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Renato Laranja and Cris Cyborg Doing their best Rocky
Renato Laranja and Cris Cyborg doing a pretty decent takeoff of Rocky Balboa and his wife Adrian. Maybe a future in the movie business or Cyborg, what you reckon? w: mmamicks.com f: facebook.com/mmamicks t: twitter.com/mmammicks
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Henry Cejudo Olympic Wrestling Drills
Top UFC flyweight contender and Olympic wrestling medalistHenry Cejudo. Executing justsome of his drills for his annual seminar. mmamicks.com facebook.com/mmamicks twitter.com/mmammicks
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Joe Rogan Talks Tito Ortiz Gorilla Submission Chael Sonnen with Bill Burr
Joe Rogan breaks down the Tito Ortiz submission win over Chael Sonnen in Bellator mma. With his guest Bill Burr on the JRE Experience podcast. Joe maintain that it was Tito's shear strength that made Chael tap. Not the fight being fixed as many people have been inferring. Link to full podcast here: https://youtu.be/b9GWqfNlWHI w: mmamicks.com f: facebook.com/mmamicks t: twitter.com/mmammicks
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Joe Rogan on "Weight Cutting "Worst thing in mma" El Cucuy's Tiny Cut
Joe Rogan on Weight Cutting being thee "Worst thing in mma". He talks about the benefit you get in the cut, asking do you lose it in the performance? Tony Ferguson's weight cut being very small according to Eddie Bravo. When Travis Lutter was walking to the scales vs Anderson Silva, his lips were cracking, bleeding. Joe says that every single drop of water was gone from his body. Rafael Dos Anjos moving up to welterweight, just like cowboy Cerrone could be the best thing for their careers. Guys fighting at these lower weight classes, putting themselves through hell to make weight. While still losing out at the end of the day, lose lose situation. Link to full podcast: https://youtu.be/5ZyyuoslUoA
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MMA Head Coach Ray Butcher Talks Team Balance Ireland
https://youtu.be/MOriPq7i_Bc We had the opportunity to sit down with Ray Butcher, head coach at Team Balance Ireland. Ray spoke in-depth about his own background in Martial Arts. The history of Team Balance Ireland, affiliated with Balance Studios in Philadelphia which was established by Phil Migliarese, 5th degree Black belt, along with his brother Ricardo Migliarese 4th degree, both under Relson Gracie. With a number of affiliated Balance clubs based mainly on the East coast of America. Established in 2005, Team Balance Ireland came about through a series of introductions via his coaches after Ray had traveled to the States to train. Then subsequently, some time later becoming a part of what he refers to as the Team Balance community. 10 years on and Team Balance Ireland who are now based in Drumcondra Dublin running a well established and highly successful club of their own. One of the striking things you first notice about Balance is it’s very open and inviting environment. Not the stereotypical testosterone fueled club you might typically find, which might turn certain people off. They offer a combination of Yoga, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Striking and MMA classes to suit all comers. With something for all ages and genders. You do get the feeling on entering that that is something which they have shrived to achieve. Creating a great “Balance” for those who either want to simply get fit, learn a new skill or compete if they should chose to do so. Currently the home of Akuma Fighting Championships Amateur Welterweight Champion Keith McCabe. Team Balance has created a club where athletes who want to take their sport to the next level. Can train alongside those who might simply want to maintain their fitness levels or learn a Martial Art. We wanted to find out more from Ray about the clubs origins, his vision in it’s design. And the ethos which makes Team Balance Ireland unique. Music by: Blackmill - Rain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCzQPPO5I7s No copyright infringement intended, entertainment purposes only. The following video is not intended for commercial use or profit. Website: http://mmamicks.com Posts: https://www.facebook.com/MMAmicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks
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Henry Cejudo Olympic level Takedowns
Top 10 UFC flyweight Henry Cejudo is one of the few Olympians in the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Here he is bringing us through one of his signature takedowns. One which has led to much of his success on the wrestling mats of the olympics. As well as those is inside the octagon as a mixed martial artist and contender.
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You Want to Make MMA Safer, Make it Bare Knuckle - Frank Mir
Answering a question from a fan on the Phone booth fighting podcast with Richard Hunter and Frank Mir. The former UFC heavyweight champion Mir discusses the possibility of a death in the octagon. Actually quite a common occurrence in boxing. There has not as yet been one inside the UFC octagon. Frank gives his thoughts on both the actual fight situation with the standing eight and the medical ramifications. He talks in detail about the oldskool bare knuckle fights, some of which went on for over 100 rounds. And an option to minimise head trauma being to reintroduce bare knuckle. Link to full podcast: https://soundcloud.com/phone-booth-fighting/103-derrick-lewis-kos-travis
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BJJ Black Belt Jorge Santos on Ireland & JiuJitsu Lifestyle
http://youtu.be/OGjt3GxI5Kg BJJ Black belt Jorge Santos lives in Dublin Ireland and runs the Atos affiliated Jorge Santos JiuJitsu. Originally from Brazil he moved to the Emerald Isle in order to make a better life for himself. Now many years on he is able to look back and reflect on what got him to this point along his journey. We spoke with him about his past life in Brazil. How he enjoys Ireland and how living the JiuJitsu lifestyle can give you self confidence. What other sports did you do before BJJ. Did you always see yourself doing BJJ or was it soccer first? No skateboarding, I did skateboarding for 10 years. Then I finish skateboarding, when I hurt my ankle. Then after that I stopped for a while and I looked for something. Then I found BJJ. I think I was 14, 15 years old and I started looking for UFC, Royce Gracie and he’s kicking some butts. Then I wanted to do this martial art. Then I looked for something but it is was very expensive in Brazil. This was in 96, 95 and it’s very expensive… for playboy’s. When I started to work make some money I was 20. Then I started in the gym, then I start BJJ. And is Brazil still quite a segregated country between rich and poor? It’s changing a bit, now it’s more easy. To do martial arts in Brazil, BJJ MMA, it’s easier. Have many Associations they help. Many black belts do charity, then help young people, poor people to get off the streets to get off the drugs and stuff to do some martial arts, BJJ. If you weren’t doing jujitsu now, where do you think you would be in your life. How has it changed you as a person? So before when I started to do jujitsu, I was just doing it for fun not to live jujitsu. You know, it was nice to see the guys kick some butts. And then I started to enjoy, when I got my blue belt I started to do the