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Jon Levasseur of Cryptopsy on His Setup and Drop Tuning
Jon Levasseur of Cryptopsy on His Setup and Drop Tuning ----- Watch all our new videos first by subscribing here: http://bit.ly/1cgP7yX Get info on your favorite gear, artists and more: http://www.daddario.com Like D'Addario on Facebook: http://fb.com/daddariostringsandplanetwaves Follow D'Addario on Twitter: http://twitter.com/daddarioandco Check out our Instagram photos: http://instagram.com/daddarioandco Read our tumblr: http://daddarioandco.tumblr.com/
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Jon Levasseur and Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy Play and Discuss Benedictine Convulsions
Jon Levasseur and Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy Play and Discuss Benedictine Convulsions ----- Watch all our new videos first by subscribing here: http://bit.ly/1cgP7yX Get info on your favorite gear, artists and more: http://www.daddario.com Like D'Addario on Facebook: http://fb.com/daddariostringsandplanetwaves Follow D'Addario on Twitter: http://twitter.com/daddarioandco Check out our Instagram photos: http://instagram.com/daddarioandco Read our tumblr: http://daddarioandco.tumblr.com/
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Cryptopsy - Serial Messiah (Official Lead Guitar Video)
Guitarist Jon Levasseur plays 'Serial Messiah' from Cryptopsy's Debut Album 'Blasphemy Made Flesh', Playthrough Guitar Video Filmed & Edited by Bookaking Productions http://www.myspace.com/cryptopsy http://www.facebook.com/Bookaking
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Cryptopsy Interview | Matt McGachy & Jon Levasseur
Matt McGachy & Jon Levasseur Interview from Cryptopsy http://musiclegends.ca Interviewed by Jason Saulnier July 6, 2012 Halifax, NS Crytopsy talks about playing Spread the Metal Festival in Halifax, NS. Jon Levasseur talks about how great it is playing for the Canadian fans. We talk about the upcoming Crytopsy self titled album. Talking about the new website being launched Friday July 13th. How is the metal fan base worldwide now days. http://www.facebook.com/CryptopsyMetal
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The Official CRYPTOPSY Trailer
Cryptopsy would like to announce that the pre-sales for their new album entitled CRYPTOPSY will begin on Friday July 13th; and will only be available via their new website www.Cryptopsy.ca. Here is a medley of parts and sections from the upcoming Cryptopsy album. They have been pieced together with visuals from our forthcoming "The Making Of CRYPTOPSY" documentary which will be released with the new album.
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Cryptopsy - Jamspace Rehearsal, 1997, None So Vile
Extremely rare rehearsal video from 1997, the None So Vile era. Lord Worm, Jon Levasseur, Eric Langois, and Flo Mounier, playing some of the best death metal ever, to an audience of 4 middle aged people and a cameraman, in a rehearsal space that looks like a church. Truly, totally, metal. Setlist: Graves Of The Fathers Phobophile Benedictine Convulsions Crown Of Horns Lichmistress Orgiastic Disembowelment
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Cryptopsy - Serial Messiah (w/ solo)
Just working on some Jon Levasseur.
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CRYPTOPSY Interview [@ Kaltenbach Open Air 2017]
It’s not always easy to make yourself heard as a „Progressive Death Metal Band“. We talked to Flo and Matt of Canada‘s CRYPTOPSY abouts highs, lows, and other things. Es ist nicht immer einfach mit Progressive Death Metal „ein Leiberl zu reissen“. Das wissen die Kanadier CRYPTOPSY nur zu gut. Am heurigen Kaltenbach Open Air plauderten wir mit Flo und Matt über Höhen, Tiefen, Untiefen und sonstiges Zeug. ☠ https://www.stormbringer.at ☠ https://www.facebook.com/stormbringer.at/ ☠ https://twitter.com/Stormbringer_at ☠ https://www.instagram.com/stormbringermagazin/
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death metal interview
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Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy) - Two Pound Torch [Dresden Drumfestival 2016]
If you like this video please consider supporting me on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/drumtalk For more info on drumtalk please go to: http://www.drumtalk.eu/ Contact Flo for Skype lessons at [email protected] www.Cryptopsy.ca Drummer extraordinaire Flo Mounier of Canadians extreme metal band Cryptopsy playing a song off their self titled album from 2012 during his performance on Dresdner Drumfestival in September 2016.
