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How to wrap your handlebars (handle bars) without adhesive tape (which always comes off)
I could only find criticisms for this method but no explanation. Try it once and you'll never go back to the old method. Looks better, feels better, grips better and never comes off.
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how to clean a bicycle bike kit jersey shirt shorts bib chamois gear clothing
This is a way to easily (2 minutes) clean your cycling clothing without wearing them out in a machine. It also saves water (heloo california!) and soap, and energy with a simple drying method that means you can put the kit right back on (in emergency) or let it air dry for an hour to have bone-dry.
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free hugs fiji: random acts of kindness to friends we hadn't met yet
inspired by juan mann and the movie "one week in two" (une semaine sur deux) and two homesick kids, we took to the streets of suva trying to give away hugs (and meet the peeps of our new temporary home). certainly a seller's market initially but then . . . :-)
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Thanks to Dom Sansom
Thanks to Dom for hard work on Tour of Fiji and let's make this a bigger race because it's a great one
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Seven Jewish Children: A Play For Gaza . . . read to AIPAC delegates
With the kind permission of the playwright Caryl Churchill, we read this powerful piece to delegates at the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). This recording by Billy Club TV (the tireless William Hughes) was our first rehearsal at Mt Vernon Sq. We later moved to the entrance of the Convention Center and performed the play again. After years of protesting their annual war drum concert, we found a way to have our own peaceful performance. Thanks to Code Pinkers, Caryl and Bill. Please make donations to MAP: http://www.map-uk.org
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the ancient val di gresta game of spoons
recipe for fun: italians, three germans and one american and the traditional rite of passage for alpha males.
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little tahrir squares . . . all over the world!
WE HAVE DECIDED TO DO THIS OUTSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE AND HAVE A PERMIT FOR TWO WEEKS CONTINUAL VIGIL. COME!! let's show our support for the brave people who've been in encamped in liberation square cairo since jan 25. we won't be shot at, stoned or beaten up by gov't thugs. it's the least we can do to show solidarity and ensure our govts don't keep enabling dictators who do our bidding . . . but don't have our values of democracy, human rights and freedom.
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italico summit ride
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How to repair a flat on the road and at home by identifying the cause and repairing the inner tube
Here are the methods I found to be most useful for repairing a flat keeping in mind economic and environment (normally the same thing) concerns. If you have improvements or suggestions please share. Thanks
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arrest them!
end of action
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tonga blowholes
getting up close to waves on reef
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reverend billy stops shoppers and raids banks with angels in america
rallying the angels to rob banks . . . of their evils
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uci grimaud
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mirko e postino
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tighe saying it like it is!
pillars of democracy have blood drained from them by blood-sucking corporations. but they rise from the flames . . . like buffy the vampire-killer
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It's about Jobs, stupid
Steve Jobs? but he already left the Chamber
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Canyoning In Ialy
canyoning in Italy with friends in Rio Nero near Lake Garda
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Sevilla Smiles
Sevilla's reaction when told she'd just won Smile for a Lifetime Midpeninsula.
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jerk prep
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if you catch me
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Terun Ride Clinic: Saddle Design and Lower Effects with Roger Minkow & Mike Eisenberg
Please join the study: http://cycle.stanford.edu/
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da grillin mon
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