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On the cryptographic hardness of finding a Nash equilibrium - Nir Bitansky
The computational complexity of finding Nash Equilibria in games has received much attention over the past two decades due to its theoretical and philosophical significance. This talk will be centered around the connection between this problem and cryptography. Mostly, I will discuss a result proving that finding Nash equilibrium is hard, assuming the existence of a cryptographic notion called indistinguishability obfuscation. This is done by demonstrating that this cryptographic notion gives rise to a hard computational problem in the complexity class PPAD, for which finding Nash equilibrium is known to be complete. Indeed, in recent years indistinguishability obfuscation has turned out to have surprisingly strong implications in cryptography and beyond. I will give the high-level picture as to where we stand in our efforts of constructing such obfuscators and basing them on solid hardness assumptions. In a companion talk on Tuesday, I will discuss one specific line of work that reduces indistinguishability obfuscation to simple assumptions on 5-linear maps, coming closer to well-studied cryptographic objects such as bilinear-map groups. The talk is based on joint work with Paneth and Rosen. No prior knowledge in cryptography is required. More videos on http://video.ias.edu
DEF CON 22 - Kenneth White and Matthew Green - The Open Crypto Audit Project
Slides here: https://defcon.org/images/defcon-22/dc-22-presentations/White-Green/DEFCON-22-Kenneth-White-and-Matthew-Green-The-Open-Crypto-Audit-Project-Updated.pdf The Open Crypto Audit Project Kenneth White CO-FOUNDER, OPEN CRYPTO AUDIT PROJECT Matthew Green RESEARCH PROFESSOR, JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Join us for the story of the origins and history of the Open Crypto Audit Project (OCAP). OCAP is a community-driven global initiative which grew out of the first comprehensive public audit and cryptanalysis of the widely used encryption software TrueCrypt®. Our charter is to provide technical assistance to free and open source software projects in the public interest. We serve primarily as a coordinator for volunteers and as a funding mechanism for technical experts in security, software engineering, and cryptography. We conduct analysis and research on FOSS and other widely software, and provide highly specialized technical assistance, analysis and research on free and open source software. This talk will present how we audited TrueCrypt, detailing both the Phase I security assessment, and the Phase II cryptanalysis. Looking forward, in light of GotoFail and HeartBleed, we will discuss future plans for our next audit projects of other open source critical infrastructure. Kenneth White is a co-founder of the CBX Group, and formerly principal scientist and senior security R&D engineer at Social & Scientific Systems. His work focuses on cloud security, machine learning, and distributed database architecture. At SSS, White led the Biomedical Informatics team that designed and runs the operations center for the largest clinical trial network in the world, with research centers in over 100 countries. Together with Matthew Green, White co-founded the TrueCrypt audit project, a community-driven initiative to conduct the first comprehensive cryptanalysis and public security audit of the widely used TrueCrypt encryption software. White holds a MEd from Harvard and is a PhD candidate in neuroscience and cognitive science, with research focusing on expert systems, real-time classification and machine learning. He is a technical reviewer for the Software Engineering Institute, and publishes and speaks frequently on computational neuroscience, signal processing, and security engineering. Twitter: @kennwhite Matthew D. Green, PhD is a professor of computer science at Johns Hopkins University. He teaches applied cryptography and builds secure systems. Green trained under Susan Hohenberger and Avi Rubin, and his research includes techniques for privacy-enhanced information storage, anonymous payment systems, and bilinear map-based cryptography. Green formerly served as a senior research staff member at AT&T Labs. Together with Kenneth White, he co-founded the TrueCrypt audit project, a community-driven initiative to conduct the first comprehensive cryptanalysis and public security audit of the widely used TrueCrypt encryption software. He blogs at Cryptography Engineering, and talks about cryptography and privacy. Twitter: @matthew_d_green Web: https://opencryptoaudit.org/people
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Cryptographic Problems in Algebraic Geometry Lecture
AGNES is a series of weekend workshops in algebraic geometry. One of our goals is to introduce graduate students to a broad spectrum of current research in algebraic geometry. AGNES is held twice a year at participating universities in the Northeast. Lecture presented by Kristin Lauter.
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Characterizing Moebius Transformations with Two Fixed Points
An Introduction to Riemann Surfaces and Algebraic Curves: Complex 1-Tori and Elliptic Curves by Dr. T.E. Venkata Balaji, Department of Mathematics, IIT Madras. For more details on NPTEL visit http://www.nptel.iitm.ac.in/syllabus/111106044/ Goals: * To analyze Moebius transformations with more than one fixed point in the extended complex plane * To continue with the classification of Moebius transformations begun in the previous lecture by defining the notions of loxodromic, elliptic and hyperbolic Moebius transformations using the values of the square of the trace of the transformation * To characterize geometrically the loxodromic, elliptic and hyperbolic Moebius transformations by showing that they can be conjugated by suitable Moebius transformations to multiplication by a complex number * To show that the elliptic Moebius transformations are precisely those that are conjugate to a rotation about the origin * To show that the hyperbolic Moebius transformations are precisely those that are conjugate to a real scaling Keywords: Parabolic, elliptic, hyperbolic and loxodromic Moebius transformations, fixed point of a Moebius transformation, square of the trace of a Moebius transformation, translation, conjugation by a Moebius transformation, special linear group, projective special linear group
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Using Excel to Create a Correlation Matrix  || Correlation Matrix Excel
http://alphabench.com/data/excel-correlation-matrix-tutorial.html This tutorial demonstrates how to create a correlation matrix in Excel. The example used in the video is for stock price changes over a one year period. The spreadsheet in the is example can be downloaded by visiting: http://www.alphabench.com/resources.html
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PlayStation Presents - PSX 2017 Opening Celebration | English CC
Join us as we kick off PSX 2017 with PlayStation Presents, starting at 8 PM Pacific on Friday December 8th. Listen in on candid discussions with some of PlayStation’s top developers, get the latest on some of the biggest games coming in 2018, and be the first to witness some special announcements.
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