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The Telangana government is preparing to check the gambling of the online venue. It decided to check this online gambling because of the excitement it is creating among people and finally dumping them. As a part of this the Telangana Gaming Act 1974 is going to be renovated. Including the word 'cyber space', it is going to take action on horse races, poker and cricket betting. People who play these games with the help of computers and cell phones will be arrested. People cannot play secretly at home. Because police are intended to keep a track of those who are often logging into gaming sites. Collaborating with the service providers, the criminal cases will be lodged non-bail able sections. Action will be taken on gaming managers. Cash, jewelry and other items captured during the arrest will not be returned. The arrest of the accused will continue by freezing the bank account that was used for gaming. The first time convicts will be sentenced to jail for an year and a fine of Rs.5,000 and for the second time the punishment will be doubled. The Government Ordinance will be issued shortly, the judicial process is already completed. Subscribe Our Channel for More Videos http://bit.ly/2iGP489 Follow Us on: Facebok: http://bit.ly/2hkcu66 Google+: https://goo.gl/kSHwBJ Twitter: https://twitter.com/YOYOTVChannel Website: http://yoyoiptv.com
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Bitcoin Money: Understanding Bitcoins
Your Best Source for Bitcoin Money Making Education. Site: https://www.bitcoinmoneycenter.com/ Blog: https://www.bitcoinmoneycenter.com/blog/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BTCMoneyCenter Blog Post: https://www.bitcoinmoneycenter.com/blog/35/understanding-bitcoins/ Join Our 100% FREE Bitcoin Money Making Mini Course: https://www.bitcoinmoneycenter.com/ An alternative currency system. Bitcoin is an on the web alternative currency system, which generally acts as a form of digital money. Bitcoin is employed equally as an investment, and as a technique of payment intended for goods and services, and is recommended as a means to do so not including having to contain any third parties. Despite their growing attractiveness, many businesses still do not allow Bitcoin, and their usefulness as an investment is equally extremely suspicious and probably risky. Before proceeding to buy Bitcoin, it is critical to understand what precisely it is, and its advantages and disadvantages. Understand Bitcoin essentials. Bitcoin is a quite definitely virtual currency, that enables buyers a way to exchange cash for free, with no the use of a 3rd party (like a bank, credit card company, or other financial institution). Bitcoin happen to be not controlled or managed by a central expert just like the Federal Reserve and almost all Bitcoin deals take place in an on the net current market, just where users are private and untraceable for the most portion. Bitcoin enables you to exchange income right away by way of any individual in the public, with out needing to acquire a merchant account, or simply work with a bank or maybe financial institution. Moving cash does not need to have names indicating presently there is little risk of personality theft. Learn about Bitcoin mining. To find out Bitcoin, it is appropriate to learn about Bitcoin mining, which in turn is the process by which Bitcoin happen to be created. When mining is complicated, the basic tip is that every time a Bitcoin transfer is created in the middle of two people, the transaction is logged electronically by computer units in a transaction check that talks about all the facts of the transaction (much like the time, and who keeps how many Bitcoins). A block chain. These kinds of transactions happen to be then shared openly inside a little something known as a block chain, which states every single and every transaction, and who has every single bitcoin. Bitcoin miners are people who also own computer units that in most cases verify the block chain to ensure it is genuine and up to date. They happen to be the human beings that confirm transactions, and in exchange for performing so, they are paid in bitcoin, which raises the resource. Since Bitcoin is not overseen by a central authority, mining makes certain that the individuals shifting the bitcoin has enough, that the agreed upon quantity is copied, and that the equilibrium for each member of the transfer is exact later on. Legal issues. Gain familiarity by way of the legal issues involving Bitcoin. Currently, the federal agency responsible for dealing with money laundering launched fresh specifications meant for virtual currencies. The modernized specifications will control Bitcoin exchanges, nevertheless will ignore the break of the Bitcoin economy only, intended for now. The Bitcoin network is tolerant to authorities rules, and it has attained a faithful pursuing between persons who participate in illegitimate actions just like drug coping and gambling due to the fact money may be exchanged anonymously. Shut it down. Federal law enforcement can easily subsequently deduce that Bitcoin is a money-laundering tool and may look for ways to shut it down. Shutting down Bitcoin greatly would be a challenge, but strenuous federal law may well drive the system underground. This would probably after that diminish the value of Bitcoins as respectable currency.
