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Alaska Beach Prospecting - LOTS of FINE Gold
Running GoldHog mats on the beaches in Alaska. Catching super fine gold from the black beach sands.
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Nome AK beach gold
Beach gold mining at GPAA's Cripple River camp.
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Alaska Gold: Crevicing, Panning and High Banking By The River
Join me for another night of crevicing for gold by the Casadepaga river near Nome Alaska. I demonstrate several important and rewarding gold prospecting techniques including crevicing, high banking and panning out one small bucket of gold containing clay that was stuck to the clay on rocks that I excavated. I also work about five buckets of raw material collected by crevicing through a riverside high banker and then pan it down as well. Both methods were very productive. The mosquitoes were horrendous.
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Bering Sea Gold Dredging: Watch The Real Gold Hunting Veterans
Join me as I watch and learn from Spencer Phillips and Jimmy Eckroth how they dredge for gold in the Bering Sea near Nome Alaska. In this video I show their dredges and Jimmy videos his work on the sea floor. I also meet some "interesting" characters on the beach. This is part one of a two part series. Up next I will show how they clean up their concentrates and you'll see A LOT of gold! I would like to thank Spencer and Steve Phillips who invited me to visit with them in Nome Alaska and at their gold claims "Phillip's Gold Camp" on the Casadepaga river. For more information on the Phillips Gold Camp please visit here: http://bit.do/phillipsgoldcampinfo I would also like to thank Garrett Metal Detectors for their continued support of my video making and exploring hobby. Garrett Detectors: http://bit.do/ChiggsChoiceMetalDetectors
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GOLD DREDGING IN NOME, ALASKA takes viewers into and around large bucket-line gold dredges with operators and locals to learn some of the ways these ship-like machines mine placer gold in and around Nome, Alaska. Produced by Farthest North Films for an interactive exhibit at the Carrie M. McLain Memorial Museum that opened November 2017.
Mining at the Bottom of the Bering Sea During an Arctic Winter | Gold Divers
With The summer season over, 3 teams of miners dive under the ice to dredge gold on the floor of the Bering Sea. Subscribe to Discovery TV for more great clips: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=DiscoveryTV Follow Discovery on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DiscoveryUK
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Nome, Alaska – Where Gold Seekers Go Today
About 100 years ago, the town of Nome, Alaska, was a busy place with a population of more than 20,000, most of them gold seekers. Today, fewer than 4,000 people live here and prospecting for gold is no longer the main occupation. Still many come to this town with a golden past hoping to find a share of the precious metal. Natasha Mozgovaya visited Nome. Originally published at - https://www.voanews.com/a/nome-alaska-where-gold-seekers-go-today/4702299.html
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Fortune & Glory - Mining beach gold in Nome, Alaska
Mining bech gold at te GPAA camp at CRipple River, Alaska July 2008.
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Staking Our Gold Claim, Alaska Reality NO Hollywood Drama
We found some gold while four wheeling in the mountains so we decided to figure out how to stake a claim. We'll see what happens with it!
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Alaska Beach Prospecting - The Love of Gold Prospecting
Gold prospecting on the beaches of Alaska. Why we do it and why we love it. 2017
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Gold Rush Fever Hits Nome, Alaska
Modern day prospectors head north to claim gold hidden beneath the ocean.
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This is Unbelievable! Found Awesome Gold Nugget in Alaska!
I went up to Nome, Alaska to do some gold prospecting for a week, after several long days of searching, I finally found a Gold Nugget! It's a nice one too. Come along with me as I explore the last frontier and go after the Gold. Thank you for watching! If you're interested in purchasing a metal detector, feel free to visit Nugget's website: https://www.battleground-detectors.com Location: http://www.akaugold.com/ God bless, Michael .
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Gold Dredging in Nome Alaska
Jacob's Dream - This is a fun family video about Gold Dredging in Nome Alaska. Special thanks to the Andrzejewski family and David Koehler.
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Alaska Nome and Alaskan Goldmining
From The Alaska Experience Travel Guide : http://www.Videosource.com for stock footage and complete travel program availability Transcript: Gold fever still kindles the alaskan imagination, And nowhere is it more contagious than in nome! There is still millions of dollars worth of gold Trapped in this frozen ground , and there are still Quite a few people making a living mining here. In fact, the alaska mining company recently offered To move the entire city of nome to a nearby location Which it had already worked, so that it could Retrieve some of the ore trapped beneath these Historic streets! Before 1898, the year the "three lucky swedes" discovered gold here, There really was no city of nome. The following Year, gold was discovered in the sands of this beach, And within two years, nomes' population swelled to Make it the biggest city in alaska! The miners who built this town were so numerous on the beaches Here, that they measured their claims by how far They could reach with a shovel. a walk down front street in nome is like a trip back through time to the old west. Old time saloons still line the streets, and fur trappers still work the surrounding hills Using nome as their base.
