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10 Unbelievable Underwater American Discoveries
You won't believe what amazing discoveries people have made here in America even an underwater Stonehenge in Lake Michigan! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 6. The Mississippi Pirate Boat Did you know the pirates were even in the Mississippi River searching booty? This discovery was made near Missouri after a group of scuba divers decided spontaneously to search for riverboat artifacts and uncovered a boat from the 17 hundreds in remarkable condition! How did no one find this before? It was only in a river. This 300 year old boat was called the Negrito by its crew, and the captain who sailed this boat through the seas was Black Eye Dan. Hold on minute, You’re telling me this fake. Okay turns out this was a cruel hoax among the people of Arkansas and St. Louis. So if you came across this story or read it somewhere, it’s our job to let you know this one wasn’t real. Cool photo nonetheless. 5. Lake Mead Ghost Town As water levels area at an all time low at Lake Mead due to a severe drought in recent years, this reveals a ghost town. Each year, Las Vegas’ water reservoir seems to diminish slowing and things that were once underwater are now popping up, even small cities! Unbelievable but this is true. The abandoned town of St. Thomas is now visible and can soak up the sun. People fled their homes when the Hoover Dam was built. It blocked the waterflow and in 1938 this city was submerged and was even below 60 feet of water! Founded in 1865, this is also one of the oldest cities in Southern Nevada even older than Sin City by 40 years! Tourists can now visit the ruins of this ghost town. This just goes to show how fast water goes missing in the desert. 4. New Jersey’s Deep Train Graveyard Off of the Jersey Shore, two mysterious trains rest in peace deep underwater. What it’s doing there or how it got there, archeologists are still unsure of. This is one of the oldest models of trains we know of from the 1850’s. Some believe this is the train was simply pushed off of a boat to prevent it from crashing due to a large storm. Now completely covered in rust, this machine was state of the art technology for its time but amazingly well preserved. Even the smokestacks that make this piece so unique are still visible after a century and a half have passed. The New Jersey Transportation Museum is planning on bringing this back to the surface in order to conduct research. 3. Skeleton Tea Party The Scuba divers who decided to swimming in the Colorado River spotted a bone chilling discovery. While diving at the bottom of the river, they discovered a few skeletons dressed up in wigs and sunglasses. One even had a sign that said Bernie Although the skeletons weren’t real, the diver who discovered them thought they were and called the authorities immediately. Arizona police knew they were. They realized Bernie was reference to the “weekend at Bernies” movie where people carried their dead boss around the beach pretending he was alive. The cops thought it was funny and they put them outside the station for a good laugh. 2. Radioactive Aircraft Carrier A world war 2 aircraft carrier has recently been uncovered off the coast of San Francisco and the cargo it was carrying is quite deadly. Hundreds of barrels of radioactive waste are still located within. It’s also in quite remarkable condition as if it’s ready to go to battle. Luckily the radioactive waste is not contaminating the ocean according to nuclear scientists. The fact that this aircraft is holding tons of toxic material right off the coast of an American city is quite astounding. There is still visible damage 1.Spanish Armada Treasure The Spanish had an extraordinary navy that was feared among many countries. With the discovery of the new world and the plunder from their colonies lead to large amounts of treasure being transported back home to Spain. Unfortunately for them, not all these galleons and transport boats survived the journey. In this case, a hurricane destroyed a large fleet of boats that were sailing from Havana, Cuba to Spain that was carrying an estimated 400 million dollars worth of treasure. 300 years later, a family in Florida came across a rare discovery and it made them millionaires in the process. 175 million dollars worth was recovered. Of course, the Florida government will take their share of the plunder but the family will hold on to 51 rare coins and other priceless artifacts.
