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Good Time Mountain Man ~ Band of Ruhks ~ Darrington Bluegrass Festival 2018
These guys were GREAT and I will be posting more of their tunes from the Darrington Festival soon ..... ENJOY :). Some things have a magic all their own. The musical collaboration between Ronnie Bowman, Don Rigsby and Kenny Smith is one of these things. These three men made music together in the 1990’s as members of The Lonesome River Band. Their work there was critically acclaimed and during the apex of the group’s popularity. In 2001, each of them embarked on their own personal musical journeys that led to new heights and influences. Ronnie Bowman has long been regarded as one of Bluegrass music’s finest singers and songwriters. With a string of awards (IBMA and SPGBMA Male Vocalist of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, etc.) and numerous nominations and accolades, his resume is outstanding to say the least. He has written #1 hits for country artists and led his own band The Committee for years. In addition to this, he performs regularly with The Likely Culprits in Nashville and tours with Lee Ann Womack as well as his old singing partner Dan Tyminski. Considered a formidable music producer, he can often be found behind the mixing console in the studio at the helm of various recording sessions. Busy? Yes. Don Rigsby became the first full-time director of the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music in 2001. He remained in that position for 8 years. During that time he formed his own band Midnight Call and toured the US and overseas too. As a charter member of the super group Longview he always has kept his strong love for old school Bluegrass music in the front of his musical conscience too. Rigsby is also an acclaimed music producer, session musician and teacher. He is a sought after session vocalist and has provided harmony vocals on such projects as Alan Jackson’s “Bluegrass Album” (Along with Ronnie Bowman), James King’s “Three Chords and the Truth” and Peter Rowan’s “Old School”, to name some recent examples. Busy? Oh yes. Kenny Smith formed a band with his wife Amanda Smith and immediately found success. The duo captured the IBMA Emerging Artist of the Year award their first year of existence. Since that time, they have embarked on a remarkable journey of love and music that has led them all over the world. Smith is regarded as being a true original guitar stylist. Kenny is a two-time winner of IBMA Guitar Player of the Year and has been nominated multiple times. He combines elements from many of his musical mentors, but is completely unique. He is called for his expertise in the studio and as a guitar instructor and has various instructional materials that showcase his unique style and mastery of his instrument. He teaches regularly at scores of camps. His recent project “The Return” was a follow-up to his classic solo project “Studebaker”. He continues to perform with Amanda as a duet in concerts and at festivals all across America. Awarded? Yes. Busy? You bet. Flash forward to 2010. Following a Lonesome River Band reunion performance, these gentlemen began to explore the possibility of making music together again. They too realized the significance of their past works, but were itching to make new music together. Out of this desire and their longstanding friendship and mutual admiration, Band of Ruhks was born. Bowman, Rigsby and Smith are excited for what the future has in store for this new band. Their debut album, Bowman, Rigsby & Smith, released by 101 Ranch Records, features songs from the pens of such writers as Mark Collie, Chris Stapleton, Harley Allen, and of course Ronnie Bowman himself. The first single, “Coal Mining Man”, is a writing collaboration of Bowman and Mark Collie. It features a cameo from the iconic Dr. Ralph Stanley. Rigsby says,” I have known Ralph since I was a child and he is a life-long friend. I am thrilled to have him here with us and as always, he nailed it. Nobody else sounds like him.” The project offers something for everyone from the most prolific Bluegrass aficionado to country music fans to adult contemporary listeners and all points in between.
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Band Of Ruhks "Bootleg John"
Band Of Ruhks performing "Bootleg John" at Music City Roots Live From The Factory on 12.09.2015
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Band of Ruhks - Good Time Mountian Man
bluegrass jewel city jamboree festival
Views: 1712 Kyles bluegrass
Band Of Ruhks (rambling rooks) - Bootleg John
bluegrass jewel city jamboree festival
Views: 823 Kyles bluegrass
Red Bird   Band of Ruhks
Rogersville Bluegrass Festival 2017 http://www.rogersvillebluegrass.com/bluegrass-festival.html Band of Ruhks https://www.bandofruhks.com/
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Band of Ruhks - Walking After Midnight
This is one from their CD release show at The Station Inn. Ronnie Bowman Don Rigsby Kenny Smith John Meyer Justin Moses
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Band of Ruhks  - Good Time Mtn Man & Black Mtn Rag
Don Rigsby, Ronnie Bowman, Kenny Smith & Jason Burleson Bean Blossom, IN June 13, 2014
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Band of Ruhks - Mountain Doctor
Views: 364 L Smith
Amazing Bluegrass Band!