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Cryptopsy on recording 'None So Vile,' touring it and Lord Worm eating worms | Aggressive Tendencies
Cryptopsy vocalist Matt McGachy and drummer Flo Mounier talk about how the former came to join the band and how he prepped to sing 'None So Vile' in its entirety. They both reveal their favourite songs from the effort. Mounier reflects on the process of recording the album, including the myths of Lord Worm's alcohol and worm consumption, though he doesn't remember much about the touring cycle. Both members reflect on their proudest moments accomplished thanks to the band. May 23, 2017. ---------------------------- ▶▶ NEW episodes of Aggressive Tendencies air every other Thursday. ▶ Watch more interviews: http://bit.ly/Aggressive-Tendencies ▶ Click here to subscribe to Exclaim! TV: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-ExclaimTV ▶ Click here to subscribe to Aggressive Tendencies: http://bit.ly/Sub-Aggressive-Tendencies Check out our full video catalogue: http://youtube.com/ExclaimTV/videos Daily music news, streams & more: http://exclaim.ca Like Exclaim! on Facebook: http://facebook.com/exclaimdotca Follow Exclaim! on Twitter: http://twitter.com/exclaimdotca Read our Tumblr: http://exclaimdotca.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/exclaimdotca
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Cryptopsy/open face surgery live
Cryptopsy playing open face surgery/None So Live was recorded June 1st 2002 at The Medley in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Line up Flo Mounier : Drums and backing vocals Jon Levasseur : Lead and rhythm guitars Alex Auburn : Rhythm, lead guitars and vocals Eric Langlois : Bass Martin Lacroix : Vocals www.cryptopsy.net
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Cryptopsy - Interview @ Scion Rock Fest (Scion AV)
Interview with Cryptopsy at the 2009 Scion Rock Fest. Reinventing and redefining metals boundaries, CRYPTOPSY, recognized worldwide for infusing extreme music with awe-inspiring precision, rabidly dynamic rhythms, and mouth-foaming viciousness, have earned music fans respect inside and outside the metal community. The bands viperous recordings and punishing live performance have confirmed their place in music's elite. Check out the interviews and performances at Scion Rock Fest 2009 from start to finish: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FOeFgtCLAE&list=PLqkXnUT_dvxesBpsm3d98LKpLT06aqYgg&index=2 -------- Subscribe to Scion AV for more exclusive videos from your favorite artists! - http://awe.sm/bFiIN Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scionav Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/scionav Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/scionav http://www.scionav.com
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Cryptopsy - None So Vile Full Album
Released July 3, 1996 by Wrong Again Records. Band- Cryptopsy Location- Montreal, Quebec, Canada Genre: Tech-Death/Deathcore (later on) 1. Crown of Horns [0:00] 2. Slit Your Guts [3:58] 3. GRAVES OF THE FATHERS [8:00] (Also included, great breakdown at 10:00] 4. Dead and Dripping [12:12] 5. Benedictine Convulsions [16:05] 6. PHOBOPHILE [20:05] 7. Lichmistress [24:42] 8. Orgiastic Disembowelment [27:14] The band lineup on this album was -- Lord Worm - Vocals/Lyrics Flo Mounier - Drums Jon Levasseur - Guitar Éric Langlois - Bass Guitar http://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Cryptopsy/None_So_Vile/199
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Cryptopsy - Live In Gothenburg
Live @ Restaurant Kreta, Gothenburg, Sweden 04.05.2002
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CRYPTOPSY - White Worms (Full Song)
CRYPTOPSY - White Worms (Full Song). Get this song on the BEST OF US BLEED Compilation album - http://smarturl.it/CryptopsyBOUB-CMD OR Get the album at iTunes now! http://smarturl.it/CryptopsyWS-iTunes Taken from the album, 'Whisper Supremacy', Century Media Records, 1998.