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Gren Thomas: Mining Legend Talks Rare Earths, Diamonds, and Gold
Growing up in a coal mining industry in Wales, Gren Thomas started working underground when he was 16 years old. At 25 he moved to Canada to work in geology, drilling, and then exploration. His daughter has followed in her fathers footsteps growing up in the mining business and training as a geologist. His first discovery was a large rare earth deposit containing large amounts of tantalum and beryllium later picked up by Avalon Minerals. Gren also shares the story of his part of the discovery of diamonds in Canada which has led to a billion dollar business. Westhaven Ventures was started by Gren and his son and is now a successful gold explorer. During the Fraser river gold rush in the 1850s the source of the gold was never found. In 2005 the first drill hole since that time in the area ran 12 meters of 20 g/t gold. Westhaven now has 30,000 hectares in this area The mining business has been hard to finance but this project is extremely promising. The mining industry need a big new discovery to really set off a bull market, a new gold rush. Westhaven Ventures could well be the company to make that discovery and is way under-priced at present
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My First Metal Detecting Video
Metal Detecting Wheat Pennies Indian Cent Relics Clad
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The Gold Rush and the 1906 Earthquake
The Gold Rush and the 1906 Earthquake: How they combined to create the breakthrough discovery of modern seismic science Presenter: Ross S. Stein, USGS Scientist Emeritus, Consulting Professor of Geophysics at Stanford University. - Accidents of Gold Rush merchant marine navigation transformed a seismic disaster into a seminal discovery and led to San Francisco's extreme liquefaction vulnerability today. - Just about everything that we love about the Bay area is brought to us by the faults. We enjoy their daily fruits and so must live with their occasional spoils. - No one knows when the next damaging quake will strike; we must frame the ‘payback period’ for seismic expenditures in terms of chance.
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EXPO – Magic of the White City (Narrated by Gene Wilder)
Narrated by Gene Wilder, EXPO – Magic of the White City brings the Chicago World’s Fair to life. Experience the world of 1893 through a cinematic visit to Chicago’s Columbian Exposition. Subscribe for more great documentaries! Nearly 28 million people visited the Fair. Dubbed the “White City,” it inspired future innovators like Henry Ford and Frank Lloyd Wright, unveiled the Ferris Wheel and Cracker Jack®, and, in many ways, marked the beginning of the 20th century. Many of the era’s greatest achievements in science, technology and culture were unveiled there. The grounds were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, famous for his design of New York City’s Central Park, and constructed under the supervision of Daniel Burnham. The Fair was an engineering marvel. On opening day, President Grover Cleveland depressed a golden telegraph key which sent the first courses of electricity throughout the Fair powering fountains, machines, electric railways and thousands of lights. It was the first use of electricity on such a massive scale. In addition, fairgoers enjoyed the Midway Plaisance where a one-mile boulevard of fun offered camel riding and guilty pleasures such as belly dancing, street fighting and beer drinking. Against the backdrop of 1893’s troubles with workers’ rights, prejudice, discrimination and corruption, the World’s Columbian Exposition cast a brief ray of hope for the future of humanity. Filmed in spectacular High-Definition, EXPO – Magic of the White City immerses viewers in one of the world’s biggest extravaganzas and one of the most unforgettable events in American history. There will never be another event like it… or will there?
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Out of the Fiery Furnace - Episode 3 - Shining Conquests
From the Stone Age to the era of the silicon chip — metals and minerals have marked the milestones of our civilization. OUT OF THE FIERY FURNACE traces the story of civilization through the exploitation of metals, minerals and energy resources. Renowned radio and BBC television commentator Michael Charlton hosts seven, one-hour programs filmed in more than 50 different parts of the world. This very unusual public television series combines the disciplines of history, science, archeology and economics in order to explore the relationship between technology and society. Legends of the Golden Horn, the Golden Fleece and gold in the New World prove that this ( precious metal has sparked many of history’s greatest explorations and migrations. From the Renaissance, to the last century, to the creation of nations in the Southern Hemisphere, this episode examines the remarkable influence of precious metals on our history. (60 minutes) VHS Cover: http://imgur.com/aWPmETu Disclaimer: This video series, produced in 1986 by Opus Films is shown here for Educational Purposes. It includes footage of cultures in India, China, Near East, etc. and ancient methods of manufacturing metals. It is hoped that this information is useful for archival and educational purposes to viewers all across the world. The video is provided here under the Fair Use policy.
