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Hard Rock Mining Amazonite at the Lost Mine
Hard Rock Mining Amazonite at the Lost Mine in Ontario Canada. Using two methods, a Jack Hammer and a Micro Blaster. We were able to get some great samples but wow is Amazonite ever a tough mineral! The Lost Mine and the Smart Mine are part of the Miller property which is privately owned with public access. A $10 per person per day collection fee is required. Information about the Miller property can be found here: https://www.mindat.org/loc-7806.html
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Five Of The Best Places To Go Gem Hunting In The US
Five Of The Best Places To Go Gem Hunting In The US Emerald Hollow Mine (Hiddenite, North Carolina) Located on the foothills of the Brushy Mountains at western North Carolina, Emerald Hollow Mine is the only emerald mine in the United States that’s open to public. It’s the only spot in the country where North Carolina Hiddenite, a rare gemstone discovered by geologist William Earl Hidden in 1879 can be found. Crater of Diamonds State Park (Murfreesboro, Arkansas) Located around 115 miles southwest of Little Rock on the site of a volcanic crater, the park is a place of buried diamonds crystallized from carbon, which formed in the earth’s mantle billions of years ago and were push to the surface by the crater’s explosion. Jade Cove Trail (Big Sur, California) Jade Cove Trail is a popular between jade hunters who search for the greenish-colored gemstone, which forms due to subduction or when oceanic and continental plates collide. since the trail is part of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released strict guidelines for jade hunting, but as long as specimens are in plain sight, jade hunters are welcome to hunt the jade. Morefield Mine (Amelia County, Virginia) During World War II, Morefield Mine was used by military suppliers in search of strategic minerals like mica, beryl and tantalum for use in tanks and artillery. Today, this mine which , located just outside of Richmond, Virginia ,which owned privately and is a popular site to hunt for amazonite, a greenish gem named after the Amazon River, and 80 other gems and minerals. Graves Mountain (Lincolnton, Georgia) Several times in once a year, the caretakers of Graves Mountain, located about 130 miles east of Atlanta, invite visitors to dig for buried treasure at this site, which formed millions of years ago when sedimentary rocks metamorphosed. One time, Tiffany & Co. mined the site for rutile, a crystal-like mineral which used to polish its diamonds collection. Welcome world, this channel is mega news and will be your best friend. It started on Feb 5 , 2017, enjoyed it and much more presenting about jewelry,gemstone and so on. It just decided keep on going,subscribe here, and it makes the pain worth it. you will find the exclusive, unique and branded of jewelry, gemstone for around the world More about me, please subscribe this channel and our official social media. Hopefully enjoy our channel mega news! Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/Mega-News-1728374423845386/ Twitter ► https://twitter.com/meganews77 Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/113281215443356264322 Tumblr ► https://meganews77.tumblr.com/ Pinterest ► https://pinterest.com/meganews77/ Reddit ► https://www.reddit.com/user/MegaNews77/ Linkedin ► https://www.linkedin.com/in/mega-news-858b93137 LiveJournal ► http://meganews77.livejournal.com/ Please Like & Subscribe Mega News https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0P4_2nrwEMw2A1TCsfQYdg https://youtu.be/lkpp_TuxJ0k
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Mine Cristal, mining quartz crystals
www.minecristal.ca Stay informed about our new videos: subscribe to our YouTube channel "Mine Cristal". This mine is located in Bonsecours, Quebec, Canada. Photos and video clips shown here date from 1989 - 2012. The open-pit mine produces splendid quartz crystals with exceptional clarity. The largest single crystals measure 60 cm (24 inches) in length. Since mining began in 1989, 32 types, or morphologies of quartz crystals have been catalogued. Geological research into the origins of these crystals has revealed that they formed at this location some 300 million years ago under extreme conditions of heat and pressure. We harvest crystals in the mine only as needed, to supply our store with a sufficient quantity of quartz crystals. Exceptionally (for a mine), we harvest all the crystals by hand and without the use of dynamite. It is a privilege for us to participate in the discovery and extraction of these true gems of nature. The extraction process is done in a manner which respects both the environment and the crystals: we endeavor to keep the crystals whole and in a pristine state. In the museum and the store, our crystals are presented in an untouched, natural state. Amazingly, each crystal is an intricate work of art made by Nature; no two are alike and this makes them even more fascinating! Mine Cristal is considered by experts to be a “geological gem,” one of Canada’s great natural sites, due to it’s unique and abundant mineralogical deposits.
