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(Jubeat Ripples Append) Lead Me EXT Excellent
Lead me cexellent
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DJ TOTTO - chaplet
Song: chaplet Artist: DJ TOTTO Disclaimer: This song is copyrighted by Konami, therefore, I do not own the materials used in the video.
Views: 132130 djM2fiesta
【jubeat festo】衝動 (EXT) EXC
Player:HORIMIO7 神曲神譜面
Views: 49 issy in the breeze
DJ Yoshitaka feat. ERi - Catch Me
from beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (October 2005) Click here to subscribe for new uploads! http://bit.ly/2EewZg You can support us at ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/notesplash
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【jubeat copious append】a  fact  of  life (EXT) EXC
player:HB.N*DD5 (えぬ~)
Views: 3086 enu7777777
【jubeat copious】[E] Extended ver.(Full ver.) 最高音質
jubeat copious APPEND SOUNDTRACK収録曲の[E]のフルバージョンです。 最後まで見てくれるとうれしいです。 作曲者 DJ MAX STEROID ©Konami Digital Entertainment
Views: 23856 musicgame
Sweet Rain - Y&Co. feat. Karin [jubeat knit ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK]
jubeat knit ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 14: Sweet Rain Artist: Y&Co. feat. Karin http://www.konamistyle.jp/sp/jubeat_knit_ost/index.html Published by Konami Digital Entertainment
Views: 5422 lBluelAlice
Cleako - Dream Life (Music Video)
'' Dream Life ''official visual please like, comment, share and subscribe Listen and download ''True Story '' on Datpiff.com Directed by Bruce Kayne
Views: 12485 Cleako TV
[E] (Extended Mix) - dj MAX STEROID [jubeat copious APPEND SOUNDTRACK]
jubeat copious APPEND SOUNDRACK 16: [E] (Extended Mix) Artist: dj MAX STEROID http://www.konamistyle.jp/sp/jubeat_copious_ap/index.html?style=DB#info Published by Konami Digital Entertainment
Views: 790 lBluelAlice
[itouch/iphone]iboogie Jubeat Knit APPEND Theory Of Eternity
i am just a rubbish lol http://forum.datael.co.uk/
Views: 2096 steven161616
Queen's Paradise - Nanako (piu steps)
Artist: Nanako BPM: 157 Mode: Crazy original game: jubeat ripples Steps by ddrstrike and DOG. *Queen's Paradise es la segunda canción de Yoshihiko Koezuka que aparece en la saga de jubeat. *la versión larga de este tema se encuentra en the jubeat ripples APPEND Soundtrack..
Views: 740 POMPITOP
Good-bye Chalon/猫叉Master+
jubeat ripples.jubeat plus REFLEC BEAT colette -Spring-.REFLEC BEAT plus
Views: 1313 ゾロ杰
jubeat knit APPEND、jubeat plus pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET、ポップンリズミン GuitarFreaksXG3 & DrumManiaXG3、GITADORA (Mobile) REFLEC BEAT colette -Autumn-、REFLEC BEAT plus
Views: 1343 ゾロ杰
【jubeat copious APPEND】The Wind of Gold 995.9k player:TGH*D.R
金風の赤ですぅ(^-^)/ そんな上手くないですが是非みてください☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ ちなみに未フルです(T_T) 自己べは999.6kで1グレなんです(T_T) 最後ミスし過ぎですが運指参考にどうぞ^^
Views: 1091 FLOWER939828
SM 3.9 - SP#070 S-C-U - Nanahoshi (ナナホシ) - jubeat copious APPEND OST [720p Full Combo JD6 (+cam)]
StepMania 3.9 DEFAULT THEME - Follow our live streams on http://twitch.tv/K1CS1K/videos ! Previous Shuffle (#069): http://youtube.com/watch?v=7C4TaTpnOms&list=PL47D82ED51441D7EE Playlist: http://youtube.com/view_play_list?p=47D82ED51441D7EE Next Shuffle (#071): http://youtube.com/watch?v=-Y3RD_0a4dM&list=PL47D82ED51441D7EE Record Date: 31.May.2013. Record Location: Kecskemét, Hungary Player: [Kecskemét Games] GrassHopper Song Artist: S-C-U Song Title: Nanahoshi (ナナホシ) Song From: jubeat copious APPEND Original Soundtrack Used NORMAL speed-multiplier: 3X I ONLY USE DEFAULT OPTIONS WHILE PLAYING, EXCEPT HEAVIER DIFFICULTIES BELOW! I played this song with Full Combo AA on: Judge Difficulty: 6! Life Difficulty: 7 Video has been converted from 100fps to 30fps as YouTube accepts maximum of 30fps videos! Thanks for watching! Check my other videos on my channel!