Community Excellence - Cadia Valley Operations, Newcrest Mining (Enhancement Project)
In 2012 Cadia Valley Operations (CVO) launched a project designed to address concerns of near neighbours that their agricultural land was devalued by the location of a major mining operation in their district. The goal of the Cadia District Enhancement Project (CDEP) was for CVO to work with its near neighbours to create environmental and community benefits for the Cadia district which would enhance the value of the area as an agricultural, mining, or lifestyle choice because of the mining operation, not in spite of it. In four years since its launch, the CDEP has become an inclusive community partnership, with residents of the Cadia District volunteering to form a governing committee, actively driving projects and working closely with each other and CVO representatives as equal partners in a community collective. View the other Award Winners here http://ow.ly/v30G303XSwj
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FULL STORY: Failing Canada’s First Nations Children
Canadian kids from isolated communities forced to move away from their families – just to go to school. For more info, please go to www.global16x9.com.
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Wildfires unveil safety hazards in Northern California forest
A wildfire that burned more than 5,600 acres in Placer and El Dorado counties has created safety hazards in abandoned mines throughout the forest. Subscribe to KCRA on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/1kjRAAn Get more Sacramento news: http://kcra.com Like us:http://facebook.com/KCRA3 Follow us: http://twitter.com/kcranews Google+: http://plus.google.com/+kcra
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Atlantis in the Java Sea
Contents 0:05 Introduction | 4:10 The Story of Atlantis | 5:49 The Atlantic Ocean | 7:11 The City of “the Athens” | 8:18 Sundaland | 11:31 “Orichalcum” | 12:35 The Plain | 14:17 The Waterways | 18:51 The Capital City | 22:33 The Pillars of Heracles | 24:46 The God Poseidon | 28:24 Heracles | 32:38 Pyramid and Temple Building | 34:50 Water Buffalos | 36:08 Coconuts | 37:02 “Tape” or “Tapai” | 38:04 “Jamu” and “Bumbu” | 38:25 Rice | 38:45 Coffee | 38:57 Elephants | 40:10 Tsunami and Earthquake | 43:01 60 Converging Evidence Where was Atlantis? If Plato knows, then he will tell. After thousands of years, so many of us still search for the answer to the mystery of Atlantis. From time to time, archaeologists and historians locate evidence. There have been many locations proposed for the location of Atlantis. Ever since the first recorded history of Atlantis, written by the Greek philosopher Plato over 2,300 years ago, debate has raged as to whether or not Atlantis ever really existed. The existence of Atlantis is supported by the fact that it is described in great details by Plato. In additions, various conditions, events and goods unknown to Plato are also described in detailed and lengthy words. Plato himself asserts that it is a real story. The first suggested linkage between Atlantis and Indonesia came from the leading Theosophist, CW Leadbeater, and the Lieutenant-Governor of British Java, Thomas Stamford Raffles, in the 19th century. One of the first researchers to Atlantis there, in the mid 1990s, is the American polymath William Lauritzen. The concept of Sundaland Atlantis was given a huge boost by the publication of the late Brazilian professor Arysio Nunes dos Santos’ book “Atlantis: The Lost Continent Finally Found” in 2005. The prehistoric flooding of the Sundaland region is covered extensively by a paediatrician and geneticist, Stephen Oppenheimer in 1998. The atlantology of Sundaland hypothesis is also flanked by the studies of the geologist and geophysicist, Robert M Schoch together with Robert Aquinas McNally in 2003. Other proponents of the Sundaland Atlantis are Zia Abbas, Sunil Prasannan and Danny Hilman Natawidjaja. The recent knowledge of late glacial and postglacial sea level rise and land subsidence that occurred almost precisely at the time described by Plato also becomes strong evidence to the truth of the story. Plato describes Atlantis from the point of views of geography, climate, plain layout, city layout, river and channel hydraulics, produces, social structure, customs, mythology and its destruction in details including their dimensions and orientations. These become the subjects of Dhani Irwanto to hypothesize that the lost city of Atlantis is in Java Sea, as written in a book “Atlantis: The lost city is in Java Sea”, published in April 2015. The works include over 5-year research and analysis of textbooks, papers, internet sites and digital data collected by the author as well as some site observations. The author has made a serious effort to match Plato’s narrative with his chosen location for Atlantis, namely off the southern coast of the island of Kalimantan in the Java Sea. He also uses his professional expertise to analyse Plato’s many references to the waterways of the Atlantis capital and its extensive plain. He commendably draws attention to the remarkable water transportation and irrigation system in Central Kalimantan. He found a lot more detailed converging evidence, summarized in a 60-bullet checklist of agreements between Plato’s Atlantis and Sundaland/Java Sea localization, as proofs that his theory is the most complete and probable until today. More articles at https://atlantisjavasea.com.
