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Rivers where you can still find gold
There's still gold in these hills The gold rushes of the 19th century have long since ended, but there are still plenty of places you can hunt for the precious metal using a shovel, pan, metal detector and more. In fact, recreational gold mining is a pastime these days for many people, and for good reason: the largest nugget ever found in California was discovered by an amateur. Here are some key locations worldwide that you can still prospect for the yellow metal – you never know, you may get lucky and strike it rich. Please leave your comments or feel free to discuss in the comments section. Your feedback will be appreciated. Thanks for watching!! Like! Share! Comment! Subscribe! Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/checkfacts360 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/checkfacts360 Twitter: https://twitter.com/checkfacts360 Tumblr: https://checkfacts360.tumblr.com/
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Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey - History and Background
State Geologist and Director Jamie Robertson talks about the history of WGNHS. Included is an interview with a Hydrogeologist Madeline Gotkowitz talking about a DNR/arsenic case at Woods School.
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Alternatives to Clearcutting in Aspen Forests, Charly Ray, WI
Charly Ray is a forester in Ashland, Wisconsin. He has received two SARE grants for sustainable forestry initiatives. His current project is exploring alternatives to clearcutting in aspen forests. Learn about this SARE project here: https://projects.sare.org/sare_project/fnc12-885/
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'Radical' Social Work's History and Future:  Our Field, Our State, Our Year
The University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Social Work Presents: "'Radical' Social Work's History and Future: Our Field, Our State, Our Year" This event was the kick-off for the School of Social Work's 2011-12 Macro Seminar Series, and featured Professor Mark Courtney from the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration and Ron Chance, Community Programs Manager for the Dane County Department of Human Services. This particular event emerged from student discussions about the role of social work practice and education in a time of relative political upheaval in the State of Wisconsin, across the U.S., and around the globe. The SSW Macro Seminar Series was begun in 2010 out of student desire to learn more about "macro" social work -- meaning practice at the levels of policy, organizations and community -- and to network with local community practitioners. With generous funding from an SSW alumna (BA 1949, PhD 1969), the school has brought in an array of speakers across the macro practice spectrum. Filmed on February 9, 2012.
Iron mines dive Lund Bc.
Our dive at the Iron mine wall in Lund. Friendly visits from sealions.
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WPT University Place: 1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed
Eric Cline, Professor of Classics and Anthropology at George Washington University, discusses the factors that caused the Bronze Age to come to an end. Cline focuses on events of 1177 BC including earthquakes, drought, famine and rebellions and discusses their similarity to events occurring today. Explore the full archive of WPT's University Place lectures online at http://wpt.org/universityplace
How to Use Google Earth to Find Killer Metal Detecting Sites
This is a very quick tutorial on how to use Google Earth to find awesome metal detecting sites. It focus on the Time Bar and the "roads" section. I am currently using it to study an empty field where an old nursing home used to be.
Where To Find Gems & Gold Locations How Where To Find Gems Gold Locations How To Find Gold Locations
Where to find gems gold locations. Pounds of Gold: https://youtu.be/H-5HKQO6kw0 GOLD & GEMSTONE LOCATIONS -A TRILLION DOLLAR HUNT: https://youtu.be/eoIqJo95VtY How To Find Gold - FINE GOLD: https://youtu.be/YxuPCULLE0g How & Where To Find Gold With Metal Detectors: https://youtu.be/f8VpW14My9E Metal Detecting For Gold: https://youtu.be/wAEGXPzj6Rc How To Find Gold With Basic Tools: https://youtu.be/Dxmqr1FXS4U Gold Dredging: https://youtu.be/KZ0BuZMy1wo How To Find Opals: https://youtu.be/OXOusJiuNdQ How To Make Jewelry: https://youtu.be/7lR2ZHP-tMY Connie's Custom Vinyl Prospector Stickers & More on Ebay: http://stores.ebay.com/store=417495924 How to find gold. Where to find gold & gemstone locations video. Where to find gold & gemstone locations video. Where to find gold & gemstone locations video. Where to find gold & gemstone locations video. Where to find gold & gemstone locations video. Where to find gold & gemstone locations video. Part of the "Finding Gold" series of videos. Finding Gold XX. Where to find gems. Where to find gold. Finding Gold Series. Finding Gold videos! Where to find gemstones. Where to find gold. Where to find sunstones. How to find sunstones. Where to find opals. How to find opals. Where to find gold. How to find gold. Where and how to find gold anywhere. How to find gold prospecting series. Where to find gold prospecting series. How and where to find gold prospecting series. How to books on where to find gold. How to books on where to find opals. How to books on where to find gemstones. How and where to find gemstones, gold locations throughout the United States. How to find gold and gemstone locations. How and where to find gold and gems.
