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John Mcaffee being treated like a dog by the SEC Even though you don't agree with all he says, he is still a human being that is being treated unjustly. SEC, are they 'thugs dressed up in suits' ??
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Bitcoin  -  Chance of a Lifetime !
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Crypto World News interviews John McAfee 2018 OvenizedOscillator & Singleplayer
John Mcaffee talks about how SEC is out of order, and does not help people, or Crypto-currencies. Bitcoin is also is not to be regulated, because it is not controlled by any company or owner. It is specifically for the private use of citizens in the coming new world order. People should not have to be led by the hand and protected by a government agency of SEC, but should develop their own discernment and intellect instead. Also, the SEC does not help many businesses they regulated, and majority of those businesses have zero growth rate since. Also, no matter what any regulators try to interfere, people should take the initiative to get out of the old money system in which bankers and fraudulent Federal Reserve. They have driven us into debt which is now beyond being repayed, because we trusted them and they failed us with under-the table deals and profits which are 'off the books'. Also, the Federal reserve is not federal and is never audited and held to account. It is a private agency, with ultra rich shareholders. Banks will either join the Bitcoin revolution and adapt, or die. Presently they are too defensive and beligerent and still trying to stop the Bitcoin revolution, but they will not succeed.
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John Mcafee being harassed by the SEC thugs: John Mcafee will be on the Libertarian schedule for voting for president in 2020. (He is a Libertarian) It seems the SEC is against crypto-currencies and is siding with big banks and other corrupt entities to try to keep them in power as long as possible. John says that he is not seriously running for president, but merely wants to become more public and speak out about certain issues. Perhaps he is too modest. (My opinion). If you vote for him, perhaps doing so will put him more in the forefront and make him more visible to the public. Please keep this in mind if you want to try to change things in the future and try to get the SEC out of power. Doing a little thing like that will perhaps begin to make a change, and doing a little thing is better than doing nothing. (my opinion)
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Bitcoin will be worth 40x more than it is now   Winklevoss twins explain the future of Bitcoin
Explains basics of why Bitcoin may be 30-40 times more than today. Is simple and straight-forward. Original publish date 2-13-18
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Interview With John McAfee   2018 Bitcoin Ethereum Blockchain Super Conference
Interview With John McAfee 2018 Bitcoin Ethereum Blockchain Super Conference Quote, McAfee- "By the end of this year, it might be too late to get in, because this is going to be the year of the explosion.... of the true growth of crypto-currencies." "And what you have seen in the past is nothing compared to what you will see this year."
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John McAfee  $1 million Bitcoin by 2020
John McAfee $1 million Bitcoin by 2020,
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TIM DRAPER  Bitcoin is bigger than Internet, Iron Age, Renaissance, Industrial Revolution!
When you invest in the future, you get in on the ground floor too! When you get in on the ground floor, you take the 'elevator' up.
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BITCOIN WILL HIT $5 MILLION   Rick Falkvinge   London Real
Originally Published on Jan 14, 2014
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John McAfee  about blockchain, bitcoins and cyber security
John McAfee about blockchain, bitcoins and cyber security
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“Bitcoin Will Be Worth TONS By 2020”   Super Wealthy Bitcoin Bulls Explain Why
“Bitcoin Will Be Worth TONS By 2020” Super Wealthy Bitcoin Bulls Explain Why
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McAfee Trolls JP Morgan CEO Jaime Dimon   Calls for Eminent Demise of Big Banks
John Mcafee speaks to JP Morgan goof-balls.
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Queen   We Will Rock You Official Video
Queen We Will Rock You Official Video
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John Mcaffee did nothing to deserve this
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Bitcoin to Hit from $10,000, to $100,000 & even $1 Million USD
Bitcoin to Hit from $10,000, to $100,000 & even $1 Million USD
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CRYPTO-  DEATH OF ETHEREUM by  'SEC'  :(Stifel- Every- Crypto)
Cryptos to get killed by SEC ? Bitcoin may survive. Yes, SEC has a lot of power to do anything they want, even if it is wrong. This is the problem of Big Government, and why it should not be aloud to flourish in this great country of ours. Government is o.k. for some things, but when it becomes a tyrant, that tyrant must be resisted and overthrown. Wake-up America, don't be 'wimpy' anymore!
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Bitcoin 100k end of this year ?  Could be ! !
Talking about Bitcoin reaching 100k by end of this year Holy sh*t ! I hope so.
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John McAfee at Blockchain Nation Miami 2018 bcnation com
Talks about taxes and how the government uses them to kill people in foreign countries with high- tech weapons; and also to load politicians with multi-million dollar worth. And how the US was built on 'pay for use' and not taxation. And taxes were non existent in it's first 100 years of existence., In fact, that's what the Boston Tea party was all about, when people first rebelled against taxes in the US.
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John McAfee  Buy Bitcoin Now! No bubble
John McAfee Buy Bitcoin Now! No bubble
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