University of Cincinnati
The University of Cincinnati is a comprehensive public research university in Cincinnati, in the U.S. state of Ohio, and a part of the University System of Ohio. Founded in 1819 as Cincinnati College, it is the oldest institution of higher education in Cincinnati and has an annual enrollment of over 40,000 students, making it the second largest university in Ohio and one of the 50 largest universities in the United States. In the 2010 survey by Times Higher Education, the university was ranked in the top 100 universities in North America and as one of the top 200 in the world. Beginning with the 2011 edition of US News and World Report Best Colleges rankings, the University of Cincinnati has been ranked as a Tier One university, ranking as the 129th best overall university and 63rd best public university in the 2015 rankings. This includes being the number 3 ranked university in the nation in the "Up-and-Coming" National Universities section of the 2014 edition. In 2011-2012 academic year the Leiden University ranking put the University of Cincinnati at the 93rd place globally and at the 63rd place in North America by the proportion of top-cited publications. In 2014, U.S. News and World Report ranked UC in the Top-200 of universities worldwide. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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Wahkohtowin: Cree Natural Law
Discussions by four Cree elders; George Brertton, Fred Campiou, Isaac Chamakese and William Dreaver, give insight into the differences between Canadian law and Cree Natural Law and why Natural Law is needed in contemporary society. Wahkohtowin means "everything is related." It is one of the basic principles of Cree Natural Law passed through language, song, prayer, and storytelling. The elders explain that by following the teachings of Wahkohtowin individuals, communities and societies are healthier.
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kingdrop 2016 | Prestor John or The Noble Ethiopian | Emperor of the Three Indias | pt 9
Thank you for supporting our Go Fund Me "Drop Nation Headed Home" https://www.gofundme.com/2q4bwxks Drop Virtual Library: http://432thedrop.com/drop-library.html Columbus' Book of Prophesies (proof Columbus came to America to seize Jerusalem) http://www.case.edu/affil/GAIR/cba/ruiz.pdf Dum Diversas "Doctrine of Discovery" Papal Bull 1452 https://serenityhome.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/doctrine-of-discovery/ 1828 Webster Dictionary Definition of Ame'rican (Copper-Colored) http://webstersdictionary1828.com/Dictionary/american Ancient Map "Hyborian War": http://grimfinger.net/AurelianNPKMap.png Virginia House of Delegates "Henry Brown": http://freesalim.net/content/censorship-prison-plantation-extinguishing-dissent "Menasseh Ben Israel and His World" -- PDF https://books.google.com/books?id=4v5wRSYnT0kC&pg=PA67&lpg=PA67&dq=1650+Thomas+Thorowgood+published+his+volume+Jews+in+America+or+The+Probabilities+that+the+Americans+be+of+that+Race.&source=bl&ots=R2KFOtB5pX&sig=ohb9rnLkY4ONF2zBAn9qGLlWLU0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj4v_HdydvNAhUD52MKHU_7AXYQ6AEIJTAB#v=onepage&q=1650%20Thomas%20Thorowgood%20published%20his%20volume%20Jews%20in%20America%20or%20The%20Probabilities%20that%20the%20Americans%20be%20of%20that%20Race.&f=false Behold a Pale Horse PDF http://432thedrop.com/uploads/3/3/8/9/3389030/william_cooper-behold_a_pale_horse1991a.pdf Real History WW | Ancient Americas and Egypt Database http://realhistoryww.com/world_history/ancient/Misc/Video_list.htm "THE AMERICAN NATIONS; OR, Outlines of A National History; OF NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA "-- PDF https://archive.org/stream/nationsamerica01rafirich/nationsamerica01rafirich_djvu.txt Who are the Anasazi? http://www.fiaah.org/content/view/24/59/ "The Maya Were Israelites" Transcriptions: http://www.asis.com/stag/starchiv/transcriptions/ST319MayaIsrael.html Cuzco, Peru, Navel of the Earth: http://amerique-latine.com/ala/en/cus... https://www.britannica.com/place/Cuzco