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The Mystery of Spook Hill
Spook Hill in Lake Wales has mystified visitors for years. Is it truly haunted? Do cars actually roll up Spook Hill? See what you think. http://www.wftv.com
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Orlando Salon Was Secret Stop For Michael Jackson
WFTV news story: Michael Jackson was a frequent client of an Orlando hair salon. The owner would sneak him in late at night when he came to town to visit Disney. From http://www.wftv.com
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Video: ‘You shot her down like a dog’: Recording details interrogation of Markeith Loyd
A recording of an interrogation is giving a better idea of what accused double murderer Markeith Loyd said about the death of his pregnant ex-girlfriend.
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Video: FHP to install 360-degree camera sin 2K patrol cars
Dash cameras have been around for a long time, but the problem has always been, when the action moves too far left or right, the footage is lost.
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Video: Body camera shows Deland officer allegedly yelling at man sitting on bench
Body camera allegedly shows a Deland police officer yelling profanities at a man who was just sitting on a bench.
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Video: Millennium Middle School teacher on leave after inappropriate behavior
A Millennium Middle School teacher in Sanford was escorted from campus after a student accused him of some inappropriate behavior.
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Video: Accused cop killer reveals what he did during the massive manhunt to put him behind bars
Accused cop killer, Markeith Loyd is revealing for the first time what the did during a massive manhunt to put him behind bars.
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Video: Teens arrested after shootout in Apopka
Amazingly no one was hurt when two teens started shooting at each other just steps away from a school zone.
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Video: Lake County sheriff's office bust major drug pipeline
The Lake County sheriff's office says a recent initiative cut off a major drug pipeline into Central Florida.
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Video: Daytona Beach police launch effort to keep homeless away from businesses
Some people say a Daytona Beach park has become over-run by the homeless.
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Video: SWAT teams practice sniper response at Camping World Stadium
Orlando police snipers fired shots inside Camping World Stadium today.
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Video: 9 Investigates: Orange County school district doesn't track resource officers use of force
A video shows students at Apopka High School fighting in the middle of campus and then the teens didn't stop for police.
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Video: Notorious drug house in Ocala busted
Police say they exposed a notorious drug house in Ocala.
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Video: The price tag of Daytona Beach's new homeless shelter is getting costlier
5 different opening dates, two different design plans, and 2,000 dollars spent with little to show.
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Video: Electric Daisy Carnival returns to Orlando
For the eighth year in a row, the Electric Daisy Carnival is bringing carnival rides and live music to Orlando.
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Video: 'Falling out of my seat': Carnival ship tilts at sea after leaving Port Canaveral
Passengers on a Carnival cruise ship that had just left Port Canaveral got quite a scare when the ship suddenly started tilting.
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Video: Orange Blossom Trail: Same problems decades later
Nearly forty years later, OBT still has a crime problem the city has been unable to solve.
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Hurricane Michael: Florida Panhandle's Cedar Key bashed by storm surge
The winds from Hurricane Michael blew trees into buildings, but the biggest threat is right on the shoreline with flooding and storm surge.
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Video: 9 Investigates: Central Florida facing another housing crisis
Central Florida is in the midst of another housing crisis.
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Video: Apartment complex no longer accepting Section 8 Housing voucher
Time is running out for an Orange County grandmother and her three grandchildren to find a place to live.
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Video: Osceola County to open new high school in more than a decade
Final preparations are underway to open the first new high school in Osceola County in more than a decade.
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Video: 9 Investigates: When will trains start rolling from Orange Co. to the coast?
Brightline is coming, or so we've been told.
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Explainer of how bulletproof vests work for the Orlando Fire Department
The Orlando Fire Department will now have its firefighters wear bulletproof vests while responding to calls.
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Video: Action 9: Windshield repair scams in your neighborhood
Action 9 investigates auto glass repair companies heading into your neighborhood and offering free windshields.