class. My master allowed me to do some classes at my place. Then I started to enjoy, and I saw I had a future here. I can do more than this. Then I started to compete. I started my first competition out of Brazil in 2007, in the long beach California. So then I see it’s not just Brazil, there is a lot more. Then I went back from the competition, I didn’t do well because it was my first big tournament, Worlds. It was an amazing experience. So I went back to Brazil and I started to think I have to learn English. In Brazil it’s very hard and very expensive to learn English. So I forgot about it, but I kept doing the classes. Then when I got my brown belt I had a friend would move to Dublin, to Ireland. And he invited me to come to Ireland. Jorge when you get your black belt, you come to Ireland because here they don’t have black belts. Have one Irish black belt and one Brazilian black belt. So you will have a good opportunity to grow here. You make your life here, you live jujitsu style and you know. You can do everything here. Then when I got my black belt I sold my car, I got some money from the job, from my friends from my family, they help me. And then booked my flights and come to Ireland. I came to Ireland and started doing my classes. So you are enjoying your time in Ireland, is this where you’re going to spend the rest of your time? Yes, I really enjoy living here. OK, some people complain about the weather. But you can make some money here, you can spend your winter time here. I do my things here to my class. Then in the summertime I can fly to Spain, to many warm countries. But for me I like it here, I love Ireland.. I’m going to stay here for, I hope so, all of my life. The rest of my life you know. Because now I have my second family here. I have my students, I make many friends you know. I’ve changed lives here, for sure I’ve changed lives. Many people now have confidence. Like today one guy arrived, he is like 54, he’s old. I asked him why in jujitsu, why martial arts, why did you choose that, what’s your goal? You know what Jorge I want more confidence, self-confidence. And I told him, OK I’m going to help. So for sure this guy is going to come back and I’m going to help him in his life. Going to make a strong person you know. Not just for going to the street to fight. Some people think, I’m a fighter I go to the street and fight. But most people who do martial arts don’t fight on the street. That’s it, yeah. I’m going to stay here for my life, all my life. Music by: Phaeleh - Afterglow (feat. Soundmouse) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2OCSWF7sAw Phaeleh from a distance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-zFmSBb0Pk No copyright infringement intended, entertainment purposes only. The following video is not intended for commercial use or profit. Website: http://mmamicks.com Posts: https://www.facebook.com/MMAmicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks
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MMA fighter and Jiu Jitsu World Champion Tim Murphy on his Career
https://youtu.be/3o_R6fD0O4w Tim Murphy Breaks Down His Career & What it Takes to Succeed Tim Murphy was one of a handful of competitors who pioneered the sport of mixed martial arts in Ireland, well before it was ever fashionable. Coming from a high level Taekwondo and kickboxing background. He entered into active competition in mma based his knowledge from early UFC's and DVD box sets. Seems a far cry from the almost unlimited facilities and hands on experience which is available to today's burgeoning athletes. We sat down with Tim to talk to him about the sports beginnings in Ireland. His multiple titles in both European and World Jiu Jitsu competition. As well as his thoughts on what it takes to be the very best you can be. On the mma scene when he started I suppose when we started the pool of fighters was tiny. There was me in Limerick, there’s a few of the guys up here at Point blank. before I ever came to Point blank, there was a few of those guys. There’s a few guys from the north and there was SBG and Dave Jones and a few of those guys in Dublin. That was pretty much it, the number of clubs was tiny. So you go to one show in Dublin say and I’d be matched up against one guy and someone else would be matched up against another guy. And we would go to the next show and it’s the same four people there like you know, so we would just switch around who we were fighting. So I fought a Mickey Young on one show and then the next show I’d be fighting Greg Loughran. Then the next show I might be back to fighting Mickey Young again, that type of thing you know. So yeah it’s it an incredible difference in the space of 10 or 11 years. On what he’s been doing since he stopped competing in mma. So I haven’t competed in mma since I took over Point blank, whenever that was, 2011 I think maybe. I’m not really sure now but it seems a long time ago when Mark Leonard moved up to Donegal. So after that it’s very difficult to be a coach and be a competitor at the same time. And trying to compete in mma is pretty much impossible unless you go away to train for a month or whatever before a fight. So then I started competing internationally. I’d train with Fergal Quinlan, he’s as jiu jitsu black belt in limerick. He’s a good friend of mine, so I would go training with those guys quite regularly. And he encouraged me to start competing in jiu jitsu competitions internationally. So it became a little past time for us over the last few years. So in 2013 I won a gold medal at the European nogi championships and another gold medal at the world nogi championships, that was at purple belt. Then last year I was competing, I got promoted to brow belt. So last year I was competing at brown belt and I took silver and the Europeans and silver at the world’s as well as a few other ones in between. I traveled to Copenhagen, France, Rome. Been all over the place really. On what it takes to be a Champion I don’t think there’s any one simple thing. The biggest thing, there’s a few things. The biggest thing I think is do you actually love what you’re doing? Because some people think they do, but then they don’t really want a train that much. The only want to train maybe a few times a week, they won’t do any more. Where is you see guys and it’s always guys that excel, they’re training all the time because they want to be. So a week after a fight, they’re down training you know. Because that’s what they do for fun like. And it’s not just when I’m getting ready for a fight, I’m going to train a lot more. You will ramp it up, but the guys that really excel seem to be the ones that will be back training the next week again. The usual thing for me after most of my mma fights, I’d be back training probably on the Monday. Now obviously taking the intensity down and going back to having a bit of fun in training. You often see that with guys, when the competitions over whether it’s jiu jitsu or mma. When the competition is over, the next week, that’s the best week to train because you can do without any pressure and you can have fun. Start trying techniques again. You don’t have to worry about getting ready for something. And you see guys that have that type of attitude, tend to be the ones that excel. And then some people, I do know if that’s developed or not, but some people have a different work ethic to others, you know. Maybe that is what it comes down to, just love what they’re doing more. No copyright infringement intended, entertainment purposes only. The following video is not intended for commercial use or profit. Music by: Chris_Zabriskie_-_01_-_The_Temperature_of_the_Air_on_the_Bow_of_the_Kaleetan & Little_Glass_Men_-_05_-_Clover Website: http://mmamicks.com Posts: https://www.facebook.com/MMAmicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks
