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Sudbury and the Mysteries of the Universe
Sudbury, the nickel capital of the world, is a city deeply connected to the cosmos. Over 1.8 billion years ago an enormous impact set in motion a series of events, the end result of which involves a mysterious 'dark' experiment deep underground. Support the channel: https://www.patreon.com/thisiscanadiana CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/canadiana?sub TWITTER: https://twitter.com/thisiscanadiana INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/thisiscanad... FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/thisiscanadiana WEBSITE: https://www.thisiscanadiana.com DONATE ONCE W/ PAYPAL: https://www.paypal.me/thisiscanadiana MERCH: https://goo.gl/SPwzqn We can't thank SNOLAB, the Creighton Mine, and Blaire (our incredible guide) enough for the once-in-a-lifetime adventure that was touring and filming in SNOLAB. We will never forget it for the rest of our lives. We hope we could do some semblance of justice (with our independent, low-budget filmmaking pedigree) to what we consider the brightest beacon of Canada's scientific community. If you come away from this episode with something, we hope it's interest in what's going on at SNOLAB, because it is wild. We've stepped out of our comfort zone a little on this one, so there are many important addendums to this episode. Chances are, if you've flagged something from the episode, we've discussed it here. We barely touched on what dark matter is, so if you're scratching your head, please watch this awesome video by Kurzgesagt: https://goo.gl/aPkxQD Red flag: when we say dark matter makes up 85% of the "stuff" in the universe, we mean matter—85% of matter is dark matter. Universally-speaking, the universe is made up of approximately 70% dark energy, 25% dark matter, and 5% regular matter. We apologize for wording it in such a confusing and vague way—just remember we are focusing on the physical "stuff" that makes up 30% of the universe and aren't including (dark) energy. Now for the comet. If you are interested in astronomy you probably already know this, but there's a debate as to what exactly impacted with the Earth 1.8 billion years ago: a comet or an asteroid. In both cases, once the cosmic entity hit the Earth, it immediately became a "meteorite" by definition. The reason we stick with comet is because in the past ten years it has become the most popularly-accepted theory, making the rounds from scientific journals to press releases. Here are some of our sources: The Scientific Journal, Terra Nova, included a 2014 study that came to the conclusion it was a comet: https://goo.gl/CNJbTM The Scientific American popularized the notion: https://goo.gl/KXKNFL The study itself produced follow-ups, including a study focused on the ramifications of the comet's impact, published in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta: https://goo.gl/gfXaFf Basically, things that happened 1.8 billion years ago are never set-in-stone—a comet vapourizing to produce a meteorite strike just seems like the most plausible explanation for the Sudbury Basin at the moment. In a similar vein, our depiction of the Earth's surface 1.8 billion years ago is based entirely on contemporary theoretical models, and is most likely inaccurate. Essentially there was a supercontinent, Nena, and a couple other subcontinents, Ur and Atlantica. At some point (around 1.5 billion years ago) they, as well as other landmasses, amalgamated to form the supercontinent Nuna. The timeline of all of this, the exact geography, and orientation, is all theoretical, so we tried our best to emulate what we saw in our research. Here is a theoretical computer model on the timeline we cover: https://goo.gl/HCHfGB There's another area where, for the purposes of telling the story in a short video, lines had to be blurred: the uses of nickel. Nothing is ever built entirely out of nickel, not even five cent coins. When we refer to artillery and inventions and car batteries, nickel is a major component of the objects. Usually it's use is centred around being an alloy, used in conjunction with iron to produce steel. That doesn't mean it was any less important—without the nickel from Sudbury most of the things we brought up wouldn't exist or wouldn't have been made in such high volumes. Nickel from Sudbury was, and continues to be, a major commodity in the world's markets. As a sidenote, copper was/is also plentiful in Sudbury, but the amount of nickel dwarfs it. Sudbury is no longer the wasteland it once was. We don't touch on it enough in the episode (low/nonexistent budgets don't allow for months and months of prep for episodes) but we will in social media posts and follow-ups. Sudbury has actually become a beacon of environmental revitalization and we were stunned by it when we filmed there. Go to the Laughing Buddha restaurant if you visit Sudbury. What would an episode about Sudbury be if we didn't include Stompin' Tom (the Inco line? They used to own the Superstack and smelter): https://goo.gl/3Nhp2F
