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Kuma Games' I, Predator Shark vs. Seal Gameplay
Kuma Games' I,Predator game Shark vs. Seal Gameplay. FREE Online Game Direct download: http://company.kumagames.com/installers/IPredator_Install.exe Company website: http://www.kumagames.com/
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Kuma Games' Mobsters: First National Massacre Gameplay
Kuma games' Mobsters Free Online video game. Direct Download: http://company.kumagames.com/installers/Mobsters_Install.exe Company Website: http://www.kumagames.com/
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How to create a Server Kuma Games.
1. Start Kuma Games Client. 2. Navigate to "servers". 3. Click on "set up own server". 4. Find your router. (If your router is not listed proceed to its menu and follow step 5) 5. Open the ports 1200 in UDP AND 27000 to 27020 in UDP AND 27020 to 27039 in TCP 6. Save changes to your router interface. 7. Go to where Kuma Games is installed, or right click the short cut to it and click "open file location". 8. Click one of the dedicated server batch files (the game you want to make a server for). 9. Choose your preferences. 10. Start your server. NOTE: It is HIGHLY recommended by me to have the server running on one computer and play the game on a different computer. 11. Open your kuma client. If you see your server listed under "servers" then it worked. If you don't see it proceed to the game and check your LAN servers, if it is listed here and not on the client list servers, then it is not connected to the internet, but on your local network. 12. To play on your server YOU MUST choose it from the LAN category, for others it should be in the INTERNET category.
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Kuma War 2 Gameplay
Recorded 6/13/2012 (2012-06-13 23-55-59-87)
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Nuke Storm in C&C Generals: Zero Hour, Contra Mod
The nuke storm superweapon introduced by the contra mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour.
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GTA SA Crazy Ambulance
I hit the AI ambulance with the car he is circling, and he has a hard time trying to get his revenge. I got alotta money out of it though. :)
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Don't Starve: Spider Queen VS Killer Bees VS Tallbird
Tried to lure a spider queen into a mess of bees and then collect the drops. A tall bird joins in unexpectedly.
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GTA San Andreas Glitch: The Invincible Hipster
I hoped in a car near Los Santos and this fella was inside, when I finally stopped he hoped out and ran into a fence. I shot him and he wouldn't die. So I decided to record it and upload it to youtube. Enjoy. Also I didn't die from the fire because I completed the fire fighter side mission and it makes you fireproof.
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Halo CE Extinction Map Warzone
Halo CE Custom Map Extinction
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Simple Tutorial: How to use the Hopper in Minecraft
1.Place block. 2.Place hopper against block to connect it. 3.Remove block. 4.Replace block with dispenser, chest, or dropper. 5.Enjoy!
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Unity-Moving a box and camera
I worked on the code trying get it to work for about an hour. Finally I figured out I needed the orange part (#pragma strict). Code for Camera: #pragma strict var moveSpeed = 5.0; var turnSpeed = 10.0; function Update () { /* if(Input.GetButtonDown("Jump")) { transform.position.z -= 1.0; } */ if(Input.GetButton("Forward")) { transform.position += transform.forward * moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime; } if(Input.GetButton("Backward")) { transform.position += -transform.forward * moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime; } if(Input.GetButton("Left")) { transform.eulerAngles.y += -turnSpeed * Time.deltaTime; } if(Input.GetButton("Right")) { transform.eulerAngles.y += turnSpeed * Time.deltaTime; } } Code for Box is basically the same, except I changed the controls to: Y-Forward H-Backward G-Left J-Right
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Kuma War 2 Gameplay: Sniping in ANC City
Some gameplay of ANC City. Recorded 10/12/2012 (2012-10-12 14-46-28-78)
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TF2 Mini sentry Gunslinger Glitch
Was messing around in TF2 and this happened. Took awhile to recreate it though.
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TF2 Opening the Gift Cauldron 2012
Opening my halloween cauldron tf2 2012.
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GTA SA Glitches and Craziness
Tried to trick an aggressive driver into smashing into a gas tank. Then stuff got crazy and a little glitchy (as in the helicopter landing 5:42 and the white sabre driving backwards 5:51)
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TF2 Surviving on Skull Island
How to stay on Skull island on the lakeside map in TF2
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Modding Victoria 2: The Basics
I will be making more guides in the future. Please leave any questions in the comments.
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TF2 Reaching into a pile of curses 2012
Sorry, annotations are glitching, more uncrating here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA1ar0ZEPaE&feature=youtu.be
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Minecraft: Simple Opened Chest Detector
This design will tell you whether someone opened your chest.
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Minecraft Nuke Cannon
A nuke cannon I made in minecraft. The nuke is from the Industrial Craft mod. The charge itself was composed of regular tnt. Nukes in the mod are capable of destroying any block (even obsidian, water and lava source blocks) except bedrock.
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Minecraft: Simple Redstone Quick Fire Dispenser Tutorial
If I copied anyone I apologize I found this out on my own. The design (minus the dispenser) can be used for a variety of other purposes as well. Max FOV ftw.
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javaw 2011 09 11 14 31 02 24
Some old MC footage that I decided to get rid of.
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Weird glitch in Kuma War 2
Weird glitch where I skip around and jump high, caused maybe by lag?
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GTA SA Snipers can't do Collaterals
nope *collaterals
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Kuma War 2: Levitation Glitch
Glitch in KW2
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KW2: Door Blocking
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How to eat a chair like a champ
The Game is Bioshock 2.
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Kuma War Custom Map: All Nations Clan (ANC City)
A look at the new featured custom map, ANC City. In my opinion, this map is very good the only problem I have with it is that the lag can be real bad (worse than kandahar) and that when one team is losing it is getting the hell beat out of it.
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Kuma War 2 Gameplay: Pinned down in ANC City
Red took our flag and we took their flag, and since you need to have the enemies flag as well as your flag in order to score we had no where to put it. We had one group defending the flag we captured (seen above) while another group tried to reclaim our flag. Recorded: 5/29/2012 (2012-05-29 20-55-26-23)
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