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The Crystal Collector gets flooded by rain but finds amethyst quartz crystals!
Travel with The Crystal Collector to two amazing world class amethyst locations! One in South Carolina called "The Ellis Mine" which is completely private. The other called "JXR" or "Jacksons Cross Roads" in Georgia is actually open to the public! Visit their facebook page for dates to go and dig! To Purchase these and more crystals click link below http://stores.ebay.com/ultrarocks
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Large Clusters being dug by Bobby Fecho at Bear Mountain Crystal Mine in Mount Ida, Arkansas
Interesting video showing how we carefully remove large clusters from the crystal pockets. To visit the mine yourself follow the link below! http://www.fiddlersridgecrystals.com/dig.htm
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Mining linarite crystals from the Blanchard Mine
Rick Seng explores and mines linarite crystals from the Sunshine number three adit, Blanchard Mine, New Mexico.
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Diamonds Vietnam
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Fluorescent  minerals, Colorado School of Mines
Ultraviolet light stimulates electronic transitions in certain crystals which then fluoresce in the dark. The electrons that are excited into higher states by the UV light get back to their ground states and in the process emit visible light. This movie was taken at the Geology Museum, Colorado School of Mines, USA
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How to Cut and Polish Gemstones Without Machines
This is a quick video tutorial on how to cut and polish a low hardness gemstone (in this case, Fluorite) using materials that you can find around the home and at your local hardware store. -What you need: -Metal/Glass polish -A chopping board (or something similar) -Sandpaper in 4 different grits (the tutorial uses 180, 400, 600 and 1200 grit) -A clean cloth -Tap water www.lawsongems.com Below is a list of some common gems you could use this technique with (the softer the better in most cases). The top of the list will be the hardest to deal with and the most time consuming. Lapis Lazuli 5 - 6 Turquoise 5 - 6 Apatite 5 Chrome Diopside 5 - 6 Obsidian 5 - 5.5 Larimar 4.5 - 5 Charoite 4.5 - 5 Rhodochrosite 4 Variscite 4 - 5 Ammolite 4 Fluorite 4 Azurite 3.5 - 4 Malachite 3.5 - 4 Sphalerite 3.5 - 4 Calcite 3 Coral 3 - 4 Verdite 3 Lepidolite 2.5 - 3 Pearl 2.5 - 4.5 Chrysocolla 2 - 4 Seraphinite 2 - 4 Amber 2 - 2.5
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Oceanview Mine Digging a pocket 2-7-19 Part1
This is the mining crew at the Oceanview gem mine working one of their latest pockets on Thursday, February 7th 2019. The crew consists of Levi, Cameron, Phil, and Jason. Steve Carter is heard in the video a few times, but he was doing work elsewhere in the mine that day. I have a lot more footage of this, so expect at least 3 more videos.
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Herkimer Mines "diamond" hunting
With Jochen at the Herkimer Mines New York I assume you've heard of the Herkimer diamond? It's actually quartz and but nicknamed "diamond" because of its shape: double terminated (meaning with two points) and with 18 natural facets. It was discovered in Herkimer County, NY. The currently open mines are "Ace of Spades" https://www.herkimerdiamond.com/https://www.herkimerdiamond.com/ and "Crystal Grove" https://www.crystalgrove.com/ I'd been wanting to go for some time and so this year when my travel buddy Jochen Hintze from Jentsch Minerals came to exhibit at the Edison Gem show, we decided to tack a short trip onto his stay and headed for St. Johnsville, NY on Monday April 8 for a two night stay on an organic farm (because why just stay in a hotel….right?). I admit it was a bit chill with just a wood stove, no hot water and 35 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Who says I have to have all my adventures in Africa anyway? to read more about my trip to to the Herkimer Mines visit the full blog here: https://www.cecileraleydesigns.com/blogs/cecile-raley-designs/hunting-for-diamonds-in-herkimer
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Rock hounding (crystals)  at Highway 97 and Westside road.