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Video: Student accused of bringing gun to Evans High School
A 15-year-old boy was arrested Friday afternoon after bringing a gun to Maynard Evans High School, the Orange County Sheriff's Office said.
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Video: Brevard County deputy arrested, fired following "disgusting" discovery
On Wednesday evening, the Brevard County Sheriff's Office was called to an Indigo Crossing subdivision after receiving a complaint from a neighbor reportedly hearing gunshots and a woman screaming.
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Video: Construction could wrap on the building dubbed "The I-4 Eyesore"
Nearly two decades since construction began, the end could be in sight for the building dubbed "The I-4 Eyesore."
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Video: What you need to know about red tide
The end of the summer is leaving a bad taste and smell for people visiting some South Florida beaches.
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Video: ‘They aren’t dead?’ gunman says when he learns 2 survived Daytona Beach shooting, police say
A man was arrested Thursday, just hours after a fatal shooting at the Best Southern Sun Plaza Motel on South Ridgewood Avenue, police said.
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Video: School bus crashes into pool after crash with Jeep, troopers say
A school bus carrying nine children took a nose dive into a swimming pool Friday morning after being involved in a crash with a Jeep, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.
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Hurricane Michael: Hear what a Category 4 hurricane sounds like
Hurricane Michael was, in fact, stronger than Hurricane Katrina.
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Video: Pro-gun rights group openly carrying weapons at Ormond Beach on 4th of July
One group is using July 4th as an opportunity to campaign for gun rights. A group called Florida Carry is walking around at Ormond Beach carrying firearms.
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Video: 'Falling out of my seat': Carnival ship tilts at sea after leaving Port Canaveral
Passengers on a Carnival cruise ship that had just left Port Canaveral got quite a scare when the ship suddenly started tilting.
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Video: 7-Eleven locations blasts classical music to prevent loitering
7-Eleven's in Central Florida are trying something different to keep people from loitering.
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How does Hurricane Michael compare to other major storms?
Hurricane Michael made landfall just two miles an hour under a Category 5 hurricane.
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Video: Big news coming for medical marijuana laws in Florida
Big news from the Governor-elect on Florida's medical marijuana laws.
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Video: Homeowner dealing with mafia-like behavior in luxury Lake County community
A homeowner in a luxury Lake County community says he's been dealing with "terroristic" and "mafia-like" behavior from the developer.
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Video: Uber driver shot, killed man who threatened him, Polk County sheriff says
An Uber driver shot and killed a man Tuesday, Polk County Sheriff’s Office officials said.
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Video: Action 9: Concerns arise after an Ocoee man's washing machine explodes
An Ocoee man claims someone could have been seriously hurt when his washing machine exploded.
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Video: FHP: Worker dies after dump truck flips over in Palm Coast
Neighbors said they rushed to help a Waste Pro worker trapped under his truck after it flipped over in Palm Coast around 10 a.m.
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Video: Deputies confirm transgender woman found dead behind Orange County apartment building
A transgender woman was found dead behind an apartment building near Orange Blossom Trail, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.
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Video: Arm found in gator pulled from Florida lake after woman reported missing
Authorities are searching a lake in South Florida after a witness called police saying an alligator attacked a woman walking her dog in a park.
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Video: Porch pirate finds interesting surprise in stolen package
A woman, using what appears to be a blue tarp, stole a package containing super worms off of a family's porch.
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Video: New step forward allowing veterans to use medical marijuana
A major new step towards allowing veterans suffering from PTSD and chronic pain to have access to medical marijuana.
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Video: Clermont officer on probation after lying about verifying tag and driver info
Cecil Garrett is on probation for two years after investigators say he lied about verifying tag and driver information for several years, causing at least 16 cases to be called into question.
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Video: Sentencing delayed for Victoria Rios
A young woman convicted for her part in a deadly crime spree will have to wait even longer to find out her sentence.
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Video: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical student, FAA examiner die in Volusia County plane crash
Two people have died in a plane crash in Volusia County, deputies said.
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