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Duello tv: ''Ubriaco'' ''Utile idiota''
Acceso battibecco Berlusconi-Prodi. Il Professore: "Il premier fa come gli ubriachi, che usano i lampioni per sostenersi, non per illuminarsi". Il Cavaliere: "Lui è un utile idiota in mano ai comunisti" [3 aprile 2006]
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Berlusconi-Prodi, l'eterno duello della strana coppia
Dopo la sentenza di condanna in primo grado per Silvio Berlusconi nel processo sulla compravendita di parlamentari, nel servizio il rapporto tra Prodi, il cui governo cadde anche per il passaggio di deputati al centrodestra, e Berlusconi stesso
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Ad Perpetuam Rei Memoriam. Elezioni Politiche 2006: Romano Prodi vs. Silvio Berlusconi [03.04.2006]
Momenti oramai consegnati alla storia. Quando l'Italia si divideva tra Prodi e Berlusconi. Ecco dunque la versione integrale del secondo confronto televisivo tenutosi il 3 aprile 2006 tra Romano Prodi e Silvio Berlusconi in vista delle elezioni politiche del 9-10 aprile 2006. Nota: non posseggo questi contenuti audiovisivi e non ho scopo di lucro su questo filmato. Tutti i diritti riservati alla Rai − Radiotelevisione Italiana S.p.A.
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Ad Perpetuam Rei Memoriam. Elezioni Politiche 2006: Silvio Berlusconi vs. Romano Prodi [14.03.2006]
Momenti oramai consegnati alla storia. Quando l'Italia si divideva tra Prodi e Berlusconi. Ecco dunque la versione integrale del primo confronto televisivo tenutosi il 14 marzo 2006 tra Silvio Berlusconi e Romano Prodi in vista delle elezioni politiche del 9-10 aprile 2006. Nota: non posseggo questi contenuti audiovisivi e non ho scopo di lucro su questo filmato. Tutti i diritti riservati alla Rai − Radiotelevisione Italiana S.p.A.
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Russia EU summit, Putin, Prodi and Berlusconi
1. Exterior Villa Madama where the European Union-Russia Summit is taking place 2. Car of Italian President Silvio Berlusconi 3. Berlusconi gets out of car and walks into Villa Madama 4. EU foreign policy representative Javier Solana gets out of car 5. Guard looking on 6. Russian President Vladimir Putin gets out of car and shakes hands with Berlusconi, hugs EU Commission president Romano Prodi 7. Media 8. Putin adjusts trousers, Putin, Berlusconi and Prodi pose for media 9. Putin, Berlusconi and Prodi walk into Villa Madama 10. Summit 11. Putin listening 12. Various Berlusconi talking (Solana on his left and Prodi on his right) 13. Summit with media STORYLINE: Russian President Vladimir Putin, Italian President Silvio Berlusconi and top European Union officials met on Thursday for talks, including discussions over Chechnya and the arrest of an oil tycoon. The EU-Russian summit is the last one before the EU adds 10 new members next year, most of them from the former Soviet bloc. Moscow is keen to develop firm economic ties with the 15-nation EU, while the European bloc is intent on maintaining good relations with a neighbour that is still a great regional power. Talks between Russia and the EU - which will expand to 25 members in May 2004 - are amicable but not always easy, particularly when exchanges turn to matters such as alleged human rights abuses in the separatist Russian republic of Chechnya. The new members will be Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Malta and Cyprus. Freedoms in Russia are likely to come up during Thursday's talks as President Vladimir Putin faces criticism over the arrest of Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky last month, which many analysts have worried was politically motivated. Putin denies this, and stressed on Wednesday that his government shouldn't be seen as persecuting Khodorkovsky's company, Yukos. Topics on the table include ties in economics, border control, justice and education, as well as a Russian request for visa-free travel with the EU. Also on the agenda is whether Russia will ratify the Kyoto Protocol on global warming - considered key to putting the 1997 protocol into effect. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/39ed462863f5e43060c548f926995f20 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Ammazziamo il Gattopardo - Silvio a tutto campo - Puntata 03/07/2014
Faccia a faccia tra Alan Friedman e Silvio Berlusconi che risponde alle scomode domande di Alan Friedman
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Berlusconi hands over to Prodi
