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U.S. Air Force Cryptologic Language Analyst
See how Cryptologic Language Analysts in the Air Force use their foreign language skills to gather and interpret information so that U.S. leaders can make informed decisions in the defense of our nation. For more information about becoming a Cryptologic Language Analyst in the U.S. Air Force, visit https://www.airforce.com/careers/detail/cryptologic-language-analyst For more information about becoming an Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst in the U.S. Air Force, visit https://www.airforce.com/careers/detail/airborne-cryptologic-language-analyst
U.S. Air Force: Cryptologic Language Analyst
Decipher and analyze foreign intelligence as an Air Force Cryptologic Language Analyst. https://www.airforce.com/careers/detail/cryptologic-language-analyst
MOS 35P Cryptologic Linguist
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U.S. Air Force Cryptologic Language Analyst Training Pipeline
Discover the path Airmen take from basic training to becoming either a Ground or Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst in the U.S. Air Force. https://www.airforce.com/careers/detail/airborne-cryptologic-language-analyst
FBI Linguists: Key Skills and Testing
FBI linguists speak about the key skills needed and testing required to work as an FBI linguist. Visit fbijobs.gov/linguists to learn more or apply and start your adventure as an FBI linguist today.
DLIFLC linguists in action
Twenty-four Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Persian Farsi language students spent four days training and teaching 4th Battalion of the 104th Division Army Reserve Soldiers vital cultural negotiation skills at Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif.
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Language Enabled Airman Program - Capt Reni Angelova
The Language Enabled Airman Program, or LEAP, is a career-spanning program designed to identify, develop, and sustain America's foreign language and cultural capabilities to cultivate cross-culturally competent leaders who can meet Air Force global mission requirements. In this feature, LEAP participant Capt Reni Angelova assists joint exercises between the US Army and Bulgarian forces.
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What do Language Officers do?
Learn about a language officer career in the CIA’s Directorate of Operations. https://www.cia.gov/careers/opportunities/clandestine/clandestine-officer-wma.html
FBI Linguists: The Opportunities for Linguists
FBI Linguists discuss the opportunities they have in their FBI careers. Visit fbijobs.gov/linguists to learn more or apply and start your adventure as an FBI linguist today.
FBI Linguists: What We Do and How to be Successful
FBI Linguists discuss various aspects and challenges of their work. Visit fbijobs.gov/linguists to learn more or apply and start your adventure as an FBI linguist today.
2017 AIR FORCE IN-DEMAND CAREER/JOB FIELDS The IN_DEMAND fields that the Air Force is looking for: Mechanical Linguists Special Forces Computer Technology/IT Warrior Airmen Social Media http://www.instagram.com/nerdykev87 http//www.twitter.com/nerdykev87
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FBI Careers: Linguist
Linguist Yolanda speaks about her experience working for the FBI.
TOP 10 how to identify a linguist
STARRING: Anna Kryzhanovskaya, Anastasia Malkova, Olga Ivushkina, Ekaterina Treyar, Maria Petukhova, Artemiy Perevoshchikov, Varvara Poroshina GROUP: 3041 PRODUCTION AND EDITING BY Anastasia Morozova I’m a student of Dubna University, and it means… In other words, we're students of the linguistic department in Dubna University and it means...In the video we offer TOP 10 features how to identify a linguist.
Foreign Language: An Adventure of a Lifetime
See why the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) is regarded as one of the finest schools for foreign language instruction in the nation. As part of the Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), the Institute provides resident instruction at the Presidio of Monterey.
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Air Force Recruiting Experience
HEY LOVELY PEOPLE! This is a different type of 24hrs with Kiah video because the main focus was the Air Force aspect of it. JOBS IN THE LINGUISTIC/ INTELLIGENCE AREA: Cryptologic Language Analyst & Airbourne Cryptologic Language Analyst -https://www.airforce.com/careers/detail/cryptologic-language-analyst -https://www.airforce.com/careers/detail/airborne-cryptologic/ http://usmilitary.about.com/od/airforceenlistedjobs/a/afjob1a8x1.htm Here are some links I referred to before seeing the recruiter! -https://www.airforce.com/ ASVAB PRACTICE TEST -http://www.asvabpracticetests.com/ -https://www.4tests.com/asvab -https://uniontestprep.com/asvab/practice-test ASVAB FOR DUMMIES PDF - http://www.hornlakemcjrotc.org/00%20-%20CADET%20ADMIN/ASVAB%20AFQT%20for%20Dummies%20(ISBN%20-%200470566523).pdf
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FBI Careers: Language Analyst
Language Analyst Elie speaks about his experience working for the FBI.
Eager Interpreter
Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MAVNI) is a recruiting program that allows legal non-citizens with in-demand skills to join the military in exchange for expedited U.S. citizenship. Air Force language and cultural advisor "Dino" Dannawi, participated in exercise Eager Lion 2017 with the Air Force Special Operations Command 23rd Special Tactics Squadron. As one of the youngest members of the team in both age and service, Dino serves in one of the most respected and important capacities.