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FNS - Elder Teachings by Napos
This is an oral recording of Medicine Wheel teachings by Napos, Menominee Nation. The oral teachings are accompanied by video images and pictures. The oral teachings reflect a traditional First Nations worldview and including teachings on concept of "4" and the Seven Gifts as a way of living in the world.
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Understanding the TRC Calls to Action
March 23, 2016 Panel Discussion Re-Visioning Teacher Education: Responding to the TRC Calls-to-Action 2016 University of Manitoba
FULL STORY: Failing Canada’s First Nations Children
Canadian kids from isolated communities forced to move away from their families – just to go to school. For more info, please go to www.global16x9.com.
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The Hazards of Shipping Containers
This video describes the hazards of re-using shipping containers for storage or as a workspace.
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Otis Gold Corp., "Kilgore Gold Project - Flagship Property Located in Clark County, Idaho"
SNNLive spoke with Craig Lindsay, President and CEO of Otis Gold Corp. (TSX-V: OOO) (OTCQX: OGLDF) at Cambridge House International's Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 2013. For more information: http://www.otisgold.com/ On StockNewsNow.com: http://stocknewsnow.com/craig-lindsay-president-ceo-otis-gold-corp-kilgore-gold-project-history-with-echo-bay-management-team-idaho-and-2013/
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GET TO KNOW ME TAG | Emma Chamberlain
IF YOU WATCHED TO THE END YOU ARE ACTUALLY AMAZING AND COMMENT DOWN BELOW SO IK WHO YOU ARE BC IDK WHO WOULD EVER WANT TO WATCH 22 MINUTES OF ME TALKING AT 368920 MPH HAHA OK THATS ALL thanks for stoppin by, hope you enjoyed:) i plan on uploading 1+ times per week, so subscribe to be notified when I post a new video!!  I hope this video taught you a little more about me! I tend to ramble a lot haha whoops, but if you enjoy more personal videos like this let me know and I’ll do more!! I also talk super fast so hopefully you managed to keep up HAHA ✩ SOCIAL MEDIA ✩ ✭ instagram: @_emmachamberlain ✭ snapchat: @emmachambie ✭ twitter: @emmachambie ✭ pinterest: @emmachambie ✭ email: [email protected] ✩ ALL THE QUESTIONS I ANSWERED…✩ 1. What is your name 2. What is your middle name 3. Where are you from? 4. Where do you live? 5. What do you do for a living? 6. What is your favorite color? 7. What is your star sign? 8. What is your favorite music genre? 9. Who is your favorite musician? 10. Favorite food? 11. Favorite drink? 12. Favorite snack? 13. Favorite holiday? 14. Favorite past time? 15. Favorite sport? 16. What is something you are talented at? 17. What is something you wish you were talented at? 18. Are you competitive? 19. Describe yourself in a single sentence? 20. What is the best compliment you have ever received? 21. What are some of your bad habits? 22. What are your favorite things about yourself? 23. What is on top of your bucket list? 24. What are 3 long term goals? 25. What are 3 short term goals? 26. What are you doing today to help you achieve those goals? 27. What is your biggest accomplishment? 28. What is an ideal first date for you? 29. What is something you look for in a partner? 30. Who is your role model? 31. Which of your parents are you more like? 32. Which of your parents are you closest to? 33. What is the last book you read? 34. What is your favorite fairytale? 35. What is your favorite quote? 36. Favorite subject in school? 37. Subject you were best at? 38. Favorite teacher? 39. Who has left the most impact on your life? 40. What app do you use most? 41. What piece of technology can you not live without? 42. What countries have you visited? 43. What countries would you like to visit? 