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Coal seam gas well spewing foam near Campbelltown
AGL seem to be drilling a new well, or re-fracking an old coal seam gas well at the edge of Sydney on 17 May 2011. The site is less than a kilometre from houses at Glen Alpine. At one stage foam started spewing from a pipe under pressure. It later became more liquid and the spray drifted toward houses. Does anyone know what it happening here? If so, email [email protected]
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Foaming coal seam gas release near Campbelltown, Sydney
Foaming coal seam gas release near Campbelltown, Sydney
Campbelltown Rally Against AGL Coal Seam Gas Part 1
Daniel Robins speech at Campbelltown Rally against AGL on 17/03/13
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Coal Seam Gas meeting Campbelltown - Channel Ten 25 June 2011
Coal Seam Gas meeting Campbelltown - Channel Ten 25 June 2011 Channel Ten story on the expansion of coal seam gas into South Western Sydney by AGL. Residents attended a public meeting at St Andrews Community Hall to hear about the concerns with coal seam gas. AGL admit they have fracked 60% of their existing wells at Camden. Story by John Hill.
Campbelltown Rally Against AGL Coal Seam Gas DREW HUTTON SPEECH
Drew Hutton Speaking at Campbelltown Rally Against CSG on the 17/03/13
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Coal Seam Gas
What happens when CSG mining comes to town? http://www.sbs.com.au/insight/episode/index/id/429/Coal-Seam-Gas
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What are the risks of coal seam gas?
From Sydney's water supply catchment to the rich agricultural lands of the Liverpool Plains and the Darling Downs, the coal seam gas industry is expanding at breakneck speed. People's health is under threat, our nation's farmland being eroded away and the country's precious aquifers permanently damaged. Locals like Leslie McQueen, James Bishop, Lee McNicholl, Tony Pickard, Rosemary Nankivell, Katie and Scott Lloyd are doing everything they can to spread the word about the dangers of coal seam gas (CSG) mining. Debbi Orr, a GetUp member from Tara QLD, even drove 5 hours down to NSW to tell a community meeting what coal seam gas is doing to her kids' health. Take action here: http://www.getup.org.au/coalseamgas
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Lock the Gate - A tour of coal seam gas mining in Tara, QLD
Drew Hutton from Lock The Gate takes us on a tour of coal seam gas mining (fracking) in Tara Queensland
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Lock The Gate - the coal seam gas mining situation in Queensland
'Lock the Gate' was inspired by the film Gaslands, which addresses the issues surrounding coal gas mining in America. 'Lock the Gate' is a brief look at part of the Queensland (Australia) situation - centered around Kingaroy, Dalby and Tara. Ian & Arkin Mackay hit the road for a three day drive to check it out... what unfolded was the realisation that coal gas mining is alive and thriving in the state... and so is an active protest movement. Veteran activist and environmental rights crusader, Drew Hutton has predicted that stopping Coal Gas mining will be "the biggest environmental campaign in Australian history"... and all indicators are that he's correct!
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Coal Seam Gas expansion
Premier and Prime Minister herald 'new gas age'.
