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Dynamically Determining Equiripple FIR Digital Filter Quality Metrics
Slifer is available at http://www.dspcreations.com/slifer1.html Here the quality of an equiripple FIR digital filter is measured. Ripple and transition metrics are determined dynamically, changing as filter coefficients are adjusted. The usefulness of being able to painlessly archive design results becomes clear. This can ease subsequent quantification and comparisons of procedural effectiveness. Slifer is a powerful MATLAB-based filter design tool; learn more about it and related tools developed by DSP Creations at http://www.dspcreations.com
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Shaping Equiripple FIR Filter Sidelobes
It is easy to shape the sidelobe structure of an equiripple FIR digital filter designed with the Remez algorithm in MATLAB. Here the 1/f shaping that is advocated in the "Multirate Signal Processing for Communication Systems" text (by Professor fred harris) is performed using the Sketch-a-Filt tool. What is the REASON for doing this type of shaping? As harris explains at length (pages 60-64), lowering sidelobes reduces susceptibility to sidelobe incursion once coefficients are quantized. Moreover, 1/f-style shaping is especially beneficial because outlier impulse response impulses are eliminated and the consequent lowering of the integrated sidelobe level decreases pile-up of aliased energy whenever filter output is re-sampled. The design specimen reproduced here can be seen in Figure 3.23 on page 66 of the harris book. It is shown that linear, square and even cubic sidelobe weighting can be done with just a few button clicks. Wholesale dB level shifting can be readily effected under slider control. While all this is happening, passband ripple is being monitored, and (as harris indicates) the in-band gain disturbance is found to often be only minor.
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The FIR filter design, The realization of Optimized Equiripple Method by Matlab
Design equiripple lowpass filter using function Remez Matlab Code https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YW2cwCcJNBqKOzqmFRWCBJ5fxAOjWwhHK53z4OTJiWI/edit?usp=sharing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Design equiripple bandpass filter using function Remez https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Hd4_66GsEY6hzgg7xqBXVyDfNITdlmgDtTL7yaGq2z8/edit?usp=sharing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Design equiripple bandstop filter using function Remez https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dGNGLGVaUx_sYMjUOE9yr4OfW_uAT330jRjyasUOKP4/edit?usp=sharing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The FIR filter design, the realization of window function method by Matlab https://youtu.be/eTdW8ZgBmgs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The FIR filter design, the realization of frequency sampling method by Matlab https://youtu.be/wxQFxIv2QRk ____________________________________________________________ FIR Filter Design using fir1 function, FREQZ, & FILTER one-dimensional function by Matlab https://youtu.be/H0M6h1BL2rY
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trabajo filtro Equiripple labview
hay se los dejo chóquenlo , comenten y dejen si me gusta
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QuickDAQ - Digital Filters
With QuickDAQ you can perform real-time, digital filtering without any programming required.
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Unleashing Ripple to Reduce Digital Filter Gain Transition Width
Sketch-a-Filt is available at http://www.dspcreations.com/sketch1.html A minimum-phase lowpass FIR filter with very low passband and stopband ripples is first presented. Then it is shown that the transition width for the gain can be substantially reduced by liberating the ripple constraints in one or both bands. Sketch-a-Filt is a multi-featured MATLAB-based filter design tool ; learn more about it and related tools developed by DSP Creations at http://www.dspcreations.com
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First Order RC High Pass and Low Pass Filters
A video tutorial on constructing high and low pass RC filters and demonstrating how to generate and measure signals using the NI MyDAQ device.
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implementation of FIR digital filter on fpga
we were able to implement a lowpass FIR equiripple filter on FPGA. We've used spartan 3e. We calculated the filter coefficient form matlab and implemented it on FPGA using VHDL.
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Filter Stopband Comparision
Comparison of stop band performance of stock and custom high attenuation filters for the Soekris DAM1021. Filters coefficients were applied to a short music sample using SoX to illustrate the behaviour of the stop band. Static filter response plots don't capture the way the stop band behaves whilst filtering audio.
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filtro pasa baja labview
filtro pasa baja labview
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Filtro Digital usando o método de Parks-McClellan (Resumo de um trabalho)
Este vídeo foi desenvolvido pelos alunos Iury Matias e Marcos André do curso de Bacharel em engenharia de controle e automação do IFG campus goiânia. Como parte do trabalho de filtros digitais da matéria de processamento digital de sinais.
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Trabalho PDS Parks-McClellan
Projeto para a disciplina de Processamento Digital de Sinais, um filto FIR com metodo Parks-McClellan. Material: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0By4HYNUVnFdjfmR4eldiUVh1aGxQeVpVbVY1ZnlGdnpjRkUtcl9Ud0dTRGZhMkpyRVFGaFE&usp=sharing
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Approximate Inversion of a Maximum-Phase Digital Filter by an FIR Compensator
DSP_Speedster is available at http://www.dspcreations.com/dspspeedster1.html Here a maximum-phase digital filter (notoriously resistant to inverse filtering) is invoked. Satisfactory spectral amplitude compensation is achieved by an FIR filter. DSP_Speedster is a Simulink LabKit ; learn more about it and related tools developed by DSP Creations at http://www.dspcreations.com
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