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T-PA The Hostage
T-PA productions
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Sjetan in the path to outland
This is the story of a sad little gnome that fails epicly in real life. but he finally achived something.. he has the level to go to the outlands. Songs i used making this video: -Infinity by the guru josh project -Expeditie robinson theme -Souljaboy: crank that sonjaboy - Sin ft t-pain : BOOM
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WoW Pwning Nubz FtW Rogue (pro)
This is my World of warcraft movie. I am a pro in this game. i powerlvled my account from 1 to 70 in 3 days Thanks to sjenie123 and Bram ! (and pascal)
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Huge misclick by Sjetan
I'm not proud of this misclick but hey... shit happens
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