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Ripple Ridge - Phillip Lemire - Landyachtz Longboards
Phillip designed this super fun board for you to skate alleys, paths, parking garages, to the store, to a dinosaur museum, anywhere! The Ripple Ridge is extremely versatile and insanely fun. Cruising, carving, commuting, tricks, this board does it all in the name of fun! Throw on some Street Hawg Wheels and the new Polar Bear Trucks and you've got the next most ridden board in your collection. More Info: http://landyachtz.com/boards/hybrid-58 Riders: Phillip Lemire, Kyle Martin, and Charlie Darragh Film/Edit: Dave Leslie Music: "Surf Erie" by Monster Rally http://monsterrally.bandcamp.com
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Landyachtz Ripple Ridge 2013 - Wiredsport Innovation Watch
Landyachtz Ripple Ridge 2013 - http://www.wiredsport.com - Riples that help you feel the deck under foot, unreal Landyachtz graphics!
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The Way To School 20161007
Set up: Landyachtz Ripple Ridge Wolf Orangatang Kegel 80mm 83a
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Landyachtz Ripple Ridge
32" x 10", available from Octane Sport.
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Longboarding :ripple ridge
Mobbin on cloudride iceeez on the landyachtz ripple ridge paris 155mm hanger 50 degree baseplates bronsons bearings fast slides free ride
Rippling The Ridge
Ripping down hill on da ripple ridge.
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Longboarding Adventure Vlog🌿 ft Close quarters wombat
Sorry about the longer video but I really hope you guys enjoy this, I love you all very much and don't forget to subscribe ! Instagram: _asdarkasmysoul_ Snapchat: asdark_asmysoul Jays channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-4U1ZiylMAyHbgg8QuspKw Nerdcubed's video with Jay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUVdAOZN8Ig&t=127s Link to get one of jays T-shirt's : http://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/closequarterswombat
UK Longboarding : Please Lick My Face
UK Longboarding Flatland Carve Watersports Tricks Skateboarding Flatown deck, Tracker trucks, mindless wheels.
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Tyler Martin - 9 Tricks on Vacation
Tyler Martin loves coming on vacation to San Diego, especially when his fellow sizzle-twin Skeletor is on board. Despite the Hawaiian shirt, Tyler did manage to stick 9 bangers... sweet.
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Jakeb Brown [] Were Thru
A run at one of our local hills. Pretty good run considering he is on a hybrid. Do not own song. All rights go to Snakehips, the song is were thru. Please Like and Subscirbe. Please like our Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/naturalboarders?ref_type=bookmark Setup - Ripple Ridge, Caliber Trucks and Z smooth wheels.
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Raeh Powers Full Edit
new ripple ridge :D
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Landyachtz 2018 Live Stream Line Up Longboard Launch Party!
Sorry for the abrupt start. Technical difficulties... Dinghy Handstand: 0:08 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/dinghy-handstand Dinghy Gin & Tonic: 0:40 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/dinghy-ginandtonic Dinghy Hoodoo Tiger: 1:33 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/dinghy-hoodoo-tiger Dinghy Beastwreck: 2:16 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/dinghy-beastwreck Dodger: 4:18 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/dodger-wing Wrecktangle: 5:08 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/wreck-tangle Turbo Dinghy: 6:15 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/dinghy-turbo Ditch Life: 8:50 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/hybrid-28/ditch-life ATV Cowboy: 9:34 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/hybrid-28/atv-cowboy Tugboat Captain: 9:58 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/tug-boat-captain Pugboat: 9:58 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/mini-cruisers/pug-boat Gordito Pop Tart: 11:16 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/hybrid-28/gordito-pop-tart Rally Cat: 13:42 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/rally-cat Sidewalker: 15:03 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/hollowtech-sidewalker Pinner Handstand: 20:26 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/bamboo-pinner-handstand Bamboo Chief Eyes: 21:38 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/bamboo-chief-eyes-kid Battle Axe Chill Bird 35: 22:26 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/battle-axe-35-chill-bird Battle Axe Chill Bird 40: 23:09 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/battle-axe-40-chill-bird Flexy Canyon Arrow: 23:57 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/canyon-arrow-lighthouse Bamboo Stratus: 27:05 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/bamboo-stratus Mark Maggiori Art Series: 31:10 Switchblade 38: 37:18 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/switchblade-38-mountain-yellow-fade Switchblade 40: 39:40 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/switchblade-40-mountain-blue-fade Switch 35 Tiger: 41:18 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/switch-35-tiger Switch 40 Tiger: 41:18 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/switch-40-tiger Ten Two Four Skull: 42:32 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/ten-two-four-skull Cheese Grater: 47:57 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/hollowtech-cheesegrater Osteon: 49:51 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/osteon-observer Evo: 56:10 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/downhill-freeride-series/evo-skate-explore Evo 36 Falcon: 57:02 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/evo-36-falcon Join Billy Bones, Steven Vera and some special guest as we unveil our 2018 board line up and answer all your important questions! Check out the new boards here! http://www.landyachtz.com http://www.instagram.com/landyachtz http://www.facebook.com/landyachtzlongboards http://www.twitter.com/landyachtz