SHOTLIST 1. Exterior of Palazzo Chigi, government headquarters 2. Courtyard with honour guard 3. Various of Prodi walking past guard of honour on red carpet 4. Various of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi handing Prodi a silver bell as a symbol of the handing over of power 5. Berlusconi addressing the press and then leaving with Prodi 6. Various of Berlusconi giving farewell salute 7. Berlusconi waving and then getting into car and leaving STORYLINE Centre-left leader Romano Prodi was sworn in as Italy's new Prime Minister on Wednesday at the Palazzo Chigi in Rome, and now faces the challenge of kick-starting the country's lagging economy, His government, a diverse coalition built on a razor thin electoral victory last month, takes over from that of conservative Silvio Berlusconi who was ousted from power. The reserved former economics professor remains the only man to have defeated Berlusconi in an election and has vowed his government, which is made up of forces as diverse as Communists and Christian Democrats, will last the entire legislature. In Wednesday's ceremonial handing over of power, Berlusconi offered Prodi a silver bell, normally used by the Prime Minister to call attention during ministerial meetings. Prodi's taking office ends a five-week political limbo following the bitterly contested elections. He has chosen as finance minister Tommaso Padoa Schioppa, an internationally respected economist and former European Central Bank executive board member, in a bid to reassure international markets despite Italy's zero-growth economy. Two former premiers also make up part of the Cabinet: Massimo D'Alema, an ex-Communist, as foreign minister, and longtime Socialist Giuliano Amato as interior minister, in charge of civilian police forces and intelligence services. A close Prodi aide, centrist Arturo Parisi, has been appointed defence minister. The government must now win a confidence vote in Parliament. Prodi said he would address the Senate on Thursday to seek its backing, and would do the same in the lower Chamber of Deputies early next week. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/8e4b01a01209b62e7ce87ebd7ec5cb46 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Berlusconi descrive il centrosinistra
Berlusconi durante il duello con Prodi descrive l'armata del centrosinistra
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best gaffes, top lies, funny moments of Silvio
L'appello finale di Prodi
(14 marzo 2006)
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Vero Confronto Prodi Berlusconi
Tutto nasce da come si ammazza un coniglio!
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Reactions to debate between Berlusconi and Prodi
RAI POOL Rome, 3 April 2006 1. Wide shot of RAI studio 2. SOUNDBITE (Italian): Romano Prodi, candidate for Italian premier: "What are we doing, are we going to always play this game that we were in government and you were always in the opposition. But let's judge what Italy is now, and what he has done with the public expenditure. We have five percent of the primary surplus, we have voted away five percent of the primary surplus, that is 40 billion Euros." 3. Wide shot of RAI studio 4. SOUNDBITE (Italian): Silvio Berlusconi, Italian Prime Minister: "On the subject of the economy, frankly, it is not possible not keeping in mind that we have reached a record for the number of Italians in work 22,600,000 (22 million 600 thousand). We have the record for the number of Italian families that own homes, 87 percent. 3 million bought their home during the past five years of this government. We have had an explosion of exports, 100 percent of the exports in 5 years to eastern (European) countries. You have to stop talking badly about Italy, making it seem as though everything is going badly." AP Television News Rome, 4 April 2006 5. Wide shot of Italian newspapers 6. Headline of Libero newspaper in Italian reading "Prodi hits the bottle" 7. Headline in Il Manifesto newspaper in Italian reading "Time Out" 8. Wide shot of newspapers 8. Headline of La Repubblica newspaper in Italian reading" Prodi - Berlusconi debate" 9. Wide shot of Pantheon 10. Woman on the phone sitting at a table 11. SOUNDBITE (Italian): Vox Pop, resident: "The credibility of both sides is absolutely zero. The promises from the right and the left are electoral promises that are useful only to get votes from the indecisive voters. Therefore, Berlusconi did well." 12. People in front of a coffee bar in Pantheon square 13. SOUNDBITE (Italian): Vox Pop, resident: "I have been living in Italy for 15 years now. I have learned that between right and left it is all the same thing. There are always promises. What surprises me is that they never talk about their economic programs, they talk about everything, but never the specific economics." 