Coal seam gas and mining threats to the Darling Downs Part 1. Dr John Standley with Ben Beeton
Food security is vital for future generations of Australians and the world. Some of the most productive agricultural areas in Australia are across the Darling Downs of SE Queensland and the Liverpool Plains of northern NSW. In this interview Dr Standley shows an area of agricultural land in the area proposed for a coal mining venture and then contrasts this with the scene of a coal mine not far away. Dr Standley then describes why the soils are so productive. He emphasizes how easily they could be ruined if they were dug up and the sub soil replaced the topsoil. Dr Standley addresses the prolem of salinity. Finally he emphasizes the problems for farmers created by networks of coal seam gas pipes. Gasland Darling Downs Question Mark is a project conceived by local artist Ben Beeton www.benbeeton.com.au www.getabstractwallart.com In 2010 Ben saw a screening of the film Gasland and was horrified to realize that the environmental destruction which had happened in America, through coal mining and coal seam gas projects was now happening on the Darling Downs. In these films Ben invites scientists and local experts to share their knowledge and concerns about the very serious threat of environmental mismanagement that is facing the Darling Downs and beyond. Ben would like to thank Don Herman of Darling Downs Movie Makers Inc, Dr John Standley and the owners of www.sodd.com.au for supporting this project at its foundation stage of development. Ben's primary interest is in creating multi-media work about the ecology, geology and deep time history of environment. Although frequently away on artist residency/tour projects Ben thinks of Toowoomba and the Darling Downs region as his home. In 2010 Ben was the artist for the Burke and Wills Environmental Expedition. www.cv.vic.gov.au/stories/burke-and-wills-the-art-of-science. Ben felt that the most effective contribution that he could make was to provide people with a scientifically informed perspective of the situation. It is Ben's hope that once equipped with this information individuals will become proactive in advocating for a moratorium on mining until a comprehensive independent scientific assessment of its long term effects on the Darling Downs and other effected regions has been conducted. The project Gasland Darling Downs Question Mark has been given a page on the save our Darling Downs website www.sodd.com.au. Ben has a range of films on You Tube including "Gondwana in Toowoomba, an exploration of Toowoomba's remnant rainforest and geology with Dr Gillian Scott and Ben Beeton", "In the Suburban desert with Peter Macqueen and Ben Beeton", The Hampton Corridor of Trees with Peter Macqueen and Ben Beeton", "On Sugarloaf Mountain with Peter Macqueen, Dr Gillian Scott and Ben Beeton", "Exploring the Helidon Hills with Peter Macqueen and Ben Beeton" and "Burke and Wills Environmental Expedition".
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Children Sick - Effects of Coal Seam Gas - Tara Queensland
An interview with a very sick family living in Wieanbilla, Queensland - 1.1km from a Coal Seam Gas well. Symptoms Include: - Constant Severe Headaches - Severe Nosebleeds - Rashes - Severe Diarrohea - Depression
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Coal seam gas under renewed pressure
Three of Australia's top water scientists have told Lateline more research on the safety and environmental impact of coal seam gas mining is urgently needed.
Sydney residents rally against coal seam gas mining
About 400 people, mostly local residents, rallied on December 19 at Sydney Park in inner-Sydney St Peters to protest plans by the NSW government to allow exploratory drilling for coal seam mining gas in this suburb. It's another case of Labor & Liberal parties putting corporate profit before community needs.
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Dayne Pratzky - the effects of living near coal seam gas mining
Dayne Pratzky lives at the Tara Residential Estates currently affected by coal seam gas mining - his feelings about it.
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A fractured Country - CSG Coal Seam Gas lock the gate2
This is a factual documentary showing how Fracking for CSG is destroying our country in so many ways. I am by no way a green person, I am a capitalist (if that's the right way to put it), but this is government corruption at its worst in Australia. Australia will be destroyed and will literally become a gas mine field. The CSG companies will come to your town, your neighborhood. Your water will be unfit for household use. This will be much worse than asbestos! A shocking, must watch documentary.
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Channel 7 - coal seam gas mining 2 August 2011
Channel 7 - coal seam gas mining 2 August 2011. Coverage of the Senate Inquiry into coal seam gas at Narrabri NSW and the public meeting at Leichhardt Town Hall, Sydney
Coal Seam Gas protestor scales drilling rig, Great Artesian Basin, Eastern Star Gas
Local landowners and anti-CSG (Coal Seam Gas) campaigners from Queensland and NSW set up the protest site on a farm at Kerry, near Beaudesert, preventing Arrow Energy from doing exploratory CSG drilling. Protesters arrested for trying to save their water from contamination.
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Anti coal seam gas csg event
AGL we are telling your shareholders and the rest of community your actions of mining in Sydney we want you to get out of Campbelltown .. Near Martin Place Sydney
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Coal seam gas comes under scrutiny
Concerns over coal seam gas mining have erupted into the public sphere this week.
Landline Coal Seam Gas
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Coal Seam Gas (CSG) wells flooded in Nepean River
AGL's CSG wells flooded over the weekend (5 June 2016) and CSG water holding tanks are floating in Menangle Park, Sydney. This footage taken today also shows heavy bubbling near submerged gas wells. It highlights the national risks to water given the frequency of storms and floods. Please share and sign our petition to protect our water: http://www.lockthegate.org.au/lp2_our_water_our_health
New laws for coal seam gas
Head of the NSW Farmers Association Fiona Simson discusses new state laws restricting coal seam gas mining and calls for an independent inquiry into the industry.
