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Gem mining video in North Carolina at Gem Mountain
gemmining in North Carolina at Gem mountain. We ues the flume to uncover our gems in the salted bucket. We decided to cut one of the rubies and amethyst cut into faceted stones
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Digging Amethyst & Smoky Crystals In South Carolina 2012
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Gem Mining in Franklin, North Carolina. Mason's Mine. 2-12-2011
Jo and Tonesa mine for sapphires and rubies. Mason's Sapphire & Ruby Mine. Franklin, North Carolina. Music by John Denver. "Sunshine on my Shoulders". Photographed and Compiled by serpentkeeper1
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Gem Mountain Gem Mining Experience in Spruce Pine NC
The Gem Mountain Experience The little town of Spruce Pine, close to the Blue Ridge Parkway is known all over the United States for many of its exports, but one thing still remains is the abundance and hunt for precious gem stones. At Gem Mountain the first thing you must do is pick out the type of bucket and which gem stones you would like to hunt for. This chart here will give you an idea of all that they find here at Gem Mountain and what we do is bring it in from different minesand we sell it you by the bucket. Now Ill explain the buckets to youones on the wall back here are all $20 dollar buckets. They have one kind in themwhatever the sign says is what youll find in that particular bucket. The next one is a $50 dollar mixed bucketthe next is an $80 bucketit has some of all this in itand that we cut one stone for you for free. Now the 125 bucket we cut two stones for free so what you need to do is decide what you want to look through and let us know and well het you set up and going. Then all the action takes place under the covered gem stone flumes where your mission is to discover and identify beautiful and valued gem stones. First just place a scoop of rough material on the screen and use the flume water to sift out the dirt, sand, and rock to reveal precious gem stones. There is even a chart next to you to refer to and help you identify what gemstones to look for. The Gem Mountain experience is fun for all ages whether it be an individual, families having fun together, or groups of all sizes. There are a variety of gem stones waiting to be discovered! Visitors are likely to detect traces of these types of Gem Stones: (List of all of the gem stones along with video) Note: Onscreen these gem stones will be shown for 10each. The rough cut, the cut stone, and jewelry example will be shown together for each gem stone listed below. Citrine Amethyst Topaz Emerald Rutigated Quartz Rose Quartz Aquamarine Smoky Quartz Garnet Sapphire Moonstone Adventurine Ruby Now that you have indentified all your gemstones bring them back into our store where certified gemologists will sort through your treasure collection of gem stones and help you in deciding what pieces could be cut and made into beautiful jewelry that will last a lifetime. Our experienced gem cutters will take your rough stone and shape the gem stone into whatever cut you would like to be placed into a ring, bracelet, or pendant. Once the gemstone has been cut it is then handcrafted and set into the jewelry you have requested. Look around the store there are many beautiful pieces of custom jewelry in our display cases for purchase or to view an example of the type of jewelry you would like to have made for you. We also have many other souvenirs items for purchase inside the store, such as books about gem mining, rock hammers and other tools for mining, mining hats for kids, and much more. All of our work is handmade here at Gem Mountain and is also guaranteed. Its a keepsake pretty much. It has a lot of sentimental value because you found that stone. At the same time you can get that piece of jewelry made about half of what it would actually cost you to go to the jewelry store well about less than half of what it would cost you to go to a jewelry store and buy that piece. We stand behind our jewelry 100%...if something happens to a ring all youve got to do is send it back and well take care of it. No questions asked.
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Smoky Quartz Crystal Digging @ Diamond Hill Mine South Carolina
This was one of my first videos ever! The quality is pretty rough, because of filming it years ago on a digital camera. Enjoy! This is an older video, but still a classic pocket of crystals!
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Gem Mining
Hey everybody!! This week's segment is on the history of gem mining in Franklin, as well as a visit to Sheffield Mine to do some fun ruby mining!! We hope you all enjoy it and thanks for watching!! Comment, Rate, and Subscribe!!
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Gem Mining   Franklin, N C
Travel to Franklin N.C. to dig for real rubies and Sapphires. Rambletv.com features 50 hours of great video programs.
