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Out In The Coal Patch: Life in the Coal Mining Towns of Western Pennsylvania
Lecture by Gary Rogers Oakmont Historical Society Lecture Series Oakmont Carnegie Library 11/27/2017 Just as coal provided energy for the steel industry, coal provided a way life for coal miners. In this Oakmont Historical Society lecture, we take a look up the Allegheny River and into the lives of the miners and community life out in the coal patch. For more information contact us at www.oakmonthistoricalsociety.org or join us on Facebook. * for future notice of upcoming videos, please subscribe to our channel. Thanks for watching.
Exploring the Abandoned Bi-Metallic Mine
This mine is located in remote Nevada. As with the other mines in the area, this one was also very damp and muddy. This mine site featured a well-preserved dynamite storage locker and picturesque ore bin outside the mine's portal. Inside the mine, I found animal paw prints in the mud.
As Obama Pushes Clean Coal, Jeff Biggers Tracks History of Destructive Mining 2 of 2
As Obama Pushes Clean Coal, Jeff Biggers Tracks History of Destructive Mining in Reckoning at Eagle Creek: The Secret Legacy of Coal in the Heartland On the heels of President Obamas major initiative to develop so-called clean coal technology, the journalist and cultural historian Jeff Biggers explores the myth of clean coal in a new book on the secret history of coal mining in Obamas home state of Illinois. Jeff Biggers family has lived in southern Illinois for 200 years. In 1999, their 150-year-old log cabin and 200-year-old settlement at Eagle Creek was destroyed by several strip-mining operations.
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Dirty Jobs: Working in the Mines
This month we asked you, the Genes Reunited community to let us know the video you want to see with our focus on work and service. We have had a great response from you all to see a video on the life of the coal miners. We hope you enjoy the video and remember to keep your ideas coming in for new videos. Our Channel: http://www.youtube.com/GenesReunitedYT To discover more about your family history go to http://www.genesreunited.co.uk/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/genesreunited Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/genesreunited
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Story Of Copper (1951)
Story Of Copper (1951) Tells the story of the mining and manufacture of copper from the crude ore to the finished product. lots of footage of giant machines, some blasting. Help us get more films like this online! This film was digitized and uploaded by the A/V Geeks thanks to contributions to this project: http://www.avgeeks.com/wp2/avgeeks100miles
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old abandoned coal mine in PA
our newest member shows us somw of his old stomping grounds. http://www.cafepress.com/njundergroundoutfitters
The Story of Coal
The Story of Coal, an animated presentation by leading Arizona solar contractors, American Solar. For more information, visit our website at http://www.americanpv.com/.
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WHEN A MAN'S A MINER, Dramatizes the use of safety instruction in coal mines. Lucky Burns, a car...
Dramatizes the use of safety instruction in coal mines. Lucky Burns, a careless miner, is hurt and then learns safety precautions. Later, after a cave-in, he saves himself and a crew of men by following the procedure recommended in safety instructions. Date: 1934 - 1975 Creators: Department of the Interior. Bureau of Mines. Pittsburgh Experiment Station. 1934-1/19/1975 (Most Recent) From: Series: Public Information Films and Video Recordings, 1934 1860 - 1975 1995 Record Group 70: Records of the U.S. Bureau of Mines, 1860 - 1995 localIdentifier: 70.103 naId: 12427 More at http://www.FLYKVNY.com
Coal mining in the U.K. 1950s. Archive film 92654
Coal mining in the U.K. in the 1950s. Hilton Main colliery near Featherstone in Staffordshire. In the lift cage, walk to coal face, drilling shot holes, huge chain saw under cut. Coal blasted. The FootageDirect archive includes historical and contemporary footage covering a wide range of subjects from corporate images to war footage, public domain movies and film trailers to industry. NORTHUMBERLAND - FIELDS OF COAL A general view of a mechanised coal field. A panorama of coal heaps is worked on by a number of cranes and diggers. A wide trench floor is the site for several.