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Xstrata Canada/ Nickel (Raglan mine) 737-2R8C (B732) landing & departing YUL
MONTREAL-TRUDEAU This is a mining company that mines Nickel and copper here in Canada (Quebec and Ontario i believe...), he is a regular vistor here but i never really tried to catch him so he came to me ;) Xstrata Canada Corporation (or Xstrata Nickel) recently changed to Raglan but they still go with either name, making it a tad confusing. I dont have to much information on this guy, but here is the link to there site: http://www.mineraglan.ca/EN/Pages/default.aspx They fly an old 737-200, which is 35 years old. It is nice to still see 737's, Montreal is a lucky one as we see regular 732 here (and a few are stationed here). Anyways ENJOY this 737 classic i think i got some good shots of it, what do you think? ATC is included! Raglan is heard as well. Airline: Xstrata Canada Corporation (Xstrata Nickel) - Raglan mine Aircraft: Boeng 737-2R8C (B732) - Boeing 737-200 (B737) Flight: RAG100 Callsign: RAGLAN 100 Registration: C-FFAL Route: YYZ-YUL-YUY Duration: 1:00 / 1:03 Livery: N/A Airport: Montreal's Pierre Elliot Trudeau Intl airport (YUL, CYUL) Runways used: 06R Origin: Toronto Pearson Intl airport (YYZ, CYYZ) Destination: Rouyn-Noranda Airport (YUY, CYUY) Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AviationCYUL Twitter: www.twitter.com/MTLPlaneSpotter Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/CYULPlaneSpotter Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ COMMENT RATE SUBSCRIBE ENJOY the video! This is not your video, please do not use, download or re-publish without my permission or consent. This is all owned by me, editied and filmed and does not belong to you. © CYUL Plane Spotter / Montreal Plane Spotting in HD All rights reserved CYUL Plane Spotter 2014
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Nickel mining: the hidden environmental cost of electric cars
Nickel mining: the hidden environmental cost of electric cars As countries the world over legislate to phase out petrol and diesel cars, attention is turning to t... ............................................................................ Thanks for Watching!
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Hill climb Competition at Nickel mine BC Canada 1993
HILL Climb competition at Nickel Mine 1993 A Golden Oldie (Enjoy)!!
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How cobalt has a small Ontario town dreaming of boom times once again
A small northern Ontario town may soon become extremely important to the increasingly battery-powered world. Abandoned silver mines in Cobalt, Ont., could mean a boom for the once-thriving mining town as battery demand prompts a cobalt rush. Welcome to The National, the flagship nightly newscast of CBC News »»» Subscribe to The National to watch more videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/CBCTheNational?sub_confirmation=1 Voice Your Opinion & Connect With Us Online: The National Updates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thenational The National Updates on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CBCTheNational »»» »»» »»» »»» »»» The National is CBC Television's flagship news program. Airing six days a week, the show delivers news, feature documentaries and analysis from some of Canada's leading journalists.
riding nickel mine hope bc
First time riding in Hope. Great trails with a variety of terrain. Very challenging hillclimbs and decents. Some of my fails throughout the hot day aswell yo.
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Bulldozers! | Mean Machines
Today the gang check out the makes and models of bulldozer, featuring the Cat-D9, which can climb near-vertical slopes and shovel 50 tonnes of earth in a single scoop, and the Cat-D10, a vehicle specially designed to work in the extreme conditions found in the nickel mines of Ontario, Canada. Mean Machines is a fast, furious and fun countdown of the toughest and meanest machines in history: from earth-movers to tunnel borers, from ships to subs, from loggers to cranes.