Moorish Treaty / Transfer of Inheritance https://moorishnews.wordpress.com/2011/01/21/transfer-of-inheritance-by-the-moors-of-north-amexem-north-america-north-gate-previously-published-12182010/ THE MOORISH DIVINE AND NATIONAL MOVEMENT OF THE WORLD http://www.moorishnationpublicrecords.com/uploads/6/0/1/5/6015103/02-suit_against_state_of_connecticut_filed_121810.pdf Virginia Health Bulletin to Preserve Racial Integrity http://piedmontvahistory.org/archives14/items/show/237 *** Emerald Tablet, Thoth, Egypt links: Pyramids in 440hz, Kings Chamber research http://www.gizapyramid.com/Leone1.htm http://www.crystalinks.com/emerald8bw.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8NNHmV3QPw http://www.ancientegyptonline.co.uk/thoth.html http://allpeace.blogspot.com/2005/08/i-am-thoth.html http://www.theoi.com/Phylos/Atlantes.html http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ZA4USbu_V30/VE9FicGEITI/AAAAAAAAOZo/p_ehcAMy6Ys/s1600/lemurya_mu_atlantis_buyuk_boy.jpg http://www.atlantismaps.com/forum/index.php?topic=71.0 Cymatics Experient 432hz vs 440hz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zw0uWCNsyw The Cosmic 432 part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVATlX4XKMk Divine Imprint Cymatics and Sacred Geometry Ancient Knowledge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpQTF_46pks Cymatics Experiments - Harmonics - Sacred Geometry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ-uzJ0h40o *** Flat Earth / Melanated True Earth Plane links: 1000 Year-old Japanese Flat Earth Map https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzg3r13BdV4 Gleason's Flat Earth Map of the Standard World https://www.digitalcommonwealth.org/search/commonwealth:7h149v85z Azimuthal Equidistant Map Projection / Earth Nullschool https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/chem/surface/level/overlay=cosc/azimuthal_equidistant NASA documents ("flat stationary fixed surface" http://www.nasa.gov/centers/dryden/pdf/88104main_H-1391.pdf The Flat-Earth Bible: https://www.lhup.edu/~dsimanek/febible.htm Worlds Beyond the Poles PDF Download Link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B4iuUyn76TJzcWVpMHNmUUFRUjA?pageId=114826843470484767828 Please subscribe for the latest drop. Our goal is to raise the frequency of our indigenous community by promoting "Vibration Awareness" and discussing our most relevant topics and solutions.
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Out of the Fiery Furnace - Episode 5 - Into the Machine Age
From the Stone Age to the era of the silicon chip — metals and minerals have marked the milestones of our civilization. OUT OF THE FIERY FURNACE traces the story of civilization through the exploitation of metals, minerals and energy resources. Renowned radio and BBC television commentator Michael Charlton hosts seven, one-hour programs filmed in more than 50 different parts of the world. This very unusual public television series combines the disciplines of history, science, archeology and economics in order to explore the relationship between technology and society. The American version of the Industrial Revolution provides one of the most remarkable chapters in the history of metals. The American people transformed nearly every aspect of daily life using new technology. This episode traces the exploitation of the New World's mineral riches and highlights the formation of the U.S. industrial heartland. Innovative Americans like Henry Ford spread the benefits of mass production around the world, introducing sky scrapers and an explosion of machinery and automation. (60 minutes) VHS Cover: http://imgur.com/clYilqT Disclaimer: This video series, produced in 1986 by Opus Films is shown here for Educational Purposes. It includes footage of cultures in India, China, Near East, etc. and ancient methods of manufacturing metals. It is hoped that this information is useful for archival and educational purposes to viewers all across the world. The video is provided here under the Fair Use policy.