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Life of Miners 1860
by mason mccann
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How GEOLOGY gave DONALD TRUMP the US Presidency
This is a MIND-BLOWING tale of how the Earth impacts society and, ultimately, politics. Donald Trump owes his election win against Hillary Clinton, to GEOLOGY! DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE. Take a extraordinary trip, from the initiation of photosynthesis, to massive mountain building 300 million years ago. These events provided the natural resources that drove the industrial revolution in the US Northeast which eventually ended due to...again, Geology! The rise and fall of US northeastern cities and the resulting economic decline that led to voters electing Trump is a tale fundamentally routed in the Earth Sciences. In this video you will learn about geological theories, concepts and principals, including: : Oceanic oxygenation due to the start of photosynthesis : Banded Iron Formations : The Variscan Orogeny that formed the Appalachians Mountains, 300 million years ago : Foreland Basins and coal formation : The extraction of raw materials and steel production. LINKS: EARTH SCIENCES - Basin Formation: https://youtu.be/7I23we2ZKOE - Continents closing and uplift, example from The Himalayas :https://youtu.be/HuSHOQ6gv5Y - Phytoplankton. Mini-film from NASA: https://youtu.be/H7sACT0Dx0Q - Phytoplankton bloom from space: https://youtu.be/qeeipUefe8A ARQUIVAL FOOTAGE/DOCUMENTATION - 1920s footage of Anthracite Coal Mining in the Appalachians: https://youtu.be/89yEQ-HsEFM - 1960s footage: https://youtu.be/VuFUI_B4QpQ - 1952 Lake Superior Industrial Bureau, Iron Country: https://youtu.be/TD3iFoVWK4k - List of US railroad maps: https://goo.gl/ZeRntz SOCIOLOGY - France24 report "Struggling US coal industry sees Trump as saviour": https://youtu.be/03JAXUIM76g - Old footage from the US Industrial Revolution: https://youtu.be/7Cvofeaj0y0 Donald Trump win news footage: https://youtu.be/4MYEZbyyBJw GENERIC GRAPHICS: - Our history in 1 minute: https://youtu.be/ZSt9tm3RoUU
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Northwest Profiles: Tunnel Vision (Mining Railway)
Travel to scenic Kimberley British Columbia and hop aboard the city’s Underground Mining Railway for a ride on the rails into the past and discovery of Kimberley’s extraordinary mining history. Currently Kimberley’s most popular tourist attraction, the KUMR will take through the beautiful Mark Creek valley on your way to the Sullivan Mine Underground Interpretive Center where you will learn about life as a miner and then to the historic Sullivan Mine Powerhouse for a tour of the massive equipment needed to power the mine. In all its nearly a two hours journey of discovery that is fun for the whole family and will leave you with a greater appreciation of mining past and present. View more from our digital library: http://video.ksps.org/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ksps Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KSPSPublicTV Find the latest programming updates: #WhatsOnKSPS
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ABANDONED MINE SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE - NOVEMBER 2009 #GlobalURBEX #AbandonedMine #UrbanExploration
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Copper Mine BLAST - Flat Nicholle's Visit to the Copper Mine in AZ
This is a 1 minute 40 second video showing what it looks like when blasting at a mine. The earth actually is impacted by the blast approximately 40 feet deep. Once blasted, they then begin moving the dirt and mining for copper.
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Exploring an Abandoned Mine
Found this old mine a few weeks ago, finally had the chance to go back up and see whats inside... I know I know, its dark in there, ill go back up with a flood light and see if theres any improvement.
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Exploring Eckleys' Miners Village Ghost Town ("The Molly Maguires" 1969 Movie Filming Location!)