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Professor Susan Athey: "The Future of Currency"
Economics of Technology Professor Susan Athey, 2007 John Bates Medal winner and economist, speaks about the future of currency, bitcoin and blockchain. This Stanford GSB Fall Reunion/Alumni Weekend faculty presentation was recorded on October 5, 2018.
IJAsia16 I 10 Financial Crimes To Investigate
10 Financial Crimes To Investigate Criminals don't rob banks nowadays, they own them and use them in large scale, multi-billion dollar frauds and money laundering. This panel will explore the latest techniques in financial fraud, from trade-based money laundering to bitcoin and TOR-like anonymity networks. Moderator: Bopha Phorn - Lecturer/ Freelance Journalist, Pannasastra University Bopha Phorn is a freelance journalist based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Her work includes reports for the Voice of America Khmer service and as a lecturer in media at Pannasastra University. She worked for the Cambodia Daily from 2008 through 2014, and has covered economics, politics, corruption, crime, security, and the environment. She began her career at Deutsche Presse Agenteur. She was honored with the Courage In Journalism Award from the International Women's Media Foundation for her reporting on illegal logging, during which she was shot at by military police. Speakers: Stevan Dojcinovic - Editor in Chief, KRIK Based in Belgrade at the Crime and Corruption Reporting Network (KRIK), an OCCRP member, Stevan is a regional editor for OCCRP. Winner of Serbia’s top investigative award for the past two years, Stevan has explored organized crime’s role in state privatization deals, the connections between organized crime and Balkan tycoons, private security agencies, football clubs and the gambling industry. Dojčinović also has investigated Balkan routes used by international cocaine and heroin smugglers. His stories have been published and quoted all over Balkans, and his work has been pivotal in discrediting the former Serbian Government by proving links between key cabinet members and organized crime. He won the 2011 and 2012 NUNS award for investigative reporting, the 2013 Jug Grizelj award for the best investigative reporter, the 2015 Dusko Jovanovic award and was a finalist for the 2010 Daniel Pearl Awards for Outstanding International Investigative Reporting. He also teaches journalists how to collect and analyze business data. Paul Radu - Executive Director, OCCRP Paul Radu is the executive director of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and a co-creator of the Investigative Dashboard concept, of Visual investigative Scenarios visualization software and of RISE Project, a new platform for investigative reporters and hackers in Romania. Shantanu Guha Ray - India Editor, Central European News Shantanu Guha Ray is a Wharton-trained journalist who has specialised in business, investigative and human interest reporting for almost three decades. He won major Indian and international awards for his reportage on cricket's spot fixing, scandals of cervical cancer jabs, coal scam, airport development scandal in Delhi and water related issues. An author of two books, he is currently writing his third on Urban Murders in Indian cities. Recorded on September 24th, 2016, in Kathmandu, Nepal. More on http://2016.uncoveringasia.org/ #IJAsia16 #journalism #investigative #uncoveringAsia #Kathmandu #KASMediaAsia #GIJN #CIJNepal #reporting #Nepal
Bitcoin vs. Gold: The Future of Money - Peter Schiff Debates Stefan Molyneux
Is bitcoin a bubble? Does gold have an intrinsic value? Is bitcoin a ponzi or pyramid scheme? Peter Schiff thinks so. Stefan Molyneux and Peter Schiff discuss Bitcoin vs. Gold and the future of money. The True Value of Bitcoin: What You Really Need To Know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cs6F91dFYCs The Truth About Bitcoin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4HGVJjqDVk Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWH0kTEqYsg& Freedomain Radio is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by signing up for a monthly subscription or making a one time donation at: http://www.fdrurl.com/donate Get more from Stefan Molyneux and Freedomain Radio including books, podcasts and other info at: http://www.freedomainradio.com Amazon US Affiliate Link: www.fdrurl.com/AmazonUS Amazon Canada Affiliate Link: www.fdrurl.com/AmazonCanada Amazon UK Affiliate Link: www.fdrurl.com/AmazonUK Stefan Molyneux's Social Media Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stefan.molyneux Twitter: https://twitter.com/stefanmolyneux Google+: https://www.google.com/+StefanMolyneux_Freedomain_Radio Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/stefan-molyneux/5/72a/703 Freedomain Radio Social Media Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Official.Freedomain.Radio Twitter: https://twitter.com/freedomainradio Google+: https://www.google.com/+FreedomainradioFDR LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/freedomain-radio Message Board: http://board.freedomainradio.com Meet-Up Groups: http://www.meetup.com/Freedomain-Radio/ Blogspot: http://freedomain.blogspot.com/ iTunes Podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/freedomain-radio!-volume-6/id552010683