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Nickel and Cobalt Production in Madagascar - John Hennig, Ambatovy
John Hennig speaks at Metal-Pages' NiCoMo 2013 - http://conferences.metal-pages.com
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Nickel Mine BC
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Rail-veyor offers efficient mining technology - Sudbury News
Sudbury - The rail-veyor is designed to convey materials and supplies underground. This new technology is being tested. This technology will offer opportunities to test safer and more efficient mining techniques.
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Sudbury Nickel Plant Ontario Canada, 1960s - Film 99016
Amateur home movie to Ontario, Canada in 1960. View from a coach window towards a processing plant and area of mined land. The group visit the Inco nickel smelter in Sudbury. The people stand beside the coach wearing white hard hats. A furnace burning and molten metals. The group exit the factory. View of smoke belching from a large chimney. The visitors stand around a bit more chatting amongst themselves, before a few more scenes of liquid metal being poured from a hopper. A further view from the coach window as the group leave the plant. A train pulling cargo carts arrives at the processing plant. View from the moving vehicle with the large factory in the distance and residential housing in the foreground. Smoking chimneys. Another scene of molten produce, this time spilling in unison from a row of hoppers being tipped over. The red molten liquid forms unusual patterns as it flows downhill, which initially look like large molten human forms. This is a slag pour.
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LU hosts Canadian Mining Games - Sudbury News
Sudbury - Laurentian University hosts the 2012 Canadian Mining Games from Feb. 23-26. Team LU won the scooptram challenge by operating a LHD and mini excavator.
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Tires Nickel Mine BC
Playing on some tires
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riding Nickel mine BC
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Underground Mining - Vale - Open Pit Mining
Canada and global mining industry This is one of a series of videos I edited for Vale. The producer I worked for travelled to many locations around the world. Shots were taken in the air, on the ground, deep underground, and on water, during summer and winter.
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Brian Leni: Nickel Mining Investment is All About Location, Location, Location
Wondering if now is the time to invest in nickel? Junior Stock Review's Brian Leni explains what to look for in a nickel mining company. ________________________________________________________________ Investing News Network (INN) Find out more about investing by INN @ http://investingnews.com/ Want a FREE investor kit? Download here↓ http://investingnews.com/resource-fre... Follow us Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/resourceinve... Follow us on Twitter: @INN_Resource The Investing News Network does not guarantee the accuracy or thoroughness of the information reported in the interviews it conducts. The opinions expressed in these interviews do not reflect the opinions of the Investing News Network and do not constitute investment advice. All readers are encouraged to perform their own due diligence.
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Jame Nickel Mine RD
Jame riding Nickel Mine BC
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IOC Operations.mov
Video produced in 2010, presenting IOC mining process.
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Cobalt Ontario Mining Trails
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A Journey to Canada's Most Profitable Past Producing Zinc Mine
In this interview, Alexander Smith travels to Hay River, Northwest Territories to visit the past producing Pine Point Zinc-Lead Mine. Our client, Darnley Bay Resources (DBL: TSXV) has acquired the project and is working to advance it to construction. For more information on Darnley Bay Resources and to subscribe for company news releases visit its website: http://www.darnleybay.com/ View important details regarding our disclosure for Darnley Bay Resources by visiting this URL: http://www.pinnacledigest.com/disclosure-compensation/ Click the link above or below to receive our latest eBook focused on 50 leaders who took start-ups to stunning multi-million dollar buyouts. Also, find out which small-cap companies in Canada and the U.S. they are running today. http://smallcapbuyouts.pinnacledigest.com/
BC Buggy -  Caroline Mines Tour
BC Buggy Mountain Tours in Hope BC, Canada http://www.bcbuggy.com/
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CLASSIC! Glencore "Raglan" 737-200 Combi Landing at Toronto Pearson Int'l Airport