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Longboarding 5-21-13
Song is called "Throwback" by Dan Park. SoundCloud link: https://soundcloud.com/danparkmusic Setup: Landyachtz Ripple Ridge, Paris 180s, Otang Stims 70mm 86a Not the greatest display of skating, but it was fun haha
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Landyachtz Longboards
Landyachtz Longboards are made in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. We've been around for over 10 years and have over 30 different board shapes and sizes. This is how you shred... www.landyachtz.com
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Longboard Sliding
having some fun sliding around in Kelowna. Boards used in the video are Landyachtz Ripple Ridge and Landyachtz Dropspeed I do not own the rights to the song
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Longboarding: Winter Despair
Buggin Out- A Tribe Called Quest Ben- Ripple Ridge, 159 indys, Nord Board Wheels Matt- Rayne Darkside, Death Reys, Rayne Envys
Giants Head Freeride 2013 Presented by Landyachtz
Arguably the best freeride event on the planet, the Giants Head Freeride is back and bigger than ever. Huge wallride with a step up gap added, tons of riders (over 250!), jump ramps/banks, and more pinecones! Music: "Young Love" by BEACHMEN http://beachmen.bandcamp.com "Devil's Eye (Basilisk)" by Fly Golden Eagle http://flygoldeneagle.bandcamp.com http://www.giantsheadfreeride.com
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Sainsburys hill downhill
My BEST hill in Dartmouth love it... Rate Comment sub
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Hogtoberfest '14 - UK GIrls Longboard Downhill
a couple of runs with the girls at a super fun weekend of skating! my first dowhnhill experience, and first time me and Sheree made it down the full hill.
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Hollow Tech Construction
What is Hollow Tech? This short informative video will explain everything you need to know about this revolutionary new board construction.
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10 Tricks with Kyle Martin
My bag of flatground tricks. Have fun.
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England Longboarding
longboarding ina england where da sun dont shine, small vid to get a feel for a better one. no hating if you love longboarding, peace
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Viral Video UK: Longboard skitching fail
Viral Video UK: Longboard skitching fail Click subscribe: http://bit.ly/1ipmIyj In this episode of Viral Video UK: Longboard skitching fail Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Viralvideouk Tweet us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ViralVideo_UK For licensing please contact [email protected] Check us out at http://viralvideouk.com/. Subscribe now http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=viralvideouk1
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Longboarding: JUICE
Spent the weekend skating and filming with one of the new editions to the S.E.T. crew Drean Whitner! Drean hales from Birmingham Alabama and also rides for BOZ boards!
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Bouygues Telecom UK - Longboard - 45"
Enjoy a well connected roadtrip with #4GBouygues
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Charlie Butcher || Bootay
Please like, favourite and subscribe. Rad couple of raws of charlie, such a unique style and so sketchy at the same time. Setup: landyachtz tomahawk, caliber trucks, rad releases. Check us out on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fletcherjaschkphotography
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Kyle Martin "On Top Of This Cloud"
Kyle Martin, said worshiper of Song-{God}[dess(es)], narrates a short and abstract non-fictional music-film that depicts, Kyle, as himself , after reflecting upon his past, meanders into the stormy high-desert woods where he later finds a wild-grassy knoll to nap and slips into an REM dream-state only to find that when he awakes, symbolic entities or spiritual talismans have transcended from his dream-world into ours!
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Landyachtz Drop Hammer review
nice freeriding bro
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Unboxing Cruiser [Deutsch] 2014
-Lesen für Informationen- Ein kleines Unboxing Video zu meinem mini Cruiser von Ridge.:) Details: - länge: 56cm x 15cm -3.125" starke Alu-Achsen -ABEC 7 Kugellager -78A PU Rollen Cutter: https://www.youtube.com/user/unknownpictureshd
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Longboarding UK : The Big Longboard Movie (Part 4)
Filmed Summer 2009 before everyone moved away to university I filmed a few hours of boarding some boring if your not in the film, but its more about what we did with our summer then showing off on longboard. Part 1 : Windsor Great Park . Part 2 Watlington Bowl. Part 3 Dorney Lake . Part 4 Downhill World Cup ( Beachey Head ) . Part 5 Virginia Waters . Part 6 Bristol . Part 7 Ascot.
