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Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mine 10-6-13
Watching work at the mine today.
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Cripple Creek on my new longneck banjo
This is a banjo I had built for me by Jonathon Beyer at longneckbanjo.com , he did a super job, it sounds and plays awesome, it became my favorite banjo from the first time I played it! The videos sound and video quality isnt the best, i recorded it with my laptop, I am going to use my video camera to make another so you can hear how awesome this banjo sounds. Thanks Jonathon for my new favorite banjo!!!!!!
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Cripple Creek/Flop Eared Mule - Pat & Ricky Kelleher
Pat Kelleher, Irish Folk Singer & son Ricky from Dripsey, Co. Cork, Ireland. Here is my rendition of Cripple Creek and Flop Eared Mule played in clawhammer style banjo. I like to play the first and second part of Cripple Creek twice...just me! Hope you enjoy.....this is request for my friend Mike Horan from Mountcollins via Australia!
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Raglan Road.mp4
Obviously not a patch on the incomparable http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRHeTIcgwH8&feature=related but I love it so much I just had to give it a go...
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Old Joe Clarke / Cripple Creek
Clawhammer banjo
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Dawning of the day mandolin
Dawning of the day on mandolin with original version and my version
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SCA Barons War 2008 Cripple Creek, CO
SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism) "Barons War" event 2008 hosted by the Barony of Dragonspine (Colorado Springs, CO). Located in beautiful Cripple Creek CO, went from Aug 1st-3rd (this was midday Aug 2nd.) Really gettin into this stuff! Lovin it! -Matt (Mathias Macanyo, (Aspiring) Italian Rapier Fencer and Combat/Target Archer) www.sca.org (for more info btw)
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Why I Play EP 01 - Longneck Banjo with Rik Palieri
Why I Play series... inspiration and information from musicians as they discuss their tools and craft. Rik Palieri has been playing the longneck banjo for as long as he can remember. Hear him talk about the instrument and play several examples including excerpts of his orginal instrumental Marfa Lights, traditional tune June Apple, Good Morning Blues and others.
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Ragland Road
Prairie Creek String Band performs Ragland Road at their winter retreat in central Iowa.
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Cripple Creek on John Peterson long neck fretless banjo #432
Banjo going to France. Cherry long neck. Nylgut strings. Calf skin head. www.carryinon.com tuned: eBEG#B
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Cripple Creek - Troy Combined Elementary Orchestras, 5/5/15
Troy All-City Concert: Troy's Combined Elementary Orchestras. Directed by Renee Fidler & Rhiannon Mitchell. Troy, Michigan. 5/5/2015
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cripple creek
i have only been playing for 9 months... but i discovered banjo with rob on u tube two thumbs up rob thanks for you lessons
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Raglan Road
My rendition of a very famous Irish song/poem written by Paddy Kavanagh. It's been covered many times by many people. Lovely words and a lovely tune, a fantastic song about lost love. Played by me, Bruce Baillie accompanied on a Goldtone Cello Banjo tuned ADADE.
Views: 785 Bruce Baillie
Angeline The Baker - Dulcijo - Pat Kelleher
It's Christmas time again and time to have fun and make music with this very interesting instrument, a cross between dulcimer and banjo called a "DULCIJO" made by my great friend Michael Fox from Hickory NC. A great fun and serious instrument with two full length strings and a short drone string just like a 5 string banjo. Visit www.dulcijo.com to see info on Michael's Dulcijo, more videos and free tabs etc! Pat Kelleher Irish Folksinger from Dripsey, Co. Cork plays "Angeline The Baker"
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mine Raglan
mine Raglan
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Cripple Creek on John Peterson Seeger Long neck fretless banjo #379
Banjo going to CA. Seeger neck. Walnut neck and middle hoop. Maple top hoop. Cherry bottom hoop. Geared tuners. Steel strings. Calf skin head. www.carryinon.com tuned: gDGBD
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Banjo Practice: Cripple Creek
The slowest clawhammer playing you will ever hear, but I am finally pulling it off.
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Raglan Road - Pat Kelleher - Merlin Long Neck Banjo
Irish folk singer Pat Kelleher from Dripsey, Co. Cork performs Patrick Kavanaghs epic love song "Raglan Road" on a 1960's Merlin Long neck banjo. As an avid long neck banjo fan and player, I must say the playability on this Merlin leaves a bit to be desired to say the least especially with my fat fingers and narrow string spacing. However, the tone produced seems pleasing to the year and this could be partially due to the 11.5" head size. The 5th string needs a bit more taming. It's hard sometimes to change from one instrument to another less familiar one and compensate for the several differences. This one goes out to Mike Horan from Mountcollins via Australia!
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Ballyhooley - Raglan Road
Ballyhooley performing Raglan Road in concert at Celtic Traditions in Vancouver, October 2008.