This is a video of Jared and I exploring a large well preserved ghost town called Eckleys Miners' Village. I tried to get everything I could see here in one good video. Took this video on 3/26/16 Eckley Miners' Village in eastern Pennsylvania is an anthracite coal mining patch town that dates back to the early 1800's. Located near Hazleton, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, in the United States The Molly Maguires a 1970 film was filmed in Eckley in 1969. The wooden "coal breaker" featured heavily in the film was built as a prop. It received little or no maintenance over the years and, even though it has been called a tinderbox, it still stands today — over 40 years later. The company store was also built as a prop for the movie and still stands today. The filming of the movie resulted in the town's being saved from demolition, and it was afterward turned into a mining museum under the control of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.
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COAL: The documentary
The Northwest is square in the middle of a controversial global debate: Should the region build export terminals that would open lucrative markets for the world's dirtiest fossil fuel? As the U.S. economy continues to struggle, can the country afford not to? COAL is a KCTS 9 and EarthFix original documentary. For more information on the documentary, visit: kcts9.org/coal or earthfix.us/coaldoc. For ongoing reporting on Coal in the Northwest, visit EarthFix: earthfix.info/coal/ Credits Written, Directed and Produced by Katie Campbell Photography by Michael Werner Katie Campbell Editor Michael Werner Narrator Katie Campbell EarthFix reporters Ashley Ahearn Bonnie Stewart Amelia Templeton Courtney Flatt Cassandra Profita Aaron Kunz Aerial photography by Katie Campbell Aerial support provided by Christopher Boyer, LightHawk Hunter Handsfield, LightHawk Additional photography Aaron Kunz Stock Footage - RevoStock Audio post production Milt Ritter Post Production Support Lisa Strube-Kilgore Phil Williams Chris Maske Music Lonely Rails Written by Seth Warren and C. Andrew Rohrmann. Performed by Seth Warren. Published by Sciencelab. Salt Flats Written by Miguel D'Oliveira. Published by BBC Production Music. Like a Phoenix Written by Steve Carter. Published by Chappell Recorded Music Library Ltd. Celtic Mist Written by Al Lethbridge. Published by Chappell Recorded Music Library Ltd. Pistola Written by Geoff Levin. Published by ZFC Music. Fluttering Leaves Written by Daniel Pemberton. Published by Chappell Recorded Music Library Ltd. The Couple Written by Al Lethbridge. Published by BBC Production Music. Halcyon Skies Written by Ben Hales and Matt Hales. Published by Chappell Recorded Music Library Ltd. The Loner Written by Miguel D'Oliveira. Published by BBC Production Music. Special Thanks to Dustin Bleizeffer Shannon Anderson LightHawk Keith Williams Thunder Basin Coal Company Leroy Rohde Andy Rohrmann Tom Lubnau Columbia River Pilots Aaron Toso Courtney Wallace Lauri Hennessey
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Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour
Nick the History Kid and his friend Arseniy from Moscow, Russia travel to Scranton, Pennsylvania to visit one of the best industrial museums in America. Both Nick and Arseniy descend 300 feet into the earth the same way miners did on a unique underground railroad. They pass through 3 different veins of hard coal. Retrieved 7/7/14 from http://www.lackawannacounty.org/index.php/attractions/coal-mine
Abandoned Mining Village Eckley PA Ghost Town Part 1
This is Part one of the abandoned mining town of Eckley Pennsylvania. This mining town was featured in the early 1970's movie The Molly Maguires starring Sean Connery . There was some Hollywood props left behind and the cinematic illusion against the real hard coal mining history was an interesting dichotomy to say the least . I'm a firm believer that travel is the best education , I've learned so much over the past year and can't wait for the next year . In your in central northern Pennsylvania check this old town out you won't be disappointed. Follow me as I travel North America in my vintage camper van hunting down beautiful and historic places. Buckle up for the ultimate road trip adventure hosted by yours truly. Like my Facebook page a Life Worth Finding Follow my Tumblr blog a Life Worth Finding Like share comment and subscribe
Montana coal mine owner asks bankruptcy judge permission to grant bonuses to top employees
Montana coal mine owner asks bankruptcy judge permission to grant bonuses to top employees
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Jeff Biggers on the beginning of surface coal mining