14. Newspaper on table 15. SOUNDBITE (Italian): Vox Pop, resident: "They say Berlusconi had this final blow proposing the abolition of the first home tax (ICI). It seems a bit improvised." 16. People walking in Pantheon square STORYLINE: Premier Silvio Berlusconi and his center-left opponent ended in a virtual tie in their last debate less than a week before a national election, with the conservative media mogul scoring points on a surprise pledge to cut housing tax. The prime-time debate on state-run broadcaster on Monday was often tense and largely focused on tax plans, a sensitive issue for Italians already nervous about a perceived decline in their standard of living. Analysts expressed doubts, however, that the leaders were able to draw in undecided voters, a slice of the electorate that might sway what is expected to be a close election April 9-10. Berlusconi, in office since 2001, has lost his shine recently, largely due to the country's stagnant economy. Opinion polls have shown his conservative bloc trailing, even though he contends that surveys commissioned by his Forza Italia party showed a virtual tie between the two coalitions. "The credibility of both sides is absolutely zero," commented one resident. Berlusconi scored points on a proposal to cut the ICI housing tax on the first house. Some experts expressed doubts over the feasibility of the promise. But analysts said the surprise blow was decisive to allow Berlusconi to tie the match with Prodi, who had appeared measured in deflecting the premier's criticism over the center-left's tax plans. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/60cbfa1a295be5e29ea9c6b9874d9ca9 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Braccio di Ferro 1994  (Berlusconi e Occhetto) - parte 2
Nome del programma: Braccio di Ferro Anno di trasmissione: 1993-1994 Rete: Canale 5 (Mediaset) Genere di talk show politico: Puro Descrizione del format. Braccio di Ferro è un “faccia a faccia” in cui i principali leader politici si confrontano, rispondendo alle domande dei giornalisti delle principali testate nazionali. Il conduttore assume un ruolo di mediazione affine a quello esercitato in Tribuna elettorale negli anni Sessanta piuttosto che a quello emerso in trasmissioni come Bontà loro o Samarcanda. Braccio di Ferro è uno dei programmi che accompagnano la politica italiana verso un processo di personalizzazione, conseguenza diretta della riforma della legge elettorale del 1993. Data della puntata: 22 marzo 1994 Descrizione della puntata. Enrico Mentana, conduttore della trasmissione, modera il faccia a faccia tra Silvio Berlusconi (candidato del Polo delle Libertà/Polo del Buongoverno) e Achille Occhetto (leader della coalizione di centro-sinistra). (tratto da: Edoardo Novelli, “La democrazia del talk show”, Carocci Editore, Roma, 2016)
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Gaffe di Berlusconi, chiama Vespa "Dottor Fede" - Porta a porta 26/05/2015
GUARDA LA PUNTATA http://bit.ly/1AxzweK http://www.portaaporta.rai.it - Momento di imbarazzo nello studio di "Porta a Porta" quando il leader di Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi, parlando della disoccupazione, riferendosi al conduttore Bruno Vespa afferma: "Parlavamo prima con il dott. Fede...", confondendo il conduttore della trasmissione con l'ex direttore del Tg4. Vespa si mette le mani sul viso ed esclama "Oddio..." per poi concedere: "La perdono...". La parola torna all'ex premier che ci scherza su: "Vedete: è l'effetto della vecchiaia...".
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Prodi e Berlusconi
prove di governo
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FIGURACCIA DELLA DE GIROLAMO: De Girolamo umiliata da D'Agostino: "Sei l'utile idiota di Berlusconi"
Colossale figuraccia della De Girolamo asfaltata da D'Agostino a Piazzapulita su La7.
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Gratteri: «Berlusconi meglio di Prodi contro la mafia»
Il procuratore aggiunto di Reggio Calabria: "...ma questa riforma è la fine della Giustizia"
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Emilio Fede esalta Berlusconi per il suo intervento all'Aquila dopo il terremoto e infine sfotte Prodi.
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Prodi: "Ma che ha fatto in 5 anni?"
