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Video realizzato da STEFANIA ROMITO (Ophelia's friends Cultural Projects) in collaborazione con CENTRO STUDI DI RICERCHE "FRANCESCO GRISI" nell'ambito del progetto Etno-linguistico del MIBACT presieduto da PIERFRANCO BRUNI (Resp. Progetto Etnie del MIBACT)
Giorgio Castriota (Skanderbeg) l'eroe Albanese, commemorato anche in Calabria.
Un evento particolarmente sentito quello del 550° anniversario della morte di Skanderberg, per l’occasione presenti a San Demetrio Corone (CS) il Presidente della Repubblica d’Italia, Sergio Mattarella e il Capo dello Stato di Albania. Ma chi era l'eroe nazionale Albanese, e quali sono state le sue straordinarie gesta? CalabriaDaScoprire #Forsud #Calabria #Skanderbeg #Albania Inviaci le tue segnalazioni: -- 💬 http://m.me/calabrianews24tv 📧 [email protected] 🌐 www.calabrianews24.it 📺 https://goo.gl/zYFesH 📸 @calabrianews24tv
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TG7 Basilicata. Interv. Loris Castriota Skanderbegh
TG7 Basilicata 28 gennaio 2015 VENOSA 547° GK SKANDERBEG NELLA TERRA DI ORAZIO
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Il Presidente della Repubblica d'Albania a Greci per ricordare Skanderbeg
Ilir Meta ha sottolineato il forte legame con la comunità Arberèsh di Greci. Ad accoglierlo il Prefetto Maria Tirone ed autorità locali e regionali.
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4 papë me origjinë shqiptare - News, Lajme - Vizion Plus
http://www.vizionplus.tv https://facebook.com/VizionPlusTV https://twitter.com/VizionPlusTV Osservatore Romano ne nje shkrim me titull “Pope Clement XI and the Albani Family”. Gazetari Giovani Armillota përqendrohet tek papa Clement XI duke ndërtuar nje biografi te familjes se tij. Ne shkrim theksohet se sapo u be e njohur prejardhja e papës, ai u interesua ne rilindjen politike dhe fetare te vendit te tij te lindjes. Historia e familjes se papes Clement rrjedh mes ndryshimit te mbiemrit nga Albanesi ne Albani. Familja e tij ishte zhvendosur ne Urbino te Italisë, por ishte renditur ne luftën kundër Perandorisë Osmane, përkrah heroit kombëtar Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeu. Papa Clement XI do te mbahet mend per ndihmësen qe dha ne unifikimin e kishës, por njëkohësisht edhe per pamundësinë ne synonim qe i kishte vene vetes per te kthyer ne katolik carin rus, Pjetri i Madh. Por edhe para papës Clement XI ka pasur tre pape te tjere ne krye te Vatikanit, Saint Eleutherius, (175-189), Saint Caius, (283-296) and John IV (640-642). Saint Eleutherius mendohet te kete qene i pari pape me origjine nga Shqipëria
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Scanderbeg and albanian heraldic - Part 1
Dr. Moikom Zeqo - Scanderbeg and albanian heraldic. http://www.answers.com/topic/skanderbeg http://www.heraldica.org/topics/national/albania.htm
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M. Antonietta Marcovicchio si esibisce al "Cavaliere di Skanderbeg"
M. Antonietta Marcovicchio di Spezzano Albanese si esibisce a San Benedetto Ullano (Cs), nella serata del 27.12.2015, per rendere omaggio al "Cavaliere di Skanderbeg".