44. What is on top of your bucket list? 45. Most embarrassing memory? 46. How many relationships have you been in? 47. If you could give your younger self any advice what would it be? 48. One thing you know now that you wish you had known as a kid? 49. Tea or Coffee? 50. How tall are you? 51. Cats or Dogs? 52. Funniest moment throughout School? 53. How many countries have you visited? 54. Are you in/have you gone to college? 55. What was your favorite/worst subject in High School? 56. What is your favorite animal? 57. What Sports do you play/Have you played? 58. What is your favorite book? 59. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? 60. What is your favorite movie? 61. Are you Single or Taken? 62. Whats your idea of an ideal first date? 63. How many Girlfriends/Boyfriends have you had? 64. Favorite memory from childhood? 65. Do you speak any different languages and how well? 66. Do you have any siblings? 67. How would you describe your fashion sense? 68. What is your favorite restaurant? 69. What are some of your favorite tv shows? 70. PC or Mac? 71. What phone do you have? (iOS v Android?) 72. Tell us one of your bad habits! LAST THING LOL THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR 100 SUBSCRIBERS THIS IS SO COOL ILY ALL AND IM GRATEFUL MORE THAN YOU KNOW
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Minnesota Public Hunts
Put a couple hunts together from public property's in Minnesota. No major finds here, but managed to find some silver along the way. Happy Hunting, and thanks for watching.
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The SOO Line: A Compilation of the Dying Railroad [HD]
The Soo Line Railroad is the primary United States railroad subsidiary of the Canadian Pacific Railway, controlled through the Soo Line Corporation, and one of seven U.S. Class I railroads. Although it is named for the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railroad (MStP&SSM), which was commonly known as the Soo Line after the phonetic spelling of Sault, it was formed in 1961 by the consolidation of that company with two other CP subsidiaries, the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railroad and Wisconsin Central Railroad. It is also the successor to other Class I railroads, including the Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern Railway (acquired 1982) and Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad (Milwaukee Road, acquired at bankruptcy in 1985). On the other hand, a large amount of mileage was spun off in 1987 to Wisconsin Central Ltd., now part of the Canadian National Railway. The Soo Line and the Delaware and Hudson Railway, the CP's other major subsidiary (before the 2008 DM&E acquisition), presently do business as the Canadian Pacific Railway. However, because of CP's rebuild program, most SOO Line equipment has been repainted to CP's scheme. This video compilation was created to show the variety of SOO Line locomotives which have become a dying breed. [Watch in HD for the best viewing experience]. LRF Video Productions.
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Michael Hudson - Life and Thought 20180507
The interview with Professor Michael Hudson was conducted on 7 May 2018 in Beijing, by Professor Lau Kin Chi and Professor Sit Tsui Jade. Professor Hudson talked about his formative years, and his turn to economics from music as he found his mentor Terence McCarthy's speech about economics beautiful and asethetic. He recalled his experiences in research and teaching, and the background leading to his writing the many books on imperialism, balance of payment, history of debt, and fictitious capital. English subtitles are available, please click CC or Settings to display them. The interview was edited by George Lee, and produced by the Global University for Sustainability, July 2018.
