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IDIOTAPE @ Adidas - 08/07/2011 all originals party - 3
IDIOTAPE @walkerhill 08/07/2011 sorry for recording chage up and down
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[Making Film] IDIOTAPE - Dystopian PART 03
[Making Film] IDIOTAPE - Dystopian PART 03 #이디오테잎 #IDIOTAPE #Dystopian #HIGHGRND
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SOUL KRUSH X GRAND SF X FERIA LA PROUDLY PRESENTS ELECTRIC KRUSH 7 x College Collaboration Club Night W/ IDIOTAPE 이디오테입 LIVE. TICKETS | RSVP | RESERVATIONS - http://www.soulkrush.com EVENT DETAILS: https://www.facebook.com/events/227411877446908
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[WEAR THE MUSIC] 01 IDIOTAPE, 1st Rehearsal
음악을 입어라. 웨어 더 뮤직 WEAR THE MUSIC : IDIOTAPE 2013.6.22(sat) pm 7:00 인터파크아트센터 6월 4일 진행된 이디오테잎의 첫 리허설 스케치 독보적인 일렉트로닉 밴드 IDIOTAPE이 WEAR THE MUSIC 01 Collaboration 공연에서 'Collaboration : objectif' 주제를 가지고 공연을 한다. 이번 공연에서는 새로운 무대 디자인과 함께 라이브 비주얼 팀 'P.P.P'가 함께 참여하며 이디오테잎이 그동안 공식적으로 릴리즈 하지 않은 리믹스 트랙과 신곡도 만날 수 있다.
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Fred Perry Subculture Viewzic Session 2012 | IDIOTAPE "WASTED" M/V(HD) IDIOTAPE(D.GURU, ZEZE, DR) idiotape.com twitter.com/#!/idiotape facebook.com/Idiotape Foundation | FRED PERRY Korea FRED PERRY Official fredperrysubcultureviewzicsession.com/ VIEWZIC viewzic.com Project Produced by PARPUNK Video vmproject.org Produced by VM Project Media Group Filmed / Edit by Beomjin Jo Starring Taewon Kang Assistant Director Jang Hyeonsang, Lim Sol Liquid Graphic yunseong Lee FRED PERRY SUBCULTURE VIEWZIC SESSION 2012 - IDIOTAPE LIVE CONCERT 2012. 6. 29 Fri 8PM 2012. 6. 30 Sat 7PM Sangsangmadang Live Hall Ticket Link 티켓링크 ticket.interpark.com/Ticket/Goods/GoodsInfo.asp?MN=Y&GroupCode=12008898&GoodsCod­e=12008898 FRED PERRY SUBCULTURE Subculture is Fred Perry's new music initiative bringing you the brightest young talent on the music scene, alongside the cream of British music artists that have a long standing relationship with the brand. Subculture was launched by the legendary Paul Weller at The 100 Club -- the oldest independent music venue in Britain -- in September 05. Why is Fred Perry involved with music? Because it is the original sportswear to streetwear brand -- initially adopted by Mods in 1959 because "They could wear it all night and still look good in the morning" -- it has then featured in almost every British youth subculture since. From Mods, Suedeheads, Ska/Two Tone, Punk, New Wave, Casuals/Perry Boys, Britpop, Electronic/Rave and the latest Indie revival -- the laurel has been ever present. Passed from generation to generation as an understated timeless classic. Since its launch, Subculture has also often been the first to feature the latest underground sounds on a global basis. This includes The Young Knives, The Rakes, The View, Black Lips and The Draytones -- many of whom are now reaching global fame. Alongside the definitive British guitar bands, we have also featured The Klaxons, New Young Pony Club, Metronomy and Shy Child -- showing the depth of the musical heritage and contemporary relevance of the Fred Perry brand. Subculture has also been honoured by music legends such as Paul Weller, Graham Coxon (Blur) and Terry Hall (The Specials) playing the unique venue that is The 100 Club. fredperry.com/ fredperrysubculture.com/ fredperrykorea.com facebook.com/fpsvs facebook.com/Idiotape facebook.com/viewzic facebook.com/vjparpunk
‪Calamity Jam - Black Dog (Led Zeppelin Cover)‬
Live @ MKP Opera Paris on 28th June 2011
Views: 109 Benjamin D. Levy
Luigi dances to Billie Jean
READ THIS OR DIE! not really but title says it all. but about the video, before u comment on the animation, keep in mind, im using limitated sprites, paint, and video impression 2. THATS ALL! i dont have no fancy programs that make videos awsome and stuff. and it took me THREE FRIEKING MONTHS to make this. so keep this in mind before u comment and rate Music-(i swear if u dont know u are an ass) Bille Jean-Micheal Jackson
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ONSTAGE K(Ep.57) Rude Paper(루드페이퍼) _ Full Episode
Rude Paper is a trio specializing in reggae. These guys are so genuine that they went all the way to Jamaica just to experience the true spirit of reggae. The band's second album, "Destroy Babylon," is the ultimate fruit of their time and experiences in the country where reggae originated, and they're featuring on this edition of ONSTAGE K. Rude Paper was initially formed by Koonta of Koonta & New Orleans and RD, the producer of URD. The two pleasantly shocked Korean music lovers with their experimental sounds based on reggae through the album, "Paper Spectrum." Then they recruited guitarist Kevon, whom they worked with on their second album, "Destroy Babylon," and together, they're diversifying the Korean music industry. 뿌리를 찾기 위한 고민 그리고 그들은 자메이카로 떠났다 레게의 본고장 자메이카에서 직접 눈으로 보고 귀로 듣고 마음으로 느낀 레게를 다시 앨범에 담았다 신나는 리듬 속의 인간의 다양한 감성이 드러나는 레게음악. 한국형 레게아티스트 루드페이퍼와 만난다. 쿤타 앤 뉴올리언스의 쿤타와 URD의 프로듀서였던 RD로 2011년 데뷔한 루드페이퍼는 첫 정규앨범 [Paper Spectrum]이 레게를 기반으로 다양한 사운드를 시도했다 그리고 루츠레게를 내건 2집 [Destroy Babylon] 를 발표했다. 이전 기타세션으로 함께 활동했던 케본이 새로운 기타리스트로 합류, 더욱 다채로운 사운드를 들려주고 있다. Visit 'On Stage K' Official Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/onstagek Visit ‘Arirang K-Pop’ Official Pages Facebook(K-POP): http://www.facebook.com/arirangkpop Google+(K-POP): http://plus.google.com/+arirangworld Homepage: http://www.arirang.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/arirangtv Twitter: http://twitter.com/arirangworld Instagram: http://instagram.com/arirangworld
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Rude Paper SLB Demo Video  - Radio and 3 more
Rude Paper Super Live Band Demo Video - Hardcore boy, No woman no cry, All together now,비처럼 음악처럼, Radio
Views: 277 RudePaper

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