Salutations aviation enthusiasts! This lovely 732 belongs to the world's largest mining corporation, Glencore, which merged with Canadian mining company Xsastra in 2013. The plane can often be seen shuttling workers from Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City; with their massive Raglan nickel mine located in Northern Quebec. I always love seeing an old bird, don't you? This one was built way back in 1979! I hope you enjoy! Date filmed: June 15, 2018 Aircraft: Boeing 737-2R8C (B732) Registration: C-FFAL Operator: Glencore Canada Corporation Airport: Toronto Lester B. Pearson International (CYYZ/YYZ) Runway used: 23
Apple & Tesla's Worst Nightmare: Child Slavery 2017
Get Immediate Access To Our Exclusive Report on Congo's Horrible "Blood Mining", Child Labor and Cobalt Mad Scramble, Including Our 3-Step Plan of Action and Our Top Investment Opportunity AT: http://www.wealthresearchgroup.com/STOPCHILDLABOR/ Download Our Full Write-Up On The Fasterst-Growing Cobalt Company In The World AT: http://www.wealthresearchgroup.com/COBALT/ Contact Info of Notable Figures That Can Impact Change: Elon Musk @elonmusk Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI & Neuralink Tim Cook @tim_cook CEO Apple [email protected] +1 408 996 1010 Richard [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/RichardBranson/ [email protected] 0207 313 2000 Tesla @TeslaMotors Electric cars, giant batteries and solar https://www.facebook.com/tesla/ 877-798-3752 Apple @Apple http://Apple.com https://www.facebook.com/apple/ 800-676-2775 President Trump @POTUS The White House @WhiteHouse @POTUS Trump and his Administration. +1 202-456-1111 https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact Embassy of Congo @AmbaCongoUs The Embassy of the Republic Congo in Washington D.C. is the diplomatic representation of the Republic of Congo in the NAFTA countries: USA, Canada and Mexico. +1 202-726-5500
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Blood, Sweat, and Batteries: Inside Congo's Cobalt Mines I Fortune
Africa's copperbelt contains two-thirds of the entire world's cobalt, a mineral required for the production of cell phones, laptops, and most importantly, electric automobiles. Produced with support from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. Subscribe to Fortune - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=FortuneMagazineVideo FORTUNE is a global leader in business journalism with a worldwide circulation of more than 1 million and a readership of nearly 5 million, with major franchises including the FORTUNE 500 and the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For. FORTUNE Live Media extends the brand's mission into live settings, hosting a wide range of annual conferences, including the FORTUNE Global Forum. Website: http://fortune.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FortuneMagazine Twitter: https://twitter.com/FortuneMagazine Fortune Magazine is published by Time Inc.
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Nickel Mine September 2012
Just out for a ride at Nickel Mine, BC
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Nickel mine pt2
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Michael Jackson - Bad (Shortened Version)
For the first short film for one of five consecutive record-breaking No. 1 hits from Bad, Michael Jackson and director Martin Scorsese created an epic 18-minute tale of urban and racial challenges in the 1980s. "Bad" was named the second greatest of Michael's short films by Rolling Stone in 2014. Buy/Listen to Bad 25: Amazon - http://smarturl.it/mj_bad25_amzn?IQid=ytd.mj.bad iTunes - http://smarturl.it/MJ_Bad25A_iTunes?IQid=ytd.mj.bad Official Store - http://smarturl.it/MJBAD25_OS?IQid=ytd.mj.bad Spotify - http://smarturl.it/MJ_Bad_Sptfy?IQid=ytd.mj.bad Written and Composed by Michael Jackson Produced by Quincy Jones for Quincy Jones Productions Co-Produced by Michael Jackson for MJJ Productions, Inc. From the album Bad, released August 31, 1987 Released as a single September 7, 1987 THE SHORT FILM Director: Martin Scorsese Primary Production Location: New York City, New York Michael Jackson's short film for "Bad" was the first of nine short films produced for recordings from Bad, one of the best selling albums of all time. The "Bad" single hit No. 1 in three countries in 1987, topping the charts in the United States, Spain and the Netherlands and reaching Top 5 in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. In the U.S., "Bad" was the second of five consecutive No. 1 singles from one album on the Billboard Hot 100-making Michael the first artist to achieve this milestone. Inspired by the real-life story of Edmund Perry, a prep school graduate from Harlem whose shooting death by a plainclothes policeman galvanized New York City, "Bad" stars Michael as Darryl, a student returning to his inner-city home while on break from a prestigious academy. In the short film's extended black and white