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LLM Oil, Gas and Mining Law
David Ong, Professor of International and Environmental Law provides an overview of the LLM Oil, Gas and Mining Law covering the broad range of topics covered, the teaching approach on the LLM and why he enjoys teaching on the LLM. The course provides you with a strong analytical understanding of the key legal issues in the area, with a particular focus on the environmental law and investment law aspects of the oil, gas and mining industries. To find out more visit http://www.ntu.ac.uk/ogmlaw
LLB Programmes in Oil and Gas Law
New in 2015/16, the School of Law at the University of Dundee will combine with the world famous Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) to offer a 3 year qualifying English LLB degree with specialisation in Oil and Gas Law. Students will spend their entire final year of undergraduate study developing a detailed knowledge and expertise in this key commercial field and will study modules such as National Oil and Gas law, International Oil and Gas Law, Energy Law and Energy Projects and Environmental Law. This programme brings together the opportunity to study for an LLB in English Law along with an in-depth, professionally oriented study of Oil and Gas Law. Students who successfully graduate with this LLB will be guaranteed entry to and a fee discount for CEPMLP’s highly competitive LLM programme.
Regulatory Law for Petroleum Operations - Online short course
Regulatory Law for Petroleum Operations is a new online short course focusing on the regulatory options for safety in the oil and gas industry, and how these operate worldwide. Find out more: https://www.abdn.ac.uk/study/online/short-courses/regulatory-law-for-petroleum-operations.php
Shakwa Nyambe - LLM Oil and Gas Law with Professional Skills - Winter Grads 2017
Shakwa Nyambe, from Namibia, tells us about his time studying at the University of Aberdeen and what inspired him to come and study in Aberdeen, the energy capital of Europe.
The Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law - Our Story
Find out why graduates of our Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law rate the University of Dundee so highly.
Oil, Gas, & Mineral Law - Karl Hesse, Foulston Siefkin Law Firm, Wichita, Kansas Office
A practice area attorney profile featuring Karl Hesse, and the work he is involved with in Oil, Gas, & Mineral Law at Foulston Siefkin LLP, the largest law firm in Kansas. For more information about Oil, Gas, & Mineral Law visit: (http://www.foulston.com/PracticeAreas/Details/Oil,-Gas-amp;-Minerals). Throughout its history, Foulston Siefkin has handled the full spectrum of legal matters relating to oil, gas and minerals in the areas of purchase and sales, exploration, production, marketing, transportation, financing and regulation. Our clients range from individual land and mineral owners to independent oil and gas operators, both large and small, to some of the world’s largest major integrated oil and gas companies. When appropriate, we work closely with other lawyers in the firm who concentrate in business, litigation, securities, taxation and creditors’ rights to efficiently provide all legal services needed by our oil and gas clients. Areas of Representation: Our oil and gas attorneys routinely provide advice and counsel regarding such matters as: Oil and gas leases Mining leases Deeds and other transfer instruments Operating agreements Unit agreements Farmout agreements Transfer and division orders Title examination Gas purchase contracts Oil and gas transportation agreements Purchase and sale agreements Mortgages, deeds of trust and security agreements Rights-of-way Licenses Easements and seismic permits Salt water disposal agreements, surface use agreements Regulatory permitting and compliance Representation before the Kansas Corporation Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution Regarding Disputes involving ownership, market value royalty claims, contract and title claims, lease cancellation claims, implied covenant issues, and contracts
Student Profile: LLM Oil and Gas Law with Professional Skills - Kieran McLaughlin
Kieran McLaughlin from Glasgow is studying the LLM Oil and Gas Law with Professional Skills. After this he will be staying in Aberdeen for another year to do his Diploma in Professional Legal Practice. Following the Diploma, he has already secured a traineeship with Brodies LLP.