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Giorgio Castriota Scanderbeg 6 May 1405 - 17 January 1468,
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Scanderbeg and albanian heraldic - Part 2
Dr. Moikom Zeqo - Scanderbeg and albanian heraldic. http://www.answers.com/topic/skanderbeg http://www.heraldica.org/topics/national/albania.htm
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Filarmonica C. Colombo - S. Prokoviev -Pierino e il Lupo
Tradizionale Concerto degli Auguri-Sala Congressi Grand Hotel Miramare-08 Dicembre 2016-Santa Margherita Ligure Voce Narrante:Luca Damiani Direttore: Alessandro Cardinali
Prof. Francesco Altimari - Scanderbeg myth - 1
Prof. Francesco Altimari - Scanderbeg myth at Arberesh community in Italy.
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WERTHER | Jules Massenet | Badische Staatskapelle: Daniel Carlberg | ARTHAUS MUSIK
Werther is available here: https://AHM.lnk.to/Werther-KarlsruheID ► Subscribe to ARTHAUS MUSIK Channel: https://bit.ly/2Nia0WU ► FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/arthausmusik ► INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/arthausmusik ► HOMEPAGE: https://www.treasures-pekinel.com/ ► SPOTIFY: https://spoti.fi/2AKhsks ► PRESTO CLASSICAL SHOP: https://bit.ly/2pNAIYX Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe 2007 Composer: Jules Massenet Directed by: Robert Tannenbaum Conductor: Daniel Carlberg Produced by: RM Arts Soloists: Silvia Hablowetz, Keith Ikaia-Purdy, Armin Kolarczyk Participant: Tero Hannula, Orchestra/Chorus/Bellet: Badische Staatskapelle Jules Massenet´s opera Werther belongs to the most favourite works of French repertoire. It is in the first wave of German Romantic literature that Massenet found the source for his doubtless most powerful work – and certainly his most popular ! Might the French musician have detected in his own life the inspiration for these pages about the tormented fate of Werther and Charlotte, of their impossible love, their sighs, their unhappiness? Rarely has the author of Manon found a more poignant or fitting touch, leading the listener right inside the tempestuous soul of his characters. It was first performed in 1892 in Vienna, and based on a famous novel by J.W.Goethe “The Sorrows of Young Werther”. The story of a main character Werther takes place around 1772 in Wetzlar near Frankfurt, and unveils a touching drama of two young hearts who were not allowed to find happiness, because of the conventions of the period and family conditions. When Werther meets Charlotte, he falls in love with her at first sight but is desolated after finding out she is about to marry someone else. Charlotte´s jolly and optimistic sister Sophie hides her feelings she secretly cherishes towards Werther who is hopelessly infatuated with Charlotte and has numerous time, to no avail, attempted to win her heart. Catalog No.: 101317
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Gianni Belluscio - Pseudoalbanologjia sot
Gianni Belluscio - Tradita shkencore dhe Pseudoalbanologjia
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La Boheme - N.Miricioiu, F.Araiza, A.Corbelli, R.Scandiuzzi conducted by Gustav Kuhn (Rome 1986)
Video extracts taken from a performance of Puccini's La Boheme at the Teatro di Roma in 1986. A complete sound recording is also available online, and inspite of the video extracts not being of the best quality, it nevertheless does add a rare historical and visual dimension to the sound recording including some great artists in a fine traditional production.
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Бизе "Кармен"/Bizet "Carmen". SILVER VIDEO .TV
Трансляция спектакля, проходившего в рамках VI Санкт-Петербургского международного фестиваля "Опера-всем" 22 июля 2017 года в Царском селе Режиссер-постановщик - Георгий Исаакян Художник-постановщик - Юлия Гольцова Музыкальный руководитель и дирижер - Фабио Мастранджело. Симфонический оркестр театра «Мюзик-Холл» «Северная симфония». Оперный хор Ниццы (Франция), художественный руководитель Джулио Маньянини. Хореографы - Сергей Нарышев и Рустэм Карсанов. Солисты: Юлия Герцева (Швейцария), Владимир Целебровский, Франческо Пио Галассо, Софья Некрасова. В роли Хозе - итальянский тенор Франческо Пио Галассо.