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Bering sea Gold Mining  (episode 3) prepairing to go to Nome Alaska
follow me to Nome Alaska on a gold mining adventure of a life time
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Gold Mining in Nome Alaska
Three man crew in Nome Alaska putting gold in the box.
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Mining In The Hills Of The Gold Rush - Gold Panning In Alaska!
I had a chance to go to a once in a lifetime spot to go gold digging/panning/prospecting. I had the chance to visit Alaska to dig up what people from the gold rush era left behind during the mid 1800's. It was such a fun trip. We visited Ketchikan, Scagway, and Juneau Alaska and we found lots of gold! Thanks So Much For Watching And Please Dont Forget To Like And Subscribe! (This is very appreciated thank you.) Please hit the link below to SUBSCRIBE (It's very appreciated thanks) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxi4NmErFPEKhMf9hZpCsyg Also Please Check out my Gold Prospecting Channel "Depths of Alloys in the link below!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQFlC0hTIUbepWqa4SoccKg CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE IN THE LINK BELOW!! https://depthsofhistory.wordpress.com ****Please Follow**** Google+: google.com/+DepthsofHistory-MetalDetecting Instagram: http://instagram.com/depths_of_history Heath Jones Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5iPVh8ORRfe1iLVQn4qCtw Tell him "Depths of History" Sent you! www.stonemountaindiggers.org www.americandigger.com Metal Detectors Used: Minelab X-Terra 305/705 Video Camera Used: JVC Everio Model Number GZ-HM30AU Samsung Waterproof pocket cam HD 1080p DBpower Action Camera Diggers used: Lesche Sampson T Handle Shovel Lesche pocket shovel Music Used By http://www.Purple-Planet.com http://americandigger.com/ Thanks For Watching (it is appreciated)!!! Sites Credited Use of Royalty Free Tracks: www.danosongs.com http://www.bensound.com/ machinimasound.com
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Bering sea gold mining (episode 4) getting to nome
Landing in nome alaska
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Gold mining Nome Alaska
Nice operation behind Polar Cub Restaurant.
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Placer gold mining north of nome
Mobile wash plant
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Panning for Alaska Gold
We panned for Alaska gold on Nome Creek. We have been using our own Keene sluice box for three years. A lot of fun and Alaska still does have gold worth panning for - it is also a good time in the Alaskan outdoors!
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Bering Sea Gold Pans Nome Alaska Beach Concentrates
A review of Bering Sea Gold Pans Nome Alaska Beach Concentrates
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Exploring Abandoned Beach Gold Camps
Join me for a quick exploration of a couple of old gold mining camps near Nome Alaska. I would like to thank Spencer and Steve Phillips who invited me to visit with them in Nome Alaska and at their gold claims "Phillip's Gold Camp" on the Casadepaga river. For more information on the Phillips Gold Camp please visit here: http://bit.do/phillipsgoldcampinfo or call Steve at 205-672-9310. I would also like to thank Garrett Metal Detectors for their continued support of my video making and exploring hobby. Garrett Detectors: http://bit.do/ChiggsChoiceMetalDetectors
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Ice mining for Gold In Nome,Alaska.
Just a short video of my friends dredging for gold out on the frozen Bering Sea. The Ice mining season up here runs from the beginning of February to mid-April. Temperatures during this time of the year reached as low as -34 on the surface and in the water anywhere from -2 to 10. Follow me: + https://instagram.com/mrmeetwo + https://facebook.com/ChristianMichaelRosales + https://twitter.com/MrMeeTwo ----- Music: "Isolate" by Hijmer + https://soundcloud.com/hijmer + https://hijmer.bandcamp.com/ + https://twitter.com/hijmer000
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Bearing Sea Gold Mining (episode 1) Every Thing You Need
going to Nome Alaska for a gold mining adventure of a life time
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Nome Beach Gold Mining Alaska
Beach Gold mining at Nome, Alaska. Summer 2009.
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Bering sea gold mining (episode 6) A little pocket of gold
At the very end of the hose I can’t reach all the gold
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Nome, Alaska gold mining town
Driving into Nome, Alaska from the east.