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Emerald Hollow Mine
Memorial Day Weekend 2012, Hiddenite, NC
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Mining at Cherokee Ruby Mine in Franklin, N.C.
A short clip from a day of mining at Cherokee Ruby Mine, in Franklin, North Carolina. Cherokee is one of the only completely native (unsalted) operations remaining in the area, and some of the best rubies in the region (in North America, for that matter) are to be found here. In addition, the family who runs it are really the most wonderful and helpful folks in the world. Definitely worth a visit, for any planning to visit the area!
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The Crystal Collector:  "Amethyst hunt at Diamond Hill Mine, South Carolina"
Follow Bryan Major as he digs amethyst crystals in South Carolina! He will show you how they are found, what they look like coming from the veins they formed in underground, and how they are extracted.
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Digging for Crystals & Gems in Canada while Huge Bugs fly all around!
The Crystal Collector was invited up to Canada for a digging adventure. Who knew that much of the time he would be running away from large bugs chasing him and his friends, lol. Some really cool and unusually crystals were found, check out the entire video to watch all that is unearthed!! TO Purchase Crystals see this link http://stores.ebay.com/ultrarocks
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Gold Dredging @Carolina gem and gold mine
Found this nice spot to dredge on the Second Broad River in Union Mills NC. Don was nice also Tim but the nicest thing was the NUGGET bags
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Finding Rubies at Sheffield Mine in North Carolina-- so fun!
This is how to find a ruby in North Carolina. We went to the Sheffield Mine and with the help of Mike the ruby hunter we found over 400 carats in 2 days! So much fun!
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gem mining in north carolina
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Dredging NC GOLD @Carolina Gem and Gold mine on the second braod river
Had a great time and found about two grams in a few hours of dredging
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Doc's Gem Mine
Jyoti Suri reporting for High Country Press
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Lucky Strike Gold Mine #17
Gold panning at Lucky Strike Gold Mine North Carolina. Found some gold, come check it out!!!
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Running a bag from Lucky Strike mine
This is a bag from lucky strike, not thermal city! Also if you want to get in on the giveaway, go check out http://www.patreon.com/indianagoldhunter and become a premium Patreon
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Ruby City - Franklin, N.C.
Visit Ruby City the best gem and rock hound store in the east. Family owned since the '50's This is a segment of the Gem Mining - Franklin N.C. program. rambletv.com presents the whole program and 50 hour of great video programs.
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Top 15. Best Tourist Attractions in Blowing Rock, North Carolina
group facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1787047574894248/ The most beautiful places and sight in Blowing Rock. Top 15. Best Tourist Attractions in Blowing Rock, North Carolina: Moses H. Cone Memorial Park, Tweetsie Railroad, Flat Top Manor, Doc's Rocks Gem Mine, The Blowing Rock, Julian Price Park, Appalachian Ski Mountain, Glen Burney Trail, Mystery Hill, Tanger Outlets, High Gravity Adventures, Blowing Rock Brewery, Memorial Park, Blowing Rock Art and History Museum, Broyhill Park,
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Tips on Finding Gold in Creeks and Streams
Several tips on where to look for gold, special places for gold, and reading special features. Where to prospect, where to dredge, where to find deposits and old larger gold.
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Gold prospecting in NC
Looking for a prospecting spot for Easter weekend. I think I found a good spot. Will post some videos of us in the creek. Hope to find something to post a video of after all is said and done.
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Lucky Strike Gold Mine Group Dig North Carolina
Here is a slide show of the video Carolina Gold Rush. It covers two dig sites, and lots of friends
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Panning for Gold in South Carolina on the Slate Belt. Video 1.
Panning for Gold in South Carolina with family on the edge of the Slate Belt.What was once here and whats here now.
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GPAA Vein Mountain Gold Camp 2012 North Carolina
Vein Mountain North Carolina.GPAA Gold Outing June 2012. The camp is on a 130 acre private property is located in one of the richest gold bearing areas of the eastern gold belt. Gold ranges from fine to flake and is plentiful. Historical reports give the property a good potential for large nuggets.