Took the kids out rock hounding today, looking for zeolites, quartz crystals, Amethyst, and found some citrine too. The new Westside road interchange off highway 97 in West Kelowna has blasted out some of Mount Boucherie's basalt revealing many fresh vugs full of all sorts of Silicates. Some quite exciting.
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Harvesting a Quartz Crystal Pocket/Seam - McAdoo, Pennsylvania - 3/29/13
Pulling out chunks of frozen pocket clay/dickite, filled with quartz crystals.
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Smoky Quartz Enhydros-WATER inside QUARTZ CRYSTAL
A wonderful example of a Rare Enhydros within a Smoky Quartz Crystal at www.kundalinistones.com A wide selection of art in stone,jewelry of elegant semi-precious gems and a wide variety of collector pieces.
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Huge Smoky Quartz Crystal Pocket from Pikes Peak, 2015
Part of our new EPIC POCKETS series, we investigate the new "Sunny Side Pocket" which has already yielded over 400lb of crystals! Caleb K explains his discovery and the process to carefully extract these huge specimens.
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The Nebula Stone - Making Labradorite Jewellery
Part 2 of the Electric Blue Labradorite and creating Jewellery from rough slab to cab. Taking you through the entire process of what it takes to make a finished piece of Jewellery.
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How to find Geodes - Smoky Quartz Crystals | Liz Kreate
How to find Mooralla Smoky Quartz Crystal Geodes. Mooralla is a locality in Victoria, Australia. The fossicking/prospecting areais open to the public. Crystals from this area are multi terminated and have a notable transparency and lustre and many contain fluid/water inclusions. JUST BEAUTIFUL! They should be called.....Black Diamonds. Music from: audionautix.com MORE How to Find Gold and Gems VIDEOS - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKz21al88ViGnuqq5sYBjuBthfKPhRNGO
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How to Cut and Polish Semi Precious Gemstone - Ribbonstone | Liz Kreate
Ever wondered what it takes to polish a piece of gemstone? In this video, I'm showing the basic cutting, grinding and polishing of a semi precious gem called a Ribbonstone. MUSIC - 1. "Good Starts" 2. "On Hold" FROM - YouTube Music Library MORE LAPIDARY Videos - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKz21al88ViFknwDrLvXnyCXL_PaOuago About this Channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XNo9... Jewelry Making Tutorials - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKz21al88ViEih85hG7ZiSZIYQmsv6WV0 Liz Kreate Recipe - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKz21al88ViFhoAEfZDfOtHqrQqBllUuX How to Find Gold and Gems - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKz21al88ViGnuqq5sYBjuBthfKPhRNGO PEDRO the Budgie - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKz21al88ViEmoVtph1ZjkyGfMchZFcgU
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The Crystal Collector: Missouri trip Top Jewelry grade Drusy quartz
This trip brings us to Missouri where we dig at a private location for Barite, Galena, and my personal favorite....micro-crystalline(drusy) quartz on stromatolites (fossil algae). I know it doesn't sound that appealing but let me tell you, the drusy quartz we dig from this spot has the best twinkle/sparkle that I have ever seen! It's like thousands of tiny melee diamonds twinkling when the light catches it. I sold every last piece I had from this dig and I had a bunch. The most coveted is the nice white or blueish-gray drusy on fossil coral pieces. It has to be seen in person, in sunlight especially, to really appreciate it. This stuff was laying all over the place and we collected till we could carry no more. .Please try to help us out on eBay. This assures that we will continue providing you with new locations and new videos. http://www.ebay.com/usr/okjunk and http://stores.ebay.com/ULTRA-ROCKS
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Rick mining gem topaz
Follow Rick Seng as he extracts a large gem topaz crystal from a ryolite vug in central Utah.
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How to Clean and Prepare Specimens After Collection in the Field
After watching this video, the viewer should know how to clean and prepare rocks and minerals for viewing after collecting them from the field.