Farmers rally against coal seam gas mining plan
A coal seam gas company has completed exploratory drilling at a site south of Brisbane which has been blockaded by protestors for a week.
Coal Seam Gas Mining in St Peters
More than 200,000 people live, work & play within 2 kms of the gas exploration site in St Peters, Sydney.
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Coal seam gas story on Channel Ten 17 May 2011
Coal seam gas story on Channel Ten 17 May 2011. John Hill investigates AGL's expansion of coal seam gas operations into the Sydney Metropolitan area, including the Camden Scenic Hills district.
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Coal Seam Gas Story
Report on Scenic Rim resident's fight to stop coal seam gas mining plans for their region. Reporter, Courtney Wilkie Camera Operator, Courtney Wilkie Editor, Courtney Wilkie.
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Farmers demand end to coal seam gas exploration
Farmers have appealed to the State Government for a ban on coal seam gas exploration in prime agricultural areas of New South Wales.
Coal seam gas health fears
There are calls for restrictions on the coal seam gas industry following the release of a report into how it affects the health of humans and animals. See more at tennews.com.au
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Stop Coal Seam Gas!  A message to the NSW Government
The NSW Government forgot to ask the community what it thinks of coal seam gas mining. On May 29th, 2011 we told them anyway, in no uncertain terms. Background to CSG in Australia and the Stop CSG Illawarra human sign event on Austinmer Beach, NSW. Footage from Channel Nine's 60 Minutes, ABC's Four Corners, Channel Seven News, ABC News. Video edited by Sharon @ http://www.kontrolproductions.com/
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No Coal seam gas fracking our farms and Sydney's drinking water
And no I'm not a mad Greeny. Just don't want our drinking water poisoned (As it has been in some areas of NSW and QLD from the mining process called Fracking) from Coal seam gas mining. While CSG miners take gigalitres of water FREE, YES FREE our farmers who feed us pay through the nose. They say we need this gas etc but they don't tell you the gas is exported to China and other countries while they leave a toxic mess in NSW and QLD prime farm land generations old. Mining YES but not on our productive farms and drinking water. Email Barry O'Farrell [email protected] and Campbell Newman [email protected] and tell them NO CSG mining in our farms and drinking water. We don't want to see our food growing capability destroyed, increase our food costs and totally import inferior somewhat poisonous food from China. We can change the future, we just need to empower ourselves and tell our servants in parliament what we want. Do it for your kids.
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Foaming coal seam gas well - Jeremy Buckingham
Jeremy Buckingham, Greens MP, films a coal seam gas well that was spurting gas, foam and liquid into the air only 100 metres from a open water supply canal and 400 metres from homes in the Sydney suburb of Glen Alpine. See a PDF map - http://www.jeremybuckingham.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Map-of-foaming-gas-well.pdf
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Coal Seam Gas well pad flooded by Nepean River - water is bubbling - 29.1.13
A coal seam gas well drilled by AGL (MP25) only 40 metres from the Nepean River was inundated by a minor flood. Most of the well pad was underwater. The waste water/drilling pit was totally submerged and presumably anything in the pit went into the river. Bubbles could be seen rapidly bubbling to the surface in various spots. Is this methane escaping into the atmosphere due to drilling or fracking or depressurisation of the coal seam? Coal seam gas should be prohibited in urban areas and in water catchments. Filmed by the Greens.
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Coal Seam Gas - The Fight For Our Lives - Spread Virally
Please post this clip everywhere.
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EPA investigates coal seam leak in Sydney
The Environmental Protection Authority is investigating after a white, frothy liquid was found leaking from a coal seam gas mining site in Camden in south-west Sydney.
Anti-coal seam gas protesters in Leumeah
Anti-coal seam gas protesters force Premier Mike Baird to answer their question on coal seam gas mining in the Macarthur area. Mr Baird was speaking at an Ingleburn Chamber of Commerce luncheon at Wests Leagues Club.
Greens inspect Coal Seam Gas drill site in Bentley
NSW Greens MLC Cate Faehrmann and Greens Candidate for Lismore Susan Stock inspect a coal seam gas exploration drill site in Bentley Northern NSW.