Four Horsemen - (Subs - English) - Feature Documentary - Official Version
Four Horsemen - (Subs - English) - Feature Documentary - Official Version Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary - Official Version RenegadeInc.com brings you FOUR HORSEMEN - an award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the world really works. As we will never return to 'business as usual' 23 international thinkers, government advisors and Wall Street money-men break their silence and explain how to establish a moral and just society. FOUR HORSEMEN is free from mainstream media propaganda -- the film doesn't bash bankers, criticise politicians or get involved in conspiracy theories. It ignites the debate about how to usher a new economic paradigm into the world which would dramatically improve the quality of life for billions. Subtitles available in English, French, Greek, Spanish and Portuguese. "It's Inside Job with bells on, and a frequently compelling thesis thanks to Ashcroft's crack team of talking heads -- economists, whistleblowers and Noam Chomsky, all talking with candour and clarity." - Total Film "Four Horsemen is a breathtakingly composed jeremiad against the folly of Neo-classical economics and the threats it represents to all we should hold dear." - Harold Crooks, The Corporation (Co-Director) Surviving Progress (Co-Director/Co-Writer) Follow us on https://www.twitter.com/Renegade_Inc on https://www.facebook.com/RenEconomist or visit our website http://www.renegadeinc.com Support us by subscribing here http://bit.ly/1db4xVQ
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Indigenous Feminisms Power Panel
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Colorado Experience: Centennial Farms
The history of Colorado mirrors the history of agriculture. Meet three families who continue to work the land their ancestors first tilled over one hundred years ago. Learn more online at www.rmpbs.org/ColoradoExperience Connect online at www.facebook.com/ColoradoExperience
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"I'm really concerned about the legacy we're leaving for the next generation, and the generations to come. When we invest in technologies like solar power, not only does it protect the environment, and reduce our impact on climate change, it drives innovation. Innovation is in the heart of California. As we move forward and put forth new legislation to protect the environment, not only will it ensure our legacy for future generations, but it will ensure that there is an opportunity for California's scientists, California's industry, and California's research to bring forth the next generation of innovative technology to protect our environment, drive our economy, and ultimately, improve our quality of life." – Mr. Griess "As your next state senator, you can count on my to do three things with respect to water. Look for good storage south of the Tracy pumps. Build and improve water recycling, so that we use it more than once. And finally, to bring on new technologies like solar thermal desalination." - Gabe Griess Antioch is one of the oldest towns in California, having been founded in 1850. The year following the discovery of gold, there was a plague that overtook the city and wiped out most of the population. The town was founded by two brothers, William and Joseph Smith, who named the town Smith’s Landing. In 1851, the town's new minister persuaded the residents to change the name of the town to Antioch, for the Biblical city of Antioch, Turkey. Around 1859, coal was discovered in several places in the hills south of Antioch and coal mining formed the first substantial business apart from farming and dairying by the inhabitants of this community. This new industry resulted in the founding of the towns of Nortonville, Somersville, Stewartsville, and Black Diamond (now Pittsburg, California), and added greatly to the economic activity of the Antioch area. The Empire Coal Company was formed by John C. Rouse and George Hawxhurst in 1876, which built a railroad that passed from Antioch toward the mines over what is now "F Street" (formerly Kimball Street). However, later on, both the mine and the railroad passed into the hands of the Belshaw brothers. The mines have long ago ceased operation, and the railroad tracks have been dug up, though the building that served as the Antioch terminus of the railroad still stands on the corner of F Street and Fourth Street, and the grading and trestles still remain much as they were in those early days. In 1863, a great excitement arose over the discovery of copper ore near Antioch. See full list of Media Credits http://broadcaster.beazil.net/public/credits/youtube/videos/42569 To sum up, the major issues that were mentioned are: California elections 2016,California State Senate,Gabe Griess,Lt. Griess,Gateway to the Delta,Mr. Griess,Cal.,Antioch,California,US-CA,California senator,Gabriel Griess,The Grape State,Calif.,The Land of Milk and Honey,The Eldorado State,Support Gabe Griess,CA,California Senate elections 2016,Team Griess,State Elections 2016,Candidate for California State Senate,The Golden State
Sortie Collective Salsa janvier 2016
Une petite vidéo de la sortie collective Salsa Loca le 24 janvier 2016, au Domingo Latino à Strasbourg.