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Amazonite mine Huancamayo Peru
Peruvian Amazonite short video about the mining process and view of the area
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Prospecting America Arkansas Quartz Crystal
Prospecting America Arkansas Quartz Crystal mining, Coleman Miller mtn mine Jessieville Arkansas...video includes several photos and video clips of live Arkansas quartz crystal mining...a successful day with numerous quality quartz points found, a broken arrowhead, lizards, butterflies and 1 million memories...please enjoy, sincerely your friend LegendaryCreekHunter
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Washing the Clay off a Giant Museum Cluster - Huge Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cleaning - Mining Video
Sharing the surprise of seeing whats under the clay with everyone : ) This is my favorite part of the mining business. http://stores.ebay.com/Kingofquartz
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Awesome Herkimer Diamond Pockets 2013
These are some of the Herkimer Diamond Pockets my wife and I have found over the past 7 years. Yes, it's hard rock mining, but the rewards can be great. The last one my wife was holding weighed in at 13 lbs. 14 oz. This is the Fonda location known as Diamond Acres (the old Margaret Hastings mine).
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Rocks & Minerals : How Do Crystals Form?
Crystals form very slowly in a cavity of liquid, and solids form from the liquid into geometric patterns. Understand the formation of crystals with information from a geology professor in this free video on rocks. Expert: Jeffrey K. Wagner Bio: Jeffrey K. Wagner is an associate professor of astronomy and geology. He has been a faculty member of Bowling Green State University Firelands since 1981. Filmmaker: Bradley Walton
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Rough diamonds from west africa
We can supply rough diamonds in any country on cif terms , all legal documents will be provided along with rough diamonds like commercial invoce, menefesto, export cerificate , Kimberly process certificate , air way bill and insurance document, All on paper deal .we also require buyer kyc details before deal. Suryakant kamble and sons global trading company limited offices London, hong kong ,uae , west Africa Whatsapp +971588619052 uae +447748094585 london Skypee : vijayendrakamble Email id : [email protected]
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Quality OS Mineral Specimens 3
www.teresarocks.com We are in the process of making several 1 hour DVDs of me out hunting gems and minerals in 2010.. Suscribe to my channel and become my friend on YouTube...... thanks...... Teresa :)
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A breathtaking transformation from rough diamond to spectacular gem.
In the heart of Manhattan, one of the world’s biggest rough diamonds was crafted into a landmark diamond. For many months, alongside Founder and Creative Director of de GRISOGONO, Fawaz Gruosi, a dozen handpicked specialists took turns in analysing, cutting and polishing this exceptional stone.
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Mining a Big Quartz Crystal Pocket in Mount Ida, Arkansas __ PART 2 of 2
The cluster finally comes out after several hours of careful work!
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Stone Trim Saw 03: Emmons Quarry Specimens
I dig through my Emmons Quarry specimens and select two pieces of pegmatite for cutting. Check back for future videos as I continue working on these stones, and others from this trip
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Arrowhead Quartz Crystal Mine Owner Finds Large Crystal Pocket
Here is a video of me mining a large quartz crystal pocket at my mine , The Arrowhead Crystal Mine in Mt.Ida , Arkansas. We found alot of beautiful clusters with very long points. This video was taking on February 16th , 2009. http://www.arrowheadcrystals.com
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Jon Voelter - Introduction to Mineral Cleaning and Preparation
Jon Voelter shares some of the processes he uses in evaluating mineral specimens for cleaning and preparatory work at the 2012 Dallas Mineral Collecting Symposium. Thanks to Rob Lavinsky of the Arkenstone for permission to use this video.
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Digging Colorado Crystals
Here's a video showing a fun dig in the Colorado Rocky Mountains pulling smokey quartz and microcline (some amazonite) treasures from ancient Earthen tombs! More photos and information at my blog, davealex.com.