Jeff Biggers http://jeffrbiggers.com/ (born in 1963) is an American writer, editor, journalist, playwright, critic and performance artist. He is the author of three books, and co-editor of a fourth. This clip is from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9uo2Q0dccM http://www.amazon.com/dp/1568584210/ http://www.amazon.com/dp/1593760310/ http://www.amazon.com/dp/0252031016/ http://coalfreefutureproject.org/ The Coal Free Future Project is a collaboration of award-winning American artists—writers, actors/theatre director, filmmakers and musicians—who have come together to combine their long-time experiences in the clean energy, anti-coal and climate justice movements to create performances and workshops that inform and inspire action around a simple but basic truth in our lives: It's time to envision a coal free future and work toward clean energy independence. 2/24/2011 - Jeff Biggers at Warren Wilson College - Asheville, NC, Free public event http://www.mynewsletterbuilder.com/email/newsletter/1410755379 Jeff has a lot to say -- all of it worth reading and hearing http://www.google.com/search?q=%22jeff+biggers%22&hl=en&safe=off&tbs=vid:1,sbd:1&source=lnt&sa=X&ei=fdU9TdasJsSAlAejm9zqBQ&ved=0CBgQpwUoAQ Saying that Jeff willing shares himself with others and their causes is a vast understatement. Biggers has worked as a writer, educator and community organizer across the United States, Europe, India and Mexico. His award-winning stories have appeared on NPR, PRI, CNN, Salon.com, the Washington Post, and in scores of travel, literary and music magazines, and national and foreign newspapers, and various anthologies. He has been a commentator on National Public Radio's Morning Edition and for Pacific News Service national syndication. His work has received numerous honors, including an American Book Award, the Sierra Club's David R. Brower Award, Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Award, a Lowell Thomas Award for Travel Journalism, a Field Foundation Fellowship, a Plattner Award for Appalachian Literature, a Delta Award for Literature in Southern Illinois, and an Illinois Arts Council Creative Non-Fiction Award. He serves as a contributing editor to The Bloomsbury Review, and is a member of the PEN American Center. In the 1990s, as part of his work to develop literacy and literary programs in rural, reservation and neglected communities in the American Southwest, he founded the Northern Arizona Book Festival. In the 1980s, Biggers served as an assistant to former Senator George McGovern in Washington, DC, and as a personal aide to Rev. William Sloane Coffin at the Riverside Church in New York City. As part of his work with the homeless in New York, Biggers co-founded the Interfaith Assembly on Housing and Homelessness. Born in Ohio, raised in Illinois and Arizona, he earned a B.A. in History and English at Hunter College in New York City. He also studied at the University of California in Berkeley, Columbia University and the University of Arizona. Biggers is also a playwright, whose first play, "4½ Hours: Across the Stones of Fire," explores the fate of a young couple threatened by an impending mountaintop removal mining operation in their community. Produced by the Coal Free Future Project, a collective of artists, actors, filmmakers and musicians co-founded by Biggers, the play has toured nationally and appears on Off Broadway at the Gene Frankel Theatre in New York City on June 4--13, 2010.
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Bootleggers during unauthorized mining activities at an abandoned mine shaft in S...HD Stock Footage
Link to order this clip: http://www.criticalpast.com/video/65675055003_bootleggers-mining_explosion-near-cave_mineral-deposits-loaded_deposits-on-trucks Historic Stock Footage Archival and Vintage Video Clips in HD. Bootleggers during unauthorized mining activities at an abandoned mine shaft in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Bootleggers at abandoned mine shafts in Scranton, Pennsylvania. A vehicle passes on a paved way beside a coal field. A man stands on an area on the side of the vehicle. An explosion near a cave on the coal field. Two miners, who are carrying on with the mining activities unauthorizedly, beside the explosion area. The mineral deposits, derived from the explosion, loaded in small carts passes along a track. The deposits loaded on to trucks by a few men in the team. Three men converse beside the track. Location: Scranton Pennsylvania. Date: August 16, 1933. Visit us at www.CriticalPast.com: 57,000+ broadcast-quality historic clips for immediate download. Fully digitized and searchable, the CriticalPast collection is one of the largest archival footage collections in the world. All clips are licensed royalty-free, worldwide, in perpetuity. CriticalPast offers immediate downloads of full-resolution HD and SD masters and full-resolution time-coded screeners, 24 hours a day, to serve the needs of broadcast news, TV, film, and publishing professionals worldwide. Still photo images extracted from the vintage footage are also available for immediate download. CriticalPast is your source for imagery of worldwide events, people, and B-roll spanning the 20th century.