LIBRARY ON WHEELS Fraser Valley Regional Library, 1930's - 1945 Part 1 of 2
Brief historical footage of the experiment which was this: A survey was conducted by the Government of British Columbia, through its Library Commission and the professional body, aided by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, as a result of which it was decided that this province was ideal ground for the establishment of a library demonstration. The Fraser Valley was eventually chosen as the field of operation, and in August 1930, there was set up machinery for the carrying out of a five-year plan of rural library work, the Carnegie Corporation giving $100,000 for this period and for this work. At the end of the five years of operation, under its present auspices, it is the hope that the people of the Fraser Valley, whether they reside in large or small centres, or in the out-of-way places, will want the library so much that they will decided to take it over as their own, to be maintained as a municipal service. The success which has already attended the experiment indicates that the Fraser Valley library will become a permanent institution. ~ Excerpt taken from The Vancouver Sunday Province - November 27, 1932, By Mary A. Barber
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Dam land surveyor
bathymetric land survey above a dam
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Farming Simulator 15 MP Pleasant Valley V2 E15 - Planting Cranberries
Welcome to Season 6 of RDAllen's Multiplayer series on Pleasant Valley! Be sure to grab the mods below and join us on the server! PV15 is a 4x map designed for multiplayer groups but can be played solo if you are crazy enough to tackle it on your own. Features 6 individual farms with approx 100 Ha of fields each. Each farm also has its own animal type. Included at the core of PV15 is a robust factory system where you take crops from the field to the factories for larger profits! You even have construction projects where you have to build factories before you can use them! There is way to much to list here so check it out! RDAllen Farming Simulator 15 Server: RDAllen Farming TS3 Server: rdallen.verygames.net; Password: rdallen Pleasant Valley V2 Help File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8e6xho89r9pc60p/PV15_V2.pdf?dl=0 Mods needed to join the server: Pleasant Valley V2: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lndqwxaoqpq3gdb/AAAH5z5anwtKidy2f6PX86Lma?dl=0 (Contains all mods needed for Pleasant Valley) John Deere 8370: http://www.ls2015.com/farming-simulator-2015-mods/john-deere-8370-v-3-0.html Full Mod List: http://1drv.ms/1tVYoZc Mod Cloud Drive: https://mega.co.nz/#F!nhQTSbTa!VzM2jfuuE3TFRZS8fgi0OA Music: http://www.purple-planet.com
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Residential School Survivor Personal Stories
Part 1 of 2 Personal stories by Elder Hazel Squakin
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Metal Detecting| Very old Seated coin found in Washington State!
Found my first seated coin and its old!
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Understanding Aboriginal Identity
Understanding Aboriginal Identity explores the complex issue of self-identification for Aboriginal people. Today, Aboriginal identity remains inextricably linked with past government legislation and the continued stereotyping of Aboriginal people in the media and Canadian history. From a Metis farm in rural Alberta, to the offices of Canada’s leading scholars, Understanding Aboriginal Identity examines the factors that shape who we are. To order this video please go to www.bearpaweducation.ca/videos
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How to Trap Beaver and Muskrat with Steven Rinella - MeatEater
A super special, never-aired extended MeatEater scene! Steven Rinella and his buddy, Karl Malcolm, set beaver and muskrat traps in Southwestern Wisconsin, but will they catch anything...? Follow us: Web: http://www.themeateater.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StevenRinellaMeatEater MeatEater on Twitter: https://twitter.com/meateatertv Steven Rinella on Twitter: https://twitter.com/stevenrinella Google +: http://bit.ly/YYdTzv MeatEater Tumblr: http://themeateater.tumblr.com/ Trophy Country on Tumblr: http://trophycountry.tumblr.com/ Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/meateatertv/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/meateatertv/
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Crowsnest pass - Seven bridges trail
One of our trips to crowsnest pass
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The science of milk - Jonathan J. O'Sullivan
View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-science-of-milk-jonathan-j-o-sullivan The milk industry produces in excess of 840 million tons of products each year. Why do humans drink so much milk? And given that all mammals lactate, why do we favor certain types of milk over others? Jonathan J. O’Sullivan describes how milk is made. Lesson by Jonathan J. O'Sullivan, animation by TED-Ed.
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My countdown of top finds for the year of 2017. SILVER ONLY!!! Old coins, relics, and some jewelry. Music Credits: Deftones: Back To School (Mini Maggit) White Pony (2000) Passenger Feat. Maynard James Keenan White Pony (2000) You've Seen The Butcher Diamond Eyes (2010)
2009 Ohio State vs Wisconsin - Full Game
This is a broadcast, telecast, and production of either ABC and ESPN, the Big Ten Network, Fox Sports, or CBS Sports. We do not claim ownership of any kind therefore we do not profit from it in any way.