sequence, Darryl comes into conflict with his neighborhood friends (led by actor Wesley Snipes in a breakthrough role) after showing discomfort over their attempts at petty crime. Angrily dismissed by his friends for no longer being "bad," Darryl challenges them in an abandoned subway station. As the film suddenly transitions to color, Darryl, clad in the black leather outfit Michael wears on the Bad album sleeve, leads a troupe of dancers in a high energy performance of "Bad," asserting his toughness without resorting to violence and ultimately earning the respect of his peers. Follow the Official Michael Jackson Accounts: Facebook - http://smarturl.it/mj_facebook?IQid=ytd.mj.bad Twitter - http://smarturl.it/mj_twitter?IQid=ytd.mj.bad Spotify - http://smarturl.it/mj_spotify?IQid=ytd.mj.bad Newsletter - http://smarturl.it/mj_newsletter?IQid=ytd.mj.bad YouTube - http://smarturl.it/mj_youtube?IQid=ytd.mj.bad Website - http://smarturl.it/mj_website?IQid=ytd.mj.bad
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"China is about to ban the Internal Combustion Engine" - Robert Friedland
Robert talks about how the Electric Vehicle revolution is here. The main materials in these batteries are nickel and cobalt sulphates. These cars will be lightweighted with scandium-aluminium alloys. For more than 25 years, international financier Robert Friedland has been recognized by leaders of the international financial sector and mineral resource industries as an entrepreneurial explorer, technology innovator and company builder. Mr. Friedland has successfully developed a portfolio of respected public and private companies whose initiatives have led to several of the world’s most significant mineral discoveries and mine developments, applications of disruptive technologies and contributions to significant economic growth in established and emerging markets in Asia, the Asia Pacific Region, Southern Africa and the Americas. In May 2017, Mr. Friedland received a Lifetime Achievement Award during the Canadian Mining Symposium at Canada House in London, England — a career recognition by the Northern Miner, the century-old flagship of Canada’s leading mining-industry media group. This followed the U.K-based Mining Journal’s successive rankings of Mr. Friedland in 2016 and 2015 as one of the Top 20 Most Influential People shaping the future of the world of mining, declaring him “the undisputed king of junior development”. Information Source: https://www.ivanhoecapital.com/ Video from FT Commodities Global Summit March 2018
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super bee in thompson nickel mine...
roundtrip with loaded super bee in a nickel mine at thompson, north of manitoba...
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Chambre raglan
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Janes Basen Bc Canada Old Mining Service Shaft! What a find
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Nickel: A Short and Long-Term Outlook - Brian Leni
Brian Leni is with juniorstockreview.com
Slag Pouring (1975) in Sudbury Ontario
Pouring Slag at the Copper Cliff Smelter International Nickel Company of Canada
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MX Nickel Mine Hope BC
Riding out at the Hope Nickel mine
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SkyRanger UAS Used to Evaluate Lifespan of Mining Sites
Click here for more information: https://www.aeryon.com/commercial/ Companies have been mining nickel-copper ores in the northern region of Ontario, Canada since 1901. For this project, the Aeryon SkyRanger sUAS was used to collect imagery from a Tailings Pond and a Slag Heap. This imagery and data would then be used by the mining company to help evaluate the growth of the waste sites and determine next steps in the company’s growth strategy.
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Snow Lake Mining Museum
With mining as the major industry in Snow Lake, it came as no surprise that this gem of a museum is often considered the heart of the community. The 4,000-square-foot Snow Lake Mining Museum is dedicated to preserving over 100 years of mining, from the days of manual labour to modern mechanized mining.
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Fly by of Williams open pit Gold Mine in Ontario
On a VFR flight from Geraldton Ontario to Sault Ste Marie I used the Williams open pit mine as a check point. Its right on the trans canada and easy to spot from miles away so its a awesome landmark to use. The Williams mine is jointly owned by Teck Cominco and Barrick Gold. Its Primarily an underground operation now but it started off with some open-pit mining, it has been operating since the fall of 1985. It is set to close soon as it is almost played out. The Williams mine is one of the largest gold-producing mines in Canada! I was Flying a DA-20 C-FRIZ on a cross country ferry from Cooking lake Alberta to Buttonville Ontario.