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How Facebook tracks and manipulates everyone, everything, and everywhere - Delete your Facebook now
Facebook tracks you online and offline, creating profile for targeted advertisements. Facebook knows what you buy and what sites you visit. Do you know where Facebook sells your private information? They have so much they can turn masses against their own government or manipulate people's emotions by tweaking their social media feeds. The cost of letting somebody know everything about you is just too high. You should stop using Facebook. My bitcoin address: 1NmqcqYRZVmbCWweaREigX6qZVdtGND6Mx Follow me: https://twitter.com/The_HatedOne_ https://www.bitchute.com/TheHatedOne/ https://www.reddit.com/user/The_HatedOne/ https://www.minds.com/The_HatedOne Facebook tracks you online and offline | Facebook privacy policy It's known that Facebook collects and sells all of your personal information on their social network for their Facebook ads.Facebook tracks your online and offline activities everywhere you go. With newly introduced Facebook IDs, Facebook will recording your browsing history through social media plugins and like and share buttons on websites, and use Facebook mobile apps to track your offline activities, physical location, and telemetric data. Stop using Facebook | Facebook sells your information Facebook privacy issue is a severe threat to our current democracy. Facebook stands behind big data broking marketing industry that collects your personally identifiable information, creates a personalized profile on you, and sell that information to retailers and governments around the world. There is no privacy protection. It's not explained in the Facebook privacy policy. You have no idea to know where Facebook sells your private information Facebook targeted advertisements | Facebook privacy Acxiom collects Facebook data and matches them with your personally identifiable information. The goal is to sell customer recognition to its retail clients. Will you stop using Facebook? Sources: Facebook Atlas ad platform https://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/29/business/with-new-ad-platform-facebook-opens-the-gates-to-its-vault-of-consumer-data.html https://atlassolutions.com/2014/09/29/meet-the-new-atlas/ https://atlassolutions.com/product-tour/ https://atlassolutions.com/partners/ https://atlassolutions.com/why-atlas/introduction/ Facebook privacy policy https://www.forbes.com/sites/anthonykosner/2013/08/31/new-facebook-policies-sell-your-face-and-whatever-it-infers/#2bb368f0273a Facebook ads sharing your personally identifiable data http://edition.cnn.com/2010/TECH/social.media/10/21/facebook.gay.ads/index.html Facebook apps collecting and selling personal information https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2010/10/many-faceook-apps-found-to-be-collecting-selling-user-info/ Facebook tracking through social like and share buttons and plug-ins https://securehomes.esat.kuleuven.be/~gacar/fb_tracking/fb_plugins.pdf From social media service to advertising network. A critical analysis of Facebook’s Revised Policies and Terms http://www.law.kuleuven.be/citip/en/news/item/facebooks-revised-policies-and-terms-v1-2.pdf Acxiom data broker http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/05/technology/acxiom-lets-consumers-see-data-it-collects.html Acxiom Audience Operating System https://adexchanger.com/analytics/acxiom-prepares-new-audience-operating-system-amid-wobbly-earnings/ Acxiom customer recognition and 360 degree view on consumers http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/17/technology/acxiom-the-quiet-giant-of-consumer-database-marketing.html?pagewanted=all FTC seeks privacy regulations and Acxiom is aware http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/27/business/ftc-seeks-privacy-legislation.html?pagewanted=all https://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/28/technology/ftc-urges-legislation-to-shed-more-light-on-data-collection.html FTC report on data broking marketing industry https://www.ftc.gov/system/files/documents/reports/data-brokers-call-transparency-accountability-report-federal-trade-commission-may-2014/140527databrokerreport.pdf Epsilon security breach http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/05/business/05hack.html?_r=1 Surveillance economy http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/09/business/company-envisions-vaults-for-personal-data.html Ranking of consumer according to their monetization opportunity http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/19/business/electronic-scores-rank-consumers-by-potential-value.html Advertising is NOT anonymous Stanford research http://cyberlaw.stanford.edu/blog/2011/10/tracking-trackers-where-everybody-knows-your-username http://www.centerfordigitaldemocracy.org/sites/default/files/20100407-FTCfiling.pdf Do not call law http://donotcallus.net/federal-laws.asp Credits: Shadowlands 1, Dark Frog, Satiate, Stormfront, Bicycle by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Building Tomorrow, Ep. 10: Augur(ing) Assassinations