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rr Royal BC Museum Level 2 Dec 07
The Royal BC Museum in Victoria. Caitlin's explorations of Level 2 of the museum including the Coastal Forest Diorama, Seashore Diorama, Fraser River Delta Diorama, Ice Age Mammoth and the Ocean Station. It was quite dark in here and they did not allow flash photography so most of my photos and videos are not so great. The best part was when C told me not to drop my camera in the water.
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Aboriginal Title and Provincial Regulation: The Impact of Tsilhqot'in Nation v BC
In partnership with the Centre for Global Studies and the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance, UVic Law presents this two-hour panel discussion and Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course on this case of national significance. Panelists include: Jay Nelson (General Counsel to the Tsilhqot'in Nation, Associate Counsel at Woodward & Company), Krista Robertson (Lawyer at JFK Law Corporation with expertise in Aboriginal Rights Law) and Dr. John Borrows (Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Law at the University of Victoria).
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Back in the park again! Metal detecting!!
Me and my son detecting the park again! got rained on a little but had a good time!
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Seven Silver Day! - With The Minelab Etrac - Metal Detecting Toronto Canada
What a great day! I was out metal detecting a Toronto school and came a cross a few silver coin hot spots! My Etrac sniffed out all the silvers coins with ease. Garrett AT Pro Garrett Ace 350 Garrett Ace 400 Minelab Safari Minelab Etrac Metal Detecting Metal Detecting Canada Iphone 5 Garrett ProPointer Silver Coins Treasure Treasure Hunting Metal Detecting Toronto
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Full interview: John Borrows Keywords: defining Indigenous law; teaching about Indigenous law; relationship between Indigenous laws & Canadian laws; inclusion & engagement; gender and Indigenous law; generalizations, stereotypes; sources of law. This video is of an interview with Dr. John Borrows, Anishinaabe, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Law, University of Victoria. The interview was done as part of a larger project to create three video shorts about Indigenous law. This full interview is included online as part of an archive, for viewers who want to watch the full interview that took place. For more information about the project, and to watch the video shorts that feature parts of Dr. Borrows’ interview, go to http://www.uvic.ca/law/about/indigenous/indigenouslawresearchunit/ This videos were created as part of the Indigenous Law Video On Demand project, for the Indigenous Law Research Unit (ILRU) in the Faculty of Law, University of Victoria. The project included Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in collaboration and conversation. The video series was created by Kamala Todd (Indigenous City Media, Director & Editor), Emily Snyder (Project Lead & Producer), and Renée McBeth (Associate Producer). The project was supported by a grant from the .CA Community Investment Program and ILRU. © Indigenous Law Research Unit, 2015
Most Amazing Cities Found UNDERWATER!