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Joseph Duffy Highlights & Finishes by Micks
https://youtu.be/wG5yE-hhDOY Joseph Duffy is one of the brightest rising stars in the sport of mixed martial arts. With a current record of 13 - 1, Duffy set out his stall competing on the British and Irish circuits. Going undefeated in both his amateur and professional careers between 2005 - 2011. Before suffering his first ever loss to Ivan Musardo at Cage Warriors 44, adding to that a broken hand in the process. It was around this time that the man from Donegal decided to step away mma and focus on the sport of boxing. Duffy would again find success, amassing a record of seven wins out of seven bouts. Before deciding to once again return to his first love, mma. On August 16th 2014 he faced Frenchman Damien Lapilus at Cage Warriors 70 in the Helix Dublin. It was just shy of three years since Duffy's last time inside the cage and it was anyone's guess as to how he would perform. But the man from Burtonport didn't disappoint. Stalking Lapilus for the entire fight it went to a third before Duffy took his back and sank in a beautiful rear naked choke. He was back! But being quite the perfectionist, he wasn't ecstatic about his performance and promised his fans to be even better next time around. Three months later and he would be back in action at CW74 and once again facing another Frenchman in Julien Boussuge. Determined to go for the emphatic win, at 0:36 into the first, Duffy landed a shattering knee as Boussuge went to shoot. The Frenchman was out cold before hitting the canvas and Joseph Duffy was the very proud owner of one of the best knockouts seen anywhere in the world that year. Just two fights back into his mma career and the UFC weren't long in signing the finisher. With the huge push taking place, the fighting Irish were making big inroads on the promotions rosters. Duffy seemed an obvious choice to add the ranks and proved himself worthy when he faced Jake Lindsey at UFC 185. Almost instantly you could tell Lindsey was in for a bad night as Duffy peppered "The Librarian" with an array of shots. Just over a minute into round 1 and Duffy landed a head kick which rocked Lindsey. Finishing him off with a combination of head and body punches. Joseph Duffy had now officially landed in the UFC and the mainstream psyche. Here are just some of his highlights to enjoy. Website: http://mmamicks.com Posts: https://www.facebook.com/MMAmicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks
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Michelle Waterson Hilarious Master Yai Yai impression
UFC women's strawweight Michelle Waterson does yet another great impression. Just a little mental preparation with #masteryaiyai 😂😂😂 hope you all enjoy the laugh.
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BAMMA 20 Alan philpott World Bantamweight Title Vlog Episode One
http://youtu.be/iiRLizPQ79M BAMMA 20 takes place this coming weekend at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham UK. On the card that night there are a number of BAMMA World titles on the line. Fighting out of Next Generation Ballymena, Alan Philpott (13 - 6) will contest the World Bantamweight Title against Englishman Ed Arthur (5 - 0). Alan brought us behind the scenes to see how his training is going. As well as all the regular daily routine he needs to get done outside of fight camp. We will get a good taste of what a professional fighter goes through in the build up to one of the biggest fights of his young career to date. New episodes to follow as Alan gets in the last few days of training and cutting those final pounds. Website: http://mmamicks.com Posts: https://www.facebook.com/MMAmicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks
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Joe Rogan on Yair Rodriguez Skills inside the Octagon
Joe Rogan and the fight companion crew discuss UFC featherweight Yair Rodriguez. And his style of fighting inside the octagon. After recently defeating the UFC legend that is BJ Penn. Rodriguez is looking like a real threat inthe divison. along with eddie Bravo, Robin Black and Brendan Schaub. The guys break down how his style may be the next big thing in the sport. w: mmamicks.com f: facebook.com/mmamicks t: twitter.com/mmammicks
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MMA Fighter Keith McCabe Interview on How MMA Changed His Life
https://youtu.be/srWv9lLk62E Keith McCabe is widely known as one of the most active mixed martial artists in Ireland. Currently the Akuma Fighting Championship amateur welterweight Champion. We wanted to talk with Keith about his frenetic fighting schedule. Training for just 3 years, Keith has managed to amass a total of 15 fights. Following a year off after receiving a strange spinal injury which he suffered during a game while playing for one of the top GAA clubs in the country. Keith decided to take up Muay Thai before he finally discovered the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Now just 22, he discussed what first drew him to the sport and the positive effects it has had on his life. Before he took up mma, his story is probably representative of alot of young people's experience in the modern world. Keith's story is one of positivity as he shows what you can achieve when you find what you love to do. His story should be one of inspiration for any up and coming fighters who are looking to forge their own path and be successful in what they want to achieve. Now focusing on turning pro later in 2015. Keith is looking to expand his striking skills, by also making his pro debut in kickboxing this year. With a number of standup bouts lined up between now and his next fight inside the cage. We will be watching his journey to the pro ranks with great interest as his career progresses. Music by: Battles (Lambert Rework) by DNKL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGzYiys1Vm8 No copyright infringement intended, entertainment purposes only. The following video is not intended for commercial use or profit. Website: http://mmamicks.com Posts: https://www.facebook.com/MMAmicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks
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Joe Rogan and Bill Burr Discuss McGregor vs Diaz and Leg kicks
Joe Rogan recently had Bill Burr on as his guest on the JRE Experience. Bill went into the Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz, or Tito Ortiz as he called him, fight. The went on to chat about leg kicks and how Bill goes weak at the knees at the thought of kicking someone shin to shin.. ouch Link to full podcast here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9GWqfNlWHI w: mmamicks.com f: facebook.com/mmamicks t: twitter.com/mmammicks
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MMA Head Coach Rodney Moore Talks Next Generation