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AFN Osan - Korean language competition challenges linguists
Understanding your host countries language can be a huge advantage. Air Force Staff Sergeant Justan Wayne takes us to Camp Humphreys where linguists are competing to see whose the best.
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Chief Gordon, Cryptologic Technician -- Language Immersion
Cryptologic Technician Interpretive (CTI) Chief Donna Gordon explains how CTIs learn foreign languages while serving in America's Navy. Analyzing encrypted electronic communications. Jamming enemy radar signals. Deciphering information in foreign languages. Maintaining the state-of-the-art equipment and networks used to generate top secret intel. This is the highly specialized work of the Enlisted Sailors in the Navy Cryptology community. Learn more here: http://www.navy.com/careers/information-and-technology/cryptology.html
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Navy Cryptologic Technican
A quick description of the different CT rates in the Navy. Navy Description: https://www.navy.com/careers/information-and-technology/cryptology.html#ft-key-responsibilities
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US Military's Language School Draws Positive Attention
The U.S. Defense Language Institute (DLI) is the largest language school in the world. It was established a decade ago to provide linguistic and cultural instruction to the Defense Department and other Federal Agencies. Today, the Institute's Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) has 26 Language Training Detachments, supporting different types of missions worldwide. Reza Allahyari, of VOA's Persian News Network has this report from Monterey, California.
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DLAB Full In Depth Explanation 2017
This is a brief but full in depth of the DLAB required for all linguists in the armed forces. I took this test March 13 2017.
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Staff sergeant’s path from Korean cryptologic linguist to Microsoft
Zane Coppedge believed his IT skills were too military-specific. Through Microsoft Software & Systems Academy (MSSA), he discovered a path to tech and now mentors former service members looking to make the same transition. For more information about MSSA, visit http://military.microsoft.com/mssa.
How to Get Hired as an Intelligence Analyst
Interested in a career in intelligence analysis? Consider getting the triple threat of skills - analysis, linguistics and IT. Veterans can find great opportunities in intelligence, but be sure to emphasize overseas experience on your resume, and highlight foreign languages and information technology expertise.
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Cool Jobs: Air Force Linguist
United States Air Force MSgt. Khan Khammanee is a Lao linguist working for the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. When she was young her family emigrated from Laos. She says this job is a way to pay back her adopted country.
Former FBI Language Specialist
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Recruiting command commits to bringing on more linguists
Maj. Gen. Jeffery Snow, commanding general of U.S. Army Recruiting Command, visited the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center at the Presidio of Monterey, California, Sept. 17. He spoke about recruiting and getting more potential Army applicants interested in becoming linguists.
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so I failed the DLAB
This video is about so I failed the DLAB
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Being the Language Analyst at SpeakINDIA forum
Playing the role of the Language analyst offers you an exciting opportunity to develop you language skills. You note down good and not so good usages of English language and then share them with the audience, helping everyone improve their communication skills.
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Signals Operator Linguist
Can you keep a secret? Are you good at problem solving? Do you want to be paid to learn a foreign language? If so, then a career in the Air Force as a Signals Operator Linguist is for you. Learn More: http://goo.gl/DaRva
FBI Linguists: Serving My Country
FBI linguists speak in their native languages about serving their country. Visit fbijobs.gov/linguists to learn more or apply and start your adventure as an FBI linguist today.
The Linguist
Everyone loves a clever little girl who knows a dozen foreign languages–until the truth reveals itself.
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Combined Arms Center general says the need for linguists will grow
Lt. Gen. Robert Brown, the commanding general of the Combined Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., says the future of the military lies in better education, more cultural awareness and language skills training, and the ability to prevent conflict and shape outcomes that lead to peaceful solutions.
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ISR Mission (AFA Video)
ISR is one of the Air Force’s five enduring core missions and is integral to Global Vigilance for the nation—foundational to Global Reach and Global Power. As we transition to what will likely be a highly volatile, unpredictable future, AF ISR will be the bedrock upon which the service provides freedom of action to our joint and coalition partners. ISR is the top combatant commander requirement and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Balancing capabilities across the range of military operations remains a top priority as ISR experts deliver decision advantage to commanders at all levels.