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Raglan Road (Rough Cut)
Performed by the Creekside Players at Alridge Creek Terrace Assisted Living
Views: 65 Ron Zuckerman
Long Neck Banjo playing in the Key of E
You can use the same scale shapes as a regular neck banjo, which are usually tuned to G. The 3 added frets of a long neck banjo make it so you can tune to E, but the scale shapes and chord shapes will be the same. For example, if you have learned a G-scale, play the same shape, but this will now be an E scale.
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Frailing Banjo: Raglan Road
Raglan Road on Frailing Banjo for Luke Kelly Month at http://BanjoMania.net.
Views: 3391 Kelly Griner
Long Neck Banjo Goin' Up on the Mountain
Here's another tune on the long neck banjo. This one is in the key of E, because that is one of the cool things about the extra 3 frets of the long neck.
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Raglan Road - Pat Kelleher
Pat Kelleher, folksinger from Dripsey, Cork, Ireland sings Patrick Kavanaghs "Raglan Road" accompanied by his son Ricky (13) . August 2010
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04 It Makes No Difference  ... The Band Is Back: 1983 Reunion Concert
IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE THE BAND IS BACK: 1983 Reunion Concert LEVON HELM, RICK DANKO, GARTH HUDSON, RICHARD MANUEL The version from Canada, also released under the title Reunion Concert, is 87 minutes long with more songs and interviews. It's their first taped appearance since The Last Waltz. Filmed in Vancouver's Queen Elizabeth Theatre at the final concert of the reunion tour of '83, with Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel, Ernie Cate, Earl Cate, Ron Eoff and Terry Cagle. The original 120 minute version of the concert was shown on a pay TV network in Canada, with no commercials. The interviews are longer and there is more music. The four songs not included in the official video releases are "Voodoo", "You Don't Know Me", "Caldonia", and "Rock'n Roll Shoes". Rag Mama Rag Up On Cripple Creek The Shape I'm In It Makes No Difference Interview: Rick, Levon, on beginnings Milk Cow Boogie The Weight King Harvest Interview: Levon, Rick, Richard, on Big Pink, Dylan, band names... Long Black Veil W.S. Walcott Medicine Show Interview: Richard, Rick, on roots and influences Mystery Train Ophelia Levon and Garth jamming blues in the Dressing Room Interview: Rick, Levon, on Sonny Boy Williamson Java Blues Chest Fever Interview: Levon, Richard, Rick, on music and performing Back To Memphis Blaze of Glory Willie and the Hand Jive Garth and Levon, blues (over the credits) Voodoo Music You Don't Know Me Caldonia Rock'n Roll Shoes These songs and videos & portions belong to their writers and publishing companies. Never at anytime, was this song, or video, used to make money, sold, or transferred for profit by me. I have posted this video, out of love for the music and respect for all the people & musicians & music involved.
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Cutter Singleton as "Chewie" on banjo
Cutter Singleton -10 yr old- as Chewbacca picks Ballad of Jed Clampett Dec 2016
Views: 277 Shelley Singleton
Al O'Donnell "Night Visiting Song" on his new banjo
Al sings " Night Visiting Song" in his kitchen. He plays his new banjo custom made in my shop. For more information: www.banjoman.de
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Introducing the Violino D'Amore
For more information, read my blog at http://www.fiddlefan.com Like the Hardanger fiddle and the viola d'amore ("The Fiddle of Love"), the violino d'amore features sympathetic strings for an amazing sound. UPDATE: I've removed the fine tuners on Faith's sympathetic strings. For some reason, they don't seem to make much difference. On the other hand, the pegs are settling in, so I've had more success tuning the understrings with them. I've also switched to BDEF#A for the understrings, dropping the C down to B. The main reason is that the lowest understring produces an odd ringing. That ringing happens a lot less when it's tuned to a B, probably because B is not as prominent in the keys of G and C, which are good fiddle keys. The BDEF#A configuration is popular on Hardanger fiddles, so this should enrich the keys of D and G for me while getting rid of the odd sound in the key of C.
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The Willis Clan plus dancer
We were at the Irish Festival in Carbondale, Il, and happened to catch this young man doing his version of Irish clogging
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Pat & Ricky Kelleher - Busker Abu - I've Waited As Long As I Can
Pat & Ricky Kelleher, musicians from Dripsey, Co. Cork Ireland perform Hylo Browns "I've Waited As Long As I Can" on Irish national television Irish language channel TG4 show "Busker Abú"....Enjoy! We had great fun and experience.
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TORKfest 2000 Part ONE
TORKfest 2000 Part One with the PT banjo set
Views: 133 torkwenches
Scorn Not His Simplicity on tenor banjo
Very personal song to me.