Prodi attacca. La replica del premier. [14 marzo 2006]
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Putin, Berlusconi, Prodi joint presser, plus family photo from summit
1. Wide shot gardens of Villa Madama 2. Russian President Vladimir Putin, Italian President Silvio Berlusconi, EU Commission President Romano Prodi and EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana walking 3. Media taking photographs 4. Various Prodi, Putin, Berlusconi and Solana standing for photo op 5. Various Putin, Prodi and Berlusconi walking 6. Wide shot interior of Villa Madama 7. Putin and Berlusconi sit down 8. UPSOUND: (English) Journalist from French newspaper Le Monde asking question: "So Mr President, don't you think that the European Union and Russia have quite conflicting views about the respect of rule of law." 9. UPSOUND: (Russian) Vladimir Putin, Russian President: "No." (then interrupted by Berlusconi) 10. UPSOUND: (Italian) Silvio Berlusconi, Italian President: "Excuse me, but I would like to add my opinion to the one that President Putin will share." 11. SOUNDBITE: (Italian) Silvio Berlusconi, Italian President: "I know President Putin well enough to guarantee that he understands the concept of the division and separation between the power of the executive and the judiciary. So it's worrying to notice that this theory of intervention (ie., that Putin has taken the law into his own hands), which is contrary to the law and contrary to the concept of free market, is constantly repeated in the international press, despite all the explanations that were provided by the Russian government and the Russian presidency." 12. UPSOUND: (Russian) Vladimir Putin, Russian President: (Makes joke) "I am ready to pay and he (Berlusconi) is worth his money" (in response to Berlusconi saying he should charge Putin for his counsel), I must say that the first time we have such a good lawyer." 13. Prodi, Putin, Berlusconi, Solana at news conference 14. SOUNDBITE: (Russian) Vladimir Putin, Russian President: "These people they made billions of dollars, I would like to stress billions. By the way in no western country can you earn this sort of money in such a short time. But suppose they have made this money legally, but having made these billions, they obviously are going to spend millions or even hundreds of millions to save these billions." 15. Prodi, Putin, Berlusconi, Solana at news conference 16. SOUNDBITE: (Russian) Vladimir Putin, Russian President: "There are many human rights problems in the world and let us not pick on a particular region, we are responsible for it (meaning Chechnya) and we know it. And as you can see we are working on it, both as far as the situation and our approach is concerned. And we do take into account comments made by our colleagues." 17. Prodi, Putin, Berlusconi, Solana at news conference 18. SOUNDBITE: (English) Javier Solana, EU Foreign Policy Chief: "I think that it has been a very, very constructive meeting with a very good atmosphere that proves that the work that has been done in the past year gives some benefits. We are talking among friends, among partners that have a lot of things in common, we don't agree one hundred per cent on all the topics, but we every time agree on more issues and that is something that I think is very, very good." 19. Presser ends STORYLINE: Russian President Vladimir Putin reassured European Union officials during a summit Thursday that Moscow wouldn't discriminate against oil giant Yukos in its fraud and tax-evasion case, EU Commission President Romano Prodi said. "We have been reassured that the law will not be applied in a discriminatory manner. We wanted this assurance because this is key for further cooperation in the economic field," Prodi told a press conference after the summit concluded. Putin said EU officials were concerned that Russia's actions concerning Yukos might affect Russian policy and its economy. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/3aa9bc2886c5a656e88cc8baf509febb Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Prodi a Berlusconi: ''Era ora!''
(9 marzo 2006) Il Professore dopo l'annuncio del premier, che rinuncerà alla conferenza stampa finale in cambio del duello tv (dal Tg1)
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Luttazzi sui ministri del governo Prodi - 2007
breve estratto da Satyricon - 2007 dopo i commenti su Violante, parla di Gentiloni e di Mastella. Un altro pezzo di satira difficilmente proponibile nel 2016
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Berlusconi nega la fiducia a Prodi
Discorso di Berlusconi alla Camera
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Giuramento di Berlusconi...
Giuramento di Berlusconi...
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Berlusconi VS Prodi
Berlusconi attaccca il castello di Prodi in versione Bella & la Bestia! Da non perdere!! Fa schiantare dal ridere!
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BERLUSFAN - PIL e Debito Pubblico tra Prodi e Berlusconi
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Prodi-Berlusconi:  il vero confronto - Avanzi di Balera
I due leader Prodi e Berlusconi si scontrano su un argomento scottante (l'uccisione del coniglio prima della cottura ). Rappresenta un caso di comicità politica. Ridere della politica. Avanzi di Balera con Santino Cherubini e Alessandro Lisi e Francesco Rossi sono un indiscusso gruppo di Comici della Toscana
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Viva Radio 2 - Giorgia canta Prodi e Berlusconi!
Ecco un'altra chicca dal programma Viva Radio 2 :D qui si era prima delle elezioni del 2006, ferveva la par condicio e i due contendenti se le cantavano così tanto che... :D enjoy!