Views: 23029 Century Media Records
Cryptopsy - Benedictine Convulsions - Montreal 1996.mp4
Cryptopsy - Benedictine Convulsions - Montreal, Qc 09/07/1996 Foufounes Electriques
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cryptopsy-Crown of Horns
Mike DiSalvo : vocals Jon Levasseur : lead and rhythm guitars Alex Auburn : rhythm and lead guitars, vocals Eric Langlois : bass Flo Mounier : drums, vocals Live in japan
Views: 5182 Miguel Rodriguez
Cryptopsy - Two Pound Torch (guitar cover)
A great technical guitar cover here......"Two Pound Torch" the opening track of the last "Cryptopsy" album published in 2012! This Canadian band is really amazing and they are all great musicians!! I think they are actually one of the best technical death metal band around the scene, enjoy.... guitar tuning: Standard B equipment: Jackson DK2L Zoom G7.1ut Cubase 5 Pinacle 16 it's only a guitar cover and all copyrights are owned by Cryptopsy
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Cryptopsy   Jamspace rehearsal None So Vile era with Lord Worm
Cryptopsy jamming pretty good quality enjoy!
Views: 1346 Jess Are
cryptopsy-white worms
cryptopsy-white worms Mike DiSalvo : vocals Jon Levasseur : lead and rhythm guitars Alex Auburn : rhythm and lead guitars, vocals Eric Langlois : bass Flo Mounier : drums, vocals Live in japan
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Cryptopsy - Phobophile
Cryptopsy - Phobophile from the "None So Vile" Album. Lineup: Lord Worm: Lead vocals Jon Levasseur: Lead & rhythm guitar Eric Langlois: Bass Flo Mounier: Drums & backing vocals Lyrics: In the kitchen With a screaming triple amputee... Its completion depends solely On my needs... Said amputee's stumps Are my way of saying... "Thank you Just for being you." Its fear tastes better than its limbs. Terror of morality I draw from the slowly dying damned Monsters live behind my eyes; I let them out and people die. And all the grave worms That come for their piece of meat? I give them dead things.. The wretched living are mine alone Fright mounts with the body count To which anthropomancy predicts a decline In all of God's creation, Can there be a lifestyle that's better than this? I mark my territory With their blood and excritement And adipocere... I can find my way in the dark; My fulfilment is habitually necromanic And anal abusive.. Seen through the eyes of a mortician They've "caught" me, as they call it; My teeth and my semen have betrayed me.. Nevermore! Tests to gauge my rationale, The likes of which these feeble minds have Never seen. Rorschach blotters, My responses to which inspire fear... From my lizard side, The amoral alien speaks; "These aren't butterflies, I see a face I'd like to burn." Obfuscation Of the authorities with lies, And my natur Alability to charm and be me, Or whoever they want; I've known all minds by divine right.
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Mike DiSalvo : vocals Jon Levasseur : lead and rhythm guitars Alex Auburn : rhythm and lead guitars, vocals Eric Langlois : bass Flo Mounier : drums, vocals Live in japan
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Cryptopsy - Graves Of The Fathers
Working on some Jon Levasseur.
Views: 332 Big White Sugar
Cryptopsy -  "Benedictine Convulsions/We Bleed" (Live@Heavt MTL 2011)
http://www.KrankTV.com/ - Cryptopsy - Heavy MTL 2011 (Live) Like this video? Come see hundreds more at KrankTV.com! - the Net's biggest home for metal, death, grind, thrash, rapcore, heavy and hard rock music videos! If you like the hard stuff, come get hooked on KrankTV.com! Director: Raw Cut Media http://www.youtube.com/user/RawCutMedia Crytopsy @ Heavy MTL 2011 Montreal, Quebec Flo Mounier: Drums/Vocals Jon Levasseur: Lead & Rythm guitar Chris Donaldson: Guitar Matt McGachy: Lead Vocals Youri Raymond: 6-strings bass/Vocals Check out the BlankTV official website http://www.BlankTV.com Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/blanktv Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/BlankTV Thumbs Up, Comment and Subscribe!!
