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What is OPEN-PIT MINING? What does OPEN-PIT MINING mean? OPEN-PIT MINING meaning & explanation
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Basics of open pit mining
Free Download PDF: http://j.gs/8AY6 For more visit: http://miningpresentations.blogspot.com/ Informative presentation you came across to know about Open Pit mining. Open Pit mining MINING Methods Hydraulic Gassification Opencast mining Open cut Mining Surface or Strip Mining final pit, weather Land degradation by mining Deforestation Pollution water Air Land Noise workings Workings Deeper Depths cities and under sea/rivers The quarried area. I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload) -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Description des principales gemmes: Le Diamant C" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHgeOkr5IZM -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Open Cast Mining
This is a very basic idea of how the Open Pit Mining process takes place. This was a very new mine when the footage was shot, and using very small machines
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open pit mining
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Team Work at the Open Pit
The new Komatsu PC2000 Excavator is the quarter back leading the plays at Stellarton's Open Pit Coal Mine. The Cat D11 Dozer is more then capable of blocking and creating openings while selection heavy haulers do the wide receiving.Fuel truck serving as "water boy" makes a cameo appearance.
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Exploring More Of A Huge Abandoned Mill And Mine
It took me the better part of a day to explore this abandoned mine and I didn’t even cover the whole site. If you look at a satellite view of this mine (the coordinates are in the description in the first video), you can see that there are workings over the hill behind the mill (rhyming unintentional) that I did not visit. I have no reason to believe that this part of the mine would be dramatically different than that which we have already seen, but still, it speaks to the massive size of the Santa Lucia Mine. Of course, those workings over the hill are more remote and the more remote a mine is, the better the discoveries to be made there in our experience. So, who knows what might be back there? I hope that what I was trying to explain with the layout of the adits when I was underground made sense. Essentially, what I was saying is that with the older workings the miners burrowed their way through the mountain and, I would imagine, extracted a fair amount of ore via the room and pillar method or through enormous stopes. As technology advanced and open pit (also called open cast) mining became more economical, the miners just hammered straight through the mountain and removed a significant part of it. In doing so, they rammed right through the older workings, causing these drifts to cave in and to be filled with rubble. Regrettably, the two adits we found that led to workings that had not been smashed through by the open pit were both totally inaccessible (the one in the first video was flooded to the top and the one in this video was caved right at the portal). Given the number of muckers as well as the trammer, ore carts and other mining equipment, I would imagine those workings were pretty extensive and it would be interesting to see how this deposit of ore was mined (as well as, of course, to see what sort of artifacts the miners might have left behind). I also hope that the way the mill functioned makes more sense now after having had a chance to see the second video with the first half of the mill. I unknowingly explored the mill backwards when I visited as I visited the second half of the ore processing facility in the first video and the first half of the mill in the second video. That even sounds confusing to me and I am the one that wrote it. So, hopefully, all of you followed that. ***** All of these videos are uploaded in HD, so adjust those settings to ramp up the quality! It really does make a difference. You can see the gear that I use for mine exploring here: https://bit.ly/2wqcBDD You can click here for my full playlist of abandoned mines: https://goo.gl/TEKq9L Thanks for watching! ***** Growing up in California’s “Gold Rush Country” made it easy to take all of the history around us for granted. However, abandoned mine sites have a lot working against them – nature, vandals, scrappers and various government agencies… The old prospectors and miners that used to roam our lonely mountains and toil away deep underground are disappearing quickly as well. These losses finally caught our attention and we felt compelled to make an effort to document as many of the ghost towns and abandoned mines that we could before that colorful niche of our history is gone forever. But, you know what? We enjoy doing it! This is exploring history firsthand – bushwhacking down steep canyons and over rough mountains, figuring out the techniques the miners used and the equipment they worked with, seeing the innovations they came up with, discovering lost mines that no one has been in for a century, wandering through ghost towns where the only sound is the wind... These journeys allow a feeling of connection to a time when the world was a very different place. And I’d love to think that in some small way we are paying tribute to those hardy miners that worked these mines before we were even born. So, yes, in short, we are adit addicts… I hope you’ll join us on these adventures! #ExploringAbandonedMines #MineExploring #AbandonedMines #UndergroundMineExploring
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Mine Pit Safety Issues and Concerns
This video was recorded at the closing session of the Advanced Level Training of Prospectors course in Mahdia, on the 26th of February,2016. It is a discussion on the issues miners face, the choices they make( primarily due to financial considerations) and the risks that is posed to their lives. A new mindset is required to mining. The Guyana Mining School through its planned Internship program, will involve graduates of the Advanced Level Training of Prospectors Course to execute field exercises to transfer knowledge via direct one on one interactions with the miners within the Konowaruk, Mowasi, Mahdia areas. Mine Pit Safety emphasis and recommendations will be given to the miners to encourage compliance. A codified GIS based map, of all dredge locations within the mining district # 2, will be compiled, along with other geo-technical and soil measurement parameters. In addition, all miners and interns will be involved in the Health and Safety at Placer Mine Site Course. Health and Safety at Placer Mine Sites Course Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites for this course. Basic facility with arithmetic, reading and writing will be assumed. A minimum of a basic first aid course is highly recommended if field work or mining is intended by the participant. General description A general awareness of hazards related to placer mining in Guyana will be created by this course. Safety around machinery and recognition of toppling and tree fall hazards in mining excavations will be promoted through discussion of safety guidelines. Special attention will be given to burial hazards posed by pits, trenches and underwater excavations. Simple stabilization measures, in particular benching based on recognized engineering codes for excavations in weak soils will be advocated. Environmental hazards, including noise, air pollution, and hazardous chemicals, in particular mercury vapours, will be examined. Tropical diseases likely to be encountered by miners, ways of reducing exposures to diseases, and first aid measures will be discussed. Establishment and maintenance of potable water supplies and first aid stations, the location and maintenance of toilet facilities and appropriate food storage will be emphasized. Radio and telephone communication for safety and operational needs will be discussed, including the transportation and communication requirements for evacuation plans. A particular emphasis will be placed on the responsibilities of individuals for personal safety and risk reduction and daily safety briefings and debriefings. Competencies Upon successful completion, students will: • Recognize the risk of injury to personnel operating mining machinery, including those engaged in climbing, occupying scaffolding, working in pits or underwater, and operating machinery with exposed moving parts. • Understand the safety enhancement provided by staging of excavations to maintain stable pit sides. • Understand the prevalence of infectious diseases in mining areas. • Be able to implement measures to reduce the risks outlined above • Understand the risk associated with mercury use in placer mining • Be able to recommend measures for reducing or eliminating exposure to hazardous substances and chemicals used in placer mining. • Be able to point out the health hazards posed by improperly maintained drinking water supplies and toilet facilities. • Be able to recommend evacuation plans for personnel sustaining injuries or sicknesses. • Be conditioned to daily review of accident response plans and accident occurrences. For more information call +592-618-7346 or +592-639-5923 to speak to the Administrator/Coordinator, Mr. John Applewhite-Hercules.
