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Mining Rare Ore - EVE Online
Basic overview of rare ore available for mining in low sec, null sec, and wormhole systems. Just keep in mind that rare ore doesn't mean it's the most profitable ore. For current prices of ore on the market, check out http://ore.cerlestes.de/ EVE Online Oceanus
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The Download - Miners Unite!
Hey Capsuleers! Today we are talking about how to make Isk while mining. Mining is the cornerstone of the EVEs economy and an extremely important activity that is very easy to get into and can be quite profitable if you put the time in. As always, feel free to contact me ingame "Osvaldr Adridian" if you have any questions. Some important skills to increase your profits: Arkonor Processing - Reduction in Arkonor reprocessing waste Astrogeology - Improves mining turret yield. Required for the use of mining barges. Bistot Processing - Reduction in Bistot reprocessing waste Crokite Processing - Reduction in Crokite reprocessing waste Dark Ochre Processing - Reduction in Dark Ochre reprocessing waste Deep Core Mining - Allows use Deep Core Mining Lasers and reduces the chance of a damage cloud forming while mining Mercoxit Gneiss Processing - Reduction in Gneiss reprocessing waste Hedbergite Processing - Reduction in Hedbergite reprocessing waste Hemorphite Processing - Reduction in Hemorphite reprocessing waste Jaspet Processing - Reduction in Jaspet reprocessing waste Kernite Processing - Reduction in Kernite reprocessing waste Mercoxit Processing - Reduction in Mercoxit reprocessing waste Mining - Bonus to mining turret yield Mining Upgrades - Allows use mining upgrades Omber Processing - Reduction in Omber reprocessing waste Plagioclase Processing - Reduction in Plagioclase reprocessing waste Pyroxeres Processing - Reduction in Pyroxeres reprocessing waste Reprocessing - Reduction in reprocessing waste Reprocessing Efficiency - Further reduction in reprocessing waste Scordite Processing - Reduction in Scordite reprocessing waste Spodumain Processing - Reduction in Spodumain reprocessing waste Veldspar Processing - Reduction in Veldespar reprocessing waste Also, there are a couple implants that can also increase your profits: Implant slots 1-5 The Mid/Low Grade Harvest sets --Increase range to all mining lasers Implant slot 7 Michi's Excavation Augmentor --Increase range to all mining lasers Implant slot 8 Zainou 'Beancounter' Reprocessing RX-801/RX-802/RX-804 --Increase reprocessing yield Implant slot 10 Inherent Implants 'Highwall' Mining MX-1001/MX-1003/MX-1005 --Increase to mining yield
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