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Skanderbeg's Military Expedition In Italy - 1460
Skanderbeg's Italian expedition (1460--1462) was undertaken to aid his ally Ferdinand I of Naples, whose rulership was threatened by the Angevin Dynasty. George Kastrioti Skanderbeg was the ruler of Albania (Latin: dominus Albaniae) who had been leading a rebellion against the Ottoman Empire since 1443 and allied himself with several Western European monarchs in order to consolidate his domains. In 1458, Alfonso V of Aragon, ruler of Sicily and Naples and Skanderbeg's most important ally, died, leaving his illegitimate son, Ferdinand, on the Neapolitan throne; René d'Anjou, the French Duke of Anjou, laid claim to the throne. The conflict between René's and Ferdinand's supporters soon erupted into a civil war. Pope Calixtus III, of Spanish background himself, could do little to secure Ferdinand, so he turned to Skanderbeg for aid. In 1457, Skanderbeg had achieved his most famous victory over the Ottoman Empire at Albulena (Ujëbardha), which was received with great enthusiasm throughout Italy. In order to repay Alfonso for the financial and military assistance given to him years before, Skanderbeg took up the pope's pleas to help out Alfonso's son by sending a military expedition to Italy. Before leaving, Skanderbeg tried to negotiate a ceasefire with Sultan Mehmed II, the conqueror of Constantinople, to ensure his domain's safety. Mehmed had not declared a truce and he was still sending his armies against Bosnia and the Morea. It was not until 1459, after Mehmed's conquest of Serbia, that Mehmed not only declared a truce, but also a three-year ceasefire with Skanderbeg. This gave Skanderbeg his opportunity to send his men to Italy. Due to fears of an approaching Ottoman army, Skanderbeg first sent his nephew, Constantine, with 500 cavalry to Barletta. They were incorporated into Ferdinand's forces to combat his Angevin rivals. They held back their enemy for a year, but did not gain much ground until Skanderbeg arrived in September 1461. Before reaching Italy, Skanderbeg visited Ragusa (Dubrovnik) to convince its rectors to help fund his campaign. Meanwhile, his men landed in Italy and Angevin forces lifted their siege on Barletta. Upon arriving, Skanderbeg continued to pursue his ally's enemies with great success. Ferdinand's adversaries thus began to retreat from his territories and Skanderbeg went back to Albania; a troop of his men stayed until Ferdinand managed to finally defeat the pretenders to his throne at the Battle of Orsara, although it is not known if Skanderbeg's men participated. In 1456, Skanderbeg's ally, Janos Hunyadi, died, and his son, Mathias Corvinus, was crowned King of Hungary. Hunyadi had been an advocate for an offensive war against the Ottoman Empire, whereas the Hungarian nobility and his son promoted a defensive war. The next year, however, George Kastrioti Skanderbeg defeated a sizable Ottoman force at the Battle of Albulena (Ujëbardha). Rome had been desperately waiting for such a victory after the Siege of Belgrade, as Pope Calixtus III had wanted to assure himself of the feasibility of a crusade before declaring one. Calixtus thus named Skanderbeg the Captain-General of the Curia; to secure the pope's interests, Skanderbeg sent twelve Turkish prisoners of war that had been captured at Albulena to Rome. Despite seeing his forces defeated the year before, Sultan Mehmed II prepared another force to be sent into Albania. The country had been obstructing his ambitions for empire in the West and he grew restless to defeat Skanderbeg. Skanderbeg sent delegations to several Western European states to convince them to stop fighting each other and unite for Calixtus' crusade. On 27 September 1458, Alfonso V of Aragon, Skanderbeg's most important and helpful ally after the stipulation of the Treaty of Gaeta, died. In 1448, as gesture of friendship with Alfonso, Skanderbeg sent a detachment of Albanian troops commanded by General Demetrios Reres to Crotone to quell a rebellion against