Army Language School circa 1951 US Army; Defense Language Institute; The Big Picture TV-200
more at http://travel.quickfound.net/language_lessons_and_translation_tools.html 'The need grows for qualified linguists of many languages. The Army is keeping step with that need by providing these linguists. Film shows steps in training, sources of both teachers and students, and visits the classrooms of the school located at Monterey, California.' "The Big Picture" episode TV-200 The Big Picture TV Series playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_hX5wLdhf_Jwfz5l_3NRAcCYURbOW2Fl Public domain film from the US National Archives, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and mild video noise reduction applied. The soundtrack was also processed with volume normalization, noise reduction, clipping reduction, and/or equalization (the resulting sound, though not perfect, is far less noisy than the original). http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defense_Language_Institute The Defense Language Institute (DLI) is a United States Department of Defense (DoD) educational and research institution, which provides linguistic and cultural instruction to the Department of Defense, other Federal Agencies and numerous customers around the world. The Defense Language Institute is responsible for the Defense Language Program, and the bulk of the Defense Language Institute's activities involve educating DoD members in assigned languages, and international personnel in English... History The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) traces its roots to the eve of America’s entry into World War II, when the U.S. Army established a secret school at the Presidio of San Francisco to teach the Japanese language. Classes began 1 November 1941, with four instructors and 60 students in an abandoned airplane hangar at Crissy Field. The students were primarily second generation Japanese Americans (Nisei) from the West Coast, who had learned Japanese from their first-generation parents but were educated in the US and whose Japanese was somewhat limited, the "Kibei," Japanese-Americans who had been educated in Japan and spoke Japanese like the Japanese themselves, along with two Caucasian students, the only US military personnel who had any useful command of the Japanese language at the beginning of WWII. Nisei Hall, along with several other buildings, is named in honor of these earliest students, who are honored in the Institute’s Yankee Samurai exhibit. During the war, the Military Intelligence Service Language School (MISLS), as it came to be called, grew dramatically. When Japanese-Americans on the West Coast were moved into internment camps in 1942, the school moved to temporary quarters at Camp Savage, Minnesota. By 1944 the school had outgrown these facilities and moved to nearby Fort Snelling. More than 6,000 graduates served throughout the Pacific Theater during the war and the subsequent occupation of Japan. In 1946 the school moved to the Presidio of Monterey, the renamed Army Language School expanded rapidly in 1947–48 during the Cold War. Instructors, including native speakers of more than thirty languages and dialects, were recruited from all over the world. Russian became the largest language program, followed by Chinese, Korean, and German... Cold War language instruction The U.S. Air Force met most of its foreign language training requirements in the 1950s through contract programs at universities such as Yale, Cornell, Indiana, and Syracuse and the U.S. Navy taught foreign languages at the Naval Intelligence School in Washington, D.C., but in 1963 these programs were consolidated into the Defense Foreign Language Program. A new headquarters, the Defense Language Institute (DLI), was established in Washington, D.C... The Army Language School became the DLI West Coast Branch, and the foreign language department at the Naval Intelligence School became the DLI East Coast Branch. The contract programs were gradually phased out. The DLI also took over the English Language School at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, which became the DLI English Language Center (DLIELC). During the peak of American involvement in Vietnam (1965–73), the DLI stepped up the pace of language training. While regular language training continued unabated, more than 20,000 service personnel studied Vietnamese through the DLI’s programs, many taking a special eight-week military adviser “survival” course... Vietnamese instruction continued at DLI until 2004. Consolidation In the 1970s the institute’s headquarters and all resident language training were consolidated at the West Coast Branch and renamed the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC). In 1973, the newly formed U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) assumed administrative control, and in 1976, all English language training operations were returned to the U.S. Air Force, which operates DLIELC to this day...
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MOS Profile: Linguist
www.facebook.com/twoninemarine www.twitter.com/twoninemarine www.pinterest.com/twoninemarine http://myprepblog.blogspot.com http://marinecorpsstuff.blogspot.com
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Buddy swears into the USAF!
The whole ceremony! :D My brother's going in as an E-3 Cryptologic Linguist. I went on one side of the room and my parents and younger sister went on the other side. He shipped out for BMT about an hour later of the ceremony! Sorry for the constant rotation - this is my 1st YT video ever so I was trying to get a good shot but I may have overkilled!
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DLAB AND EDPT | Air Force Speciality Test
Though not as common as the ASVAB I wanted to let everyone know what the DLAB and EDPT tests are about in the Air Force. The DLAB is the Defense Language Aptitude Battery and as you can guess is used to qualify for the linguist jobs. The EDPT is the Electronic Data Processing Test and is used to qualify for only a few jobs throughout the entire military. Know what to study for the DLAB and EDPT by watching the video. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE AIR FORCE! -http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=tythegamingguy1 STALK ME ON IG: http://instagram.com/tylertheno FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER - https://twitter.com/TheCosmicSpider SKYPE: TheCosmicSpider TWITCH: http://www.twitch.tv/cosmicthespider Looking for a YouTube Partner? Swing over to Maker Studios and see if you're qualified! http://r.mker.tv/sYru32 Welcome Cosmonauts, Broadcasting from Earth, TheCosmicSpider aims to bring you entertaining videos of all the latest and greatest video games. We will explore a large variety of genres to including but not limited to; FPS, RPG, Indie, Adventure, Story Rich, and Puzzle. Be sure to subscribe for the opprotunity to be the first to see new content, participate in giveaways, and be apart of the best community on YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=tythegamingguy1 STALK ME ON IG: http://instagram.com/tylertheno FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER - https://twitter.com/TheCosmicSpider SKYPE: TheCosmicSpider TWITCH: http://www.twitch.tv/cosmicthespider
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