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Open-pit Mining Simulation by MOSIMTEC
This video demonstrates the benefits of using simulation in the mining industry. Benefits range from validating design, stakeholder communication, determining financial trade-off points, delaying cost, balance between CapEx and OpEx. Simulation models allow engineers and managers to compare mine operations across multiple scenarios by tweaking many variables at the same time. Contact MOSIMTEC for a free chat about its applications and how we can help identify bottlenecks in your operations.
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Immersive Technologies - UG360 Advanced Equipment Simulator for Underground Mining
Immersive Technologies’ Equipment Simulators are supported by the industry’s most comprehensive range of compatible tools, technologies and professional services. This ensures a solution to meet or exceed your needs can be defined, delivered, implemented and generating operational results quickly and with very low risk. www.ImmersiveTechnologies.com The UG360 has been specifically designed for underground mining. It delivers cutting edge technologies which dramatically increase realism to a level not previously seen by the mining industry. It ensures our customers have the world's best simulation solution to drive operator optimization and business improvements. The UG360 represents over three years of intense research and engineering. It incorporates the knowledge and experience we have gained from the largest installed base of mining simulators globally and our exclusive alliances with the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). http://www.immersivetechnologies.com/products-services/ug360t.htm
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Open Cut Coal Mine Animation
This video showcases RPMGlobal's animation capabilities. For a full overview of implementing this software as part of your coal mining operation, please follow the link below: https://www.rpmglobal.com/softwares/occs/ http://www.rpmglobal.com https://twitter.com/rpmmining https://www.linkedin.com/company/rpmglobal/
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CYBERMINE Underground Mining Simulators
With ThoroughTec's CYBERMINE Mining Simulators, the training instructor is able to follow an operator's progress in real-time and configure different drill face patterns for drill rigs and simulate various emergency situations, for example. Full monitoring, reporting and analytical tools are available to track an operator's progress. ThoroughTec Simulation offers a wide range of simulated underground vehicles as part of its high-fidelity simulators, from bolters and drill rigs to LHDs and shotcrete sprayers. CYBERMINE Simulators are equipped with the same functionality as the OEM equipment with true-to-life replicated cabs, steering feedback, motion feedback, 5.1 surround sound and a full 360° projected mine world for a comprehensive simulation training experience. Find out more at www.thoroughtec.com
Pioneering Underground Mining
Joy Mining Machinery releases a new version of its most popular video "Pioneering Underground Mining". You can request a free copy of this video by contacting [email protected] and provide your name and mailing address and if you want the copy in DVD or Blu-ray format. It was first produced in 2001 to support a request by our US Midwest sales region to help a customer explain the difference between room and pillar and longwall mining to finance people. It quickly became the most widely distributed video in our library being used by universities, schools, shown to community groups, etc. The program was updated to show new products and includes all new HD video and animations.
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Mycosm mining simulation and visualization
This environment demonstrates some key capabilities of the Mycosm platform through an open pit mine simulation. Digital elevation data and aerial photography from a real mine site was used for the basis of the terrain. Various 3D models were textured and animated in 3ds Max and then imported into Mycosm for placement. Various light sources were added along with particle systems to create dust and water effects. Vehicle movement and animation is controlled by Python script. Data sources are via connection to a MS SQL Server. Visit http://xtviz.net for information about our new software XTviz
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The Open Cut Mine 1.0 V.Alpha
