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Sea Monkeys on the Moon 2013, day 2
There are about 40 tiny Sea Monkey hatchlings today. More than twice as many since yesterday! ***Would you like to know more fascinating information about Sea Monkeys? OF COURSE YOU WOULD.*** Sea Monkeys are a special hybridized species of brine shrimp. They were developed in 1957 by Harold Von Braunhut. Their scientific name is Artemia NYOS. They are NOT the same as the "regular brine shrimp" found in nature, or bought in pet shops or labs. Sea Monkeys must be hatched using the special proprietary combination of chemicals (yeast, borax, soda, salt) and purified water that come in the kit from the manufacturing company (Transcience). They are cryptobiotic, meaning that while still unhatched in their eggs, they are put into a state of dormancy where they are technically still alive, but their metabolic processes in their bodies stop until they are activated back into life with the purified water and special chemical combination. This is done artificially to the Sea Monkey eggs, but it can actually occur in nature too, with other species. Sea Monkeys are not found in the sea and they are not monkeys. But --- they are super cute and fun to take care of. Never a dull moment in Sea Monkey land. Thank you for visiting my channel!
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