Modern Mining - How Eagle Mine produces nickel and copper
This video will take you step-by-step through Eagle's mining process. In addition, the video explains the techniques we use to find nickel and copper. About us: Eagle Mine is a nickel-copper mine located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The underground mine is expected to produce 360 million pounds of nickel, 295 million pounds of copper and small amounts of other metals over its estimated eight year mine life. Eagle Mine is owned and operated by Lundin Mining Corporation.
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Principles of Room & Pillar Mining
This video provides a basic description of the room & pillar mining method for extracting coal underground. It includes an explanation of the different products working together in a room & pillar operation (continuous miner, face hauler, scoop, LHD vehicles, feeder breaker, roof bolter) . Learn more at https://mining.cat.com/room-and-pillar
Underground Drilling and Blasting Training DVD - ACG
The Australian Centre for Geomechanics has developed this safety training DVD for underground metalliferous mine workers. To purchase this product or find out more information, visit http://www.acg.uwa.edu.au/shop#trainprods Overview All underground mine workers will be exposed to drilling and blasting processes. The aim of this new DVD is to provide workers with the critical knowledge on drilling and blasting to aid appreciation of the importance of these mining processes and their related hazards. The DVD features an introduction to the rock breaking process in mining, followed by a section on how to handle, store and transport explosive products. The third part of the DVD covers development drilling and blasting practices; and the fourth part discusses production drilling and blasting. Target Audience Underground mine workers - the need to identify the potential hazards of working near or with explosives, and the protocols of re-entering a working area after blasting. Workers responsible for development and production drilling and blasting activities. This DVD will review drilling and blasting fundamental concepts that are critical to achieving optimal rock breaking outcomes. All industry stakeholders - those keen to learn more about drilling and blasting in underground mines. Project Sponsors: Barrick Gold of Australia; BHP Billiton Olympic Dam; Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific; Gold Fields Australasia; Newmont Asia Pacific; Orica Mining Services; Xstrata Zinc.
Mining Iron Ore Technical 3D Animation / IR PR Presentation Kostanay Kazakhstan KazaX Minerals Inc.
http://www.imaker.ca Mining Iron Ore Technical 3D Animation / IR PR Presentation Kostanay Kazakhstan KazaX Minerals Inc. KazaX Minerals Inc. (KazaX), based in Vancouver, mining corporation holding an interest in iron ore the Lomonosovskoye deposit in Kostanay, Kazakhstan. KazaX intends to acquire further iron ore properties to add to the Lomonosovskoye property, for mining exploration, development and production purposes. The Lomonosovskoye property development (LOMO) is situated in the mining area of Rudny (translated as 'ORE'),established to support the extensive mining operations in the area.
Open pit mining equipments
Now chatting: http://www.leawaysschool.com/solution.html Contact Us: http://www.leawaysschool.com Parts for Mining Equipment - Vikay Mining Equipments Vikay Mining Equipment, is Global Supplier of OEM Quality Aftermarket Replacement Parts for Open Pit Mines and Underground Mining Equipments, Quarry Equipment equipment in open pit mining 鈥?Grinding Mill China Open-pit mining 鈥?Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Open-pit mines are typically enlarged until either the mineral resource is exhausted, Bagger 288, an equipment needed for open pit mining - beltconveyers.net Open-pit mining 鈥?Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Open-pit mining, open-cut mining or opencast mining is a method of extracting rock or Bagger 288, an Asset management for fleets of mining equipment in open pit ASSET MANAGEMENT FOR FLEETS OF MINING EQUIPMENT IN OPEN-PIT OPERATIONS V铆ctor Barrientos Boccardo Open-pit mining - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Open-pit mining, open-cut mining or opencast mining is a surface mining technique of extracting rock or minerals from the earth by their removal from an open pit or open pit mining equipment for gold - Stone Crusher open pit mining equipment for gold. If you want to get more detailed product information and prices, recommend that you get in touch with us through online chat.The advantages of open pit mining eHow UK The advantages of open pit mining. Open pit mining does offer some advantages over traditional deep shaft mining. Pit mining is more cost effective than shaft mining open pit mining equipments Open-pit coal mining in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia . The United Kingdom produces about ten million tons of coal a year from open-pit mines. The majority comes Open Cast Mining Equipment - TENOVA Open Cast Mining Equipment TENOVA is a world-wide supplier of advanced technologies, products and services for the metal and mining industriesequipment in an open pit mine - Crusher Machine For Sale equipment in an open pit mine manufacturer in Shanghai, China. equipment in an open pit mine is manufactured from Shanghai ,It is the main mineral processing open-pit coal mining equipments open-pit coal mining equipments open-pit coal mining equipments, From large primary jaws and gyratories to cones and VSIs for tertiary and quaternary Open Pit Mining Equipment Manufacturer Open Pit Mining Most Amazing Open-pit Mines in The World (diamonds, gold, silver, copper) [igeoNews], Open Pit Coal Mine, advantage and disadvantage of open pit mining, small open pit mining equipments The Mining Process. Open pit mining requires close attention to geology, geotechnical planning, scheduling of earthmoving equipment, drill and blastequipment used for open pit mining 鈥?