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Digging Colorado Crystals part 2
This is the same hole that was started in the first video. I continued to pull large plates of Microcline and Quartz Crystals from here. The hole now goes back about 15 feet and more continue to come out.
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July 2012 - Lauren and Madison looking for gems at Elijah Mountain (long version)
Elijah Mountain Gem Mine, Hendersonville, NC
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Gold Prospecting NC Find Gold & Crystals
Doing some prospecting for Gold and Crystals in NC, didn't find much but that's Gold Prospecting, we had a great time though! http://Gold-Prospecting.org
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Ruby mining in North Carolina Part Deux Of Five
This is an even more exciting mining video.
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Eureka Gold Panning North Carolina
Gold is where you find it. Robert Way Eureka Gold Panning & Carolina Gem Fluming Greensboro NC Eurekagoldpan.com [email protected] Check us out on FB Eureka Gold Panning Greensboro NC Gold is where you find it. Robert Way Eureka Gold Panning & Carolina Gem Fluming Greensboro NC
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July 2012 - Lauren and Madison looking for gems at Elijah Mountain (short version)
Elijah Mountain Gem Mine, Hendersonville, NC
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Carolina Emperor Emerald Unveiling - NC Museum of Natural Sciences 03.16.12
On Friday, March 16, 2012 at 11 am the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences revealed a gift of one of the rarest collections of never before seen natural treasures ever found in North Carolina. This anonymous gift is also one of the largest in the Museum's 133 year history and will be available for the public to see when the Museum's new wing, the Nature Research Center, opens on April 20, 2012. To see close-up photographs of the gems, visit http://bit.ly/NCemeralds
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Gold prospecting panning in north carolina creek
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Digging a pegmatite in South Carolina for green beryl SHORT CLIP The Crystal Collector
This is just a short clip from an older video I did. We are Mining a pegmatite in South Carolina for green beryl crystals.
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Rock & Gem Shops of Franklin, N.C.
Rambletv.com presents 'Gem Mining in Franklin, N.C. Here is a preview featuring the rock and gem shops of the area. Visit www.rambletv.com for the complete program and 50 hours of video programs.
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A Roadtrip through Midwest and East Coast. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina Videos taken with GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition and GoPro Hero+ Edit and put together with Adobe Premiere Pro.
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Emerald and Ruby Bag from Cold River Mining Co.
Jack demonstrates what is inside an emerald and ruby bag at our newest installation at Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, CO. Dinosaur Ridge chose to incorporate a 24' large system at their visitor's center in October, 2012. An emerald and Ruby bag contains 10 ounces of assorted gems, an arrowhead, crystal point, real emeralds and rubies. These can be purchased wholesale or retail from www.miningattractions.com
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Amos Cunningham's  emerald/green beryl mine in rural South Carolina
Amos Cunningham digging up green beryl from his mine. Many are a deep enough shade and saturation to be called emerald even though they are Fe bearing. The pegmatite runs over 100 feet long. GIA grades emeralds based on color not chromium..just FYI. The whole chromium thing came about by savy Colombian emerald barons wanting to push out the new finds in Brazil of vanadium bearing beryl's back in the early '80's
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True North Gems - Ruby mining in Greenland
True North Gems doing some search tests in the Aappaluttoq site in Greenland. A few years ago they discovered a 440-carat ruby crystal there, and it was cut into an impressive 302-carat carving. When people think of colored gemstones, Greenland probably doesn't spring to mind, but apparently the stones they've been finding there have been great. An example of several ruby crystals, in matrix, True North has recovered from the Greenland site: http://www.shirleycollingridge.com/truenorthjune04.JPG Photo by True North Gems.
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Mountains 051.MPG  Emerald Village
Emerald Village is an old mine near Spruce Pine, N.C.
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Squeaky Cherokee Ruby and Sapphire Mine 2011 July
Panning for rubies and sapphires in Franklin NC
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Documentary:The Origin of Colored Gemstone
This documentary is the discovery of origin of colored gemstone. It takes place in Myanmar, one of the world largest mineral. The documentary is presented by Junfu Ding.
Views: 67759 Junfu Ding

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