Thank you for watching this map video presentation!!! The open cut mine its an awesome map with lots of ramps, roads, offroads and a lot fun too!!! If you enjoyed the video share it, like or sub ty :D MOD: The Open Cut Mine Map created by: https://www.beamng.com/members/haydentattoo.216596/ Link: https://www.beamng.com/resources/the-open-cut-mine.2029/ GAME: BeamNG.drive is a dynamic soft-body physics vehicle simulator capable of doing just about anything. http://www.beamng.com/ MUSIC: Venemy - Need You Now (feat. Danica) [NCS Release] [Venemy] • http://soundcloud.com/venemyofficial • http://facebook.com/VenemyOfficial • http://twitter.com/VenemyOfficial PC specs: GPU: GeForce GTX 750 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz Mem: 8,00 GB RAM System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home I recommend to set the video in 1080 60 fps for a better experience. Other EPIC youtubers: CryDev: https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperVODKA12 BeamNgPro:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXC3bB5hQzpRT1fFS0vcWcQ DragCarTV:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6LYaCnVf9l-kIuVg2pPTHg Kryton:https://www.youtube.com/user/jaimswallace Insanegaz:https://www.youtube.com/user/jaimswallace Coolcakes:https://www.youtube.com/user/xXcoolcakesXx Serginko:https://www.youtube.com/user/jakubsergio MORE TAGS (IGNORE) beamng demo beamng tech demo beamng release beamng vehicles beamng gameplay beamng walkthrough beamng channel beamng download beamng beamng gameplay pc beamng max graphics beamng ultra settings beamng release beamng trailer beamng gameplay video beamng cars beamng maps beamng items beamng objects beamng videos beamng video beamng screenshots beamng screenshot beamng xbox 360 beamng ps3 beamng ps4 beamng xbox one beamng console beamng pc beamng playthrough beamng gameplay pc beamng gameplay xbox 360 beamng gameplay ps3 beamng beamng developer beamng news beamng crashes beamng crash montage beamng car crashes Keywords: Insane crash Fail Fails Crash Crashes Crash testing ULTIMATE Death Fall Beamng Beam
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Site Skills Training Immersive Underground and Open Cut Mine Environment
Site Skills Training boasts a 10,000sqm immersive mine training environment suitable to train individuals in a range of skills they require in underground and open cut mining. Located at our Clark, Philippines campus, the underground mine training environment is suitable to companies and individuals to train large scale operations of machinery commonly used in underground and ope cut mines. Contact us today to find out more about courses and the use of the Underground Mine Environment.
Next Level Mining Simulation
A mining simulation with serious gaming technologies. A project developed by the Virtual Reality Group at the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg.
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We Know Underground (Mining Simulation)
See our extensive range of underground machine simulator modules here: https://www.immersivetechnologies.com/products/Underground-Machines.htm In a world where anyone can claim to be the best, it’s important to rely on facts. Our case studies are documented and verified. REAL RESULTS 12% Average Improvement Underground Production 6.5% Reduced Underground Truck Failures 12% Reduced Hydraulic System Failures 8.7% Reduced Electrical Failures We know that equipment performance is heavily dependent on operator skill, knowledge and attitude. Our unique approach ensures our customers focus on the right issues that will deliver the highest returns.
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Sentient's Mining Game
Created using gaming software Sentient Computing has created a simulation style game that lets a player take control of an iron ore mine. The player will have to utilise resources to maximise the mine's efficiency and productivity to achieve the maximum profit they can! For more information visit our website: http://sencom.com.au
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Open Pit Mining Simulation in Simio
Open Pit Platinum Mining Simulation, including drilling and processing. See www.setec.co.za for more info.
Underground conveyor simulation
Dynamic simulation model of an underground bord-and-pillar coal mining operation in Botswana, showing material movement on an integrated conveyor network.
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Open Pit Mine Design - in Excel with DesignXL
www.PrimeThought.biz A demonstration video showing how to do open pit mine design with DesignXL. DesignXL is a mine design tool which works inside Microsoft Excel 2007 or above on the SpatialXL platform.
Underground Mining Methods (11.2)
Mining Exploration Session 11. Professor Kazem Oraee
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Open Cut Mining  using Flexsim Simulation
FlexSim mining example
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01. Underground coal mining simulator enviroment demo
Unreal Engine 4.20 and Oculus Rift
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SiMINE Mining Simulation Experience
Experiential Mining Simulation at SiMINE @MandelaMiningPrecinct.
