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Easy Whirlwind Macro Razor
Here is a quick and easy Champing Whirlwind Macro. Makes going from one monster to the next easy and painless.
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Arthur HamHam usando change speed - DMS Shard - Ultima Online
Vídeo do player Arthur HamHam usando change speed no jogo Ultima Online.
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Olá pessoal, venho trazer pra vocês um tipo de lógica diferente, mas igualmente divertida, eis um jogo que me deu o primeiro contato com algum tipo de programação... Espero que gostem tanto quanto eu... Para quem conhece, jogue... E para quem não conhece, experimente esse jogo... Entre agora em www.dmsshard.com.br e baixe o jogo e jogue gratuitamente.
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click n drag
Actual script on this video is here: http://www.simplehotkey.com/faq/index.php?action=artikel&cat=3&id=3&artlang=en I was playing a shard that doesn't have sallos and got tired of not having .dragtobag functionality this script is written using notepad and saved as a .ahk file hold alt and right click to set a destination location, like a pouch in your main pack, then whenever you hold shift and left click it will drag whatever is under your cursor to the destination location, drop it, and return the cursor to where it was when you clicked down. just have to make sure auto que delay in razor is turned off If you have autohotkey paste this into a new script, use the ahk compiler to convert the .ahk script to an exe, then run as admin with your game client, works in UO and other games like Darkfall, you can adjust the delay by changing the numbers in the line starting with "MouseClickDrag". Once you open the exe, hold ALT and right click to set the destination drop spot, then hold shift and left click to click/drag from the current mouse position, then return it to where you clicked from: IniFile := "C:\loot.txt" FileGetSize, size, %IniFile% if (size = "") { MsgBox Setting up IniWrite, 1081, %IniFile%, Loot, xdest ; --- destination x pos IniWrite, 783, %IniFile%, Loot, ydest ; --- destination y pos } else { IniRead, xdest, %IniFile%, Loot, xdest ; --- destination x pos IniRead, ydest, %IniFile%, Loot, ydest ; --- destination y pos } CoordMode, Pixel $+Lbutton:: ;quick loot ------------------------- MouseGetPos, x1, y1 MouseClickDrag, left, x1, y1, xdest, ydest, 3 ;0 is mouse speed, 0 is instant MouseMove, x1, y1, 0 ;0 is mouse speed, 0 is instant return $!Rbutton:: ;loot destination --------------------- MouseGetPos, xdest, ydest IniWrite, %xdest%, %IniFile%, Loot, xdest IniWrite, %ydest%, %IniFile%, Loot, ydest
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