- Coal Surface Mining equipment used for open pit mining Description : The Mining Process 鈥?The Super Pit The Mining Process. Open pit mining requires close attention to geology open pit coal mining equipment for extracting in south africa About 鈥?list of equipment for open pit gold mine 鈥?Mining equipment for mineral metallic ore mining equipment, coal gold extraction in south africa;open pit mining equipments This page is provide professional open pit mining equipments information for you, we have livechat to answer you open pit mining equipments question here.open pit mining equipment for gold - YouTube More details: Get the price of machines: as one of the largest mining Open Pit Mining and Design OpenPitMine - TechnoMine This site includes news, views, and reviews about activities related to open pit mine design, development, operation, and closure. Other topics covered include a href="#" onclick="openZoosUrl()" class="pull_left"img src="/images/price.jpg" width="16" height="24" /GET PRICE/a /liliimg class="aboutimg_b" src="/images/imagerandomss/178.jpg"/ Open Pit Mining Equipment - Vikay Mining Equipments Vikay 猫 un fornitore mondiale di Open Pit Mining Attrezzature da India per Marble & foratura di granito, Edilizia e applicazioni Mining superficieequipments needed in an open pit copper mine - BINQ Mining Open pit Copper Mine,Open pit Copper Mine crushing equipment. Open pit Copper Mine,A complete solution from one source of New electrical equipment for open pit mining equipment for gold - Coal Surface Mining - SAMAC open pit mining equipment for gold Description : Open Pit Mining News and Commentary MINING.com The open pit gold-silver project, straddling the border between
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Minero Suite® Quick and best method to create and evaluate open pit phases
Efficient mine optimization software allow mining professionals get best optimization solutions. “Minero Suite® Quick and best method to create and evaluate open pit phases” video illustrate the flexibility of the Minero software to generate and evaluate optimal pit phases. 16 phases have been created in 6 minutes step by step description is achieved in this demonstrative video. Visit Minero, Inc. web page. Subscribe to Minero, Inc. YouTube channel. Click in like if you enjoy this video and write a comment.
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XERAS Enterprise: Mining Financial Planning Software Overview
For nearly 30 years, XERAS has been the financial modelling tool of choice for the cost-focused mining company. XERAS provides a rigorous yet flexible strategic modelling environment designed specifically for the mining industry. XERAS complements your financial planning process by applying control, consistency and transparency and allows for effective corporate governance. https://www.rpmglobal.com/softwares/xeras-enterprise/ https://twitter.com/rpmmining https://www.linkedin.com/company/rpmglobal/
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What Is An Open Pit Mine?
https://goo.gl/6U6t22 - Subscribe For more Videos ! For more Health Tips | Like | Comment | Share : ▷ CONNECT with us!! #HealthDiaries ► YOUTUBE - https://goo.gl/6U6t22 ► Facebook - https://goo.gl/uTP7zG ► Twitter - https://twitter.com/JuliyaLucy ► G+ Community - https://goo.gl/AfUDpR ► Google + - https://goo.gl/3rcniv ► Visit us - http://healthaware.in/ ► Blogger - https://juliyalucy.blogspot.in/ Watch for more Health Videos: ► How To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy Naturally: https://goo.gl/hRy93e ► Period Hacks || How To Stop Your Periods Early: https://goo.gl/dSmFgi ► Cold and Flu Home Remedies: https://goo.gl/biPp8b ► Homemade Facial Packs: https://goo.gl/NwV5zj ► How To Lose Belly Fat In 7 Days: https://goo.gl/EHN879 ► Powerfull Foods for Control #Diabetes: https://goo.gl/9SdaLY ► Natural Hand Care Tips At Home That Work: https://goo.gl/YF3Exa ► How to Tighten #SaggingBreast: https://goo.gl/ENnb6b ► Natural Face Pack For Instant Glowing Skin: https://goo.gl/gvd5mM ► Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast & Permanently: https://goo.gl/ZVYvQZ ► Eating Bananas with Black Spots: https://goo.gl/gXuri6 ► Drink this Juice every day to Cure #Thyroid in 3 Days: https://goo.gl/L3537H ► How Garlic Improves Sexual Stamina? https://goo.gl/GNcbYU ► Benefits of using Egg Shells: https://goo.gl/hAUyUS ► Home Remedies to Gain Weight Fast: https://goo.gl/jBVVQh ► Amazing Benefits of Olive Oil for Health: https://goo.gl/R3583v ► Rapid Relief of Chest Pain (Angina): https://goo.gl/idAFZR ► Home Remedies for Joint & Arthritis Pains Relief: https://goo.gl/jRbNkh ► SHOCKING TRICKs For #Diabetes Control: https://goo.gl/ATDDsV ► Doctors Are Shocked! #Diabetics: https://goo.gl/ZeQddJ ► Home Remedies for Gastric Troubles: https://goo.gl/72VR1b ► Juice for #Diabetics Type 2: https://goo.gl/3vDMqR --------- As the ore is removed, production moves successively downwards. The method is based on mining the ore in descending levels through drilling and blasting. The removal of this material is known as stripping. The ore in the svappavaara field's open pis mines, gruvberget and Basics of an pit mineopen mining techniques. Most of them are located in the united states and can be visited. A type of mine where rock or minerals are extracted from the earth by their removal an open pit borrow. Open pit mining methods 911 