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open pit mine blasting
blasting in northern b.c.
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Work being done on old mines on my property  part 2
Part 2 of work being done on old coal mines on my property. The money for this work comes from taxes on the coal. It is used to reclaim old mine. This video is dated May 2014.
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Old Coal Tipple and Chute in Grundy, Virginia
Located along the Grundy Trail in Buchanan County, Virginia
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Bucyrus-Erie 280-B Documentary
A look at a 495 ton Bucyrus Erie 280-B electric straight front. The 280B was introduced in 1962 and remained a popular mining shovel during its 20 years of production.
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MIKE DMITRICH, DOGM Statewide Oral History Project
Born into a family of miners and raised in a coal mining community, Mike's long involvement with the mining industry in Utah began as an underground miner, moved into the role of government affairs specialist for a variety of mining companies, and finally included several decades in the State Legislature. Mike discusses his government affairs role and his concern over the possible impacts federal rules could have on Utah's coal industry. He also talks about how he was able to influence state and federal rules from his chair in the legislature. Among the discussion points are MSHA rules, taxes on coal production, compliance with the Surface Mining Act and Environmental Protection Agency regulations, the marketability of Utah coal, and the establishment of the current Abandoned Mines Program within the Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining. Interspersed throughout the interview are Mike's observations about growing up in coal-rich Carbon County, Utah. For more visit our Mining History page: http://linux3.ogm.utah.gov/WebStuff/wwwroot/amr/miningHistory.html
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Abandoned Mines Intro video from 2008
We are a group of abandoned mine enthusiasts, based in northeastern USA. Researching, documenting and mapping abandoned mines is our specialty. Please visit us at www.abandonedmines.org This video features our 2008 mine explorations, played to the tune of The Old Castle, by Mussorgsky
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OLD 2400
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[Wikipedia] Eastern Range mine
The Eastern Range mine is an iron ore mine in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, 10 kilometres south-east of Paraburdoo.The mine is partly owned and operated by Rio Tinto Iron Ore and is one of twelve iron ore mines the company operates in the Pilbara. In the calendar year 2009, the combined Pilbara operations produced 202 million tonnes of iron ore, a 15 percent increase from 2008. The Pilbara operations accounted for almost 13 percent of the world's 2009 iron ore production of 1.59 billion tonnes.The Hamersley Range, where the mine is located, contains 80 percent of all identified iron ore reserves in Australia and is one of the world's major iron ore provinces.
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CA History - 10 - African American Miner - Arron  Julissa
4th Grade Project. ASCEND School, Oakland, CA. California History Perspectives.
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Off The Beaten Path: Anthracite Model Railroad Society
Off The Beaten Path: Anthracite Model Railroad Society
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Marion 8700 Documentary
A look at a giant 1965 Marion 8700 walking dragline. Of the two built, this is the only 8700 left working in the world. Learn a lot from our videos? Subscribe and join the PAmining Facebook today! http://www.facebook.com/pages/PAmining/164948266897468
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Millfield Mine Disaster
Video for Science Song; https://youtu.be/aWIE0PX1uXk
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Urban Exploring: Escaping the Coal Tipple
come with me as I explore some Interesting abandoned or run down locations SIDE NOTE: Urban Exploring is EXTREMELY dangerous. I am not your parent but if you do decide to explore areas like this take any and all precautions. always have someone with you and know what can be climbed and what cant. don't die. Music: Come with me Now by Kongos. I do not own or claim to own any music in this video.