http://youtu.be/Yv0AfbpRY6g Rodney Moore head mma coach at one of Irelands top mixed martial arts gyms Next Generation Northern Ireland. Talked to us about about how Next Gen came to be. From it's early roots right up until today and the current talent contained within it's four walls. He spoke about his current stable of fighters and his aspirations for others. Where he has been on his own journey and where the club is going in the longer term picture. Original soundtrack Tricky by Otary. Find Otary at https://soundcloud.com/otary Website: http://mmamicks.com Posts: https://www.facebook.com/mmamicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks
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MMA Head Coach Andy Ryan at Team Ryano Dublin Ireland
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkpTo9xbCU8 Head coach at mma club Team Ryano Andy Ryan sat down to talk a little about his own time in Martial Arts. The evolution of the club, his fighters and friends. And what the landscape of mixed martial arts looks like today in Ireland. Some great insight into a burgeoning sport which looks like it will only continue to grow worldwide. Posts: https://www.facebook.com/mm... Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks Shots: http://instagram.com/mmamicks
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MMA Coach at Ryoshin Dublin Tony Carrick Interview
http://youtu.be/LFFe7GXnDpo Head MMA coach at Ryoshin Fight Team in Lucan Dublin Tony Carrick. Sat down to talk about the roots of the club. His own background in Martial Arts including his time in Japan. The current crop of fighters the young club has and his hopes and aspirations for the amateurs breaking through on the Irish mma scene. Still a relatively young sport in Ireland, Ryoshin is a club with a bright future. Original soundtrack The Beginning by Otary. Find Otary at https://soundcloud.com/otary Website: http://mmamicks.com Posts: https://www.facebook.com/mmamicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks Shots: http://instagram.com/mmamicks
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Joe Rogan on Sara McMann "A Back like Gleison Tibau" Guerilla Strength
Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo and Ian Mccall on fight companion on Sara McMann in the women's bantamweight division. What has McMann got to offer outside of her wrestling and has she evolved. Eddie remembers her mentioning she didn't do an Jiu jitsu back in the day and that now that seems to have changed. Link to full podcast: https://youtu.be/5ZyyuoslUoA
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Tony Ferguson Freakalicious Movement Training
Top UFC lightweight contender `El Cucuy´ Tony Ferguson talks about his movement training. He describes himself as a mixed martial artist with forms, tied in with some capoeira, karate and break dancing. With that beat he has in his head that only he feels. Ferguson had his UFC 209 fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov cancelled due to complications the Russia fighter had with making weight. Will el Cucuy soon be contesting the lightweight title against the champion Conor McGregor.
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MMA Coach Tony Carrick Talks Henry Fadipe & EFC Africa 32
http://youtu.be/oUoYTdMgfE0 Tony Carrick head mma coach at Ryoshin Fight Team in Lucan Dublin. Discusses Henry Fadipe's upcoming fight at EFC Africa 32. Where he will attempt to be the first fighter in the welterweight division to defend the belt. An ultra confident Carrick discusses what Henry brings to the table. His fighting prowess and the reason why he believes Henry will once again walk away with a victory. Join us: Posts: https://www.facebook.com/mmamicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks Shots: http://instagram.com/mmamicks
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Dominick Cruz Opens Up After Cody Garbrandt Loss on JRE
Dominick Cruz on his loss to Cody Garbrandt. Dominick talks about the mental aspect of fighting and how showing his other side after the fight, showing he can accept his loss and embrace it, without making excuses. It's all about growing from the experience. Instead of deflecting from what they did wrong, alot of fighters try to blame external factors. Not accepting the loss. There's no logic in making excuses in the sport or in life. Joe talks about Dominick's mind and how he breaks down fights and how his his mind works overall. He says it's all down to how his mom raised him, never allowing him to make excuses for things he did wrong on purpose. How it puts him in this weird mindset where he doesn't make excuses. His loss to No Love, how did he feel? It's was a hard year after being out for almost 3 years. He breaks down his conditioning coming into each of his last 3 fights. Joe talks about Cody's hands from his boxing career and why that makes him so good. Link to full podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7L-KB__GxM
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MMA Fighter Henry Fadipe EFC Africa 32 Pre Fight Interview
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2MW-mR3SWE MMA fighter Henry Fadipe is the reigning EFC Africa welterweight Champion. On Thursday 7th August he’s steps back into the cage to do what no other fighter in the EFC welterweight division has been able to do, which is to defend the belt. We caught up with Henry out at Ryoshin Fight Team in Lucan Dublin and chatted about his training camp. His opponent mma fighter Adam The Prodigy’ Speechly and all things EFC. We also briefly touched on his future aspirations within the organisation in a possible move up to middleweight. Join us: Posts: https://www.facebook.com/mmamicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks Shots: http://instagram.com/mmamicks
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UFC MMA Referee Marc Goddard Cage Warriors Dublin Interview
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KB10gmXoAA Referee Marc Goddard has been around Martial Arts most of his life and refereed some of the biggest bouts in UFC and Cage Warriors. Long before there was what we know today as Mixed Martial Arts (mma). Martial artists such as Marc trained and competed in a range of disciplines, setting the scene for the future growth of what has today become known as mma. We sat down to discuss the sport, the growth of the UFC and his own journey to becoming the world renowned referee that he is today. Website: http://mmamicks.com Posts: https://www.facebook.com/mmamicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks Shots: http://instagram.com/mmamicks
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UFC World Tour Aldo vs McGregor Behind the Scenes Dublin