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Arkansas Smokey Quartz Crystal Mining
Having a fun day of crystal hunting
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Huge Amethyst Quartz Crystal Cluster / Very High Quality
Huge Amethyst Quartz Crystal Cluster / Very High Quality
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MUST SEE!  Giant Smoky quartz crystal cluster dug up South Carolina Gem mining Rockhounding
This hails from the great state of South Carolina. Dug by a member of the Crystal Collector team, this massive cluster of smoky quartz weighs over 40 pounds! It has fantastic luster, that shows well on the many prismatic crystal faces as they catch the light. This stunning specimen even has an enhydro present. This is an air bubble trapped in a chamber filled with water...inside the crystal itself. This bubble is filled with the same air that was present when this cluster formed so many millions of years ago. It moves back and forth as you rock the specimen back and forth. This is truly a masterpiece! @Bryan Major @Chet Karwowski @Jason Barrett
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Huge Arkansas Quartz Crystal Point / Optical Clear
Here is a large clear Arkansas Quartz Crystal Point from the Arrowhead Crystal Mine in Mt.Ida , Arkansas. http://stores.ebay.com/Arrowhead-Crystal-Mine http://www.arrowheadcrystals.com Arrowhead Crystal Mine
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Museum Quality Southern Illinois Fluorite Specimen
www.teresarocks.com We are in the process of making several 1 hour DVDs of me out hunting gems and minerals in 2010.. Suscribe to my channel and become my friend on YouTube...... thanks...... Teresa :)pounds.
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How & Where To Find Sunstones! Finding Gold XVI How To Find Gemstone Oregon Sunstones!
How to find sunstones! Where to find gemstone sunstones. New Prospecting Series: https://youtu.be/WagbNmkVT6M More: http://www.treasuresites.com for locations and more. Petrified Driftwood: https://youtu.be/8Q8Lk92pYNw Sample: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231610971247?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 How to find Oregon's official state gemstone, the sunstone, in the desert area of Plush. Connie's Custom Stickers & More on Ebay: http://stores.ebay.com/store=417495924 These gemstones are the same as seen on the Travel Channel's Cash and Treasures TV show, cut, and subsequently valued by Bonhams at $9000+ Gold and platinum are 15-19 times heavier than other streambed materials and concentrate in low pressure areas and cracks that run across rivers and streams. You look for a crack on the bank, and follow it out until you meet the "gold line" and there you suck it out with your dredge. Gold will be on the outside edge of a river gravel bar, at the head of the bar (large gold but usually beneath big boulders), and at the tail end of a bar (vast concentrations due to river bars forming in the shape of an airfoil and sucking fine gold to the tail end) but be small to microscopic at the tail end. Gold will travel down a river or stream in a line, usually off center of the high pressure water. Gold will settle behind a boulder. A good place to fish, can also be an excellent place to find gold. "Black sand" is iron ore that can be readilly identified in gravel bars and is a ready indicator that gold is probably present. The most effective and economical way for the average person to find paying concentrations of gold in a river or stream is with a simple ($80) sluice that you shovel into and the riffles retain gold, platinum, gems and anything heavy for you. Gold can be found up high on the old river channels and recovered with metal detectors, a gold wheel, a highbanker, or simply by identifying the material, shoveling it in your truck and working it out later in a wheel, or your simple stream sluice. The states which have gold in vast quantities are: Maine, Vermont, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, California, Idaho, Washington, Montana, and Oregon. The rest have gold as well, some in very good concentrations. All have gems of some kind that a sluice will seperate and hold. Good luck finding the gold of your dreams! Find gold by viewing the other films in this series for all the methods (from simple hand tools to metal detectors) plus even more valuable gems. How to find sunstones. Where to find sunstones.