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Cryptopsy - Shroud (live)
I uploaded this bit because I couldn't find it on youtube. With Jon Levasseur and Martin Lacroix (personal favourite lineup)
Views: 1482 deadasfak
Cryptopsy Brutal Assault 2011 Slit Your Guts
Cryptopsy live show @ Brutal Assault 2011 in the Czech Republic. The first song from our set, Slit Your Guts from None So Vile. Enjoy!
Views: 126448 Cryptopsy Official
Cryptopsy - Graves Of The Fathers (Official Live Drum Video)
Filmed by Bookaking Productions at Club Soda November 23rd 2012 http://www.facebook.com/CryptopsyMetal http://www.facebook.com/Bookaking
Views: 32501 Xtrem Productions
Cryptopsy - Flo Mounier - The Golden Square Mile
Cryptopsy - Flo Mounier - The Golden Square Mile
Views: 94323 sickdrummermagazine
Cryptopsy - Emaciate - live at Brutal  Assault - 13.8.2011
Cryptopsy taking the stage by storm at brutal assault festival in army fortress josefov in jaromer, czech republic - with Jon Levasseur back in the band - it was an amazing show. If I remember correctly the setlist was: Intro Slit Your Guts Worship Your Demons White Worms Benedictine Convulsions Emaciate Cold Hate, Warm Blood We Bleed Phobophile
Views: 3177 cathedron21
Cryptopsy (With Lord Worm) - Benedictine Convulsions (Live at Heavy MTL)
Parc Jean Drapeau, July 23rd 2011, Photos; http://on.fb.me/rcyodf http://www.myspace.com/cryptopsy
Views: 8417 MontrealMetalShows
Cryptopsy interview - Flo Munier (part 1)
Flo Munier about Childhood, education, career change, son Watch more videos on http://www.faceculture.com . Video interview with drummer Flo Mounier from Canadian metal band Cryptopsy. FaceCulture spoke to Flo Mounier about his pre Cryptopsy life, his musical career, his son, line-up changes in Cryptopsy, songwriting, playing extreme music, different musical influences, the possibilities with Cryptopsy, the thrill of playing, their latest album The Unspoken King, drum clinics and more. (27/11/2008)
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Cryptopsy - Phobophile (Vocal Cover)
[ALL EXHALED] A vocal cover of my fav song, awesome intro, and an intense technical... a majestic creation, from the None So Vile album... (I DO A FEW INHALED SHRIEK LIKE LORD WORM)
Views: 6219 Hellbeast
Cryptopsy - Phobophile (Trois-Rivieres Metalfest 2011)
This is Cryptopsy playing "Phobophile" from their 1996 album None So Vile at the Trois-Rivieres Metalfest on October 15th, 2011. Jon Levasseur was back on guitars that night.
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Cryptopsy Worship Your Demons Chris Donaldson.mov
Check out Chris Donaldson playing Worship Your Demons with his Guerilla guitar!
Views: 26147 Cryptopsy Official
Cryptopsy - Red-Skinned Scapegoat
Album : Cryptosy Año : 2012 Genero : Brutal/Technical Death Metal Shackled and confined within this tiny cell I await punishment for a crime I did not commit Flies and rats accompany me here The bars gleam moist with condensation As I sit throughout my last sunrise This tiny island was called Admiral when I first arrived Now it's overpopulated and infested Framed for murder Another red-skinned scapegoat My hatred of diversity condemned me The man they believed I killed Was sitting at peace when he was shot in the back His dining room table became his deathbed Flimsy evidence supporting an airtight case The murder weapon misplaced Fallen coincidentally to the bottom of the lake His wife glared at me in the courtroom A devilish stare I will never forget Her tear-streaked face radiated with a glint of hope As the judge revealed his verdict So now I wait as the sun slowly rises Counting on my last hours Pleading for forgiveness Although I am guiltless The time has now arrived they are standing outside my chamber The noose has been set and the crowd has gathered The noon sun blinds me as I approach the gallows So much that I can't see my family weeping at the back of the square Tied and bound with a burlap sack over my head I can only hear what they are doing to me The last thing I perceive is the gasp of the crowd Just before the rope swings taut Framed for murder Another red skinned scapegoat Left to hang In another man's place Framed for murder Another red skinned scapegoat Eternal red skinned scapegoat
Views: 67903 Ignacio Rivas Padilla
Old Cryptopsy vs New Cryptopsy; Lord Worm vs Matt McGachy - Before and After
Este es un video que hize de versus del Viejo Cryptopsy con (Lord Worm) cuando tocaban Technical Death metal y el de ahora con Matt McGachy que tocan Deathcore/Metalcore melodico de mierda, ahora ya han perdido lo que alguna vez se considero una de las bandas canadienses mas brutales, puesto que al intentar explorar nuevos horizontes y tras la salida de Lord worm la banda cayo en un bajo nivel tocando Deathcore con tintes melodicos y perdiendo el respeto de muchos de sus fans. Observen el cambio tan drastico del Cryptopsy de ahora con su altum The Unspoken King y el de antes (verdadero) con su album None so vile de 1996
Views: 43453 Deathgorehate
News Update - Cryptopsy Loses Bassist - New Dying Fetus CD 2012 - Origin Tour.. and more!