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Berlusconi and Prodi at funeral of soldiers killed in Iraq
SHOTLIST 1. Wide shot Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri church, fountain in foreground, on Piazza della Repubblica 2. Close up floral wreath 3. Mid shot Italian Prime Minister-designate Romano Prodi arriving, walking through square and past honour guard 4. Soldiers in square 5. Outgoing Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi arriving 6. Wide shot Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi arriving with outgoing minister of defence Antonio Martino, zoom in as they walk past honour guard 7. Honour guard 8. Wide shot Piazza della Repubblica 9. Various shots coffins being carried through square and into church, audio soft applause 10. Mid shot relatives of dead arriving, stepping out of vehicle 11. Fountain, monument in background of tomb of the unknown soldier STORYLINE Family and friends of three Italian soldiers killed last week in Iraq gathered at a church in Rome''s Piazza della Repubblica for a state funeral on Tuesday. Government and military leaders also attended the service, which was held at the Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri church in central Rome. The three coffins draped with Italian flags were carried past a Carabinieri honour guard. The crowd applauded softly as the coffins were carried into the church. Both the incoming Prime Minister Romano Prodi and the outgoing Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi attended the event. Following the funeral, Berlusconi was expected to deliver his official resignation to Italy''s President. The three Italians were killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq last Thursday, bringing to 30 the total number of Italian personnel killed in Iraq since the March 2003 invasion. Their convoy was hit by a roadside bomb in the southern Iraqi city of Nasiriyah, where the Italian contingent is based. The victims were Nicola Ciardelli, 33, an army paratrooper, and Franco Lattanzio and Carlo De Trizio, both warrant officers with the Carabinieri paramilitary police. Italy sent some 3-thousand troops to Iraq to help with reconstruction after the ousting of Saddam Hussein in 2003. The contingent is now being gradually pulled out, and the government of Berlusconi had said the withdrawal would be completed by the end of the year. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/3471b8d143218b446515f7b390a7c8a6 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Berlusconi contro Della Valle, Porta a Porta
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prodi vs berlusconi
bello... divertente
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Prodi Rap
Prodi Rap
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Berlusconi 2006, "aboliremo l'Ici"
Appello al voto di Berlusconi nel secondo dibattito con Prodi nel 2006. Ti interessa la comunicazione politica? Vuoi saperne di più? http://massimilianocavallo.com/formazione/comunicazione-politica/ SEGUIMI su https://www.facebook.com/massimilianocavallo76 ********************************** Canale YouTube di Massimiliano Cavallo, ideatore del Metodo e del Corso Public Speaking Top, il corso per superare la paura di parlare in pubblico una volta per tutte. Guarda gli altri video per scoprire i consigli per parlare in pubblico di Massimiliano Cavallo. ----------------------------------------­------------------- Iscriviti per vedere gli altri video http://bit.ly/publicspeakingYouTube Seguimi su Facebook http://bit.ly/FBmassimilianocavallo Seguimi su Twitter http://bit.ly/twitterpublicspeaking GooglePlus http://bit.ly/googlepluspublicspeaking ----------------------------------------­------------------- Leggi qui le testimonianze dei miei corsisti e le prossime date del Corso Public Speaking Top http://bit.ly/publicspeakingtop ----------------------------------------­------------------- Iscriviti per vedere gli altri video http://bit.ly/publicspeakingYouTube
Silvio Berlusconi vota. Una signora gli urla: "vergognati"
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Il campanello di Prodi
Prodi non molla il campanello a Berlusconi
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Berlusconi, 20 anni di politica in 5 minuti
Dalla discesa in campo alla decadenza da Senatore: la vita politica (e non) del Cavaliere Silvio Berlusconi. http://youmedia.fanpage.it/video/al/UuUW8uSwu7oN_RI1
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De Girolamo: 'Quando Prodi fece il blocco navale agli albanesi non si aprì nessun processo'
L'ex parlamentare di Forza Italia oggi editorialista di Libero riporta l'episodio che nel 1997 portò l'allora premier Berlusconi a un gesto di solidarietà ricordato da Alessandro Cattaneo (FI), nel dibattito con Luca Telese
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BERLUSCONI VS PRODI Demo Mura e Gennaro Calabrese a trambusto
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Tre ragioni per votare Forza Italia e la Casa della libertà
Parte finale del confronto Berlusconi - Prodi del 3 aprile 2006 andato in onda su Rai 1 con la presentazione di Bruno Vespa. Berlusconi spiega il perchè votare Forza Italia e la Casa delle Libertà.
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Repidee - Calabresi e Damilano intervistano Romano Prodi: l'integrale
E' Romano Prodi l'ospite dell'evento inaugurale di RepIdee, intervistato sul palco del teatro Comunale di Bologna dal direttore di Repubblica Mario Calabresi e dal direttore dell'Espresso Marco Damilano. Un'analisi, quella emersa dalle risposte del professore, che spazia dal futuro della sinistra italiana a quello del ruolo del nostro Paese all'interno dell'Unione Europea. ''Darà una mano a un nuovo grande progetto di centrosinistra?''. ''Io sono fuori, a stare in mezzo all'uscio si soffre molto. Mi consola però il fatto che in questi ultimi anni il prezzo del rottame è salito molto'', ha concluso Prodi. .
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Berlusconi attacca tutti
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Non manca una "gag" durante il dibattito ad Omnibus tra il Cavaliere e il giornalista de L'Espresso
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Berlusconi Vs Prodi 1
marocchino sempre in forma parla di politca..
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