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One of the significant milestones in mineral collecting came about when a small Silver mine high up in the Mosquito Range above Alma, Colorado was reopened for the express purpose of searching for more of the Rhodochrosite specimens produced in the 1880s when it was being mined for Lead-Silver ore. Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and other modern tools for location and extraction of specimens without the usual damage, the miners organized by Bryan Lees methodically mined fissure 'targets' generated by GPR and carefully extracted any Rhodochrosites contained within. Most of the production consisted of loose single crystals but along with them were plates and groups of outstanding color, luster and size. Before mining ceased in 2003 significant numbers of specimens had been recovered. Of those many specimens only a few of the top specimens were of the quality or size exhibited by the example seen here. Looking a lot like a toothy slice of watermelon, this crescent shaped confection is literally covered with dozens of brilliantly lustrous rhombs up to 1½ inches on edge, of a deep reddish-pink hue. Scattered over, under, and occasionally on the Rhodochrosite are: cubes of violet Fluorite, brassy-gold Chalcopyrite crystals, black pyramids of Tetrahedrite and colorless needles of Quartz. Due to the extreme care taken when extracting the specimen the condition is excellent and it has been carefully curated ever since. Overall measurements: 11.5 x 5 x 2.75 inches (29.2 x 12.7 x 7 cm). Visit the live auction at: http://fineart.ha.com/c/ecatalog.zx?saleNo=5110 Auction closes on June 2, 2013.
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The Crystal Collector:  Cleaning out a quartz crystal pocket at my giant crystal site in Georgia
Took this video today (February 4th, 2013) at my Giant quartz crystal site from the first episode of Crystal Collector in gwinnett County, Georgia. I am 13 feet down and just breached a pocket with some quartz crystals. They are covered in a coating of Manganese oxide. I like to call them "shadow quartz". The manganese oxide forms such a smooth slick layer unlike anything I have ever seen before at any other location. I am compiling a video of this location and hopefully will have it publioshed in the next few weeks or so. This location will soon be built over by houses and this will be the only record of mother nature's artwork before it's gone forever.
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Smoky Quartz on Barite - "Mystery Mineral" from the TV show "Prospectors"
This is part of the material collected by Rich on the TV show "Prospectors" in season 4. In the episode they remove some of these specimens from a mine, and they are totally unsure what it actually is. Ends up it's quartz on barite. It grows like rock candy on a string. Currently for sale on finemineralia.com
Septarian Nodules
Out Rock hounding in Colorado looking for Septarian Nodules. These items are quite common here in the Western United States if you know where to look. Sometimes these can have nice Calcite and Gypsum crystals inside them. Often there is a stark contrast of material with the crystals being white and the surrounding matrix is a dark brown.
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Dendritic Cobalt Silver Cabochons - Rough Slabs to Cabs
Cabbing Dendritic Cobalt Ontario Silver. Taking you through the entire process from the rough slab to the finished Cabochons. The video is long but you see all the steps and what it takes to transform this amazing material. Be sure to check out tess99991's channel for some awesome videos and information! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnz8kX6AZOeZbRt0F9XqVJA
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Prospecting Smoky Quartz Crystals at Devils Head Colorado - Thanksgiving 2013
Digging crystals on a unseasonably warm day at Devil's Head Colorado. Found some nice smokey quartz crystals as you will see in the video. I called this the Gobbler Pocket because I saw a ton of turkeys on the way up there that morning, and it was Thanksgiving after all! ;) While prospecting I found some quartz and peg laying on the ground. I started digging a test hole under that peg laying on the ground and branching out around that area. About ready to give up, I ended up finding some dirt that was reddish and then out popped a couple of very small quartz shards, not full crystals though. That's all I needed, the hunt was on. I started to dig around that red dirt area and noticed a seam starting to materialize and followed that until I hit this pocket. The seam produced much of the smaller and lighter crystals and the crystals got bigger as I progressed. I then started hitting larger chunks of granite and peg and larger shaped quartz; not long after hit the red dirt and this pocket. The pocket I'm excavating in the video was about the size of a football. After pulling the final crystal out of the pocket, the sun ended up going behind some trees and my dog and I started to get cold (Colorado feels much warmer that it is while basking in the sun; and when the sun goes away 38 degrees is pretty chilly); so with several miles hike out to the car we called it day without investigating too much further in the area. I'm pretty sure there will be more activity in this general area and plan to head up as soon as the gates open in 2014 (May 1st or there-after).
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The Crystal Collector finding an AWESOME quartz cluster right as it's being born
Right in plain sight and unseen by Bryan....a "in real-time", "live action" crystal cluster discovery! This cluster was just "born", so to speak, since it has just seen sunlight for the first time in it's life...however many millions of years that may have been.
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