Gold Dredging in Nome, AK
Here's an idea of what it's like to dredge for gold in Nome, AK. It's amazing how much work you can get done when you don't have the drama you see on the TV Show. Note: The actual amount of gold we uncovered is not what is shown in this video for legal reasons.
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Placer Gold Mined during Nome, Alaska Gold Rush MILLIONS $$$
http://www.raregoldnuggets.com When rich gold deposits were found in the beach sands along the Bering Sea, thousands of hopeful prospectors traveled to Nome, Alaska in search of riches. The conditions were harsh in Nome, with a very short mining season, but the amount of gold recovered during the first few years was enormous!
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Alaska Gold
Originally a silent film by the U.S. Smelting and Mining Co. from 1949, KUAC added a sound track and narration to explain the process and history of mining gold in Alaska's rugged conditions. ©KUAC, 1981 DVD's of this program are available for purchase at www.kuac.org.
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Bering sea gold mining (episode 7) The Big Nugget
11 gram nugget didnt see it go up the hose
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The "BIMA" - Nome Alaska Biggest Dredge Ever
Bucket-Ladder dredges are very complex systems which require a large, highly skilled crew to operate. They tend to be custom built for specific conditions. An initial cost will range from several million to 10s of millions depending on the production and depth of operation. Accuracy is a function of vessel management usually achieved with spuds or anchors which is an art in its self. Their ability to reach near shore shallow areas is limited by their draft and the sea state. Bucket ladders can easily achieve 10km3/day and operate to depths in excess of 50m. Bottom coverage is nearly 100%, but the depth of cut is influenced by surface conditions, especially in rough seas. Under excavation will result in lost gold and a higher spillage rate. Historical BIMA Benchmark The BIMA, a 565 foot long bucket-ladder dredge operated by West Gold from 1987 to 1990 is the largest dredge to ever be mobilized in Nome. The initial purchase price was about $4,000,000 while an additional $15,000,000 was invested in the retrofit for Nome mobilization. During the trials and 4 years of operation, the BIMA experienced hull damage from ice, was hindered by rough seas and was shut down due to a broken drive shaft[III]. The BIMA did not proved to be economically viable, but it did set the high bar for material removal and gold recovery. These numbers will be used to establish a baseline for competing technologies to reference. The market price for gold at the time was around $400/oz., the current $1,300/oz. price makes a comparable operation much more profitable. Historic figures show that over its four-year period, the BIMA averaged 1,114,400m3/year of excavated material. For an average of 100 operational days per year, this equates to 11,114m3/day or 464m3/hr. This data is quantified in Table 1 below. Table 1: BIMA Data BIMA Benchmark – Historic 4-Year Period Total Dredged Volume 4,457,602 m3 Duration 4 years Average Season 100 days Daily Average 11,144 m3/day Hour Average 464 m3/hr. By processing this material, they were able to average 295 oz. per day. Here, we assume this ‘free gold’ had a fineness of .89 fine. In today’s market, this production would average over $340,000 per day in gross revenue before operating expenses and taxes. [i] Vlasblom W.J. (2004, Feb). Bucket (Ladder) Dredge, WB3408B Lecture Notes. Retrieved from http://www.dredging.org/content.asp?page=105 [III] Turner W. (1987, Oct. 13). Information-BIMA Dredge, Dredging the Bering Sea for Some of What Glitters. Special to the New York Times http://www.ipsubsea.com/bucket-ladder-dredges/
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Gold Mining in Nome Alaska
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Bering Sea Gold Dredging: GOLD IN THE SLUICE BOX!
Wanna see a bunch of gold? Watch this a amazing clean-up of gold concentrates that Spencer Phillips dredged from the Bering Sea near Nome, Alaska. Nuggets of gold and gold fines in abundance. I would like to thank Spencer and Steve Phillips who invited me to visit with them in Nome Alaska and at their gold claims "Phillip's Gold Camp" on the Casadepaga river. For more information on the Phillips Gold Camp please visit here: http://bit.do/phillipsgoldcampinfo I would also like to thank Garrett Metal Detectors for their continued support of my video making and exploring hobby. Garrett Detectors: http://bit.do/ChiggsChoiceMetalDetectors
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Panning for Gold at Akau Gold and Resort, Nome, Alaska
Panning for Gold in Nome, Alaska. Akau Gold and Resort. Things to do in Nome, Alaska.