Augur represents a new type of prediction market. It's decentralized nature allows users to stay anonymous, which may pose a threat to law enforcement or other state agents if the bets placed are threatening in nature. Right now, it only has a small number of users, but it has the potential to gain traction. In these prediction markets you have the ability to place a bet, using a type of cryptocurrency, on a future action such as; whether a Supreme Court nominee will be appointed by a certain date in time. However, Augur may also host betting schemes that may seem "unsavory" to some Americans, like predicting when someone could die, otherwise known as an assassination market. What is Augur? What is a prediction market? What can you bet on? Is Augur regulated? Are people placing bets on if certain public figures would be assassinated? Aren't there already black markets for assassins? What kind of effects will technology like Augur have? If you liked this, you may also like: What Influences Elections?, Free Thoughts Episode: https://www.libertarianism.org/media/free-thoughts/what-influences-elections How Egalitarianism Comes from Conflict (And Why It Matters), written by Pamela J. Hobart: https://www.libertarianism.org/columns/how-egalitarianism-comes-conflict-why-it-matters
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Price Bitcoin News | Bitcoin Stolen From Indian Exchange User Despite OTP Authentication@ Forex City
DescriptionPrice Bitcoin News | Subscribe to Forex City News http://tinyurl.com/forexcity Bitcoin Trading News | Bitcoin Stolen From Indian Exchange User Despite OTP Authentication Source: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/bitcoin-stolen-indian-exchange-user-despite-otp-authentication/ @ Forex City Channel
Don't Get Caught With Google Adsense Click Fraud
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Betway - Big Dream 11 Alternate || Is Cricket Betting Legal In India || Make Money By Betting Online
Betway Link: https://bwaab.top/go/a831b1af-300a-44ef-87d0-7e28e201b444 https://account.skrill.com/signup?rid=95168954 https://www.neteller.com/en/ In This video big alternate of dream 11 is shown that betway. Yes it is a betting website in which you can do cricket or sports betting from india. Also things like, Is cricket betting legal in india & How to deposit in bet365 & Betway is shown in this video. LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE thanks money mantra
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Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies: Burn It With Fire (Nicholas Weaver)
The entire cryptocurrency and blockchain ecology is rife with frauds, criminalities, and tulip-mania style hype and needs to be properly disposed of into the ashes of history. A “blockchain” is just a horribly inefficient append-only file which costs a literal fortune to secure without actually providing meaningful distributed trust, while cryptocurrencies are provably inferior than actual currencies for legal real world transactions. Beyond the sheer uselessness have emerged a whole host of bad ideas, ranging from the “put a bird^H^H^H^H blockchain on it” hype to unregistered (and mostly fraudulent) securities with “Initial Coin Offerings” to an invitation for massive theft in the form of “smart” contracts. It is time for those ideas to die. The first step to disrupting this space is simply knowledge. This talk begins with a summary of why just about the entire space is effectively useless at best and downright malevolent at worst. But there is also room for targeted responses. There are opportunities for criminals to greatly step up their activity in ways that will result in massive profits to them but have the collateral effect of disrupting the underlying cryptocurrencies. On the legal front, governments already have sufficient legal authorities needed to effectively cripple the cryptocurrencies and even independent actors willing to spend a moderate sum of money can trivially and legally disrupt blockchain-based cryptocurrencies on a global basis. Nicholas Weaver is a staff researcher with the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) and lecturer in EECS, where he teaches machine structures and computer security. He earned his Ph.D. in computer science from Berkeley in 2003 and joined ICSI to study network security and measurement. https://www.ischool.berkeley.edu/events/2018/blockchains-and-cryptocurrencies-burn-it-fire
