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Ride - Twenty One Pilots - Tyler's Reaction is Epic! (SLC tour)
Tyler reacts to the crowd cheering and Josh "rides" the crowd on his drumset!!! Awesome concert!!! SLC 7/16/16. Best listened to with the volume full blast!! Takes me there like I'm at the concert again.
Views: 84867 Paul Lambert
Heathens - 21 pilots (SLC 2016 Tour)
SLC 7/16 Heathen - Twenty One Pilots
Views: 73 Paul Lambert
4 Year Old Teaches How to Ride a Bike
Jake gives instructions on how to ride a bike after just learning how to himself, including demonstration of the proper safety equipment to wear.
Views: 141 Paul Lambert
FSM-15 Static Test - 12/4/08
ATK Rocket Motor Static Test made on Dec 4, 2008
Views: 292 Paul Lambert
The Coolest Marble Animation
Marble animation my 10 year old son Jon made.
Views: 1843 Paul Lambert
Jakey Face Skiing
Views: 35 Paul Lambert
Mixology of songs - 21 Pilots - (SLC tour)
Awesome concert!!! SLC 7/16/16.
Views: 57 Paul Lambert
I dyed my hair
Views: 30 Paul Lambert
Megan, Jake, and Kerrie Ice-Bucket Challenge
Ice Bucket Challenge
Views: 60 Paul Lambert
Daily Disasters
Funny cool and fun to do funny for adults
Views: 118 Paul Lambert
Guns for Hands - 21 pilots - Tyler's in a Hamster Ball (SLC 2016 Tour)
The SLC crowd is so crazy it raises the hair on the back of your neck. Tyler rides around on the crowd in the giant hamster ball.
Views: 38 Paul Lambert
The Worst Best Friends
Friendly Fighting
Views: 110 Paul Lambert

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