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Temecula Valley Prospectors at AKAU Alaska Gold & Resort - Nome, Alaska 2017
This video is about Temecula Valley Prospectors at AKAU Alaska Gold & Resort - Nome, Alaska 2017
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Gold mining / dredging in winter and summer, Alaska
Mining at our claims in winter,spring and summer with a days clean out of gold.
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Alaska Beach Gold Prospecting  - 2 Ounce Clean Up
Cleaning up gold concentrates from Alaska beach prospecting. 7 days and 2 ounces of fine placer gold. Running the Multi Sluice.
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Alaska Gold & Resort,L.L.C.
All inclusive one of a kind Gold Prospecting, Mining Resort, near Nome, Alaska. Individual rooms or cabins that sleep 4 are available for weekly stays. ATV rental for exploring the many historical sites or just exploring the vast wilderness. Experience wildlife in their natural habitat. Fish the rivers & take home your catch. We furnish the gear, & the will freeze the fish to ship. We also have the ability to smoke the fish for a small fee.
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Tour Nome, Alaska's Finest Beachfront Real Estate | Bering Sea Gold
#BeringSeaGold | Wednesdays at 10/9c Full Episodes Streaming FREE on Discovery GO: http://www.discoverygo.com/bering-sea-gold A sentimental Emily returns to the abandoned shack she used to call home in this exclusive Bering Sea Gold bonus scene. More Gold! http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/bering-sea-gold Subscribe to Discovery: http://bit.ly/SubscribeDiscovery Join Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeringSeaGold https://www.facebook.com/Discovery Follow Us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Discovery
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Blue Water Gold Bering Sea Gold Mining Investment
http://beringseamininginvestments.com Bering Sea, Nome, Alaska Gold Mining Investment Blue Water Gold is an underwater-mining company with leases off the coast of Nome, Alaska, using state-of-the-art dredging vessels. We process and separate the gold from the concentrated sands from the ocean floor of the Bering Sea in Nome, Alaska. Processing 1 to 2 ounces per hour and with over 10 million ounces recoverable, the potential recovery is in the billions. Blue Water Gold is seeking qualified partners to participate in this epic opportunity that was 100 years in the making. Join us as we mine the floor of the Bering Sea in Nome, Alaska dredging some of the world's riches gold laden sands. Blue Water Gold LLC 1705 S. Capital Tx Hwy Suite 201 Austin, TX 78746 (800) 288-4789 http://beringseamininginvestments.com
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Gold Rush - Independence Gold Mine - near Anchorage, Alaska
Join us on our walking tour of the Independence Mine State Historical Park, a popular summer destination for mining enthusiast and a great winter recreation area. The Independence was the largest mine in the Willow Creek District. Over a dozen other hard rock mines operated and may operate again within a few miles. What is now called Independence Mine was once two mines: The Alaska Free Gold Mine on Skyscraper Mountain, and Independence Mine on Granite Mountain. This sequence was shot in July, 2002 using a Canon ES970A camcorder edited with Adobe Premier Pro 5.0. Music: "Consequence" by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0. http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100283.
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Nome Alaska Gold Dredging?
Where is this Gold Mining thing going? I've been Gold prospecting and small scale mining for over eight years. Being in my early thirties, I have asked myself more than once where is this going? Hi, my name is Matt and I am 32 years old. I have been traveling to the west in the pursuit of Gold since my early twenties. I live in a custom camper van while I travel and live life on the road as, I search for that yellow stuff known as Gold. Over the years of living life on the road, I have fell in love with the Nomadic life style and am working to make living a van a full time thing. If you would like to follow my journey and stay up to date on the latest adventures you can do so by subscribing to my YouTube channel!
Alaska Gold Mining
Alaska Gold Mining - http://www.california-gold-rush-miner.us Alaska gold prospecting. There are many active gold mining operations in and outside Nome Alaska. For investment or just a very special unique gift visit: http://www.california-gold-rush-miner.us for a large selection of natural gold nuggets, silver nuggets, gold pin-pointers, gram scales & pro gold picks. For good search engine optimization ideas, visit a great SEO blog at: http://www.websitetrafficbuilders.com/websitetrafficbuilders/
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AU Grabber Nome Mining
Short video of the AU Grabber mining offshore in Nome Alaska
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Alaska Prospecting: Crevicing, Highbanking And Panning Gold
In this gold prospecting video I dig out more crevices with a pick and prepare many buckets of gold bearing material for the high banker. I run the gold bearing material through it and then pan out the concentrates. I also do a little test and separate the dirt that I dug out of the cracks from the dirt/clay that was stuck to the rocks. I pan each out separately and look to see how they compare with gold quantity.
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