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Hot News - Canadian small miners in pole position for battery electric car bo
Hot News - Hot News - Canadian small miners in pole position for battery electric car bo VANCOUVER Reuters Canadian developers of cobalt and lithium mines stand to benefit from a round of investments from the makers of electric vehicles and the batteries powering them, a potential gamechanger for small miners short on money to develop deposits of these critical battery ingredients. FILE PHOTO Batteries for electric vehicles are manufactured at a factory in Dongguan, China on September 20, 2017. REUTERSBobby YipFile PhotoTorontolisted cobalt companies, Ecobalt Solutions and Fortune M... Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mining-evbatteries-canada-analysis/small-canadian-miners-in-pole-position-for-electric-vehicle-battery-boon-idUSKBN1E50EB -------------------- Thanks for watching! Dont forget to SUBCRIBE, Like & Share my video if you enjoy it! Have a nice day! 🔥 If you like another songs, please comment here, i will add on my new video , wait for and enjoy it! 🔔 CONTACT US: [email protected] 🚫 If you have any problem with copyright issues, please CONTACT US DIRECTLY before doing anything, or question please write to me in email!
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Electric Car Industry May Bring Mining Town Back To Life
Like so many mining towns throughout North America, Cobalt, Ontario has seen better days. But its fortunes could soon reverse. Cobalt, population 1,100, is poised to flourish once more due to its rich stores of the metal cobalt. Ironically, the town known for its silver was actually named for this shiny, bluish-gray ore. At the time it was mostly ignored. But not anymore. It turns out cobalt is a key component of batteries that power cellphones, laptops and, increasingly, electric cars. Call it the new gold, a mineral prize that electric car makers like Tesla and tech companies are more than eager to get their hands on, particularly from conflict-free mining regions. Cobalt, Ontario, fits the bill. https://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/energy/stories/tesla-ev-industry-bring-old-ghost-town-back-life http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit Business using http://wochit.com
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2014 BMW R1200GS RR84 Moose Mountain Mine Road Sudbury Ontario Canada
I Took the R1200GS for a ride behind Capreol, Ontario following Greater City of Sudbury's RR84. This road is also known as the Moose Mine Road. I went as far as the Mine Property then turned back. This is one rough road. Don't try this with your Sportster Low. You have to keep your eyes peeled for wildlife on this road with its myriad of blind curves and hilly terrain. Overall pretty nice ride
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Nickel Mine Road
Views: 182 David Wootton
"Beyond Hope" Trail Nickel Mine BC on TE300 Oct. 10, 2014
This fantastic trail has not seen a lot of use for a bit by the looks of things. We had to be a bit cautious in case of a downed tree in a bad place! Gorgeous scenery and view though!
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John Petersen - Cobalt Supply Insufficient For Electric Vehicle Battery Demand
We spoke with John Petersen of Mining Pundits (https://miningpundits.com) about the future for electric vehicles, the cobalt cliff and how demand for battery metals (nickel & cobalt) will drive prices for battery materials higher. Discussed in this interview: 02:03 Implications of cobalt mined as a by-product 05:03 Class I & II nickel market 09:34 Insufficient cobalt supplies to meet demand 12:32 Lithium-ion battery compositions 17:45 Replacement for the NMC battery composition? 24:47 Irreplaceable uses for cobalt 29:06 Manufacturers will buy cobalt at any price 30:16 China controls 50% of the world's cobalt Buy Nickel & Cobalt with Silver Bullion: https://www.silverbullion.com.sg/ElectricVehicleMetals Find out more about Silver Bullion: https://www.silverbullion.com.sg Silver Bullion Twitter: https://twitter.com/SilverBullionPL Contact us at [email protected]
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Motoworld at Nickel Mine june 10 2012 part 4.MOV
Me at MotoWorld at Nickel Mine BC.
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