https://youtu.be/nfn8HI5-4q0 Tuesday 31 March 2015 and the UFC World Tour Aldo vs McGregor lands in Dublin Ireland on the final stage of a massive whirlwind journey. Which in less than two weeks has seen their party cross three continents. In what can only be described as an unprecedented promotional push by the Ultimate Fighting Championships. The roller coaster ride which was part of the promotional push for their July 11th title fight at UFC 189 has seen all manner of goings on. With the two beginning their interaction in Rio De Janeiro with Jose Aldo giving McGregor the finger in front of his home fans to get things off to a raucous start. Then followed a series of major stop offs across North America and Canada which at one point saw them being joined by welterweight Champion Robbie Lawler and challenger Rory MacDonald. Throughout each stage of the UFC World Tour the two have squared off many times with different results. The vocal McGregor facing the stoic Aldo, always with UFC President Dana White in the middle. Across the pond and on to London where Jose Aldo watched Brazil beat Chile at the Emirates stadium. While Conor McGregor watched Republic of Ireland taking on Poland at the Aviva. Before finally moving on to Dublin and their final head to head before the bout in July. Prior to the fans entering the Convention centre Dublin. Local and International media had the opportunity to question both fighters at length. Something they both have had to endure repeatedly for the duration of the tour. We took the time to take in the media day itself from behind the scenes to give the fans a flavour of what goes on before they get to see the fighters in front of the camera. Lets just say things are alot more subdued when both men are not in front of the big crowd and under the big lights. With UFC president Dana White nowhere to be seen. The next time we see these two warriors go face to face it will be for featherweight gold in Las Vegas. Website: http://mmamicks.com Posts: https://www.facebook.com/MMAmicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks Shots: http://instagram.com/mmamicks
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Cain Velasquez Almost Lifting Leather from the Mitts Before UFC 207
Looks like the former UFC heavyweight champion is ready to go. Before facing the man who dethroned him from his title, that being fabricio werdum. At UFC 207 december 30th in Las Vegas. mmamicks.com facebook.com/mmamicks twitter.com/mmammicks
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Chael Sonnen Khabib vs. Unbelieveable Ferguson and the McGregor Effect
Chael Sonnen joined Phone Booth Fighting and Frank Mir to discuss the upcoming UFC 209 Tyron woodley vs Stephen Thompson card. With the co-main event of Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson. Chael gives his thoughts on Khabib and also talks about El Cucuy Ferguson with whom he is very familiar. Tony and he used to train in the same gym and Chael would often watch how Tony handled multiple guys during his training sessions. He also goes on to talk about Ferguson embracing the showmanship of the fight game. Going from a quite guy to an outspoken personality. As well as the current Conor McGregor effect on the division.
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MMA Head coach Andy Ryan Team Ryano Talks UFC Dublin
http://youtu.be/ILA-e0MhHOw We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Andy Ryan, head mma coach at Team Ryano. We discussed Neil Seery's up coming fight at UFC Dublin against Phil Harris. Andy explained to us the mindset of the Team with Neil's upcoming fight and another group of guys fighting just a few short weeks later on the cage warriors card at the Helix in Dublin. Join us: Posts: https://www.facebook.com/mmamicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks Shots: http://instagram.com/mmamicks
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MMA Coach Rodney Moore Talks  UFC Dublin and Norman Parke
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSh4B1xeMEE Head Coach at Next Generation Northern Ireland Rodney Moore. Talks UFC Dublin and Norman Parke's upcoming fight on July 19th. Rodney discusses Norman's opponent Naoyuki Kotani, who by all accounts is a very dangerous fighter, yet not widely known to UFC fans. And who comes into the fight with a series of first round submission victories and on a 13 fight win streak. Rodney breaks down the Japanese fighters strengths and weakness's, finishing with a summary of how he sees the fight at UFC Dublin playing out. Join us: Posts: https://www.facebook.com/mmamicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks Shots: http://instagram.com/mmamicks
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Chael Sonnen on Dillon Danis SUG 3 and the Sports Shitty Attitudes
Former UFC middleweight fighter, now fighting for Bellator mma Chael Sonnen. Breaks down the upcoming SUG 3 submission grappling. He talks about on the Dillon Danis vs AJ Agazarm main event. As well as the overall attitude of grapplers within the sport. w: mmamicks.com f: facebook.com/mmamicks t: twitter.com/mmammicks
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Brad Pickett pulling pants down gym rampage :)
UFC fighter Brad Pickett the prankster, on a mission to remove as many pairs of pants as humanly possible. Going on a rampage One Punch makes his way through the gym defrocking his friends and teammates to hilarious effect.
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Motivational Speech Workout: Firas Zahabi Training the Car & Pilot
One of our first motivational speech videos from one of the best known trainers in all mixed martial arts. Firas Zahabi is regarded as one of the elite coaches in the sport of MMA. Tristar gym based in Montreal Quebec Canada is the home to an array of top level fighters. Including none other than many peoples pound for pound king. The former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion, Georges St Pierre. As well as an array of veteran and up and coming talent. Outside of coaching and training alongside this elite group of fighters. Firas Zahabi is widely known for his philosophical and training related chats he does via his YouTube channel. Not just training his fighters physically, he also focuses very much on the mental aspects required to be a top level competitor in the sport. In this motivational video Zahabi looks at his concept of the car and the pilot. And how both of these things relate to one another. Their role in training and the desired results being achieved when implemented correctly. Let the motivational workout speech get you fired up for 2019. As you look to shape the new you, both in mind and body. From his lips to Gods ears, it’s undeniable that the techniques used by Firas and his team at Tristar gym are something we can all learn from to grow. As a motivational speaker there are very few other minds in combat sports who can so elequently put the physical process to words. We look forward to even more motivation of this type throughout 2019. Music provided by No Copyright Music: https://youtu.be/xtmXvKkW2i0 Music used: Legend of The King by Whitesand https://youtu.be/ntGWv8F_ccM Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...
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MMA Fighter Alan Philpott aka The Apprentice Interview
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFTqNy_xr3Y Alan Philpott is a professional mma fighter, fighting out of Next Generation Northern Ireland. Having fought under numerous fight promotion banners Philpott is an experienced and aggressive fighter who brings a diverse range of skills and experience to the table. We spoke with him about all things mixed martial arts, his love of the sport. The time training at Next Gen NI and what he's like before during and after his fights. Posts: https://www.facebook.com/mmamicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks Shots: http://instagram.com/mmamicks
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Tyson Fury Hits Back at Chris Eubank Senior
Tyson Fury has a few choice words for former world champion Chris Eubank Senior. Eubank who in recent comments has slated Fury and his championships. Was subsequently called out by Fury for his hypocrisy. Here is what the heavyweight champion had to say in return.
