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'Recycler' 4 bucket 3D
3D video of the Custom Hydroponics 4 bucket 'Recycler'.
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'Mutha' Plant Bucket
DWC (Deep Water Culture) 'Mutha' plant bucket showing vertical sprayers in action. Easy to construct with excellent results. Instructions at custom-hydroponics.co.uk
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Mutha Plant Bucket (sprayers)
Static shot of 'Mutha' plant single bucket hydroponics system. Combination of DWC (Deep Water Culture) and semi-aeroponics in simple to construct setup. Simple sprayer provide water aeration and a humid atmosphere for the roots. full instructions at custom-hydroponics.co.uk
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DIY Aeroponic Propagator
Three rotation sprinkler DIY aeroponic propagator bucket. Showing sprayers and pump configuration.
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