An great bluegrass band live at the Grandview grind
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Band of Ruhks  - Drifting With The Tide
Don Rigsby, Ronnie Bowman, Kenny Smith & Jason Burleson Bean Blossom, IN June 13, 2014
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A Bluegrass Private Concert
The people who migrated to America in the 1600s from Ireland, Scotland, and England brought with them the basic styles of music that are generally considered to be the roots of bluegrass music. As the Jamestown settlers began to move out into North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia, they wrote songs about day-to-day life in the new land. Since most of these people lived in remote areas, the songs reflected life on the farm or in the hills. This type of music was called “mountain music” or “country music.” The invention of the phonograph and the onset of the radio in the early 1900s brought this music out of the mountains and into the homes of people all over the United States. The Monroe Brothers were one of the most popular acts of the 1920s and 1930s. Charlie Monroe played the guitar, Bill played the mandolin, and they sang in harmony. Bill was a native of Kentucky, the Bluegrass State, so he decided to call his band “Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys,” and this band started a new form of “traditional” country music. The music incorporated songs and rhythms from string band, gospel (black and white), black laborer work song, country, and blues music repertoires. Vocal selections included duet, trio, and quartet harmony singing in addition to Bill’s powerful “high lonesome” solo lead singing. After experimenting with various instrumental combinations, Bill settled on mandolin, banjo, fiddle, guitar, and bass as the format for his band. Set List : 1- The David Grisman Quintet - Hello (The David Grisman Rounder Album) 2- Virtual Bluegrass Band - Some Day : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PU8hXDim-1s 3- Reina del Cid - Tennessee Waltz : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnxwMpJQoCE 4- Kenny and Amanda Smith - Catch Me if I Try : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgQUyipLme4 5- Iron Horse - Rocket Man : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdAyO1_0noM 6- Greensky Bluegrass - Burn Them : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVfX1qiZWEs 7- The David Grisman Quintet- So Long (The David Grisman Rounder Album)
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Backroads - I Try
Backroads @ Rogersville Bluegrass Festival 2016
Views: 275 Norman Roy
Bluegrass Legend Larry Sparks: Ron Block's New Bluegrass CD
Order at ronblock.com/store - Bluegrass legend Larry Sparks discusses Ron Block's new bluegrass instrumental recording, which is a collection of old and new tunes featuring Ron on banjo and guitar, the members of Alison Krauss and Union Station -Alison on twin fiddle, Barry Bales on bass, Jerry Douglas on Dobro, Dan Tyminski on guitar - and also Adam Steffey, Sam Bush, and Sierra Hull on mandolin, Stuart Duncan on fiddle, Clay Hess on guitar, Rob Ickes on Dobro, Mark Fain and Byron House on bass, Lynn Williams on snare, and Jeff Taylor on accordion.
Views: 704 RonBlockAKUS
Blue Mafia - "He's in Control" (Live)
Blue Mafia live at the Station Inn performing "He's in Control" Acoustic music from Pinecastle Records site: https://pinecastlemusic.com Email: [email protected] Google: https://plus.google.com/u/1/115699386476685178569 facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pinecastle-Records/115795808471859
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Garrett Newton Band - Sing Me A Bluegrass Song
Subscribe to Youtube http://www.youtube.com/lovinbluegrass Find Bluegrass Lyrics http://www.bluegrasslyrics.com/ Video Copyright Lovin' Bluegrass by Carol McDuffie Please do not duplicate without written permission.
Put Some Grass In It - The Dave Adkins Band
The Dave Adkins Band sings his own song"Put Some Grass In It" at the Sertoma Bluegrass Festival held near Brooksville, FL on March 25, 2017. The Band: Dave Adkins - Guitar, Vocal Carl Caldwell - Mandolin, Harmony Mitchell Brown - Bass, Harmony Barry Crabtree - Banjo Kyle Leopard - Lead Guitar
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Blue Highway at the Down Home
Special Guest Jimmy James
Views: 429 Becky Walton
Views: 207 Fred Reeves
Craig Chaquico's STOLEN '59 Gibson Les Paul - Still not being returned!!   Not cool!
Why did Craig Chaquico - former member of Jefferson Starship - and Starship ; allow his stolen property to be kept by the current owner after lawsuit over his 1959 Les Paul ; worth over $500k? ... and sorry, two bursts were NOT stolen, it was a burst and a gold top from the same gig. Also the guitar supposedly went from Europe, to Japan and so on and so fourth but I still think collectors knew this was a stolen instrument and only had lining their pockets in mind instead of doing the right thing and returning this beautiful vintage guitar to its rightful owner, Mr. Chaquico. Join my group Guitar Pedal Builders on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/190439971066228/
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