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MMA Fighter Andy Taz Young Next Generation Interview
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LtStVhvTQk&feature=youtu.be Andy Taz Young is a bantamweight mma fighter. Fighting out of Next Generation in Ballymena Northern Ireland under coach Rodney Moore. Andy fights under both Clan Wars and Cage Warriors promotions and as of June 2014 is the reigning Clan Wars Bantamweight Champion. Join us: Posts: https://www.facebook.com/mmamicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks Shots: http://instagram.com/mmamicks
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Oleksandr Usyk Highlights: Watching the Rising Star of Boxing
Right now Ukranian boxer Oleksandr Usyk is seen as one of the hottest rising properties on the planet. Usyk is a fighter who up until quite recently was a relative unknown to those who don't completely immerse themselves on a regular. Most widely known for his exploits at the Olympic games in 2012 where he won Gold. And the World Boxing Super Series in July of 2018, where he became the undisputed cruiserweight champion of the World! He has become one of those fighters you just have to follow. Hailing from the same stable as the highly regarded fellow Ukranian Vasyl Lomachenko. Usyk most recently made a splash in the UK when he beat Tont Bellew. In the proscess retained his WBA (Super), WBC, IBF, WBO, The Ring, and lineal cruiserweight titles. With much talk of him now moving up in weight, well two weights actually. To take on the big boys at heavyweight. Some are seeing him as the man to dethrone the current WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, and IBO heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua. Usyk himself has made some comments that could well back up the rumour. But as yet, nothing is set in stone. And for this commentator at least, it would seem wiser for him to face some lesser competition on his way to an inevitable clash with Joshua. Apart from his undeniable skills inside the ring. It´s also Usyk's character and charisma outside the ring that makes him a fan favourite. Known for his playful approach and ability to be somewhat of a prankster. He is the type of person that people can easily get behind. Something which we saw during the build up to his fight against Bellew when many British fans themselves became fans, before he had even stepped inside the ring. So let us take a look at the man of the moment as he makes his way evermore into the mainstream. And a potential clash with the big boys of the sport sometime in the hopefully not too distant future.
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Rampage Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva Pride 28 Agony & Ectasy - Crazy Knockout Backstage Fallout
As mma knockouts go, "The Axe Murderer" Wanderlei Silva over Quinton Jackson "Rampage" was right up there as one of the most devastating in all mma, or even all combat sports. Pride Fighting Championships 28 High Octane took place way back in 2004. In a fight which many pundits thought Silva should win. In a tightly fought first round, it wasn't until round 2 in which Silva unleashed his Muay Thai Clinch which put jackson in all kinds of trouble. Unable to break free from the grip, Rampage succumbed to a devastating knee to the jaw which knocked him unconscioous and left him lying face down over the lower ring rope. At the time he looked like he had been killed. But the damage was just temporary and Jackson lived to fight another day! Here we see the backstage before and after the fight. How both fighters were preparing and what took place once the fight was over. The agony and ectasy of the fight life. Original video: https://youtu.be/EP2DmF42r6w w: http://mmamicks.com t: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks i: https://www.instagram.com/mmamicks
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MMA Fighter Catherine Costigan Cage Warriors 70 Vlog Part Two
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFxKrdPQwtw Follow MMA fighter Alpha Female Catherine Costigan, as she prepare for her fight at Cage Warriors 70 at the Helix in Dublin on August 16th 2014. The Alpha Female is looking to put a stamp on her division and build towards that inevitable title shot. Big shout out to the Alpha Females sponsor Doctor Dave Best: http://www.drdavesbest.com/ Website: http://mmamicks.com Posts: https://www.facebook.com/mmamicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks Shots: http://instagram.com/mmamicks
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MMA vs Wing Chun Kung Fu - One Martial Art to Rule All
And so the debate continues as Xu Xiaodong travels across Asia to test his mixed martial arts against what we would call the traditional martial arts. In this fight he came face to face with Wing Chun Kung Fu master Ding Hao, who he summarily beats with relative ease. The point of these fights has been to show that the combination of martial arts over any preset traditions. Allows the fighter to best adapt to any given fight situation. Thereby allowing them to defeat their opponent who competes under a very specific set of rules of engagement. And so with this traditional martial arts vs mma. We see how realworld fighting situations result in every instance to date that MMA is the superior form of combat. MMA of course was brought to the mainstream by the UFC, or The Ultimate Fighting Championships. Today the sport has mushroomed into the fastest growing combat sport in the world. And that is mainly down to the extensive brand building the UFC undertook over the last 20 years. So let's follow the exploits of Xu Xiaodong and see how his quest to prove MMA is simply the best progresses. This video was originally posted at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsnQ4kyGSRI under creative commons license. Follow us: t: twitter.com/MMAmicks I: instagram.com/mmamicks
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Paulie Malignaggi Talks Conor McGregor Brooklyn to the World Podast
Paulie Malignaggi talking about his time at the Conor McGregor camp. As he prepares to take on Floyd Mayweather. Paulie sings like a canary and gives his take on what it was like and how he was treated. Seems like him and Conor won't be friends anytime soon after this whole thing is over. It's the Brooklyn to the World Podast.
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Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather, Rickson Gracie Didn't Watch It
BJJ legend Rickson Gracie talks about the difference between the sport of Mixed Martial Arts today. And how it used to be back in his days. Now, in much the same way as BJJ. Fighters are trying to play it safe once they know they have the fight won when ahead on points. Now things are more about simply winning, rather than the honour aspect of the fight. Now he believes it has become more about entertainment than the moral aspect of the fight itself. When asked about the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Rickson fight. Rickson isn’t at all interested and didn’t even watch the fight. It’s great for Mayweather, great for McGregor. Great for the UF, but terrible for the sport and terrible for the audience. He believes that nobody wins in that fight except for the guys that made a load of money. Rickson says that he doesn’t mind too much that it has become about the entertainment aspect. But that he himself just cannot relate to it. But they aren’t trying to see who is the best fighter out there. They are just trying to bring great entertainment circus and that’s what it is. Which Fighter is Rickson a Fan of Nowadays? Currently, Rickson is a fan of Demian Maia because he brings the Jiu Jitsu. He fights with the goal to be the best guy out there regardless. What he does in the first round is what he does in the last round. Get in there and try and submit a guy as quickly as possible. But Rickson says that he does feel the rules now in MMA diminish the chances for the grapplers. Chael and co host end up chatting about a famous fight on the beach in Rio. Where Rickson and Hugo Duarte who had opposing gyms, met up to settle their dispute. The pair basically fights it out in front of the entire beach and the guys from their gyms. In what became a famous incident in the BJJ world.