Alfonso. The next year, many of these men were allowed to settle four villages in Sicily which Alfonso controlled. Upon hearing of his ally's death, Skanderbeg sent emissaries to the new King of Naples, Ferdinand I, to give condolence for his father's death, but also to congratulate him on his accession to the throne of Naples. The succession was not without turbulence, however: René d'Anjou laid claim to the throne since his family had controlled Naples before Aragon had taken control of it, and also because Ferdinand was Alfonso's illegitimate son. The Southern Italian nobility, many of Angevin background, supported René d'Anjou over the Aragonese Ferdinand. Among them was Giovanni Antonio del Balzo Orsini, the Prince of Taranto, and Jacopo Piccinino, a famed condottieri who had been invited by the Angevins. Francisco Sforza, the Duke of Milan, who was wary of a French presence in Italy, sided with Ferdinand and sent his nephew, Alessandro Sforza, to command his army in southern Italy
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Massenet's Werther -- Washington National Opera, Spring 2012
One hundred twenty years after the opera's premiere, Werther is celebrated as one of Massenet's finest works, with a lush score of tragically beautiful music. The young poet Werther has fallen desperately in love with the beautiful Charlotte. When he discovers that she is honor-bound to marry Albert, he tries to stay away, but his passion draws him back to her. In despair, Werther decides the only way he can find peace is through death. More at: http://www.kennedy-center.org/events/?event=OMOSD Cast: Francesco Meli, Werther Sonia Ganassi, Charlotte Emily Albrink, Sophie Andrew Foster-Williams, Albert Directed by Chris Alexander Conducted by Emmanuel Villaume Washington National Opera Orchestra
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OPERA 'ATTILA' Verdi COMPLETE, La Scala, 1990
Samuel Ramey
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Prof. Francesco Altimari - Scanderbeg myth - 2
Prof. Francesco Altimari -Scanderbeg myth at Arberesh community in Italy
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A very good Mefisto in Faust by Gounod
Not long ago an old pal who lives now in Paris gave me a video recording of the opera Faust by Gounod. As soon I listened I noticed that Mefisto is performed very well by a singer, a bass, whose name I don't know. Listen to him and you'll be impressed as much I am.
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La Bohème - Theater Lübeck - finalissimo
Finalissimo La Boheme - Theater Lübeck Director/Inszenierung/Bühne Paolo Miccichè Kostüme Beate Tamchina Visual programmer Davide Broccoli Murale "Madonna" by Borondo/Cane Morto Musikalische Leitung Roman Brogli Sacher Mimì, Anna Patalong / Musetta, Evmorfia Metaxaki Rodolfo, Gabriele Mangione / Marcello, Gerard Quinn Schaunard, Steffan Kubach Colline,Taras Konoshchenko
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Shqipëri! di Fabrizio Bruno & Elias Goddi - 2017 (Ita)
Esiste un’identità unica e rappresentativa del popolo albanese? Siamo andati a chiederlo direttamente a loro. Girato in tre città – Tirana, Scutari e Durazzo – il documentario sociologico “Shqipëri!” presenta un piccolo affresco sulle percezioni che gli albanesi hanno di sé. LABoratorio 2017
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Tosca   Teatro Rendano Cosenza - Gennaio 2016
Giacomo Puccini : Tosca Cosenza, Teatro Rendano Direttore Luca Ferrara Regista Antonello Palombi Scene, Costumi Rocco Pugliese Maestro di coro Bruno Tirotta, Maria Carmela Ranieri ~ Floria Tosca Daria Masiero Mario Cavaradossi Leonardo Caimi Il barone Scarpia Francesco Landolfi Cesare Angelotti Carlo Di Cristoforo Il sagrestano Alessandro Battiato Spoletta Saverio Pugliese Sciarrone Francesco Musinu
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Cenerentola Teatro Ragazzi
Pilar Ternera presenta Cenerentola regia Francesco Cortoni
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Lungro : rievocazione storica dell'eroe albanese G.C.Skanderbeg.