Y&Co. feat. Karin - Sweet Rain (English subtitles)
Sweet Rain Y&Co. feat. Karin Composition: Akira Yokota, Tetsuya Tamura Arrangement/Lyrics: Tetsuya Tamura Vocals: Karin From: jubeat knit https://remywiki.com/Sweet_Rain http://fluffychouchou.tumblr.com/post/123627903265/y-co-feat-karin-sweet-rain-english
Views: 10825 fluffy chouchou
【jubeat festo】a fact of life(EXT) EXC
Player:YUINO* Song:a fact of life Level:7 Twitter:@yuuhi1315
Views: 22 yuuhi1315
【jubeat copious APPNED】city talk(EXT)EXCELLENT
Views: 139 hsbml3
[Jubeat knit] Lost Boy (EXT) EXC by SHANA
Views: 2799
Iconoclasm - perditusõparadisus
from beatmania IIDX 18 RESORT ANTHEM ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (February 2011) c Click here to subscribe for new uploads! http://bit.ly/2EewZg You can support us at ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/notesplash
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【jubeat】 PLAYER:Y.S-Y  Sweet Rain (EXTREME)
~my list~ http://www.youtube.com/user/JapaneseYSY ~Y.S chat~ http://jubeatysy.chat.kanichat.com/chat?roomid=jubeatysy ~jubeat攻略~ http://www.freepe.com/i.cgi?ysyjubeat ~Y.S team(jubeat)~ http://www.freepe.com/i.cgi?ysteamjubeat e-mail:[email protected]
Sweet Rain - Y&Co. feat. Karin
DanceDanceRevolution (2013) (Japan) (AC) Originally: jubeat knit Song: Sweet Rain Artist: Y&Co. feat. Karin Composition: Akira Yokota, Tetsuya Tamura Arrangement/Lyrics: Tetsuya Tamura Vocals: Karin BPM: 155 Length: 2:03 (DanceDanceRevolution, jubeat), 2:04 (REFLEC BEAT)
Views: 578 RDR-DDR
Red Goose  - Mutsuhiko Izumi [jubeat copious ORIGINAL SOUNDRACK]
jubeat copious ORIGINAL SOUNDRACK 14: Red Goose Artist: Mutsuhiko Izumi http://www.konamistyle.jp/sp/jubeat_copious/index.html Published by Konami Digital Entertainment
Views: 1438 lBluelAlice
【REFLET MUSE】a fact of life
jubeat ripples APPENDより a fact of life(FACT) 版権ですがYouTubeアップロードOKらしいのでアップしました。 jubeatの例の(?)同時押しを再現しました。
Views: 156 Hikari CH
[jubeat]Find your way[EXT] EXC
Player:RIKO.B-1(び〜) アーティスト:J.Speaks Lv:8 Lifetime Journey→https://youtu.be/PrzMwMECjME
Views: 257 RIKO.B-1
Sota Fujimori feat. Nagisa - Shining Star
from jubeat ripples ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (September 2009) Click here to subscribe for new uploads! http://bit.ly/2EewZ You can support us at ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/notesplash
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Remixed by DJ YOSHITAKA - I'm In Love Again -DJ YOSHITAKA REMIX-
from beatmania IIDX 15 DJ TROOPERS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (April 2008) c Click here to subscribe for new uploads! http://bit.ly/2EewZg You can support us at ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/notesplash
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[Black MIDI] Synthesia - Jubeat - I'm so Happy exactly 1 Million ~ Z-Doc R.
ORIGINAL VIDEO + MIDI DOWNLOAD (by Z-Doc R.): (Deleted) An amazing MIDI of the Jubeat song "I'm so Happy" by Ryu☆. This MIDI celebrates Z-Doc's 1,000 subscriber special. Can't believe you're already at 1k! Keep growing, my friend. SoundFont Used: Z-Doc Grand Piano SoundFont Author: Z-Doc R./ZDocPianoPlayer Author Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZDocPianoPlayer Follow my personal "Jason N." account on Google+ for posts about Black MIDIs in general, and just plain nerdy MIDI stuff. https://plus.google.com/u/0/105426468311954266553 Follow my "Gingeas" page on Google+ for news about Black MIDI videos, new uploads, and comments I post: https://plus.google.com/+gingeas Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlackMIDITeam Twitter: https://twitter.com/blackmiditeam Instagram: TheBlackMIDITeam ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TECHNICAL INFORMATION: MIDI Filename: [Black Score] - I'm So Happy.mid MIDI Size: 7.83 MB MIDI Note Count: Exactly 1,000,000 MIDI Program: Synthesia 0.8.0 MIDI Synth Used: BASSMIDI Driver (for audio) MIDI Recorder: Bandicam MIDI FPS: Recorded @ 60 FPS MIDI Codec: MPEG-1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Other videos of this MIDI being played: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuSOIzxma376WGwll0g3T6KZNUO2bASkB Keep in mind I only track other people's videos by the time of upload. If you do not see your video on this list, it probably means your video was not uploaded at the time of this video's posting, or your video is not reachable with a simple search. If you really want to be included on this list, contact me. Also keep in mind most of my videos are edited for no lag -- I feel this will make a better video where computer performance does not matter (my computer is not as strong as others). A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. Exposure to certain patterns or backgrounds on a computer screen, or while playing videos such as this, may induce an epileptic seizure in these individuals. If you, or anyone in your family, have an epileptic condition, consult your physician prior to watching this video.
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Tiger of PTS - PROMiSE (EX)
Jubeat Plus for iPad Song: PROMiSE (Extreme) Artist: MiChi
Views: 627 PTSTelevision