Here is the top list of mysterious sunken underwater cities in the world found underwater! These strange and mindblowing but also amazing forgotten ancient underwater ruins are located deep into the ocean. Check out Alexandria, City of Cuba, Yonaguni, Lake Titicaca, Pavlopetri, Lion City, Heracleion and more underwater cities! Subscribe For New Videos! http://goo.gl/UIzLeB Watch our "6 LOST Cities Around The World!" video here: https://youtu.be/0Jx6OToOXos Watch our "World's Most Dangerous And Beautiful Sinkholes!" video here: https://youtu.be/Cp5S6WWZsWc Watch our "Top AMAZING Facts About Planet Earth!" video here: https://youtu.be/2bo0p7ndMZY 1. Yonaguni Pyramids In the mid 80s, Divers found underwater rock terraces and pyramids off the coast of Yonaguni Jima. Yonaguni Jima is an island that lies near the southern tip of Japan's Ryukyu archipelago, About 75 miles off the eastern coast of Taiwan. At first scientists believed they might be natural formations, but There are quarry marks and some writing on the stones and animal statues that have also been found underwater. Now some experts believe that The structures Could be what is left of the mythical city of Mu, a fabled Pacific civilization rumored to have vanished beneath the waves. Masaki Kimura, a marine geologist from the University of Japan, Has been studying the underwater pyramids for over 15 years. The underwater structures include castle ruins, a triumphal arch, five temples and at least one large stadium, all of which are Connected by roads and water channels and are partly shielded by what could be huge retaining walls. Kimura believes the ruins date back to at least 5,000 years, based on the dates of stalactites found inside underwater caves that he says sank with the city. The theory is that the ancient underwater city Might have been sunk by an earthquake or tsunami around 2,000 years ago. Yonaguni invites tourists and researchers to dive freely around the site. 2. Sunken City of Cuba In 2001, A company called Advanced Digital Communications (ADC) was working with Fidel Castro's government to explore Cuban waters looking for sunken Spanish ships loaded with treasure. Their Sonar equipment picked up a series of geometrical structures lying on the bottom of the ocean. Here's a computer generated image of the pyramids and other structures found underwater. The structures and design made it look like there was A gigantic underwater city at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle. The media went crazy claiming that Atlantis had been discovered in Cuba. There are local legends of the Maya and native Yucatecos that tell of an Island inhabited by their ancestors that vanished beneath the waves. If it's true the structures were made by an ancient civilization, they would have been the Most technologically advanced structures on the planet at that time. Scientists estimate that they would have been built about 50,000 years ago which doesn't seem very likely. The numerous structures and cities that have been discovered underwater around the world Lie less than 120 meters (or 395 feet) below sea level, which comes as no surprise since the sea level never fell below this mark during the time Homo sapiens walked the earth. This Cuban city, if we can call it that, is the Only exception since It is submerged over 700 meters (2300 feet) underwater. If the large structures are actually pyramids, 2 of them are Even larger than the pyramids of Giza and Cheops in Egypt. As of yet there is no plausible explanation for the existence of this city and ADC is still trying to investigate the site. 3. Lake Titicaca Lake Titicaca is Located in the Andes between Bolivia and Peru. It is the largest freshwater lake in South America and was the cradle of Peru's ancient civilizations, including the Inca. Their presence can be seen on Lake Titicaca by the ruins they left behind, including A mysterious underwater temple thought to be between 1,000 and 1,500 years old. In the Incan creation myth, The god Con Tiqui Viracocha emerged from Lake Titicaca. After commanding the sun, moon, and the stars to rise, Viracocha created more human beings from stone. After bringing them to life, Viracocha Commanded them to go and populate the world. The Incas therefore believed that Lake Titicaca was their place of origin, and that upon death, Their spirits would return to this lake. Archeologists located a huge temple in 2000 after following a submerged road (and I'm sure following advice from locals). After 18 days of diving below the clear waters of Titicaca, scientists said they had Discovered a 660-foot long, 160-foot wide temple, a terrace for crops, and a 2,600-foot containing wall along with gold and statues. It is said the lost city was Covered with sediment during a great flood of biblical proportions and local people had passed down the stories of the underwater temple and flood from generation to generation.
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Aspen, Elk, and Wolves on Yellowstone’s Northern Range 1
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point – Community Lecture Series www.uwsp.edu/cols/lectureseries Eric Larsen (Geography and Geology) and Susan Talarico (Mathematics) In a bold move in carnivore conservation, the gray wolf (Canis Lupus) was reintroduced in Yellowstone National Park in 1995. This provided an unparalleled opportunity for the scientific study of the role of natural predation on local elk populations and their subsequent browsing impacts on plants. Learn how the restoration of the wolf has rippled through Yellowstone’s ecosystem and led to the rejuvenation of its aspen community.