LAWS0088: International Energy Law // Dr Danae Azaria
This module examines the legal regulation of international energy activities. It is divided into five parts. Part I provides a solid foundation in the general international law concepts and principles applicable to energy and natural resource activities, including permanent sovereignty over natural resources and sustainable development. The extent to which the key actors engaged in energy activities are subject to international regulation is also examined, including the rules of international law governing state responsibility and the exercise of state jurisdiction over energy and natural resources activities. Given the extent of private sector involvement in these activities, the protection of foreign direct investment and the responsibility of States for expropriation is examined in Part II. Energy trade is also covered in this part, including under both the Energy Charter Treaty and the WTO. Part II ends with a the examination of the laws of armed conflict and how they apply to energy activities, and a cross-sectoral look at energy security issues ranging from piracy, hostage-taking and security of supply in times of international emergency. Part III examines the international legal regulation of specific energy and natural resources sectors, in particular the oil and gas, and renewable sectors with detailed discussion of the rules concerning offshore exploitation. The unique features of the legal regimes, which have been developed to support the development of transboundary oil and gas fields, are highlighted in this part, along with rules for the protection of the environment in a transboundary context. Part IV examines the complex interplay of different interests and actors in activities in the energy sector, and includes a case study of transboundary pipelines development to illustrate, inter alia, the complex interplay of human rights, environment and other factors. It also identifies the actors involved (including international financial institutions such as the World Bank) and the remedies available to affected individuals and groups. This links to the accountability of non-state actors – including multinational enterprises - and international institutions for the environmental, human rights, and other consequences of their energy and natural resources activities.
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The Sisson Mine - Larry Wuest & Joan Kuyek
Joan Kuyek on the company behind the Sisson mine April 25, 2018 at Conserver House, Fredericton Larry Wuest of Greenhill outlined crucial questions that remained unanswered about the Sisson project, a huge open-pit tungsten and molybdenum mine and tailings dam proposed to be built on the headwaters Nashwaak watershed. Joan Kuyek shared results of her investigation of the Hunter Dickinson company, the company behind HDI Northcliff Sisson mine. Lawrence Wuest is an ecologist and sculptor from Greenhill, a small community in the Upper Nashwaak watershed, about 15 km from the proposed Sisson mine. He has participated in environmental research since 1975, with numerous scholarly contributions. Joan Kuyek is a mining analyst, writer, researcher and educator living in Ottawa. She was the founding National Coordinator of MiningWatch Canada from 1999-2009. Before that, she lived and worked in Sudbury Ontario, Canada’s largest mining community. She has taught courses on mining law and policy at Queen’s University Law School and on community development and social change at Carleton University. Mining Analyst (in BC for New Prosperity Mine, Chemis North Mine, Raven Coal Mine, in Alaska for the Pebble Mine, in Ontario for the Ring of Fire Project. Writer, Researcher, Educator, Founding National Coordinator Mining Watch Canada, Taught Mining Law and Policy at Queens University Law School and Community Development and Social Change at Carleton University.
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Oil and Gas Governance
The impact of ACODE's work on oil and gas sector in Uganda
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Executive Course on Oil, Gas and Mining Governance
Countries with non-renewable resource wealth face both an opportunity and a challenge. When used well, these resources can create greater prosperity for current and future generations. Squandered, they can cause economic instability, social conflict, and lasting environmental damage. To benefit from resource wealth, citizens, private companies, and governments must make a broad range of decisions. Each requires leaders to consider complex options and trade-offs, and devise strategies to implement these policy choices. This intensive five-day course provides the training and insight required for policy leaders in the public and private sector to work towards better management and governance of oil, gas or mineral resources for a better future. The course builds a better understanding of the interests of the public and private sectors and facilitates dialogue and mutual appreciation of respective positions between these different groups. Globally recognised experts and academics have developed this course to encourage public and private sector leaders from multiple countries to share their own experiences, while gaining insights and specialist knowledge about natural resource management. The course looks at both technical policy aspects of managing resource and the complex interplay between governments, companies and citizens. Find out more here: https://www.bsg.ox.ac.uk/study/executive-education/oil-gas-and-mining-governance Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford http://www.bsg.ox.ac.uk/
LLM in Energy & Infrastructure Law
Ara Arzumanian, LLB, LLB and Manish Paul, LLM, PMP discuss OsgoodePD's LLM in Energy & Infrastructure Law.
