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BBC A Brief History of Graffiti
Arts, History documentary hosted by Richard Clay, published by BBC in 2015 - English narration. Dr Richard Clay goes in search of what it is that has made us scribble and scratch mementos of our lives for more than 30,000 years. From the prehistoric cave paintings of Burgundy in France, through gladiatorial fan worship in Roman Lyons to the messages left on the walls of Germany's Reichstag in 1945 by triumphant Soviet troops, time and again we have wanted to leave a permanent record of our existence for our descendants. And it may be that this is where what today we call art comes from - the humble scratch, graffiti.
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Brave New World (1980)
Brave New World is an American television film first shown in 1980. It was also shown on the BBC that same year. An adaptation of the novel with the same name by Aldous Huxley, it was directed by Burt Brinckerhoff for Universal Television and first shown on NBC on March 7 1980.
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