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Official "Tell the World" Feature Film
"Tell the World" shares the compelling story of a small group of farmers from the northeast region of the United States who would go on to set the foundation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Since the 19th century, the Church has been at the forefront of matters relating to health, education, communication and Biblical interpretation. Find out more at http://telltheworld.adventist.org
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Bringing them home: separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families
This documentary DVD was produced in 1997 and forms part of the Bringing them home education resource for use in Australian classrooms. For more on the report see: https://bth.humanrights.gov.au/ This resource is based on 'Bringing them home' , the report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families, and on the history of forcible separation and other policies which have impacted on the lives of Indigenous Australians. This documentary complements a collection of curriculum-linked activities and teaching resources, plus a range of photographs, maps and diagrams, timelines, legal texts and glossaries. The Australian Human Rights Commission invites teachers and students to use this resource to explore, understand and reflect on one of the most difficult chapters of our national history and to engage with some of the key concepts involved in the reconciliation debate in Australia. For the education resource see: https://www.humanrights.gov.au/education/human-rights-school-classroom Warning: This video may contain images / voices of deceased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons. Video produced by Oziris. © Australian Human Rights Commission
Are the Metis Treaty People?
Dr. Adam Gaudry from the University of Saskatchewan argues that the Manitoba Act should be thought of as a treaty between the Metis Nation and Canada. Part of the 2015-2016 Weweni Indigenous Scholars Speaker Series presented by the Indigenous Affairs Office. From January 6, 2016.
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Engaging Minds: Caroline Tait
Caroline Tait - Aboriginal Health Researcher Faculty Researcher for the Indigenous Peoples' Health Research Centre.
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Man finds AUD $300,000 gold nugget with a Minelab GPX Series detector
Video Credit: Sunrise Show, Australia. Check out the segment on the "$300,000 gold nugget found with a Minelab GPX series gold detector" that was broadcasted on Tuesday, 30 May 2017 on the Sunrise Show. For more information about our gold detectors click here: http://www.minelab.com/metal-detectors/gold-detectors
Inside the New Ku Klux Klan
Part 1: Witness a cross burning and other rituals outsiders rarely see.
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Don Knuth ,1974  ACM Turing Award Recipient - Part 1
When Don Knuth, the 1974 Turing Award recipient, did this interview with Ed Feigenbaum, himself a Turing Awardee, he likely didn’t expect that it would go on for over 7 hours. The interview was split over two days and this give a convenient break point for dividing it into two files. While the topics range widely over Knuth’s whole life and work, the first part is mainly concerned with his early life and heritage, his first exposure to computers and what led him to focus his career in that area. The second part of the interview begins with some of the people who influenced him, including John Backus who had died a few days before this interview. It then goes on to Don’s work in things other than programming languages; items like his work in digital typesetting, mathematics and analysis of algorithms.
110HP Case Steam Tractor Pull Pinckneyville Illinois August 15 2014
UPDATE!! Some information about the engine from the owner Josh Maschhoff: "We run at 150 psi. The Engine weighs around 42500lbs loaded with coal and water. Torque is 3000 ft lbs at 240 rpm The sled was definitely weighted and i know from experience first hand that the engine can drag the sled with the weight box all the way up and the bars dropped." 110 HP Case specifications here: https://www.farmcollector.com/steam-traction/catalog-advertises-case-110-hp-traction-engine Don't worry about the fire hazard. What you see is a very exaggerated amount of burning embers coming from the smokestack. The sparks are created as a night spectacle for entertainment. Before this pull, sawdust was added to the firebox to enhance the night "spark show." Having said that back in the day there was always a risk of fire. There was less of a risk during plowing season. The highest risk was during harvest when the steam engines returned to the fields to thresh (separate) the grain from their stalks, in typically dry fields. Weeks before the steam engines arrived the grain was cut and bundled by binders. These mechanized machines looked the front of modern "combines" but binders only cut and a bound the grain. The crops were cut close to the ground by the binder leaving the grain (heads) connected to the shaft. These bundles were approximately 8" in diameter and were about 3' tall. After the crops were cut, these bundles were stacked in small piles called "shocks." These shocks contained maybe 7 to 12 bundles and scattered all over the field. The shocks were left in the field until the grain was dry enough to separate. The threshermen traveled from farm to farm to thresh each farmers grain. Most individual farmers could not afford a steam traction engine so the threshermen provided this service to the farmer. On threshing day wagons were brought to the field and would load the shocks of grain and haul it to the threshing machine where it was placed quite a distance (and upwind) from the steam engine that provided the power for the machine to do its work. The steam engine provided power to the threshing machine via an extremely long belt to keep any embers away from the dry chaff and straw that was separated from the grain. The shock piles of crop were gathered as they were needed and not all gathered up and piled in one place at one time. That way, if there was a fire it would be small and contained to a small portion of the harvest and not all of it. The steam engines were also outfitted spark arresters while threshing. Not to mention these steam engines required water so water was generally available should a fire break out. Also the steam engines would burn the straw which was waste from process of threshing the grain. One day, I hope to make a video of these separate processes that is now preformed by a single combine. As for now, if you watch the movie "Of Mice and Men" with Gary Sinise and John Malkovich you can see threshing in action. I have posted another video of it that includes three synchronized videos that were shot from three different angles that night. (One angle is shot from a drone flying high in the air that can be spotted above the engine towards the end of this video. If you liked this video surely you would like that video even more. http://youtu.be/_8dH853fs_0 God Bless and thank you for watching.