Views: 34 Alex Hickey
Cindy  - Pat & Ricky Kelleher
Irish folk singer Pat Kelleher and his son Ricky from Dripsey, County Cork, Ireland perform the great love song "Cindy" old-time style. Here for banjo entusiasts, Pat uses a custom built Clareen open back Whyte Laydie banjo built by the great Tom Cussen, Galway.
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Fields of Athenry / Raglan Road  -- mountain dulcimer
A medley for dulcimer.
Views: 8447 Tom McDonald
Molly Malone  5 String Banjo Lesson
Learn to play the famous Irish ballad, Molly Malone, on 5 String Banjo. Lessons includes melody, accompaniment pattern and fingerpicking arrangment of the song.
Views: 2938 PaddyKiernanMusic
Silent Night on Guitar by Steve Baughman w/Robin Bullock
Steve Baughman and Robin Bullock close their live concert with an audience singalong piece at the Douglas Theatre in Macon Ga. on December 4, 2004.
Views: 7423 Mark Foley
Christmas with Robin & Steve
Robin Bullock performing his unique version of Carol of the Bells plus Silent Night with Steve Baughman & Robin Bullock...with the audience joining in to sing. The Douglass Theatre, Macon Ga. 2004 Recorded by Foley Productions, Inc. http://www.markfoleyproductions.com/
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Ring of Fire (Approximately, Clawhammer)
Had a sore throat, so I took a crack at some Johnny Cash.
Views: 519 Steve Harrison
The Road To Lisdoonvarna
Lisdoonvarna is a located on the southwest coast of Ireland in the County Clore. Long known for their salt water springs, this lively tune invokes memories, for me, at least, of journeying through Ireland's beautiful countryside to bathe in the healing, therapuetic waters. I hope you enjoy it. Comments and friends always welcome.
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Vega Pete Seeger long neck banjo SOLD!
Pete Seeger long neck open back banjo. This banjo is from the era when Martin owned the Vega company. These have a great pop to them with tons of low end from the open strings. capoed at the third fret it can be played just like any other 5 string banjo. This is in good original condition with the Grover rotomatic tuners, bow tie tone ring, and bracket band. Price: $1995 http://bernunzio.com/products/1016022
Little Birdie   Long Neck Gold Tone
Little Birdie redux, this time on the Gold Tone long neck. Tuning is eAEAB
Views: 1206 Banjo Mike Evans
The Langer's Ball - Johnny, You're a Rovin' Blade
Minnesota Celtic rock band The Langer's Ball song "Johnny, You're a Rovin' Blade" from their 2012 album The Devil or the Barrel. Download the album here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Devil-or-the-Barrel/dp/B008V2D6ZU
Views: 6829 ThePubOnTheCorner
1969 ODE Baldwin Long Neck Banjo Used by The Clancy Brothers
Rare banjo professionally used by the Clancy Brothers for 7 or 8 years. This banjo toured the world for much of the 1970s. The instrument is in good shape but professionally road-worn. Instrument has been maintained in good playing condition. Fingerboard and frets in fine shape. Mild wear on the peghead. Two repairs in the neck, one at the volute and one at the heel. Neck is great. One nut not matching the other nuts. Fifth string capo installed on side of neck. Strap button installed on heel of neck. All other parts original, possibly even the head. Brass ring inset at the top of the aluminum uni-pot. Wonderful mahogany neck with three-piece rosewood and maple stringer. Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, heelcap, and peghead overlay showing lighter wood layer beneath. Truss rod adjustment works fine. Planetary main tuners with Schaller 5th, all with matching cream buttons. This banjo is unique and in excellent playing condition and is a proven stage performer. - See more at: http://gregboyd.com/instruments.html?family=Banjos#sthash.xYzihFRL.dpuf
Canadian Couplet - Clogging Step Practice
Canadian Couplet
Views: 914 kerriclogs
Bonaparte's Retreat on mountain dulcimer
This version is found is Dave Haas's book "Let's Jam!".
Views: 138 David Elosser
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
First outing for an all Cherry Teardrop Dulcimer, 27" VSL, here strung with 0.024 pb. wound, 0.013 and 0.011 plain steel, tuned DAc
Views: 5208 johnhenry176
Shebeg Shemor
Shebeg shemor is one of the best-known songs by the great Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan. The tune is played twice through- the "verse" twice, then the refrain, then the verse only once, and finally a variation of the refrain. Norman and Nancy Blake played it the first way, but most dulcimer players play it the second way; and I don't know which is the original O'Carolan version (or the closest to it.) The mountain dulcimer was made in 1989 by McSpadden to be first prize in the National Mountain Dulcimer Competition in Winfield, Kanas, and is an FM12-kk Custom made of koa wood. btw: McSpadden makes very, very, excellent instruments. It is a right-handed dulcimer but I play it left-handed.
Views: 25411 john sosman

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