Centro storico - Domenica 07 Febbraio 2016
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IL CAPPELLO DI PAGLIA DI FIRENZE - 62nd Wexford Festival Opera
23, 26, 29 October, 1 November The Italian composer Nino Rota is best known for his film scores -- he wrote over 140. Almost all of the music for Federico Fellini's films from 1951 to 1979 was written or chosen by Rota, his music for The Godfather films being perhaps the best known. The characteristics of his film music, which upholds the supremacy of melody and employs a tonality free of harmonic complexity, gave continuity to Fellini's fragmentary style and are apparent in Rota's other works. His musical instinct and unshakeable belief in the immediacy of music as a means of communication were paramount, and he was unconcerned that his musical idiom was considered unfashionable. 'The Florentine Straw Hat' (Il Cappello di paglia di Firenze) is the most popular of his operas and his description of it as a 'farsa musicale' is apt. The story is based on a famous nineteenth century French farce, Chapeau de paille d'Italie ('The Italian Straw Hat'), and Rota decided to use this non-modernist humorous story as the basis for a work in the tradition of Italian comic opera, changing its title to 'The Florentine Straw Hat'. A nervous young bridegroom is out riding before his wedding when his horse eats a straw hat belonging to a lady dallying with her lover. She is now compromised unless she can return home with a duplicate of the ruined hat, and so the bridegroom has to help her whilst allaying the suspicions of his own fiancée and her family, as the time of his wedding draws ever closer. The cast and crew give you an insight to the production and what to expect. Tickets available from www.wexfordopera.com
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Madama Butterfly 1985, Great Performances
My favorite version of Madama Butterfly. Sorry for the poor video quality but the subtitles are readable and the sound is very good. I recorded this over the air and have watched this VHS tape over 100 times. I went looking for this version on Youtube and couldn't find it so I converted this tape to digital and finally got around to uploading it. If someone knows where a better copy is please inform me. The Lyric Opera of Chicago's 1985 production of Puccini's opera, set in the late nineteenth century in the city of Nagasaki, about a young Japanese woman who weds an American naval officer who later abandons her and the child she bore him. Directed by Rodney Greenberg. Produced by David Horn. Stage Production by Harold Prince. Starring Peter Dvorsky as Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton, Anna Tomowa-Sintow as Cio-Cio-San, Richard Stilwell as Sharpless and Elena Zilio as Suzuki. Later addition: When my youngest daughter was 8 years old she would hear this opera on the TV in our rec room and drift in and listen to it. She later sat and became absorbed in the beautiful music and so I would add a little background to the story to enhance her understanding and enrich her experience. Now as a young adult she has the ear for opera and will go with us to Seattle Opera every now and then and she is now bringing her children. This is how it's done, isn't it? My own interest was sparked by the movie "Amadeus" -- later that year I found myself mesmerized by "The Magic Flute" in a recording from a friend. Then, it was after this that I first saw this opera on TV. I watched this opera throughout one full year with almost no other musical interests. Correction: Joseph Newsome pointed (in a comment -- see below) to the Lyric of Opera's website and our understanding is that my previous dating of this as 1989 was probably wrong and that this comes from the 1985 production. I think what happened is that I originally recorded this in 1989 and so assumed it was from that year but it was probably a re-broadcast. Thanks, Mr. Newsome.
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Illiricum 2014
Viaggio in Albania e Montenegro. Colonna sonora: RIZ ORTOLANI: I GIORNI DELL'IRA.