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Oil and gas review for law school
Webcam video from July 11, 2015 12:54 PM (UTC)
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International and Transnational Aspects of Oil and Gas Law LLM Module at Swansea University
Take a look at this short video which gives an overview of our International and Transnational Aspects of Oil and Gas Law module on the LLM (postgraduate) program in the College of Law and Criminology, Swansea University.
LLM Corporate and Insolvency Law
David Burdette, Professor of Insolvency Law and Director of the NLS Centre for Business and Insolvency Law, talks through his research interests, his teaching approach on the LLM, the benefits of studying the LLM Corporate and Insolvency Law and more! Nottingham Law School has a leading reputation in the fields of Insolvency and Corporate Law and students on this course will benefit from our research and expert teaching staff. Our Centre for Business and Insolvency Law has links with a number of international agencies including INSOL International, the Insolvency Service and the World Bank. Visit http://www.ntu.ac.uk/cil to find out more.
LLM Human Rights and Justice
Tom Lewis, reader in Law and Director of the Law School's Centre for Conflict, Rights and Justice provides an overview of the key features of the LLM, teaching quality and academic research, an overview of the roles students go into after graduation and explains how research from the Centre for Conflict, Rights and Justice benefits the LLM. The LLM Human Rights and Justice is based on the significant expertise of academic staff in Nottingham Law School, particularly from its Centre for Conflict, Rights and Justice. To find out more please visit http://www.ntu.ac.uk/humanrights.  
Centre for Mining, Energy & Natural Resources Law
Professor John Chandler, Co-Director of the Centre for Mining, Energy and Natural Resources Law speaks about the Centre for Mining Law.
Application of Oil & Gas Principles to Groundwater Law
Texas Groundwater Summit 2017 Shauna Fitzsimmons, Attorney, SledgeLaw PLLC Russ Johnson, Attorney, McGinnis Lochridge
Shamrock Oil & Gas v Sheets case brief
Shamrock Oil & Gas v Sheets, 313 U.S. 100 (1941). Case brief for law school.
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Fundamentals of Upstream Oil and Gas
Oil 101 - A FREE Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry I this first of 10 modules, we introduce the learner to some key fundamentals of the Upstream segment of the oil and gas industry. The full Oil 101 course includes: +Introduction to Upstream +Introduction to Midstream +Introduction to Downstream +Introduction to Exploration +Introduction to Drilling +Introduction to Production +Introduction to Natural Gas +Introduction to Refining +Introduction to Supply and Trading +Introduction to Petroleum Product Marketing Learn More about Oil 101: http://www.ektinteractive.com/ http://www.ektinteractive.com/oil-101/ So, What is Upstream? Most oil and gas companies’ business structures are organized according to business segment, assets, or function. The upstream segment of oil and gas is also known as exploration and production, or E&P because it encompasses activities related to searching for, recovering, and producing crude oil and natural gas. Upstream is all about wells, where to locate them; how deep and how far to drill them; and how to design, construct, operate and manage them to deliver the greatest possible return on investment with the lightest, safest and smallest operational footprint. In fact, the E&P sector should probably be called the EDP sector - because “you can’t find oil if you don’t drill wells.” Exploration Obtaining the Lease Let’s start with exploration which involves the operator obtaining a lease and permission to drill from the owner of onshore or offshore acreage thought to contain oil or gas. Then the operator must conduct geological and geophysical surveys to select the first well site to explore for, and hopefully find, economic accumulations of oil or gas. This well is often called a “wildcat well.” Drilling is physically creating the “borehole” in the ground that will eventually become a productive oil or gas well. This work is typically done by rig contractors and service companies in the Oilfield Services business sector. On a wellsite, there can be as many as 30-40 different service contractors providing expertise to the operator. Wells can be relatively simple or unbelievably complex. Wells can totally vertical for miles or both deep and horizontal. There are also highly complex “J” and “S” configured wells with numerous branches, or laterals, emanating from the original, or “mother”, hole. These are called “deviated wells.” Production Finally, let’s discuss production, where reserves are “converted to cash” by maximizing the recovery of hydrocarbons from subsurface reservoirs. Essentially, production is efficiently bringing the hydrocarbons to the surface and treating them as needed to make them marketable. So that’s the basics of E&P. We will drill deeper into each of these operations in the complete Oil 101 course at a later date. Now, let’s talk about unconventional resources, clearly the hottest topic in oil and gas over the last decade. Unconventional Future of Oil and Gas Unconventional resources are defined as any resource extracted, or produced, by any method other than the traditional vertical or slightly deviated well. The three main sources of technological breakthroughs that have made unconventional developments profitable include: Horizontal drilling Hydraulic fracturing Subsea engineering (especially deep water production)
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Investment Disputes in the Oil and Gas context - Online short course
Gain specialist knowledge and skills in the issues arising when international investment disputes occur in the oil and gas industry. Get the benefit of Aberdeen’s unique combination of strength and experience in teaching and research in energy, international law, and dispute resolution. Take advantage of growing career opportunities in a global industry as an ambitious energy lawyer, with all the advantages of distance learning whatever your location in the world. Find out more: https://www.abdn.ac.uk/study/online/short-courses/investment-disputes-in-the-oil-and-gas-context.php
How to improve good governance in oil, gas and mining?