News Update - Cryptopsy Loses Bassist - New Dying Fetus CD 2012 - Origin Tour.. and more! Like News Update - New Dying Fetus 2012 - Cryptopsy Loses Bassist - Origin Tour 2012 .. From: Green2012Day | Dec 9, 2011 | 10 views Loading...News Update - New Dying Fetus 2012 - Cryptopsy Loses Bassist - Origin Tour 2012 .. Guitarist-turned-bassist Youri Raymond of Canadian metallers Cryptopsy has issued the following statement on the band's MySpace page:"I am officially announcing my departure of the band Cryptopsy. At this time, we feel it's in the best interest of both the band and I to part ways. As a musician, moving from guitar to bass was a great challenge, but honestly, I never really felt comfortable in that position and my motivation in general was stagnating. I'm now moving forward and will release an album in 2012 on guitar/lead vocals with my band Unhuman and I hope Jon, Matt, Chris Flo and the new guy who will fill in in the bass spot the very best with the upcoming album and what might be the "real" Cryptopsy coming back! Thanks again fans and friends for your endless support!" John Gallagher, guitarist and vocalist of Dying Fetus, has announced that the group has entered the studio to record a new full-length album. The band will once again be working with long-time producer Steve Wright. Set to be released in mid 2012 the album will feature nine tracks and is a "return to roots". An official release date and album title will be announced shortly. Through-out February and into early March, US technical death metallers Origin, together with Psycroptic , will embark on a European tour, taking off in Switzerland.Two supports slots are open and the bands are yet to be announced. German thrash metallers Paradox have parted ways with guitarist Gus Drax. The band posted the following on their MySpace page: "We would like to announce you that after 2 years of working together with Gus Drax, we decided to go separate ways due to personal reasons. We wish Gus all the best. Paradox are still working on their next album which will be out in Summer 2012
Views: 567 rockandmetalnewz
Cryptopsy / Disgorge / Soreption - PRESHOW RITUALS Ep. 178
Subscribe to Digital Tour Bus: http://bit.ly/DTBsubscribe On this episode of DTB’s “Preshow Rituals”, the death metal bands, Cryptopsy, Disgorge and Soreption, talks about what they do before taking the stage, while on the "Back To The US 2015 Tour" with Erimha and The Convalescence. Watch more “Preshow Rituals ” episodes: Obituary - http://digtb.us/1S33SHG Butcher Babies - http://digtb.us/1S32S6q iwrestledabearonce - http://digtb.us/1S320P9 Digital Tour Bus links: Check out our website - http://digitaltourbus.com Join our email list - http://digtb.us/DTBemaillist Official merch store - http://digtb.us/DTBofficialmerch Help us continue making videos on Patreon - http://digtb.us/DTBpatreon See our videos 3 days before anyone else on Vessel - http://digtb.us/DTBvessel Information about this video: Film Date - May 29, 2015 Location - Crest Hill, IL Check out our other web series: Popular DTB videos - http://digtb.us/dtbpopular Bus Invaders - http://digtb.us/businvadersplaylist Gear Masters - http://digtb.us/gearmastersplaylist Cooking At 65mph - http://digtb.us/cookingat65mphseries Crazy Tour Stories - http://digtb.us/crazytourstoriesplaylist Dream Tour - http://digtb.us/dreamtourplaylist Preshow Rituals - http://digtb.us/preshowritualsplaylist The Life Of Tour - http://digtb.us/thelifeoftourplaylist Tour Pranks - http://digtb.us/tourpranksplaylist Tour Tips - http://digtb.us/tourtipsplaylist Video Games On Tour - http://digtb.us/videogamesontourplaylist Stay connected with us: Twitter - http://twitter.com/digitaltourbus Facebook - http://facebook.com/digitaltourbus Youtube - http://youtube.com/digitaltourbus Snapchat - digitaltourbus Instagram - http://instagram.com/digitaltourbus Digital Tour Bus bio: This is the official YouTube channel for Digital Tour Bus. We take you inside the tour buses of your favorite touring acts in our "Bus Invaders" video series. If you like what you see, make sure you visit our website, http://www.digitaltourbus.com/, for tons of news and exclusive features. We release three brand new videos every single day at 10am, 1pm and 4pm (CST), including new episodes of Bus Invaders, Gear Masters or Cooking at 65mph almost everyday in the 10am slot! Our other various series, including: Crazy Tour Stories, Dream Tour, Preshow Rituals, Tour Pranks and Tour Tips (Top 5), fill in the 1pm and 4pm slots. Regardless of the genres of music you enjoy, we've got you covered! We cover everything from rock to rap to country and everything in between, so make sure you subscribe to be the first to see all of our new videos.
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Flo Mounier, Cryptopsy
Flo blasting it out!
Views: 2868 Kenny Lee
Cryptopsy - Crown of Horns (Live in Halifax)
Cryptopsy, performing "Crown of Horns" live on July 24th, 2004, at the Maritime Metalfest in Halifax, Nova Scotia... credit goes to mikejl843 for the footage, leave him some love \m/
Views: 10418 ChefJFK
Cryptopsy - Benedictine Convulsions
Cryptopsy Benedictine Convulsions None so Vile
Views: 133548 totalmayhem666
Cryptopsy - 1 - Hellfest 2013
Cryptopsy - 1 - Hellfest 2013
Views: 1862 bisounours666
Cryptopsy Brutal Assault White Worms Live
Here's White Worms from our live show at Brutal Assault 2011.
Views: 8630 Cryptopsy Official
Cryptopsy on how 'The Book of Suffering: Tome 2' will connect with 'Tome 1' | Aggressive Tendencies
Cryptopsy vocalist Matt McGachy and drummer Flo Mounier reveal where they're at for 'The Book of Suffering: Tome 2,' a follow-up to '...Tome 1,' and explain what will connect the two EPs. They plan to eventually release all the Tomes together "like the 'Lord of the Rings.'" The band were performing all of 'None So Vile' on this tour and McGachy explained why the album's darkness will pervade the lyrics of the band's next release. May 23, 2017.
Views: 3042 Aggressive Tendencies
Necrosis (Can) (Pre Cryptopsy) - Inferno Within
This is Cryptopsy before it was known as Cryptopsy. This is a 1991 demo made when the band was known as Necrosis. Necrosis made four demos and this is their third demo they've made. This is the sixth track from the demo Realms of Pathogenia. Lord Worm (Dan Greening) - Vocals Steve Thibault - Guitar John Todd - Bass Moose (Mike Atkins) - Drums Lyrics: Highly electrostatically-charged people Consumed by inner fires Spontaneous human combustion could take One in a hundred thousand Fragile hypotheses Start to wear thin They can't understand The inferno within Dry skin is a factor, climate's another And age to a certain degree Astoundingly enough, their surroundings And clothing are hardly ever scorched Fragile hypotheses Start to wear thin They can't understand The inferno within Silence Weighs heavy in the air Blue smoke Wafts heavenward Ashen Remains in the basement Half a leg Is all that is left The old doctor perished Like so many before Always increasing: The numbers of those Who burn beyond crisps From the inferno within FUCK THE NEW CRYPTOPSY!
Views: 3241 madderbass

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