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Classic Talk: Thomas Hampson Part 1
Bing and Dennis sit down with baritone, Thomas Hampson. Classic Talk http://www.classictalkonline.com/ Thomas Hampson http://www.thomashampson.com/
Palermo: Debutta al Teatro Massimo questa sera "Werther"
Venerdì 26 maggio, alle 20.30, fino a giovedì 1 giugno, al Teatro Massimo di Palermo, debutta il dramma lirico romantico per eccellenza Werther di Jules Massenet, tratto da “I dolori del giovane Werther” di Goethe, l’opera-manifesto del romanticismo letterario intessuto di Sturm und drang, la “tempesta e assalto” dei sentimenti. Un colpo di fulmine tra due giovani, un amore che non può sbocciare, la morte di lui tra le braccia di lei. Debutta il nuovo allestimento dell’opera, un allestimento del Teatro in coproduzione con l’Auditorio di Tenerife che rimanda all’immaginario cinematografico. Sul podio debutta nella direzione di quest’opera l’israeliano Omer Meir Wellberm, 36 anni, uno dei giovani direttori più importanti del panorama internazionale, regia di Giorgia Guerra, un cast stellare: Werther, il giovane innamorato che alla fine si uccide è Francesco Meli, tenore italiano tra i più quotati al mondo, prediletto di Muti con cui debutterà Aida a Salisburgo; Charlotte, la donna amata, è Veronica Simeoni, mezzosoprano affermata internazionalmente e allieva di Raina Kabaivanska che sarà presente per l'occasione alla prima. Nel secondo cast Werther è Shalva Mukeria e Charlotte è Marina Comparato, due artisti di grande qualità che debuttano i rispettivi ruoli. Orchestra, Coro di voci bianche e Coro femminile del Teatro Massimo. Maestro del Coro Piero Monti, Maestro del Coro di voci bianche Salvatore Punturo. Scene di Monica Bernardi, costumi di Lorena Marin, luci di Bruno Ciulli.
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LAMIERA camping RIZLA Piana degli Albanesi (PA)
10 Luglio 2010 Lamiera live
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2016-01-07 laVerdi Prokofiev Romeo e Giulietta finale
Auditorium di Milano Fondazione Cariplo Stagione Sinfonica 2016 Organizzato da LaVerdi Milano Giovedì 7 gennaio 2016 ore 20:30 Concerto sinfonico ORCHESTRA SINFONICA GIUSEPPE VERDI MILANO Direttore JADER BIGNAMINI Video a soli fini documentali
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Tales of Hoffman Full
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Gounod Roméo et Juliette: Act I, Scene 2: Mab, la reine des mensonges
Opera51 in Wandelprobe on June 5, 2016. Alan Yost, music director Robin Farnsley, stage director Scott Ballantine, Mercutio Joshua Collier, Roméo Kim Lamoureux, David Missirian, and Lance Levine, assorted Montague troublemakers Mab, la reine des mensonges, Préside aux songes ; Plus légère que le vent Décevant ; À travers l’espace, À travers la nuit, Elle passe, Elle fuit ! Son char, que l’atome rapide Entraîne dans l’éther limpide, Fut fait d’une noisette vide Par ver de terre, le charron ! Les harnais, subtile dentelle, Ont été découpés dans l’aile De quelque verte sauterelle Par son cocher, le moucheron ! Un os de grillon sert de manche À son fouet, dont la mèche blanche Est prise au rayon qui s’épanche De Phœbé rassemblant sa cour! Chaque nuit, dans cet équipage, Mab visite, sur son passage, L’époux qui rêve de veuvage Et l’amant qui rêve d’amour ! À son approche, la coquette Rêve d’atours et de toilettes, Le courtisan fait la courbette, Le poète rime ses vers ! À l’avare, en son gîte sombre, Elle ouvre des trésors sans nombre, Et la liberté rit dans l’ombre Au prisonnier chargé de fers, Le soldat rêve d’embuscades, De batailles et d’estocades, Elle lui verse les rasades Dont ses lauriers sont arrosés. Et toi qu’un soupir effarouche, Quand tu reposes sur ta couche, Ô vierge ! elle effleure ta bouche, Et te fait rêver de baisers ! Mab, la reine des mensonges, etc. Mab, queen of illusions, presides over dreams; more fickle than the deceiving wind; through space, through the night, she passes and is gone! Her chariot, drawn through the limpid ether by swift atomies was made from an empty nutshell – an earthworm was the cartwright! The harness, a delicate lacework, has been cut from the wing of some green grasshopper by her coachman, a gnat! A cricket’s bone serves as the handle of her whip, whose white lash is fashioned from a moonbeam shed by Phoebe assembling her court! Nightly in this equipage Mab visits, on her rounds, the husband dreaming of widowerhood and the lover dreaming of love! At her approach the coquette dreams of finery and dresses, the courtier bows and scrapes, the poet rhymes his verse! To the miser in his gloomy lodging she discovers treasures without number, and freedom smiles in the dark at the prisoner loaded with chains. The soldier dreams of ambuscadoes, of battles and surprise attacks, she pours out for him the bumpers of wine with which his laurels are sprinkled. And you, o virgin whom a sigh startles, as you lie abed she lightly touches your lips and makes you dream kisses! Mab, queen of illusions, etc.