In September 2018, 50 representatives from 17 key partner organizations came to our headquarters in Oslo to share ideas and best practices, and discuss priorities for strengthening extractive industry governance. We asked them: what do you think is the number one priority to improve governance in the extractives? Thank you to our friends at Natural Resource Governance Institute, World Bank, Open Government Partnership, OECD, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment- CCSI, OpenOil and many more.
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LLM Students
Hear from our students as they talk you through studying an LLM at Nottingham Law School. For further information please visit http://www.ntu.ac.uk/llm
Oil and gas law review
Webcam video from July 11, 2015 12:35 PM (UTC)
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The Law that Saved the Otter
Take action to protect the Endangered Species Act. http://ejus.tc/2k5cNVA Anti-environment interests in the House and Senate backed by oil and gas interests, mining companies, and other extractive industries are currently orchestrating some of the most serious threats ever posed to the Endangered Species Act. The stakes are too high to allow this to happen. It takes millions of years for species like sea otters to evolve—but if we fail to protect our incredible, diverse fellow species from man made threats, they can be lost in the blink of an eye. Earthjustice, born in the same era as the Endangered Species Act, has been at the forefront of efforts to ensure this critical statute is enforced, acting in the interest of hundreds of plants and animals to ensure their survival.
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Best Australian Universities to Study Geophysics
Australian universities to stud geology , geophysics , work in Oil and Gas sector, become geophysicist 0. Australia is currently the 2nd largest LNG exporter and it is expected to become the largest by 2020. Australia also has vast deposits of Shale oil resources. The oil and gas industry always require geologists and Geophysicist to carry out survey and analyze data for technical and economical viability. 1. University of Sydney, Courses UG , PG, PG Research (HDR) , English Requirements IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 90 2. University of Adelaide, Courses UG , PG, PG Research (HDR ) , English Requirements IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 60 3. University of Western Australia, ,Courses UG , PG , Phd , English Requirements IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 82 4. Curtin University, Courses UG , PG , English Requirements IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 79 5. University of Tasmania, Courses PG, English Requirements IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 72 6. Macquarie University, Courses UG , PG , English Requirements IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 83 7. University if Queensland, Courses UG , PG , English Requirements IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 87 bachelor's degree masters degree associates degree masters mba degree online degrees online universities online masters programs business degree masters in education mba degree graduate degree bachelors degree master of education computer science degree college degrees doctorate degree ba degree masters programs graduate school undergraduate degree bs degree phd degree online psychology degree bachelor's degree online online counseling degree graduate program online college degrees master of science online mba degrees online masters in education associates degree online online bachelor degree programs master online online bachelors degree mba degree online online education degrees online history degree online degree programs online it degree accelerated bachelors degree doctorate degree online bachelor degree online masters degree in nursing online social work degree psychology degree online masters degree in social work masters in education online online associates degree accredited online universities online graduate programs online masters degree programs online doctoral programs master's degree or master's degree msc degree teaching degree online masters degree in counseling masters degree in education masters degree in business online teaching degree master of arts online bachelor degree masters of education online masters degree online best online degrees online masters degree masters programs online masters degree in psychology masters in business master degree programs online undergraduate degrees master of business online math degree master's degree in bachelor degree programs degree program masters degree in computer science online nutrition degree teaching degree degree