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Video shows tractor-trailer overturn in alleged road rage crash
Police released video showing an alleged road rage crash involving a tractor-trailer. An apparent act of road rage ended when a tractor-trailer driver crashed into a highway median, flipped and overturned across Route 17 in a wreck captured on dashboard camera footage. https://www.nj.com/bergen/index.ssf/2018/08/video_shows_tractor-trailer_crash_flip_over_in_road_rage_wreck_cops_say.html
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Big Muskie - The Largest Walking Dragline Ever Built
Standing 22 stories tall and weighing 13,500 metric tons, Big Muskie was the world's largest dragline and the biggest machine that has ever walked on the face of the earth. With the boom down, it was almost 500 ft in length. Big Muskie was a coal mining Bucyrus-Erie dragline owned by the Central Ohio Coal Company. It removed more than twice the amount of earth moved during the construction of the Panama Canal. Its bucket could hold two Greyhound buses side by side. I was talking to a guy in a bar in Fort Stockton,Texas in 2001. When I told him I was from Ohio he said he just came back from Ohio. He was on a crew that was cutting up "Big Muskie". He said he was there a year outside of Zanesville. He was surprised that I never heard of Big Muskie. I was surprised when he said it took a year to cut up. Here's why.....
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#metaldetecting I GOT LOCKED UP METAL DETECTING This was by far my best day of metal detecting yet! I was able to find four copper coins and an awesome lock! Relics and buttons also came out of the ground that day! The group is so lucky to score this awesome permission and there are more finds definitely to come from the area.
Colonialism and Indian Residential Schools
Part 1 of 3 Central Okanagan School District presents Angela White and the Indian Residential School Survivors' Society as a guest speaker on Canada's Residential Schools. This first video is about the colonial aspect of Residential Schools.
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Cute Bunny Jumping Competition!
Check out more episodes of The Cute Show here: http://bit.ly/1iWE8h0 Bunny rabbits are adorable enough when they're just sitting there twitching their pink noses or lapping water up from their little bottles, but when they're hopping over brightly colored fences like tiny, long-eared horses while their super-enthusiastic trainers cheer from the sidelines, it makes you wonder why rabbit show jumping isn't on TV all the time. We recently spent the day at the Rabbit Grand National in Harrogate in Yorkshire, England, to witness this space-time-bending level of cuteness for ourselves. Show jumping tests bunnies' speed and agility as they race down the course, dreaming of winning the big trophy or at least of getting treats when they finish. We met a two-and-a-half-year-old bunny named Cherie. Her trainer, Magdelena, says Cherie's favorite things in the world are jumping, hay, and carrots (and probably fucking a whole bunch, if we know anything about rabbits). Cherie annihilated the competition, finishing the race in just 12.5 seconds! Way to go, Cherie! Originally released in 2012 at http://vice.com See more cuteness in our fluffy animal playlist here: http://bit.ly/HQt4DB Subscribe for videos that are actually good: http://youtube.com/vice Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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