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Longboarding, Downtown Birmingham 6/5/2015
A night under the lights in downtown Birmingham. This is our first video, many more to come! Enjoy. Shot with a GoPro Hero+ 3
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Longboarding: Liv Long And Prosper
Longboarding in Liverpool UK music: 'The Real jazz' by Thomas Krome. Go Skate! :)
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Landyachtz 2015 Battle Axe 35 Ikko Complete
Get more info on Amazon-US: http://bit.ly/1UHN5kn I was going to buy a blade from Poshland, but opted not Why? Three reasons. Read on. First, actual Damascus steel is expensive for two 1) the materials are costly and 2) the process is difficult, finicky, and labor-intensive. If you see really inexpensive Damascus should probably ask its so cheap. Second, where are Poshlands blades coming Heres a hint the UK. Take a look at website ([...]) , they say We are manufacturer of All kinds of Best Quality and Collectibles. All our items are unique and crafted by expert Artists and Smiths. We also welcome all Retailers and Dealers to contact with us for Bulk Orders and Special Discount Prices. I didnt write that. Thats a direct quote cut-and-pasted their My suspicion is that it was written by a non-native English speaker. no big except after quite a bit of research I still cannot nail down the country of The I is that it appears to be either Pakistan or India. Again, no biggie, so hard to conceal this information? Third, the address listed on lists to a Jewelry and Pawn shop located on Vyse Street in Birmingham. Seriously. Called Inspire Jewellers. Um, what? All I is that this looks pretty shady. Draw your conclusions, Im gonna is concerned the buyer beware.
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Summer Time Longboarding - Take 2 - Dartmoor, Devon, SW UK
Just a short montage of some footage i took while we took a cruise over the moors, on the road over the moors and some tracks near Brentor! Like and subscribe! Much more to come! Riders - Zakk Toms Joe Fawcett Lanty Bunning Chez Knott Andy Partridge Camera - Zakk Toms Shot with Sony AS15
Views: 180 Hedrokka
Chilliwack, British Columbia has been brewing up quite a few good riders over the last decade. They built up a big scene and now with the addition of a rad local shop the community is booming. Kyle Martin, "King" Brian Elderkin and Nick Hurley are all from Chilliwack and they can tear up the local hills like no other. Music by Go West Young Man http://gowestyoungman.bandcamp.com
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Longboards UK
http://www.blblongboards.co.uk Here at Bournlands our mission is to bring you longboards, skateboards at a price that you can afford to play hard on. Break them and it won’t break the bank. We sell a range of Longboards for Carving, Cruising, Free Ride and Downhill Styles. Our Longboard range include many high quality competitively priced boards from Churchill MFG, Funbox, Bluesky, Jaseboards and Landyachtz Longboards.We have just recently brought Sanctum Longboards from Colorado USA to the United Kingdom
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Truckin' In B'ham - Adam Westfall
Skateboarding and Longboarding in Birmingham Alabama. Setups are comet ethos with calibers, takeover with calibers, noah sakamoto with paris 150s, and marcus bandy with Indy 169s. mostly Metro links or micro motions. song is Truckin' by the Grateful Dead.
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Landyachtz Ramathorn Review: Troy Yardwaste x Flatspot Longboards
Flatspot Team rider Troy Yardwaste Grenier fills you in on iced coffee, his new Landyachzt Ramathorn and playgrounds. Want to WIN a FREE Ramathorn? All you have to do is share. Details here: http://bit.ly/1SJtVoS Landyachtz Longboards BEAR Trucks Hawgs Wheels Yardwaste Downhill Coast Longboarding WEB: https://flatspotlongboards.com FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/FlatspotLongboardShop INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/flatspotshop TWITTER: https://twitter.com/flatspot_shop
Longboarding: BP OIL SPILL
orange helmet: Kyle Peterson white helmet: Matthias Eyford black helmet: Matt Lane Longboarding in the bps
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Longboarding uk
Silly men that are to old for this but still do it to show them selves off
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The Muttons - Maroon 5
Episode 4 for Album review is with The Muttons. Adam Levine and the boys are back with their brand new album called Overexposed. This album received a mixed reviews from music critics. Some praised the album while others thought it was a disappointment. The 2 massive hits from the album are "Moves Like Jagger" featuring Christina Aguilera and "Payphone" featuring rapper Wiz Khalifa. Check out what they think of Maroon 5's new album and stay tune to 987TV for more album reviews.