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La "Tosca" al Teatro Giuseppe Verdi di San Severo
Interviste dietro le quinte della celebre opera di Giacomo Puccini, tenutasi al Teatro Giuseppe Verdi di San Severo e diretta dal Maestro Luca Testa.
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"La Cenerentola" - Spot GoFundMe International OperaStudio
https://www.gofundme.com/operascholarship ENGLISH Sponsoring Scholarships for Mongolian Opera Singers to Study Opera in Rome (Next to Formello’s Chigi Museum Palace) and Sponsoring the realization of the Opera “La Cenerentola” by G. Rossini: Mongolian and Italian Opera Singers collaborate to prepare the complete opera for the first time in the history of Italy and Mongolia. This unique project, in Rome, Italy,aims to train young Mongolian Opera singers to achieve a higher level of singing techniques, in order to participate in the opera “La Cenerentola” by G. Rossini. The scholarship programme is an initiative of the International Opera Studio of Formello of the Viviamol’Arte Cultural Association of Rome represented by its President Mr. Carlo Alberto Gioja; its Executive Director Ms. Bruna Bencivenga, and its Foreign Relations Officer Ms Ayana Sambuu. It aims to train Mongolian Opera Singers to be cast in the premiere of the complete Opera to take place in Rome in the summer of 2016 in order to bring this opera to Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, for the first time in history. The scholarship includes: 1. International Opera Study course fee (5 participants) 2. Accommodation and food 3. One air ticket for the Best scholarship winner 4. Mini-Bus service for 21 days 5. Two airtickets and hotel stay for the audition held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 6. Rent of the audition venue in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia The realization of the Opera includes: 1. Rent-free opera theatre 2. Payment of a 20-element symphony orchestra 3. Payment of a 20-person Choir 4. Scenography costs 5. 35 Costumesrent (15 complete Baroque costumes including wigs and shoes for main characters and singers’ costumes for a 20-person choir) 6. Technical equipment rental (projector and lighting effects)Professional Video shooting with professional sound recording and DVD master copy realisation 7. Rent-free 3 Grand Pianos ITALIANO Sponsorizzazione per la Istituzione di 5 Borse di Studio per Cantanti lirici della Mongolia atte a favorire lo studio dell’Opera italiana a Roma e a Formello (RM) - presso Palazzo Chigi di Formello. Preparazione completa dell’opera di G. Rossini “La Cenerentola”: per la prima volta, nella storia dei due Paesi, si vuole instaurare una collaborazione tra Cantanti lirici della Mongolia e Cantanti italiani. Un progetto unico che ha lo scopo di preparare, durante il Corso di Alta formazione musicale che si terrà a Roma e a Formello (RM) in Italia, giovani cantanti lirici, provenienti dalla Mongolia, al miglior raggiungimento tecnico e musicale per la partecipazione all’ opera di G. Rossini “ La Cenerentola”. L’istituzione di borse di studio è una iniziativa dell’International Opera Studio di Formello, organizzato dall’Associazione Culturale ViViAmo l’Arte di Roma, rappresentata dal Dr. Carlo Alberto Gioja, Presidente del’Associazione, dal