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"Luzerne County," by Harrison Wick (IUP Libraries' Breakfast and a Book)
Harrison Wick, IUP Special Collections librarian and university archivist, spoke about his new book, "Luzerne County," on February 24, 2011, as part of IUP Libraries' Breakfast-and-a-Book series. The Susquehanna River meanders through Luzerne County in northeastern Pennsylvania, passing communities historically known for the mining of anthracite coal. Settlement of the area began in 1769 during the first Yankee-Pennamite War. "Luzerne County" illustrates many boroughs, townships, and villages in a rare collection of photographs, advertisements, and history dating back to the eighteenth century. Historical photographs from the Luzerne County Historical Society depict businesses, churches, coal culture, street scenes, area disasters, entertainment, railroads, steamboats, and veterans, including the last survivor of the Battle of Wyoming in 1778 and the Civil War. Find out more about the IUP Libraries: http://www.iup.edu/library/default.aspx?utm_campaign=social_media&utm_medium=web&utm_source=youtube
Carpentertown, a Forgotten Patch Town
Carpentertown is just outside of Mt. Pleasant along route 981. There is not much left of the patch today. It was rare because its buildings were made of brick and had flat roofs. Aaron’s great grandmother lived in Carpentertown so we decided to head there next. If anyone has any questions, comments, or information regarding the Sanner family in Carpentertown, please contact us at: [email protected] Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lookingbackswpa Like and Subscribe for more history of southwestern PA (Photos of the Coal tipple, school class, operating coke works, Mine buildings and mule barn courtesy of Virtual Museum of Coal Mining in Western Pennsylvania.) http://patheoldminer.rootsweb.ancestry.com/carpenter.html (Photo of Hattie Catherine Sanner Courtesy of Sanner Family Genealogy Facebook page.) All other photos and videos by Looking Back
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2013, James D. Toole, Inductee, American Mining Hall of Fame
The Mining Foundation of the Southwest is pleased to announce that James D. Toole is the 2013 Inductee into the American Mining Hall of Fame . James D. Toole, past President and CEO of Southwest Energy, LLC, was born into a coal mining family in the anthracite region of Pennsylvania. He began his mining career working in open cut strip mines. After graduating from King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and completing service in the U.S. Marine Corps, Toole was hired by the explosives division of Hercules Inc. in 1965. His first assignment was in the Minnesota Iron Range where he lived with his wife Molly. Three years later, Toole and his family were transferred to the Panama Canal Zone where he worked on the canal widening project. After his work in Panama, a third transfer found Toole, Molly, and their three children in Tucson where copper mining was expanding. Also expanding was the Toole family with the addition of three more children in the following years. In May 1973, Toole took an innovative approach to the application of bulk blasting agents; he left Hercules and founded Southwest Energy. Four months later, Southwest Energy purchased Hercules' Arizona operations. Soon Southwest began to broaden its business affiliations beyond Arizona. In early 1980 Southwest Energy took an equity position in Apache Powder Company, now known as Apache Nitrogen Products Inc. in Benson, Arizona. After adding additional bulk loading capacity and blast hole drilling throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Southwest Energy formed a joint venture in 2000 with SASOL, a South African chemical and energy company. As a result of this joint venture, Southwest Energy gained access to explosive technologies, electronic detonators, and a unique form of ammonium nitrate prill called EXPAN. After three years, the joint venture dissolved when SASOL exited the global explosives market, leaving Southwest Energy in a stronger market position with expanded product capabilities. In 2008 Southwest Energy created a new joint venture with Orica, the largest explosives company in the world based in Melbourne, Australia. With the innovative explosives technologies and strong manufacturing base of Orica, Southwest Energy continues to provide even greater value to its mining customers. Today, Southwest Energy has multiple facilities, distribution sites, and blasting operations across the western United States. During the company's 40-year history, Toole believes that the greatest assets of Southwest Energy are the exceptional employees and the willingness of the company to share its profitability with all of its people and the communities where they live and work. Southwest Energy's mission has always been and continues to be the creation of opportunity for its employees by bringing ever increasing value to its customers.