Louie Gohmert & Elizabeth Warren
--Voicemail on Louie Gohmert and our call to Elizabeth Warren's office. --On the Bonus Show: Head transplants, 200-year-old fish, mandatory parent visiting, more... http://www.davidpakman.com Become a Member: http://www.davidpakman.com/membership Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/davidpakmanshow Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/davidpakmanshow TDPS Gear: http://www.davidpakman.com/gear 24/7 Voicemail Line: (219)-2DAVIDP Subscribe to The David Pakman Show for more: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=midweekpolitics Support TDPS by clicking (bookmark it too!) this link before shopping on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/?tag=thedavpaksho-20 Broadcast on July 3, 2013 David's Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/david.pakman --Donate via Bitcoin: 15evMNUN1g4qdRxywbHFCKNfdCTjxtztfj --Donate via Ethereum: 0xe3E6b538E1CD21D48Ff1Ddf2D744ea8B95Ba1930 --Donate via Litecoin: LhNVT9j5gQj8U1AbwLzwfoc5okDoiFn4Mt --Donate via Bitcoin: 15evMNUN1g4qdRxywbHFCKNfdCTjxtztfj --Donate via Ethereum: 0xe3E6b538E1CD21D48Ff1Ddf2D744ea8B95Ba1930 --Donate via Litecoin: LhNVT9j5gQj8U1AbwLzwfoc5okDoiFn4Mt
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IRL OUTSIDE (ft. Trainwrecks) [VOD: Oct 5, 2017] Part 1
Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVnsoE4sdZA Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y_ysatEafQ
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The Best IRL STREAM [VOD: Dec 14, 2017]
Mitch Jones - The Best IRL STREAM [VOD: Dec 14, 2017]
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ad free VPN | best VPN | vpnhub | VPN | advertisement free VPN | hide id | wifi security
vpnhub link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appatomic.vpnhub Best Free & Unlimited VPN - Hide Your IP, Bypass Site Blocking & Firewalls VPNhub protects your online privacy and masks your IP. With thousands of servers in over 60 countries, our VPN lets you access sites and streaming from anywhere on the planet, without losing one second of browsing speed. It’s an armored car with a supersonic jet engine. The reality today is that the internet is full of restrictions, censorship, privacy invasions, security breaches, and a host of unwanted entities trafficking in your personal data. What a horror! VPNhub is your first-class ticket to that original ideal of a truly secure and private internet. It is the most powerful, most reliable and most secure VPN service in existence. Right on! You can try VPNhub right now, without even needing to register! Go ahead and kiss the following problems goodbye, like that time you… … once bought a tent online and got bombarded with camping equipment ads, or … wanted to access news from your home country while abroad but got blocked, or … were denied banking assistance because you once visited some online gambling sites, or … had your personal data stolen because you used the Wi-Fi at your local café, etc. You see, whether its tiny annoyances, embarrassing scandals, or even life-ruining consequences, VPNhub is the total solution to all of the above problems and more. Sure there are other VPNs out there. Many of them profit from tracking you, keeping logs, or selling your data. We’re in the business of putting our users first, and letting the benefits of our Premium service sell itself. Standard Features: * American VPN Servers * Military-Grade Encryption * Hide Your IP and Location * Bypass Site Blocking * Access Public Wi-Fi Securely VPNhub Premium includes: * Global Video Streaming * Servers in 60+ Locations * Apps for Desktop * Multiple Devices At Once * Top Speeds & Zero Data Caps * Unblock Global Video Streaming Watch TV, movies and live sports from any country no matter where you are. VPNhub spoofs your IP, letting you connect from the VPN server of your choice. If geographic restrictions were like angry border guards, VPNhub is your diplomatic immunity to the world’s most popular sites. * Bypass Site Blocking and Censorship With censorship and information control on the rise, the internet can seem like a dark place. VPNhub transforms the internet into a tool of liberation, allowing people everywhere to unblock all web sites and apps! * Avoid Getting Hacked on Public Wi-Fi Sure it's convenient to get online using the internet at your local coffee shop, but using public Wi-Fi is very risky. Not only are you at risk of having an unwanted audience, but people can stroll right in to steal your personal data, like passwords and photos. VPNhub encrypts all of your communications over public Wi-Fi. * Privacy Protection and Location Masking Your ISP may keep logs of every website you visit. Other VPNs may do it too. VPNhub does not, end of story! It’s like wherever you browse, we’re the forensic clean-up crew covering your tracks, and then we wipe