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Why Tara is Blockading QGC - The Tara Blockade of Coal Seam Gas Company QGC.mp4
Why Tara is Blockading QGC - The Tara Blockade of Coal Seam Gas Company QGC.mp4
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Coal Seam DEATH
6pm Channel 7 News - 6th Feb 2012 NSW Australia This 2 minute report was probably not noticed by many watching the news at 6pm on Channel 7. Coal seam gas mining kills bushland with 10,000 liters of toxic waste in Pilliga near Narrabri. There are currently plans to begin fracking in Campbelltown and St Peters in Sydney.
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Jeremy Buckingham onsite at a leaking coal seam gas well in Western Sydney - 31 August 2014
Jeremy Buckingham onsite at a leaking coal seam gas well in Western Sydney - 31 August 2014 MEDIA RELEASE – 31 August 2014 The Greens NSW spokesperson on coal seam gas Jeremy Buckingham today called on the NSW Government to immediately suspend all coal seam gas activity and initiate an independent investigation into why there was a major gas leak from an AGL coal seam gas well only 200 metres from homes at Spring Farm, near Campbelltown. “This afternoon terrified residents at Spring Farm, near Campbelltown reported a loud hissing from a coal seam gas well and were concerned gas could be smelt in their houses. An AGL coal seam gas well is located only 200 metres from homes at Spring Farm,” Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham said. “I arrived at the area to find the fire brigade and Jemena gas workers in attendance, but no AGL personnel, and to witness loud hissing from the gas well. The fire brigade has formed a cordon around the area and families from nearby homes are out in the street very concerned about their safety and what’s going on. “I have spoken to a number of the residents who are very distressed. They are worried about their health and safety, especially as many of the residents are families with small children, but are concerned about speaking about the issue because of the implications this may have for their property values. “This is yet another piece of evidence that coal seam gas extraction is unsafe. Is Premier Mike Baird happy to continue to allow coal seam gas wells to be located near to homes, either in Western Sydney or in Gloucester? “The NSW Government needs to act immediately to suspend all coal seam gas operations and approvals in NSW and conduct a thorough, independent investigation of this incident,” Mr Buckingham said.
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Warning from a Coal Seam Gas Refugee - Kyogle Rally, Oct 2011
Brian Monk and his family became coal seam gas refugees after csg mining companies turned his 5000 acre farm into a toxic wasteland threatening not just their livelihood but their very lives. Speaking from the heart at the Lismore and Kyogle National Day of Action Against CSG Rally's, Brian issues a stern warning to Northern Rivers residents and the rest of the Australian population - Lock the Gate, stand up with your neighbours and fight this CSG madness BEFORE it destroys our food, our water, our health, our communities and everything we hold dear in this country. As Alan Jones states, mining companies are now running governments at all levels in this country so stopping this CSG madness is clearly a peoples issue. And if we dont act NOW, Brian's fate may present a frightening window to our future. This is a battle we did not ask for but one we can not afford to lose. For more info, visit: www.lockthegate.org.au www.northernriversguardians.org www.keerronggassquad.org
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NO to coal seam gas.wmv
The Wilderness Society (Sydney) combines with Samba Ninja to protest Against Destructive Mining/Drilling (At the Can't Eat Coal, Can't Drink Gas Rally, Sydney 20.3.2011)
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ABC News - 'gas 'spew' investigation - 27 May 2011
John Hill reports on an investigation into a coal seam gas well that spewed foamy liquid into the air near a water supply canal and houses at Campbelltown. 27 May 2011
Coal Seam Gas Drilling At Kerry Queensland
Coal Seam Gas Drilling At Kerry Queensland
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Tara, QLD - Coal Seam Gas Aerial Footage
Impact of the Coal Seam Gas industry on the rural community on Tara, QLD.
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7.30 NSW - ABC TV - Coal Seam Gas story and live debate 10.6.2011
7.30 NSW - ABC TV - Coal Seam Gas story and live debate 10.6.2011
stop coal seam gas now
go to this ipetition http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/stopcoalseamgasminingnow/
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7.30 Report - coal seam gas - 19 September 2011
Senator Larissa Waters speaks to the ABC's 7.30 Report about the impact on rural communities of coal seam gas.