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The Plumber Headframe
Leslie Kolesar, with the Wisconsin Mining Association, shares the history of the Plumber mine on the Gogebic Iron Range
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Dangerous Abandoned Mine Exploration
Warning! Abandoned mines are very dangerous. Hazards include rockfall, false flooring, unstable passage, dynamite, and poisonous gases.
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Minanca Mine
Minanca is carrying out exploration programs including drilling that are designed to provide a better understanding of structural geology, and extend the zones of mineralization. Minanca's medium to long term objective is to define resources outside the present mining zones of sufficient tonnages and grades that may eventually permit the company to engage in open pit mining. In 2006, the property had a small scale gold production from underground workings. In 2004 the property produced in excess of 200,000 grams from 58,000 tonnes from one easily accessible vein structure. In 2002 underground mining resumed on the upper two levels of the mine, with modest production presently at the rate of 25,000 grams per month. The project was in production until 1950 when Asarco terminated production due to low gold prices, when gold was valued at $35.00 an ounce. Asarco had completed over 14 levels of underground development and workings below the adit entrance. The Minanca property has been continuously mined since 1845 and mining in the region dates back to the 1600's.
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Bernie Stiroh Oral History of Duryea, PA Pt 1
This is a one hour and fifteen minute Oral History of Bernie Stiroh on Duryea, PA set to a slideshow to visualize the spoken words. Mary T. Policare and Michael Lizonitz of the Greater Pittston Historical Society interviewed Bernie in September of 2015 to record his extensive knowledge and in depth research of his family and the history of Duryea. PLEASE NOTE: The recorder we used skips a few times and a word or phrase may be garbled. However, we felt it would be impossible to get the same results if we redid the interview so we hope these few minor glitches will be overlooked. This interview covers many topics including coal mining, schools, businesses, sports, entertainment, and most of all, the families who lived and worked in Duryea, PA. to name just a few.
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The Woodstock Mine: Shooting a Colt SAA Revolver & Exploring Underground
Tony and I headed out to the Woodstock Mine recently to do some underground exploring. While there, Tony shot his Colt Single Action Army revolver that he recently acquired. This video contains footage of this collectible, historic revolver in action. The Woodstock Mine was discovered in 1895. It was mined for gold in the early 1910s and 1920s and then lay dormant. Mining resumed in the late 1930s until the mine was closed in 1942 due to the Presidential order closing all mines. Some later work was done in the mid-1970s but not much. We found three raises going upward to upper levels in the mine. We also came across a yellow-colored jacket made out of rain jacket material. The mine features two heavily timbered portals as well as substantial timbering in the tunnels due to the very crumbly nature of the rock. One drift tunnel in the mine led to a what looked like a small body of talc.
Last Minute Scramble, Winter Has Fallen On The Homestead!!
Well, here we go with the last minute scramble to get the International ready for snow duty. Along with everything else that needs done!! Figured I might as well bring you along today. Also a big thank you for a great first year of the Allegheny Mountain Living Channel!! Thanks for all of the support this first year!! Instagram, Allegheny_Mountain_Living Mail, Allegheny Mountain Living PO Box 75 Mineral Point, Pa 15942
Overhead view of  C&O Coal Drag passing the Thurmond WV. Station
An overhead view of C&O Coal Drag passing the Thurmond WV. Station lead by 2-6-6-6 #1651 on Bob Hess's 'O' Scale Layout. Bob still needs to ballast the track and add details.
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History Song
Its for the Progressive Idol. This song is about the anthracite coal strike in which Teddy Roosevelt intervened.
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