online as degree online phd programs online engineering degree best online masters programs counseling degrees nutrition degree online doctoral programs what is an ma degree what is a masters degree engineering degree online best masters degree bachelor of arts degree education degree online biology degree life experience degree ma program online programs masters education online law degree law degree online best masters degrees masters degree in spanish south university online doctor degree masters university phd programs graduate school programs professional degree bachelor of science degree master of science degree masters degree in law one year masters programs postgraduate degree graduate school search graduate college 1 year masters programs list of masters degree the master's university masters degree online education baccalaureate degree masters degree uk master business online masters masters degree in usa post graduate degree online masters degree education masters school masters degree computer science accredited online bachelor degree online masters programs in education masters or master's online education degree programs masters in education online programs online phd ms master graduate university bachelors degree online online masters education programs
LLM International Trade and Commercial Law
Brian Harris is a senior lecturer at Nottingham School, and in this video provides an overview of what the LLM International Trade and Commercial Law covers and why he enjoys teaching on the course. This popular course explores diverse aspects of International Trade and Commercial Law, a major export of the English Common Law System, students on this LLM benefit from close links to our Centre for Business and Insolvency Law. To find out more please visit http://www.ntu.ac.uk/tradelaw
The true cost of oil | Garth Lenz | TEDxVictoria
What does environmental devastation actually look like? At TEDxVictoria, photographer Garth Lenz shares shocking photos of the Alberta Tar Sands mining project -- and the beautiful (and vital) ecosystems under threat. For almost twenty years, Garth's photography of threatened wilderness regions, devastation, and the impacts on indigenous peoples, has appeared in the world's leading publications. His recent images from the boreal region of Canada have helped lead to significant victories and large new protected areas in the Northwest Territories, Quebec, and Ontario. Garth's major touring exhibit on the Tar Sands premiered on Los Angeles in 2011 and recently appeared in New York. Garth is a Fellow of the International League Of Conservation Photographers Filmed at TEDxVictoria on November 19 2011 http://garthlenz.com http://tedxvictoria.com About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Duhig Rule for oil and gas preparation for law school exam education use only
Webcam video from July 15, 2015 02:40 PM (UTC)
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UCT Specialised LLM Programme in the Law of Mineral and Petroleum Extraction and Use
The NRF/DST SARChI Research Chair: Mineral Law in Africa offers a specialised LLM in the Law of Mineral and Petroleum Extraction and Use, in the Faculty of Law at the University of Cape Town. MLiA Home Page: http://www.mlia.uct.ac.za LLM Programme: http://www.mlia.uct.ac.za/llm-law-mineral-and-petroleum-extraction-and-use
Regina Gabbasova - LLM Energy and Environmental Law - Winter Grads 2017
Regina Gabbasova, from Russia, describes why she came to Aberdeen to study and what she will miss about Aberdeen when she leaves.
Energy Management | Allie Huizenga | Western Colorado University
Allie Huizenga, a Professional Land & Resource Management (now called Energy Management) student, has her sights set on a career in the oil and gas industry. https://www.western.edu/academics/undergraduate/business-school
Trespass types of Actions in Oil and Gas, Texas law school test, educational purposes only
Webcam video from July 15, 2015 02:52 PM (UTC) EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES OF COURSE Helping me remember for my test. Done from memory.
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Mark Simpson On The LLM Environmental Law
Mark Simpson, a student on the inaugural year of Queens University Law School's LLM in Environmental Law. Mark recalls his placement module with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.
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North Dakota Class Certification in Oil and Gas Cases
Christine R. Fritze, Professor, University of North Dakota School of Law Presented at the North Dakota Law Review Energy Law Lecture Series, March 14 & 15, 2013 in Bismarck, ND. Sponsored by the University of North Dakota School of Law and the North Dakota Law Review, Grand Forks, North Dakota.
