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Animatrix - The Second Renaissance (Ending theme)
The ending of part 2 of "The Second Renaissance" in the Animatrix movie. If you like the background music as much as I do, you can extract an mp3 of this scene via this website: http://www.youtube-mp3.org/. No copyright infringement intended, but this track isn't available in the commercial O.S.T. All rights belong to Don Davis (Music)/Studio 4 °C (animation studio). Kind regards
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Ed Harcourt - You give me more than love
Credits belong to Ed Harcourt and Flood. Just spreading the word!
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Coldplay - Speed of Sound
A great compilation of beautiful b/w portraits, along with Coldplays wonderful "Speed of Sound". The creator of the video itself is user "chrisklietz" (profil on MyVideo.de). Well done, dude! I neither owe the song nor the video.
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Human snake
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Espy - She'll Be Happy Side B (46:13 - 50:30)
I do not claim rights on this song. The original track from Espy is about 50 minutes long (http://espy.bandcamp.com/track/shell-be-happy-side-b). I cut out the very last part, because I found it to be hauntingly beautiful. The background tune clearly is inspired by (or rather taken from) the soundtrack of Samurai Champloo (Tsutchie - fat jon - thank you), but when the vocals start at 1:55, it gets elevated on a whole new level. And this is why I wanted to share it with you. Lay back, listen, and swerve in melancholy.
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