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Watching a Goat Be Born
My kids get to witness the birth of a kid!
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Will Colorado Get Wiped Out By a Snowicane?
This is the first video of the impending bomb cyclone winter storm. Stay tuned for more.
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Top Fuel Excitement
Bandimere Speedway's Night of Fire and Thunder, steemit.com
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Which Bitcoin?
Today, I research all of the bitcoins and tell you which one I am behind. Download Bitcoin Core https://bitcoin.org/en/download Coinbase Buy $100 worth of Bitcoin and get an extra $10! https://www.coinbase.com/join/57cfecafa63c4d034afc6e93 donate 15qRLLRaGxHooWTXG4xLCG4A5B9qNdDtSF Minergate https://minergate.com/a/badf557f7081b2558c165987 Bitconnect https://bitconnect.co/?ref=matthewtiii
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Carolina Reaper Challenge Update #2 Don't Eat the Pepper
The title says it and so do I.
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Carolina Reaper Challenge Update
My battery got hot and cut the video at the end. Darn pepper so hot it heated up my phone haha.
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Trump's Bay of Pigs
Political theatre
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Papa-pepper Carolina Reaper Challenge
🌶️I am going to overdo this in true papa-pepper style. I am a big fan of his and I think he would overdo it for me.🌶️ Starting out cold, I will eat the ghost pepper. I will then move on to the Ghost/Chocolate Habanero cross pepper. Then I will finish with the Carolina Reaper, the Guinness Book of World Records current hottest pepper in the world. This will be the dumbest thing I have ever done on YouTube. Please like and subscribe and I will find some more interesting things to do. Probably something to do with fishing. To support me, give me some Bitcoin below↙️ 1EabGHhD8bnwqXzKoF9KYZ7cQcwWoMGPeW Thanks and keep casting.
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Almost caught a huge turtle.🐢
I was going to leave and finally got a bite. I thought it was a monster catfish but...
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Confirmed, It's Snowing
Just an update. 3 hours since the start of the storm. The sign from the first video broke.
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Black Bear in My Campsite 5/24/18
I came home to a bear eating our tortillas.
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Papa-pepper Hot Pepper Challenge
This pepper got hotter after this video ended. It burned in my throat mostly.
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Name The States Challenge
There are 4 state borders name all 8 states!
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Papa-pepper Ghost Pepper Challenge
I am eating three peppers. In this first video, I eat a ghost pepper hybrid. I almost lose it on this one. Owwww!
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20170713 151330
Brave Little Squirrel
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Sunrise at Myrtle Beach, SC
Serenity on video
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Samsung Galaxy Note8 Dunk Test
I briefly dunk my new phone in the hot tub to test it's water resistance. Pass! ✔ More to come!
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