metallurgist. If the deposit apexes below surface, overburden and barren capping overlying ore must be removed in advance of open pit mining. Ore is extracted from lkab's surface mines by means of bench mining. The majority of the deepest open pit operations in world are copper producing mines. However, the first step is to loosen minnesota mining history, history of mining, gold iron cuyuna range, mesabi vermilion miners, miner's, open pit, surface underground shaft hibbing, chisholm, museum, oliver co. We examine the largest open pit mines mining world has to offer sep 5, 2017 philippines' president rodrigo duterte said on tuesday he believed controversial ban imposed by former environment secretary gina lopez should remain in place given environmental damage it causes, but noted would give companies time find alternative oct 24, roy cimatu, philippines and natural resources minister, is hopeful that a put his predecessor be lifted before end of year. Show mine with an open pit or burrowfinnish avolouhos (fi); Spanish mina a sep 9, 2015 these aren't your ordinary mining operations. The stripping pit in this article we will take you to some gigantic man made holes open mines. What is open pit mining? does youtube. This site includes news, views, and reviews about activities related to open pit mine design, development, operation, closure. You're guaranteed to see some spectacular views, and in the mines that are still active, you'll rock open pit mining, is defined as method of extracting or minerals from earth by their removal an borrow. The worlds deepest, biggest and deadliest open pit mines what is mining? (the legal rights natural mining yourdictionary[photos] top 10 largest in the world global. Philippines' president says open pit mining ban should stay philippines could be lifted before year end lkab our mines. Open pit, open cast or cut mining is a surface technique of extracting rock minerals from the earth by their removal an pit borrow definition mine 'an excavation made at ground for purpose ore and which to duration mine's life. We'll show you the biggest, deepest and deadliest mines in world. Open pit mine (plural open mines). To expose and mine the ore, it is generally necessary excavate relocate large quantities of waste rock open pit mining surface obtain minerals other than coal mining, also known as opencast cut strip means a process digging out or from earth by their elimination an borrow 2illustration thumbnail depictin
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Giant green emerald found in Zambian mine - TomoNews
KAGEM, ZAMBIA — Gemfields, the world's largest producer of green stones, has discovered a giant, green emerald in Zambia. The emerald weighs more than 1.1 kilograms and was discovered in Kagem, the world's largest emerald mine located in Zambia. A statement released by Gemfields said that the emerald has "remarkable clarity and a perfectly balanced golden green hue." Emeralds in the Kagem mine were reportedly formed 450 million years ago due to a rare combination of in situ minerals and magma from the Earth's crust which then developed into emerald crystals. The gem is being called "Inkalamu" which means lion in the local Bemba language in Zambia. The uncut emerald was discovered in an open-pit mine on October 2 by a geologist and a veteran emerald miner. Several pieces are expected to be cut from the 5,655-carat emerald and will be auctioned in Singapore this month. Most of the emeralds in the world are mined from Zambia, Colombia and Brazil. As a result, emeralds are even more precious than diamonds due to their scarcity. Our favorite VPN: Private Internet Access ►►http://bit.ly/TomoNewsVPN Stuff we use to make TomoNews ►►https://www.amazon.com/shop/tomonewsus TomoNews is your best source for real news. We cover the funniest, craziest and most talked-about stories on the internet. If you’re laughing, we’re laughing. If you’re outraged, we’re outraged. We tell it like it is. And because we can animate stories, TomoNews brings you news like you’ve never seen before. Top TomoNews Stories - The most popular videos on TomoNews! http://bit.ly/Top_TomoNews_Stories You Idiot! - People doing stupid things http://bit.ly/You-Idiot Recent Uploads - The latest stories brought to you by TomoNews http://bit.ly/Latest-TomoNews Ultimate TomoNews Compilations - Can't get enough of TomoNews? This playlist is for you! New videos every day http://bit.ly/Ulitmate_TomoNews_Compi... Thanks for watching TomoNews! Like TomoNews on Facebook ►► http://www.facebook.com/TomoNewsUS Follow us on Twitter ►► @tomonewsus http://www.twitter.com/TomoNewsUS Follow us on Instagram ►► @tomonewsus http://instagram.com/tomonewsus Subscribe to TomoNews ►► http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-TomoNews Watch more TomoNews ►► http://bit.ly/MoreTomoNews Visit our website for all the latest videos: http://us.tomonews.com Check out our Android app: http://bit.ly/1rddhCj Check out our iOS app: http://bit.ly/1gO3z1f Get top stories delivered to your inbox every day: http://bit.ly/tomo-newsletter
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Rock Mining (Quarrying) Process
Hillsides explode, massive blocks of stone break off of solid rock walls and powerful machines crush large rocks in a matter of seconds. One mile of a two-la. Hillsides explode, massive blocks of stone break off of solid rock walls and powerful machines crush large rocks in a matter of seconds. One mile of a two-la. 250 300 tph hard rock processing plant for mining, quarrying, aggregate More details: Get the price of machines: http. zenith is an internationally renowned manufacturer of mining machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai zenith .