Ceenex mine modeling and simulation with Simio
Demonstration of some mining models developed by Ceenex, using the breakthrough Simio rapid modeling 3D discrete event simulation software. Models include pit mining, underground mining (vertical and decline operations), processing plant, haulage (rail and road) and port logistics. Modeling and simulation provide a means toward informed decision making, therein efficiently minimizing risk and effectively maximizing return on investment for the system being analyzed. For more information visit http://www.ceenex.com
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Mining Simulation with Optimization
http://mosimtec.com/ An example mining simulation model demonstrating an embedded optimization model for blending stockpiles. A blend optimizer is required to identify which stockpiles should be used to create a consistent composite feed for the processing plant or furnace. --- This simulation model represents a mine where ore is generated from surface or underground operations and enters a series of equipment until metal is recovered and transported. This type of model runs on user-defined inputs where output data; including statistics on throughput, inventory, utilization, and recovery; can be easily exported to the user in graphical and numerical form. Using the data generated from the model, the decision-maker can understand how their mine is expected to perform. A model of this type can answer questions such as “How will maintenance affect the system?”, “How will the attributes of ore coming out of the mines; such as grade, carbon-content and sulfides; affect equipment utilization, throughput, and inventory?”, “Can a change in equipment and storage configuration improve the system?”, and “Can other mathematical tools, such as optimization, be used to improve a process and increase upfront metal recovery?” Ore enters the system in surface and underground operations where each slug of ore is assigned attributes, such as grade and carbon-content, based on a user-defined mine plan. Ore goes through a series of equipment before it is transported to processing operations where it enters one of many stockpiles, waiting for pyrometallurgical processing. For each blending cycle, ore is taken out of the stockpiles to feed processing operations. How the ore is blended across the stockpiles will affect equipment performance and metal recovery. In this demo model, the user has the ability to turn on a blending optimizer. When the optimizer is turned on, the stockpile attributes; including weight, grade, and carbon-content; are analyzed to create the optimal blend of ore. Integrating this optimizing algorithm into a simulation model is extremely useful because this blending technique can be easily tested in the virtual mine over varying periods of time with a variety of constraints and scenarios. Its effects on equipment performance, throughput, and metal recovery can be evaluated before the blending optimizer is implemented in a real mine. With a simulation model, business decisions can be made based on the output data by testing different scenarios and input parameters. Simulation models are also necessary to test optimization algorithms and other tools so their effects on the system can be anticipated before they are implemented in a real mine.
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Underground Mining - Vale - Our People
Canada and global mining industry This is one of a series of videos I edited for Vale. The producer I worked for travelled to many locations around the world. Shots were taken in the air, on the ground, deep underground, and on water, during summer and winter.
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Geobrugg Rockfall Protection in Open Pit Mines
For open pit and mine infrastructure applications, Geobrugg provides an entire range of systems to protect against natural hazards such as rockfalls, rock- and landslides and slope instabilities. https://www.geobrugg.com/en/UndergroundOpen-Pit-Mining-and-Quarries-101688,7858.html?branche_id=59499
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quick video off open top mine at Northumberlandia
I had no tripod then so I was a bit shaky .
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Mine shaft logistics simulation toolkit
Illustration of the Ceenex mine simulation toolkit utilized to model mine logistics. The video demonstrate configuration of a multi-level underground mine shaft system and decline conveyor train. Developed in Gensym G2.
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Open Pit Coal Mining
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Eyes underground
QUT researchers share their vision for mine safety as they develop new technology for underground mining vehicles to navigate through dust, camera blur and bad lighting. Read more: www.qut.edu.au/news
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Education-Under Ground Mining-Videos-02
Block Caving
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MineExcellence : Blast pattern  simulator for mining industry
• MineExcellence is a leading provider of software / technology for mining industry. • This software is used to detect and avoid increase in both air and ground vibration from both surface and underground blasting operations caused due to reinforcement. • Pattern Analyser allows the end-user to layout a pattern of blast holes, connect surface delays, analyse the wavefront reinforcement, import and export designs, and selection of particular area from design. • http://www.mineexcellence.com/pattern-simulation-analysis/
Animated Underground Mine
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World's Broadest Range of Underground Mining Equipment
As miners go deeper underground to provide the materials on which the world depends, they need safe, reliable equipment designed to handle demanding conditions. From the first cut to the last inch of the seam, we're committed to meeting the needs of customers in every underground application and environment. The broad Cat® product line includes drills, loaders and trucks for hard rock applications; customized systems for longwall mining; and precision-engineered products for room and pillar operations. It's your business. Caterpillar offers the solutions. For more information, visit https://mining.cat.com/products/underground-mining
VUMA-3D Underground mine fire - fume spread simulation
Example of fume spread simulation using VUMA-3D with the MFIRE module from NIOSH
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Underground Mining Simulator - SimuRide Land Rover
Land Rover Defender Simulation for Mining Purpose. See Aplusbsoftware for more details.