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Interview with Yale Professor Lea Brilmayer  on Eritrea vs Yemen  conflict agreement 1999 [English]
Lea Brilmayer Howard M. Holtzmann Professor of International Law Lea Brilmayer is the Howard M. Holtzmann Professor of International Law at Yale Law School. In addition to teaching Contracts to first-year students, she also teaches Conflict of Laws and International Courts and Tribunals, as well as seminars on the laws of war and on African current affairs. During her first decade of teaching, Professor Brilmayer’s writing interests mainly concerned conflict of laws (in particular, personal jurisdiction and choice of law); federal jurisdiction; and jurisprudence. Her interests have gradually turned to international law and international relations, which has led to two books: Justifying International Acts and American Hegemony: Political Morality in a One-Superpower World. Professor Brilmayer received a B.A. in mathematics, a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley, and an LL.M. from Columbia Law School. Education LL.M., Columbia, 1978 J.D., Boalt Hall, 1976 B.A., U.C./Berkeley, 1970 Courses Taught Conflict of Laws Contemporary Legal Issues in Africa Contracts International Courts and Tribunals Public Order of the World Community
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Energy Policy In The Trump Administration
The Times They Are A-Changin': Energy Policy in the Trump Administration January 24, 2017 Frank J. Guarini Center on Environmental, Energy, and Land Use Law US oil and gas policy may undergo substantial change in the next administration. Federal rules governing methane emissions, the leasing of government lands, exports, and much more could be revised in the coming years. Experts from government, academia and industry assess the changes that may be in store. Moderator: Robert Seber, Partner, Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity, Vinson & Elkins Panelists: Thomas P.J. Cape, Head of Energy Policy Research, Evercore ISI John Elwood, Partner, Appellate Practice Group, Vinson & Elkins Jayni Foley Hein, Policy Director, Institute for Policy Integrity at NYU School of Law Alexandra Teitz, former Counselor to the Director, Bureau of Land Management
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Reading local and international articles.
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2.5 Shipping and the Law 2016 - Session Oil & Gas Market Trends: Nicolò Sartori
25 October 2016 - Session Oil & Gas Market Trends: Nicolò Sartori, Senior Research Fellow fro the Energy Program, Institute of International Affairs in Rome, "LNG and the globalization of the gas market: challenges and opportunities" - www.shippingandthelaw.org
World Legal Systems & Contracts for the Oil & Gas Industry
World Legal Systems is a long-running, foundation legal course that makes the more specialized courses that CWC School for Energy offers on PSCs, JVs, etc. easier to understand and to utilize.
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Stuart Butzier, Modrall Sperling Attorney for Mining, Energy and Ranching Clients
http://www.modrall.com/srb Stuart Butzier has assisted mining, energy and ranching clients throughout his twenty-plus year legal career with Modrall Sperling. His advice and counsel has included helping clients strategically navigate the maze of environmental and mining regulatory and permitting regimes, the morass of litigation, and the unique challenges of complex deals and real property transactions. Stuart is considered a "tenacious litigator who gains excellent results." His passion and knowledge intersect in a way that makes him stand out... Meet Stuart Butzier. I'm Stuart Butzier. I'm with the Modrall Sperling law firm here in Albuquerque, New Mexico and I practice mining law and natural resources law and environmental law. I have stuck with it over the years and really enjoyed working with natural resources clients. In particular, mining. People who are involved in mining -- there is something about the people that are involved that I think makes them fascinating people, and they deal with a whole range of fascinating issues and a lot of technical environmental and other kinds of consultants. I feel like a lot of people have great ideas and thoughts but aren't necessarily equipped with the language tools to be able to really effectively put them forward, and so I feel like I bring a benefit to clients by essentially being their mouthpiece in a lot of respects, and I enjoy that; I feel like people really respect the kind of work that I do.
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Currency365 "Zebari/Oil n GAS law/South Korea/Liberation in September (C.W.N EP#227)
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