List of Video Credits can be found here http://broadcaster.beazil.net/public/credits/youtube/videos/42581 "I'm really concerned about the legacy we're leaving for the next generation, and the generations to come. When we invest in technologies like solar power, not only does it protect the environment, and reduce our impact on climate change, it drives innovation. Innovation is in the heart of California. As we move forward and put forth new legislation to protect the environment, not only will it ensure our legacy for future generations, but it will ensure that there is an opportunity for California's scientists, California's industry, and California's research to bring forth the next generation of innovative technology to protect our environment, drive our economy, and ultimately, improve our quality of life." - Gabe Griess Air Force Academy graduate has already made his impact in Washington, D.C. and around the world. Griess was assigned to navigate C-130 Super Hercules aircraft with a deployment to Afghanistan. During two tours at the Pentagon, he managed U.S. trade policy for the Defense Technology Security Administration and served as the Afghanistan country director for the Secretary of the Air Force International Affairs.Griess also has a MBA, a Masters in Foreign Policy and International Relations and Globalization, a Bachelors in History and a Bachelors in Humanities. He’s sharp enough that if he doesn’t understand something, he’ll listen and follow through to know more about it. Native Americans inhabited the Sacramento area for thousands of years before the first European settlers arrived. A Spanish explorer discovered and named the Sacramento Valley and the Sacramento River around 1806. John Sutter and other settlers established a trading colony and Sutter's Fort in 1839. Sacramento's population boomed with the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, approximately 50 miles northeast of Fort Sutter. Sacramento adopted a city charter in 1849, which was accepted by the California State Legislature in 1850, making Sacramento the oldest incorporated city in California. The main points are - Gabriel Griess,Support Gabe Griess,California State Senate,CA,The Land of Milk and Honey,Sack-a-Tomatoes,California Senate elections 2016,US-CA,Gabe Griess,Sac-a-Cement-o,Sactown,Sacramento,California senator,Lt. Griess,Candidate for California State Senate,Team Griess,California elections 2016,Mr. Griess,The Golden State,The Eldorado State,The Grape State,Sac,City of Trees,SAC,State Elections 2016,Sacto,California,Cal.,Calif.
Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the US Board on Geographic Names: Traditions & Transitions
The 125th anniversary of the U.S. Board of Geographic Names was observed with a one-day symposium on geographic names. The Board was established by an executive order of President Benjamin Harrison on September 4, 1890, to standardize geographic names for federal government use. The Board is a federal body comprised of 10 member agencies and includes a Domestic and Foreign Names Committees and three Advisory Committees. Committee meetings are held regularly, and activities are reported annually. For transcript and more information, visit http://www.loc.gov/today/cyberlc/feature_wdesc.php?rec=7146
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Understanding the TRC Calls to Action
March 23, 2016 Panel Discussion Re-Visioning Teacher Education: Responding to the TRC Calls-to-Action 2016 University of Manitoba
Panel Discussion: Art and Reconciliation | Panel sur l’art et la réconciliation
Learn more here: http://c.nac.ca/1RyKruc | En savoir Plus : http://c.nac.ca/1RyKwhw The recent landmark report by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada on the abuses at residential schools states that art has the extraordinary ability to heal. The National Arts Centre hosted a timely panel discussion on art in the context of reconciliation moderated by Dr. Marie Wilson, Commissioner Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, and featuring panelists Rachael Maza, acclaimed Australian theatre director of Jack Charles V The Crown (presented at the NAC), Joseph Boyden, author of the award-winning novels Three Day Road and The Orenda, and John Estacio, JUNO award nominated composer of I Lost My Talk, a new work inspired by the poem of