our own memories too. And not only your browsing, but we’ll mask your true location by routing your data through our full stack of encrypted global servers. Standard users get unlimited access to our United States servers. That’s a good place to start, but why stay in one location? Go further. Go global. Go Premium, and get access to servers from over 60 countries in far-flung lands, like from Austria to Australia, from Malaysia to Mexico, or the UK to the UAE, and beyond. Install VPNhub today, and get the entire internet at your fingertips. No fingerprints! VPNhub is compatible with all web browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Brave, UC Browser, Proxy Browser, and Opera Mini. hints: App, VPN app, Free VPN app, VPN app for Android, How to use orbot: proxy with tor, How to use tor for Android, dark web, darknet, tor browser, deep web, Privacy, Online Privacy, Tor (Software), Encryption, online security, Tor, Tor Project, blocked websites, privacy tool, isp tracking, How To Access The Dark Web Safely, access dark web, the onion router, vpn, cybercrime
Auburn Coach Wife Kristi Malzahn Agrees with Match & eHarmony: Men are Jerks
My advice is this: Settle! That's right. Don't worry about passion or intense connection. Don't nix a guy based on his annoying habit of yelling "Bravo!" in movie theaters. Overlook his halitosis or abysmal sense of aesthetics. Because if you want to have the infrastructure in place to have a family, settling is the way to go. Based on my observations, in fact, settling will probably make you happier in the long run, since many of those who marry with great expectations become more disillusioned with each passing year. (It's hard to maintain that level of zing when the conversation morphs into discussions about who's changing the diapers or balancing the checkbook.) Obviously, I wasn't always an advocate of settling. In fact, it took not settling to make me realize that settling is the better option, and even though settling is a rampant phenomenon, talking about it in a positive light makes people profoundly uncomfortable. Whenever I make the case for settling, people look at me with creased brows of disapproval or frowns of disappointment, the way a child might look at an older sibling who just informed her that Jerry's Kids aren't going to walk, even if you send them money. It's not only politically incorrect to get behind settling, it's downright un-American. Our culture tells us to keep our eyes on the prize (while our mothers, who know better, tell us not to be so picky), and the theme of holding out for true love (whatever that is—look at the divorce rate) permeates our collective mentality. Even situation comedies, starting in the 1970s with The Mary Tyler Moore Show and going all the way to Friends, feature endearing single women in the dating trenches, and there's supposed to be something romantic and even heroic about their search for true love. Of course, the crucial difference is that, whereas the earlier series begins after Mary has been jilted by her fiancé, the more modern-day Friends opens as Rachel Green leaves her nice-guy orthodontist fiancé at the altar simply because she isn't feeling it. But either way, in episode after episode, as both women continue to be unlucky in love, settling starts to look pretty darn appealing. Mary is supposed to be contentedly independent and fulfilled by her newsroom family, but in fact her life seems lonely. Are we to assume that at the end of the series, Mary, by then in her late 30s, found her soul mate after the lights in the newsroom went out and her work family was disbanded? If her experience was anything like mine or that of my single friends, it's unlikely. And while Rachel and her supposed soul mate, Ross, finally get together (for the umpteenth time) in the finale of Friends, do we feel confident that she'll be happier with Ross than she would have been had she settled down with Barry, the orthodontist, 10 years earlier? She and Ross have passion but have never had long-term stability, and the fireworks she experiences with him but not with Barry might actually turn out to be a liability, given how many times their relationship has already gone up in flames. It's equally questionable whether Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw, who cheated on her kindhearted and generous boyfriend, Aidan, only to end up with the more exciting but self-absorbed Mr. Big, will be better off in the framework of marriage and family. (Some time after the breakup, when Carrie ran into Aidan on the street, he was carrying his infant in a Baby Björn. Can anyone imagine Mr. Big walking around with a Björn?)
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Chillin with Sodapoppin & Fortnite with Ice Poseidon [DELETED VOD: Jan 9, 2018]
Mitch Jones - Chillin with Sodapoppin & Fortnite with Ice Poseidon [DELETED VOD: Jan 9, 2018]
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