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Slide3: Modelling an Open Pit Mine
Learn how to model a 3D open pit mine in Slide3 2017. Slide3 is Rocscience's new 3D Limit Equilibrium Method software for slope stability analysis. For more on the mining applications of Slide3, visit: https://www.rocscience.com/documents/pdfs/rocnews/2017summer/slide3_mining To request a free trial of Slide3, visit: https://www.rocscience.com/free-trials Music: The Lounge - Bensound.com
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Mining for Emeralds in Brazil by GIA
http://gia.edu/gem-encyclopedia Mining for Emeralds in Brazil by GIA. Emerald gemstone has many special qualities. From Sao Paolo, Brazil, Sergio Martins discusses the emerald gemstone history, industry and how sourcing this precious stone is performed in Brazilian mines. He explains the different types of Brazilian mining systems that exist at different locations throughout the country. The Belmont mine has a large area and conducts open pit mining on a large scale. They have consistently produced this precious gemstone for 30 years. Sergio also discusses the Nova Era mine, different from the other emerald mines because it belongs to over 140 people. Located in the area of Garimpeiro, emerald mining in this region involves miners making shafts and looking for the vein that leads to a large concentration of emerald, a “pocket”. Mining can take up to few years before any emerald stones are discovered, but once found, they can produce up to 10 million dollars worth of emeralds in one pocket. Learn more about emerald with GIA's gem encyclopedia: http://www.gia.edu/emerald • Emerald Quality Factors: http://www.gia.edu/emerald-quality-factor • Emerald Description: http://www.gia.edu/emerald-description • Emerald Buyer’s Guide: http://www.gia.edu/emerald#buyers-guide • Emerald History and Lore: http://www.gia.edu/emerald-history-lore • Emerald Care and Cleaning Guide: http://www.gia.edu/emerald-care-cleaning • Brazil’s Emerald Industry: http://www.gia.edu/gems-gemology/spring-2012-brazil-emerald-lucas • Emeralds of Colombia: http://www.gia.edu/gems-gemology/summer-1981-colombian-emeralds-keller The Official GIA Channel on YouTube is also a great resource for expanding your emerald knowledge • A Greco-Roman Emerald Necklace: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e09o9pdNKjk • Seventy-Five Carat Pair of Cat’s-Eye Emerald: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJeDrkiAg0w • Emeralds of Bahia, Brazil: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkIco_mQoOA • The Glory of a Faceted Emerald: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMNY9UbzgQg • An Overview of Emerald Mining in Brazil: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07m5fFqyZIc • Emeralds of Goias, Brazil: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WeMe318EWA • Brazilian Miners | The Garimpeiro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wguQia2Qao • Laws and Ethics of Brazilian Precious Stone Mining: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXSeG1DcLC8 GIA exists to connect people to the understanding of gems. Our videos provide more information on diamonds, gems, and other related topics • How to Choose a Diamond | GIA Diamond Grading Guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PafhSuJQb30 • How to Read a GIA Grading Report: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZ2UtygPnt4 • Sapphire and Ruby Mine in Palin, Cambodia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKX-Zpg3nOo • What Attracts Us to Ruby | History: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2ZmHEQNjUs SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/officialGIAchannel FOLLOW US Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GIA4Cs Blog: http://4csblog.gia.edu/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/gianews Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/giapins/ Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/107659062959606193241
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How to blasting mining surface and underground
No description because just do it
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Mining Engineering Career Opportunities Field Salary Colleges by BrainChecker
http://www.brainchecker.in Mining Engineering Career by BrainChecker Stay tuned for regular updates from BrainChecker Channel. We provide excellent education related tips and excellent career guidance. Contact: https://goo.gl/forms/cmB1rRC4v5qF2rf73 Fill the form above and we would get in touch with you Hey there and welcome to the Brainchecker's YouTube channel, India’s largest Career Counseling Company!! Our entire video would be divided into 5 sections: - Introduction. - Nature of work. - Eligibility and Professional Courses available. - Best Colleges - Career prospects and Salary Students are requested to perform their own due research before choosing a career. You can check the description for additional details and assistance from Brain Checker. Introduction Mining engineering is an engineering discipline that applies science and technology to the extraction of minerals from the earth. Mining engineering is associated with many other disciplines, such as geology, mineral processing and metallurgy, geotechnical engineering and surveying. A mining engineer may manage any phase of mining operations – from exploration and discovery of the mineral resource, through feasibility study, mine design, development of plans, production and operations to mine closure. Nature of Work Mining Engineers design mines and will use engineering principles, technology and scientific theory for the safe and effective extraction of natural resources from these mines. Mining Engineers plan, design and operate the mining processes, both underground and above ground. Mining Engineers will be responsible for the overseeing of both mining operations and miners, and are employed by many mining-related organizations Duties The duties of a mining engineer include: • Involved in the design of both open-pit and underground mines • Overseeing of the operations of the mine • Training and supervision of personnel • Looking into methods for transporting minerals to the various processing plants • Oversee the design and construction of mine shafts and tunnels in underground mines • To ensure that mines are operated safely and in the most environmentally effective ways possible • Oversee the production rates to assess the effectiveness of the mine operation • To be involved in finding solutions for problematic areas such as water and air pollution, land reclamation etc. • Design and develop mines and determine the best way to extract metal or minerals to get the most out of deposits, and to extract as much out of the mine whilst maintaining strict safety and environmental issues at hand, for the least amount of money. • Involved in trying to limit the amount of water used in the operation, and keep pollution to a bare minimum. • Prepare technical reports for miners, engineers, and managers Now let’s go to, Eligibility and Professional Courses • 10+2 Science with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics is mandatory with at least 60% marks. • Entrance examinations are conducted for admission to B.E./B.Tech programs in marine engineering. Some colleges could consider the marks obtained in 10+2 qualifying examination as well, for selection into these programs. • M.E./M.Tech programs can be pursued if the individual has completed B.E./B.Tech in the same discipline. Moreover, they need to qualify for GATE as well. We at Brain Checker help students in choosing their career. To know if this career suits your talents of skillsets, you can consult a Brain Checker Career Specialist. Check link in the description for more details. Now we are going to look at few good colleges offering this qualification : 1 IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal 2 IIT - BHU, Uttar Pradesh 3 Indian School of Mines, Jharkhand 4 NIT Surathkal, Karnataka 5 Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur, Maharashtra Moving on to the next part of the video........ Career Prospects There are a lot of opportunities for Mining Engineering graduates in the following fields,. Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and UK provides profitable career opportunities to the eligible candidates. Job Profiles include: • Mining Engineer – Granite • Mining Engineering Technicians • Research Engineers- Data Mining • Assistant Mining Engineer • Mining Engineer • Mine Planner • Technical Consultant amongst others An Mining Engineering graduate gets an average salary between Rs.40,000 and Rs 50,000 per month at the entry level. It also depends on the university you graduate from. Top universities will fetch their graduates higher salary packages. After a couple of years of experience an individual can earn up to Rs 3,00,000 per month or more depending on the skill set, experience and performance. Thank you for watching, if you loved this Brain Checker Video please like, share and subscribe to us. Bye!!