Mi’kmaw elder Rita Joe. The panel discussion was introduced by The Right Honorable Joe Clark. (This is a livestream archive from January 14th, 2016) Dans le rapport historique de la Commission de vérité et réconciliation du Canada qui s’est penchée sur les abus commis dans les pensionnats autochtones, on peut lire que l’art a cette faculté extraordinaire de guérir. Le Centre national des Arts est l’hôte d’un panel où seront justement abordés les arts dans le contexte de la réconciliation. Marie Wilson, Ph.D., commissaire au sein de la Commission de vérité et réconciliation du Canada, agira comme modératrice de cet événement qui accueillera comme panélistes Rachael Maza, célèbre metteure en scène australienne qui a signé la production de Jack Charles V The Crown présentée au CNA, JosephBoyden, auteur des romans primés Three Day Road et The Orenda, et le compositeur John Estacio, cité pour un prix JUNO, à qui l’on doit I Lost My Talk, une nouvelle œuvre inspirée du poème éponyme de l’aînée mi’kmaq Rita Joe. Le très honorable Joe Clark ouvrira la discussion.
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"Climate Change: No Breakthroughs Needed" by Amory Lovins
March 6, 2014 | Amory Lovins describes how we can remove the barriers to renewable energy—to save our climate, protect our economy, and restore our energy security. Lovins is widely considered among the world’s leading authorities on energy—especially its efficient use and sustainable supply—and a fertile innovator in integrative design and in super-efficient buildings, factories, and vehicles. He is the chief scientist for Rocky Mountain Institute, an independent, entrepreneurial, nonprofit think-and-do tank™ that “drives the efficient and restorative use of resources, creating a world thriving, verdant, and secure, for all, for ever.”
Wilton Little Child
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Things Mr. Welch is No Longer Allowed to do in a RPG #1-2450 Reading Compilation
A list of things that Mister Welch is no long allowed to do in a tabletop rpg game. From Dungeons and dragons, call of cthulu, Pathfinder, Star Wars, and many other tabletop games and modules! 2450 entries in all! If you wish to see more from Eastside Show SCP (Eastside Steve), be sure to subscribe today for the latest videos! https://goo.gl/KekHSK The complete reading compilation of "Things Mr. Welch is No Longer Allowed to do in a RPG" numbers 1-2540! Enjoy the insanity, featuring RPG loop holes, insanity, and all sorts of table top shenanigans! Read along with me! ♣Read along: http://theglen.livejournal.com/389635.html TVtropes page: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Blog/ThingsMrWelchIsNoLongerAllowedToDoInAnRPG "Pixel Peeker Polka - slower" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Doctoral Program Conference: #decoding, Session 1, Unsettling
3/11/16 Power inscribes order on space through codes. Bureaucratic codes measure and normalize dynamic ecologies and constitute the substrate of any infrastructural system, organization, and praxis. They striate space and punctuate time to increase efficiency, maximize profit, reduce risk, and maintain order in cultural, social, economic, and political spheres. #decoding gauges the agency of spatial practices in relation to the challenges and capacities prompted by codes and protocols. Organized by students in the Doctor of Design Studies program, this conference investigates the impact of codes, concerned with mapping of environments, demarcation of legal territories, operational protocols of logistics and risk management, and codes of building and subtraction. By exposing the spatial and socio-cultural implications of micro-politics embedded in the hidden codes and protocols, we speculate about the potential agency of design practices mediating between processes of normalization, and the live, complex, and unpredictable ecologies of human habitation.
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Wunusweh Lecture in Aboriginal Law 2016
"Truth, Reconciliation, and Legal Education: The TRC Syllabus and Indigenous Laws" presented by Gillian Calder, University of Victoria, Karen Drake, Lakehead University, and Aimée Craft, University of Manitoba. Recorded Feb. 1, 2016 at the College of Law, University of Saskatchewan
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