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How to MINE OPAL gems in the OUTBACK - Smarter Every Day 164
Please click here to try The Great Courses Plus: http://ow.ly/OoWp302du3z Click here if you're interested in subscribing: http://bit.ly/Subscribe2SED Smarter Every Day on Patreon http://www.patreon.com/smartereveryday ⇊ Click below for more links! ⇊ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you to Science Alert for arranging my travel! http://www.sciencealert.com/ GET SMARTER SECTION The majority of the world's opal gemstones used for jewelry comes from Coober Pedy Australia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coober_Pedy Opals are unique: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opal Yanni's Store and Museum: http://www.umoonaopalmine.com.au/ Opal can be created by plants! http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0367253015001437 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tweet Ideas to me at: http://twitter.com/smartereveryday I'm "ilikerockets" on Snapchat. Snap Code: http://i.imgur.com/7DGfEpR.png Smarter Every Day on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SmarterEveryDay Smarter Every Day on Patreon http://www.patreon.com/smartereveryday Smarter Every Day On Instagram http://www.instagram.com/smartereveryday Smarter Every Day SubReddit http://www.reddit.com/r/smartereveryday Ambiance and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery did the outro music the video. http://ashellinthepit.bandcamp.com/ The thought is it my efforts making videos will help educate the world as a whole, and one day generate enough revenue to pay for my kids college education. Until then if you appreciate what you've learned in this video and the effort that went in to it, please SHARE THE VIDEO! If you REALLY liked it, feel free to pitch a few dollars Smarter Every Day by becoming a Patron. http://www.patreon.com/smartereveryday Warm Regards, Destin
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Coal Mining Interactive Simulation Concept
This demo shows the capability to rapidly produce a 3D environment of a coal mine for the proposed purpose of escape route training, safety procedures training, emergency and first responder training, navigational and familiarization training. The environment was generated, rendered, and rigged in a gamong engine by one Loyola engineer within a relatively short amount of time. For more info please feel free to contact a Loyola representative at (757) 498-6118
Virtual 3D open-cut mine- aero3Dpro
http://aero3Dpro.com.au brings a whole new non-invasive, quick and cost-effective approach of monitoring open-cut mining and quarry sites by using advanced aerial photogrammetry techniques to reconstruct complete 3D models and interactive 3D GIS tools for improved decision-making. Integrated into an interactive viewing platform, users can immerse themselves into a virtual but accurate and photorealistic representation of their mining site. It is possible to interact with, visualise and analyse any elements of the site from virtually any location. These 3D models integrated into an interactive viewer give mining supervisors an invaluable tool to communicate precise information to their personnel. Specific areas can be identified much more easily than using a 2D map. aero3Dpro products and services provide also the perfect tools to communicate with your shareholders. With aero3Dpro, you will gain access to real 3D geospatial information and save time, money and energy. Visit http://aero3Dpro.com.au for more information
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Strata Blast at an Open Cut Mine
Strata blast in an Australian coal mine. Note the det-cord and the noxious plume of nitrous gas given off.
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Simulator provides a safe way to train operators
Glencore Xstrata's world class miners are using simulation technology to train operators, better preparing them to respond to emergency situations at coal mines across NSW. Read more about how this innovation is keeping NSW miners' health and safety record strong, go to http://www.worldclassminers.com.au/news/safety/Simulation-technology-prepares-operators-for-all-situations
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What's inside Diamond Ore?
We cut REAL LIFE Diamond Ore in HALF!!!! So fun searching for REAL Diamonds!! Diamond Ore is an important but difficult resource to find in Minecraft. Big thanks to the amazing Stacyplays!! Watch her video of What’s Inside Minecraft: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmjyXB2wr6k Subscribe to Stacyplays here: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=stacyplays Here is the Behind the Scenes to this video: https://youtu.be/h0Wb7rKR8xw Love our AMAZING Intro??? This is the team that made it, go check them out: https://www.youtube.com/user/WalschaertsBuilds What do you want us to see inside next???? Let us know in the comments below! We post a new video EVERY WEEK, so, if you liked this video and want more like this then SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT on what you want to see next! Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/whatsinside Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whatsinside/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whatsinsidethings Filmed in 4k on this camera: http://amzn.to/1UnXI82 WARNING: Cutting open rocks or using pick axes to hit rocks can be dangerous. We do not recommend you try what we do! Only do things the we do in our videos IF you are assisted by a qualified adult under proper safety measures. Always think ahead, and remember that any project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. Remember our motto "We cut things open so you don't have to." so we do not recommend you try anything we do. Music for this video is from http://share.epidemicsound.com/pcFwF
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Domain-specific Mining Simulation Software Tool
The mining simulation model is completed by the Amalgama company for the world’s 2nd largest nickel producer. You can read the model description in the case study: https://www.anylogic.com/domain-specific-mining-simulation-software-tool-for-the-world-s-second-largest-nickel-producer/
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Simple Mining Simulation
In this simple simulation we see that we can create 3D tunnel networks that transporters follow and we can create a "passing area" where vehicles have to wait while there's another vehicle in the tunnel. Created by Patrick Cloutier with Flexim Simulation Software 514-979-6675