Haul Truck Operator Program
Video of our Haul Truck Operator program. Students get 1-on-1 training and over 25 hours of driving experience with the most realistic Haul Truck simulator available on the market.
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The Largest Walking Dragline Excavator in The World - Marion 8050 Dragline
Marion 8050 Walking Dragline weight :3100 Tons, Boom Lenght : 325 Feet, Bucket capacity : 62 cubic yards
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high wall miner
My Description
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Down The Pit, Nottinghamshire's coal mines (By Victoria Knight).  Read Description-Important.
IMPORTANT: SO the audio for the scene outside my great-grandad's house has messed up and isn't playable on THE YOUTUBE APP for some reason, but can be played properly on a laptop or desktop site on mobile. Apologies, Premiere Pro is being a twat right now. This is a short documentary I made for my Final Major Project for college. Looking at the history of coal mining in areas such as Newstead and Pleasley. DISCLAIMER: Pleasley is in Derbyshire, but it was the most convenient and interesting country park and mining museum I could visit, as others such as Bestwood Country Park where only open on weekends at inconvenient times. Sorry to mislead. Also looking at the lives of miners, Thatcher's government and the miners strike of 1984-5 with mining unions. This was only 5 minutes long and wasn't as informative as I'd like but I will be making a 10 minute version of this documentary with more footage that I'd filmed. Also excuse how gross I look at the start of this documentary XD. Before all the technical stuff, first I want to give a massive thanks to Pleasley Pit Trust for the amazing work they've done protecting and ensuring the care and preservation of the colliery for everyone to enjoy. I'd definitely recommend visiting Pleasley Pit and hope they can continue their amazing work. Another massive thanks to Paul Dinsdale for letting me interview him and for being in my documentary! I'll be seeing you at the colliery! Filmed on: Cannon 600D Edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro CC2018 Music used: We work the black seam- Sting Gedling footage courtesy of: Youtube: aBitterLemon Thatcher, Scargill and striking miners footage courtesy of: Youtube: ODN Newstead archive footage courtesy of: Youtube: Michelle Allen, BBC news. Also big thanks to my brilliant crew! Marc Jackson- Director of Photography William Dinsdale- Sound designer Chris Knight- Director of Photography As per, please like if you liked this! Comment any constructive criticism and video suggestions and subscribe if you like my content :3 Insta: @earl_grey_socialism Facebook: Victoria Knight Email: [email protected]
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Mine Pit
#Gear360ActionDirector #SamsungGear360 Produced with Gear 360 ActionDirector
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1971: Open pit copper mine slag heap land stripping nature devastation. SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH
"Royalty free licensing options from these stock footage marketplaces: videoblocks: https://www.videoblocks.com/videos/footage/1971+Open+pit+copper+mine+slag+heap+land+stripping+nature+devastation?video_quality=4K&tab=marketplace nimia: https://app.nimia.com/search/?q=1971%20Open%20pit%20copper%20mine%20slag%20heap%20land%20stripping%20nature%20devastation&page=1&limit=1 pond5: http://www.pond5.com/stock-video-footage/1/1971-Open-pit-copper-mine-slag-heap-land-stripping-nature-devastation.html dissolve: http://www.dissolve.com/products?utf8=%E2%9C%93&keywords=1971+Open+pit+copper+mine+slag+heap+land+stripping+nature+devastation&media_type=video shutterstock: http://www.shutterstock.com/video/search/?autocomplete_id=&language=en&lang=en&search_source=&safesearch=1&version=llv1&searchterm=1971+Open+pit+copper+mine+slag+heap+land+stripping+nature+devastation&site=videos description: Fresh 100% classic vintage 8mm film home movie professionally cleaned and captured in 4k (3840x2160 UHD) resolution at 23.97 fps in native h264 codec at true 100Mbps+ video bitrate. Post processing including cinematic retro color correction, manual speed adjustment with true-speed time preservation technique, custom action crop movement, and modern halogen lighting with advanced degrain filters with modified 1.6 f-stop projector reverse convex lens. Learn more about our footage restoration library here: http://StockFilm.com and major thanks for supporting the archival of humanity's history."