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Mike Tyson on the Pain it takes to achieve Greatness
The former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson. Had one of the greatest meteoric rises to the top in the history of world sports. Raised for many years in Brownsville New York. Tyson’s exploits as a teen soon found him in deep water with the authorities. Facing a potential life being in and out of prison, he was taken under the wing of acclaimed boxing trainer Cus D’amato. D’amato saw in him the potential which Tyson could never see. Turning the street kid into the most devastating youngest heavyweight champion in world history. Here Iron Mike chronicles what it took for him to reach that greatness. The sacrifices he had to make and the dogged determination of his mentor to mould him into one of the most feared fighters of all time. It’s not lost on Mike that Cus turned a seemingly scared boy into a unrelenting killer inside the ring. Not being something which Tyson would have seen himself ever doing. Hearing him talk about what he had to endure to achieve those goals is truly inspiring. And something we can all learn from in every facet of our daily lives. Listen and learn from Tyson as he breaks down his time as a young up and coming boxer. How he had to overcome fear with the hep of Cus D'amato. Becoming one of the most famous and lauded athletes of all time.
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Cain Velasquez Returns: Rewatching his MMA Highlights!
With one of the biggest fights, quite literally, in come time taking place as Cain Velasquez faces Francis Ngannou in a huge heavyweight matchup UFC Phoenix. It seems like forever since we have seen Cain inside the octagon as he has been out of the fight games since back in 2016. When he took on and won against Travis Browne. I think it’s fair to say we haven’t seen him at 100% healthy since Cain Velasquez vs Junior dos Santos 2! At one point in time Cain was the scariest man to ever grace the octagon canvas. But when he lost his title to Fabricio Werdum in Mexico, the unstoppable American Mexican machine. Now as Velasquez vs Ngannou takes shape, the majority of fight fans are hoping to see the same fighter who laid a beatdown on the former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar back at UFC 121. Reenter the fight game after two and a half years away from the cage. Velasquez vs Francis Ngannou has all the right ingredients as Ngannou finds himself in much the same situation as his opponent did when he started in the Ultimate Fighting Championships. With huge expectations on his shoulders, Ngannou shot to the top of the contenders list, only to fall at the very last hurdle. But with a fight against the former champion now in his sights. This could be the fight which once again catapults him into the number one contender position. With what may be the biggest factors of this fight being Cain’s wrestling and ground and pound. Francis may be hoping he is not a the receiving end of a Cain vs Bigfoot Silva style loss. UFC Phoenix’s main event is shaping up to be a clash of epic proportions. And one which will determine the direction of the division. So hold on to your popcorn ladies and gents! The original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhIbd-xpqSI
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Alexander Emelianenko Blows up water Bottle Crazy Lungs
Alexander Emelianenko, brother to Fedor Emelianenko. displaying some unbelievable power in his lungs by blowing up a rubber water bottle. Those bottles use a very thick rubber and it's amazing that he was able to actually blow it up so much that it burst. Have you ever tried to blow up a regular balloon and have some problems? Just imagine that time 10, 20 or more. Must be doing some serious cardio workouts to make his lungs that conditioned.
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MMA fighter Ayo Daly on turning pro, EFC & future plans
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6QR-tkyrXA Just a few short weeks ago Ayo Daly was still fighting amateur mma. Since that time alot has happened, a hell of alot. Having his first two professional fights in quick succession. The Team Ryano fighter has been on what you might call a hectic start to his pro career, Undefeated as an amateur, Daly took his second fight at short notice to fight at EFC 38 to face their former welterweight champion. We spoke to him about that and alot more. Gaining some insight into the changes he has experienced since moving up to the pro ranks. On Fighting at EFC To be honest with you I kinda have to give props to Lucan and to Tony kinda really you know. We have had our differences with me leaving but, he sent me to aftercare with Henry (Henry Fadipe) when he fought Van Staden in September 2013. So I got to see the show, see how it was ran, and relationships with Graham and ?? the president and the matchmaker. All the guys working there, they have a fantastic rule over there. Then I went back with him again in December when he fought Michiel Opperman and had that massive knockout. So doing those two shows and seeing how big it was over there. I was kinda like, yeah man I want to fight for these guys. Obviously when I joined here and there was talk of going pro at some point. Cage warriors was supposed to happen on new years of last year and that fell through. I’m just kinda sitting there I was depressed, Iike what’s going on? I’m going to keep fighting amateur my whole career. There’s no fights to be had unless I go international. So I talked to Andy and I’d talk to Chris Dale whose over in America, he looks after all the contracts in Celtic fighter management. He looks after me and a few of the lads here. I basically said to him there’s EFC, there’s graham’s number. Contact him I’ve good relationship with them. Let them know I’m ready to fight whenever costs, I’ll be there…… On Turning Professional I think probably the small gloves were a bit of a shock to me. I’ve trained and them before, I’ve used to six ounce 4 ounces, doesn’t seem like much. But when I was warming up for Lithuania, Redser said it to me, there’s a big difference between the small gloves and a little six oz ounce ones. You can hit for the shot in there you going to feel it. So, I was thinking to myself I think he’s great plenty of shots before by the guys in here. In Lithuania, I didn’t really get hit with too many shots. There was one shot at the end of the first round, that just grazed the top of my head. It was sore afterwards, and it wasn’t a shot that rocked me. It felt like a knife had just caught the top of my head. I was like, fuck’n hell, Redser was right, the small gloves really do make a big difference. So I’d say that is what really changed things. And the transition from the 3 minutes to the fight minute rounds hasn’t been that big. But it’s more the calmness, I’m looking for that calmness. The calmness that I have in training and when I’m sparring in here. I’m trying to generate that and transition that to a pro fight. Because you have a lot more time to work, it’s not all go go go. Which it felt like that in amateur, rushing to get takedowns, rushing to get submissions. You have to take your time a little bit more in pro. I just haven’t got that experience yet and it will come with time. In five fights, 10 fights, hopefully I’ll be a veteran at that stage and have a good few wins behind me. But it’s that composure that I just haven’t got yet. And I’m going to keep on chasing it until I do. Music by: Phaeleh - should be true https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BunHhpTFLys No copyright infringement intended, entertainment purposes only. The following video is not intended for commercial use or profit. Website: http://mmamicks.com Posts: https://www.facebook.com/MMAmicks Tweets: https://twitter.com/MMAmicks