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Ground Zero Boardshop Landyachtz Wheels
Ground Zero Boardshop Landyachtz Wheels Ground Zero Clothing & Boardshop 916-784-7376 Open since 1997, Ground Zero Clothing and Boardshop is a full service rider owned and operated skate /snowboard shop. With multiple locations to serve you, a professional staff of knowledgeable salespeople, and the best inventory mix in Northern California, why shop anywhere else? Ground Zero guarantees the lowest prices on everything in the shop. From the biggest name brands to the hard to find underground gear, we are a full-service retail store with not only the best prices, but the best inventory. GroundZeroBoardshop.com Merchandise we carry Men's and women's clothing brands: Billabong, Diamond, Fourstar, Fox, Gnarly , HA Critical, Huf, Hurley, JSLV, Kalifornia, Krew, Lost, LRG, Lurk Hard, Matix, Nomis, Nor Cal, Obey, Official, O'Neill, Roxy, Rusty, RVCA, The Hundreds, Volcom, PLUS CLOTHING FROM ALL SKATEBOARD AND SNOWBOARD BRANDS AND MORE! Bikini brands: Billabong, Lui Fama, L-Space, O'neill, Roxy, True Religion, Vitamin A , Vix, Volcom, AND MORE! Skateboard brands and skateboard related products: ABEC 11, Ace, Almost, Anti Hero, Arbor, Autobahn, Alien Workshop, Baker, Bear Trucks, Black Label, Blind, Bones Bearings, Bones Wheels, Chocolate, Comet, Creature, DGK, Deathwish, Element, Enjoi, Expedition One, FKD, Flip, Foundation, Freshpark, Gold Wheels, Girl, Ground Zero, Gullwing, Habitat, Hubba, Independent, Krooked, Krux, Landyachtz, Lowcard, Lucky, Loaded, Mystery, Orangatang, Organika, Paris Trucks, Pig, Plan B, Protec, Powell-Peralta, Randal Trucks, Rayne , Ricta, Real, Santa Cruz, Sector 9, Seismic, Shake Junt, Silver, Skate Mental, Spitfire, S-One, The Company, Theeve Trucks, Thunder, Think, Toy Machine, Venom, Venture, Zero, Zoo York and MUCH MORE! Snowboard and accessories brands: 686, Academy, Analog, Airblaster, Bataleon , Burton, Capita, Coal, Da Kine, DC, Elm, Flow, Forum, Gnu, Holden, K2, Lib Tech, Neff, Nike, Nomis, One Ball Jay, Ride, Red, Roxy, Skull Candy, Sessions, Stepchild, Technine, Thirty Two, Union, Vans, Volcom, YES Shoes and Sandals: Adidas, Circa, CONS, DC, DVS, Emerica, Es, Freewaters, Globe, Gravis, Lakai, Nike SB, Osiris, Rainbow, Reef, Supra, The Hundreds, TOMS, Vans, AND MORE! Sunglasses and goggle brands: Anon, Dragon, Electric, Hoven, Oakley, Ray Ban, Spy, VonZipper Watch brands: Nixon Skimboards and accessories brands: DB, J Gordon, Roush, Kayotics, Paradise Coalition, Victoria, Sex Wax Wakeboard and wake products: Accurate, Byerly, CWB, Jet Pilot, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Proline, Ronix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mQn6q39Zbk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-nw4VCNfa4 ,,,Ground Zero NorCal Board Shop,Ground Zero Davis longboards,Ground Zero Boardshop Independent Trucks
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Cannon Hill Park (Birmingham) Longboard || Xiaomi 4K
Test nowego Longboard-a od Long Island Longboard. Film nagrany za pomocą kamerki: Xiaomi Yi 4K Sports Action Camera
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Longboard Cruising Peterborough UK  (Created with @Magisto)
Created with Magisto (http://www.magisto.com). Magically turn your everyday videos into beautifully edited movies, perfect for sharing. It's free, quick, and easy as pie!
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Tiff longboarding
Longboarding in Birmingham, MI
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Birmingham "City Surfers" Longboarding Promo
Our first promotional video, designed by Daniel Morriss, for the Birmingham Longboarding crew, the City Surfers!
Views: 521 Daniel Morriss