M° Bruna Bencivenga , Direttore Organizzativo, e dalla Drs Ayana Sambuu, Responsabile delle Relazioni Estere. L’International OperaStudio avrà cura di preparare gli allievi per il cast della Messa in Scena de “La Cenerentola” di G. Rossini che si terrà a Roma nel periodo dell’estate 2016, ed in seguito proposta presso il Teatro dell’Opera di Ulaanbaatar, capitale della Mongolia per la prima volta nella sua storia. Le 5 Borse di Studio comprendono: 1. Quota di partecipazione al Corso dell’International OperaStudio 2. Vitto e Alloggio 3. Biglietto d’aereo per il candidato ritenuto più meritevole tra i 5 selezionati 4. Servizio navetta per gli spostamenti in città e fuori 5. Due biglietti aereo A/R da Roma a Ulambaataar + vitto e alloggio per la Commissione dell’audizione che si terrà in Mongolia, UB 6. Costo affitto della sala per audizione a Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia La preparazione dell’opera completa comprende: 1. Affitto Teatro 2. Orchestra sinfonica di 20 elementi 3. Coro 20 persone 4. Realizzazione Scenografica 5. Noleggio di circa 35 Costumi di Scena d’Epoca 6. Affitto del Service Luci e Video: Proiettori, video effetti, luci 7. Ripresa video professionale con registrazione sonora per realizzazione e mastering DVD Live 8. Noleggio 3 Pianoforti a coda per l’Allestimento.
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Rossini - La Cenerentola
Frederica von Stade (soprano), Fransisco Araiza (tenor), Claudio Desderi (baritone) - Teatro alla Scala - from the best ever performance of Rossinis La Cenerentola
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Mario Lox Dj - live at Villa Principe Orsini (28/05/2016)
Mario Lox è un Dj - Produttore - Speaker radiofonico. VISITA la pagina Facebook e clicca mi piace! Grazie ٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶ → →→ →→→ https://www.facebook.com/marioloxdj www.djpermatrimonio.net - www.supermariodjlox.com (Mario Lox. Dj Lox. Dj per eventi. Dj per feste private. Dj per matrimonio. Musica per matrimonio)
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Rigoletto, Act I, Scene 1: "Questa o quella per me pari sono" (Duca)
Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Rigoletto, Act I, Scene 1: "Questa o quella per me pari sono" (Duca) · Orchestra sinfonica nazionale della RAI di Torino, Angelo Questa, Ferruccio Tagliavini Verdi: Rigoletto, extraits (Mono Version) ℗ 1963 - BNF Collection 2014 Released on: 1963-01-01 Music Publisher: D.R Author: Francesco Maria Piave Composer: Giuseppe Verdi Auto-generated by YouTube.
Rigoletto, Act II, Scene 4: "Cortigiani, vil razza dannata" (Rigoletto)
Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Rigoletto, Act II, Scene 4: "Cortigiani, vil razza dannata" (Rigoletto) · Orchestra dell'Accademia nazionale di Santa Cecilia di Roma, Alberto Erede, Aldo Protti Verdi: Rigoletto, extraits (Mono Version) ℗ 1960 - BNF Collection 2015 Released on: 1960-01-01 Music Publisher: D.R Author: Francesco Maria Piave Composer: Giuseppe Verdi Auto-generated by YouTube.
Werther - Renata Lamanda - Teatro dell'Opera di Roma - Marzo 2007
Werther - Renata Lamanda - Giuseppe Filianoti - regia J.Franconi Lee - Direttore Alain Lombard - Teatro dell'Opera di Roma - Marzo 2007
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