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Conor McGregor Open Workout "Floyd's Got a Problem" Chael Sonnen
Chael Sonnen is one man who is never short of a few words. He has already publicly said that he believes Floyd Mayweather will win the upcoming boxing match against UFC Champion Conor, when the two fighters meet on August 26th. However, speaking as an analyst Chael gave his thoughts after watching the open workouts of both men. Having been working for ESPN for the McGregor workout. Sonnen had a somewhat slightly different tune when talking about The Notorious One. While he still believes that McGregor will lose the fight.he says that in the open workout he looked awesome. Now while Floyd usually uses his pre fight open workouts to hype the fight and chat to the media. McGregor was using his session to show the public how he looks. Chael isn’t too sure how much he was exposing in terms of what will happen on fight night. But Chael believes that the people who have been saying Conor will give Floyd problems because of the strange angles from which he throws punches, they’re right. Sonnen thinks that Team Mayweather will have sat down and looked at the footage. And he thinks that Floyd will be thinking. That is not the way the 49 men I have previously beaten throw a hook. Now, will this be enough to swing the fight in Conor’s favour? Chael doesn’t think so. Sonnen talks about how he first heard about Conor McGregor from Kenny Florian. Florian who is known for his fight IQ mentioned McGregor’s awkward angles. And movement which he hadn’t seen from other fighters. He then had the same interaction with Michael Bisping. Where Bisping also echoed Florian and talked up the odd angles and striking ability of the Irishman. It wasn’t until some time afterwards that Chael too began to see what exactly both men were talking about. And now after watching the open workout, he thinks that, “Floyd’s Got a Problem.” It’s this strange kinda movement which led to someone like Lyoto Machida winning a World title. If you had an opportunity to see him before or train with him. Then perhaps a fighter could have run straight through him. But it’s the not knowing which creates that initial problem. And Floyd won’t have an opportunity to work McGregor out pre fight. He only gets on shot!
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Alexandra Albu Goes Through Her KettleBell Workout routine
The Russian UFC strawweight fighter Alexandra Albu going through her kettleBell workout routine. Something tells me there's a certain bias to the camera "person" in how and what they they record. Not saying it's premeditated and Alex plays up to it or nothing. Wouldn't like to imply anything about this elite level fighter. Shout out to Felice Herrig.
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Michael Bisping Fires back at Funny Yoel Romero Tirade
Here is the reigning undisputed UFC middleweight Champion Michael Bisping, firing back at his old foe Yoel Romero. Who's has been recording himself swanning around his home country of Cuba. Threatening to come find Bisping and hurt him either inside or outside of the cage. However, the other main focus of the videos has been for Yoel to desecrate the British flag. All of this following the incident at UFC 213, where The Count tore up a Cuban flag he found cage side. Right in front of the former Olymipc wrestler turned MMA fighter. Something that seems to have set Romero off the deep end. As he now campaigns to get a fight with the current 185lb Champion. Who as it happens is set to defend his title against the new Interim champion Robert Whittaker as he returns from his major knee surgery. With no definitive date set for his match with Whittaker. It's anyone's guess what exactly Yoel is playing at with his callouts. We know nothing can come of it, bar Whittaker slipping on a banana peel and tossing his Interim title belt into the waiting hands of Romero in the process. We might have to wait and see how things develop. But in the meantime, it has to be said that it is all very entertaining. Just so long as it stays that way. And doesn't develop into something more outside of the cage. Long may it continue.
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Eddie Bravo Discusses Michael Bisping Altercation
Eddie Bravo was on the UFC 209 Fight Companion podcast with Joe Rogan. And was asked about his recent altercation with UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping. Bravo goes into detail about what took place. How Bisping didn't appreciate Eddie saying he was improving with every fight. Where Bisping took that as meaning he hasn't always been a bad ass.... Bisping logic after a few beverages. Eddie talks about him not feeling like there was going to be anything physical and it was just Bisping venting. And that he could appreciate him taking his words the wrong way.
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Muhammad Ali Life is Short so Make the Most of Your Time
In terms of a shortlist for the most inspirational people in the world. Few would not have the great Muhammad Ali somewhere near the top. Ali was a once in a generation sportsman and political activist who bridged the divide between the two. Born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr in 1942, Ali grew up in an era where the rights of black people in America were very much secondary. Throughout his time on this planet he was very much outspoken on the treatment of his people and their place in a modern America. In the realm of boxing itself, Muhammad Ali was recognized by many as one of the greatest to ever step inside the squared circle. His combined prowess inside the ropes, along with his personal charisma and charm. Made him a very unique character in world history. To this day his words and deeds are revered by many, yet still frowned upon by some. But their can be no denying the impact the young kid from Louisville, Kentucky had on the world. From his refusal to join the US army to go and fight people on the other side of the world who had done nothing to him personally. For a country which continued to abuse the civil rights of his fellow black men and women. To his epic battles against Joe Frazer and George Foreman. Ali will forever be remembered as one of a kind athlete and human being. In this short piece of audio we hear from the man himself as he waxes lyrical about life itself. How we approach it and what we can achieve in the short time we truly have. We hope you enjoy these words of wisdom from the great man himself. Feel inspired and go do the thing that makes you happy.
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