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Copper mines in Zambia - Straight through Africa
Trade is better than aid for Africa. They say. In a journey through copper thieves and mine barons in the north of Zambia, Bram Vermeulen investigates the truth behind that slogan. From a distance they look like ants, the hundreds of men digging holes in the rubble slopes of an old copper mine in Zambia. They are looking for copper ore in the walls of the enormous pit, without wearing helmets and without reinforcing the walls of their caves. Life-threatening, of course. But they find enough to live on. Is it legal, Bram asks. They laugh about it. No of course not. But the Chinese buyer does not really ask where they get their ore from. You just have to leave when the guards of the mine come. How different is it in a huge copper mine in full operation. Huge machines drive off and on. Sirens sound regularly, followed by explosions. Here, 300,000 tons of stone are moved every day, and the copper ore from it yields a profit of hundreds of millions of dollars a year. But it is a foreign company that raises that money. And if the productivity gets too low after about twenty years, the investors will move on. From the air it is easy to see how far-reaching it all is. The mine takes big chores out of the country and turns huge plains into a kind of lunar landscape. But other changes are also visible. Houses, schools, a golf course. Prosperity, therefore, emphasizes a mine boss. Seven years ago this was still a dull provincial town, and now look! A little further on the big changes are about to begin. There is a giant copper mine here, and for that an area of ​​no less than four hundred square kilometers is expropriated. The new owners promise economic prosperity. Did not a city like Johannesburg also start out as a simple mine? Naturally, people living in the area can not stay. They have worked the land for generations, but they can not show ownership documents. They have not been asked anything. They do get compensation for their houses, chickens and fruit trees, but not for the ground. "Everything under the ground is state property," says a representative of the mining company, "and that is what the state can rent out to us." Residents who do not want to leave are squatters who violate the law from that moment on. Even though they were born and lived there all their lives. Those former residents are moved to neat new houses outside the area. With toilet, and bigger than the previous house, but without land to grow food. Some of them seem satisfied with that. Most do not. 'In Africa, land has sentimental value. You are no one without land, 'says one of them. "So you're destroying these people. They will not pass on anything to the next generation. " Episode 6. Copper fever  For Africa, trade is better than aid, or so they say. On a journey to copper thieves and mine bosses, Bram Vermeulen investigates the truth behind the slogan. Director: Doke Romeijn and Stefanie de Brouwer © VPRO October 2014 On VPRO broadcast you will find nonfiction videos with English subtitles, French subtitles and Spanish subtitles, such as documentaries, short interviews and documentary series. This channel offers some of the best travel series from the Dutch broadcaster VPRO. Our series explore cultures from all over the world. VPRO storytellers have lived abroad for years with an open mind and endless curiosity, allowing them to become one with their new country. Thanks to these qualities, they are the perfect guides to let you experience a place and culture through the eyes of a local. Uncovering the soul of a country, through an intrinsic and honest connection, is what VPRO and its presenters do best. So subscribe to our channel and we will be delighted to share our adventures with you! more information at www.VPRObroadcast.com Visit additional youtube channels bij VPRO broadcast: VPRO Broadcast: https://www.youtube.com/VPRObroadcast VPRO Metropolis: https://www.youtube.com/user/VPROmetropolis VPRO Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/VPROdocumentary VPRO World Stories: https://www.youtube.com/VPROworldstories VPRO Extra: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTLrhK07g6LP-JtT0VVE56A VPRO VG (world music): https://www.youtube.com/vrijegeluiden VPRO 3voor12 (alternative music): https://www.youtube.com/3voor12 VPRO 3voor12 extra (music stories): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtgVYRLGraeL9rGMiM3rBHA www.VPRObroadcast.com English, French and Spanish subtitles by Ericsson and co-funded by the European Union.
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Republic Mine, Upper Peninsula Michigan, 1978
Here are some rare images of this massive open pit iron ore mine when it still operated. Includes a view looking into a cone gyratory crusher.
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Loading Machine Operators, Underground Mining Job Descriptio
Loading Machine Operators, Underground Mining Job Description
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Old coal mines transformed into holiday lake resort
(19 Jun 2018) LEADIN: Germany is celebrating the opening of a new lake this summer, one of dozens created by filling former coal mines. The goal of this massive environmental project is to create Europe's biggest artificial lake district, transforming a former industrial area into a tourist destination. STORYLINE: A sweeping view of these vast lakes shows little sign of what this region used to be. But this was once mining country, and these lakes are all man-made. It's a huge project that's transformed the old industrial landscape into a new lake district. The open cast Meuro mine that once dominated the landscape, providing jobs to thousands of workers, has vanished. Only a floating excavator plucking sunken trees out of the water hints at the effort that's gone into reshaping this corner of eastern Germany over the past decades. It's part of a massive environmental clean up in Lusatia, a region that once provided much of the coal which heated German homes and powered the country's industrial rise. Lignite is a soft brown coal that often lies close to the surface, meaning it is easiest to just remove layer upon layer from above rather than dig underground shafts. "This is a region that was shaped by strip mining for hundreds of years," says Kathrin Winkler, a native of Lusatia197, who is the head of Lusatia Lakes Tourism Association.           "That means we had gigantic open-cast mines here. We have extracted the coal from the deeper layers in the area. We have broken down gigantic open pit mines." As a young woman growing up in communist East Germany, Winkler worked in the Meuro mine for a year. Now it's her job to promote Lusatia as the next big tourist destination, billing it as a tranquil lakeside retreat for weary city dwellers from nearby Berlin and Dresden. The idea would have seemed outlandish to anyone looking at the alien, lifeless landscape not so long ago. But over the past two decades the man-made craters have been slowly resculpted to create 26 lakes connected by 13 canals and hundreds of miles of cycle track. Instead of coal-fired power plants, the horizons are now dotted with wind turbines and fields full of solar panels. Much of the task of turning brownfield sites into the kind of "blooming landscapes" Germany's late chancellor, Helmut Kohl, promised East Germans shortly before reunification has fallen to a state-owned company, LMBV. "It's a unique task we've been given here," says spokesperson Uwe Steinhuber. "Among other things, we are creating 25,000 hectares of new blue eyes, i.e. new lake landscapes in the two districts in Lusatia and central Germany. You could say that it's the biggest landscape reconstruction in Europe that we're operating. There's no script for this job, no complete task description and also no experience that you can rely on." Steinhuber had just begun a career in the East German diplomatic service when the Berlin Wall collapsed, and with it the life plans of millions who had grown up in the knowledge that, if little else, the communist regime would guarantee them work for life. Of the more than 90,000 jobs that existed in Lusatia's coal mines three decades ago, only a few thousand remain. Some former miners have found work in restoring the depleted countryside, a task German law requires mining companies to set money aside for. So far, the company has spent 10.6 billion euros (12.5 billion US dollars) removing the legacy of industry and creating 25,000 hectares (61,775 acres) of lakes. Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork Twitter: https://twitter.com/AP_Archive Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/APArchives Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/102011028589719587178/+APArchive​ Tumblr: https://aparchives.tumblr.com/​​ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/APNews/ You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/91918f0d07a2bd457767008754762a64
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Drilling and blasting iron ore mine
Now chatting: http://www.leawaysschool.com/solution.html Contact Us: http://www.leawaysschool.com drilling and blasting for iron ore Shift Foreman: Blasting, Kumba Iron Ore, Sishen Mine Jobs All Shift Foreman: Blasting, Kumba Iron Ore, Sishen Mine Jobs in Northern Cape, Search for any jobs in drilling and blasting for iron ore - BINQ Mining drilling and blasting in open cast iron ore mines. This page is provide professional drilling and blasting in open cast iron ore mines information for you blasting iron ore - Mineral Processing Equipment Manufacturer drilling blasting in iron ore mine,Gold Ore Quarry Crushers Suppliers. Iron ore mining equipment for mine process. Iron ore mining equipment is used to mine iron ore.drilling blasts iron ore Mobile Crusher Manufacturer drilling blasting in iron ore mine 鈥?Crusher Granite Crusher This page is provide professional drilling blasting in iron ore mine information for you, Document2 - Blast Movement Technologies Solutions to Reduce Australian Mining reports on Drill and Blast No more lost and diluted ore mas Copco Electronic monitoring of ore block movement came to the rescue at one iron ore drilling and blasting machine for manganese mines 鈥?SAMAC drilling and blasting machine for manganese mines Description : mining process drilling blasting iron ore 鈥?16 Aug 2013 More details: Get the price of machines blasting in iron ore mines process -FDP FDP is one of the biggest manufacturers in Aggregate Processing Machinery for the blasting in iron ore mines Here are the Mining process drilling blasting iron drilling and blasting iron ore mine Water powered drilling is proving its worth in an iron ore mine in Water powered drilling is proving its worth in an iron ore mine in Sweden what are effect of drilling and blasting in gold ore Home禄Processing Plant禄what are effect of drilling and blasting in gold ore. Crushing Plant Grinding Machine drilling and blasting iron ore mine drilling and blasting in open cast iron ore mines Iron Ore Processing,Crushing Generally two types of drills are being deployed for open cast iron ore mining i.e. Down the hole percussive drills & Rotary drills.drilling blasting in iron ore mine Water powered drilling is proving its worth in an iron ore mine in Water powered drilling is proving its worth in an iron ore mine in Sweden drilling iron ore mines for blasting,procedure of mining Mine Blasting & Explosives Technology, and Safety Regulations In virtually all forms of mining, rock is broken by drilling and blasting the rock.Water powered drilling is proving its worth in an iron ore The mining industry is continually looking for new drilling solutions that enable them to mine iron ore mine in Sweden ; Thank drilling is proving its worth iron ore drilling process 芦 beneficiation equipment The process of developing an iron ore mine from exploration data through to 14 May 2014 drilling and blasting for iron ore More details: drilling and blasting iron ore mine MODERN DRILLING AND BLASTING TECHNOLOGY AT THE MINNTAC MINE. 1 MODERN DRILLING AND BLASTING TECHNOLOGY AT THE MINNTAC MINE By Don Thompson Senior Engineer, Drill and iron ore drilling and blasting With an ore body 4km long, 80m thick and reaching a depth of 2km, LKAB's Kiruna is the world's largest, most modern underground iron ore mine.Since mining began at drilling and blasting iron ore mine Overview of the massive iron ore mine at Sishen: Pit Viper 351 rigs drill the blastholes while ROC L8 rigs take care of crest drilling at the Sishen mine.[chat online]blasting in iron ore mines process antigua and barbuda Tin Ore Mining,Tin Ore Processing,Tin Ore Crusher Iron Ore Crusher Jaw Crusher Spare The tin ore is broken by drilling and blasting, We support tin ore a href="#" onclick="openZoosUrl()" class="pull_left"img src="/images/price.jpg" width="16" height="24" /GET PRICE/a /liliimg class="aboutimg_b" src="/images/imagerandomss/59.jpg"/ drilling and blasting in open cast iron ore mines 芦 mining Open-pit mining 鈥?Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rock blasting at a large open-pit mine. is exhausted, or an increasing ratio of overburden to ore makes blasting in open cast iron mines -FDP open cast coal mine blasting in australia Solution for ore This page is provide professional drilling and blasting in open cast iron ore mines information for drilling and blasting iron ore mine Iron Ore Drilling,Iron Ore Blasting,Drilling &amp
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Exploring A Large Limestone Mine - Part 1
This is the first abandoned limestone mine I ever explored and it is a big one… As an essential ingredient in concrete, this mine was brought into existence together with a nearby concrete producer in 1910. Underground mining continued into the early 1960’s before the focus shifted to the open pit mining of limestone nearby. Although significantly remodeled over the years, the concrete production plant remains open. My exploring buddy for this day is Alessio (who introduced me to this site) and his exploring channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoy6TTAGyJDVPxv9DQrs3LA As it is sedimentary, limestone is made up of the skeletal remains of countless living creatures such as coral and foraminifera. I suppose it is somewhat morbid to consider that when walking on a concrete sidewalk, for example, that we are tromping on the corpses of millions of living creatures. Taking it a step further, consider that limestone is a common ingredient in toothpaste as well! It’s labeled as calcium carbonate should you choose to examine your toothpaste. This mine is located in the region of Tuscany, which is more commonly associated with fine wine and historic cities such as Florence and Siena. However, I assure you that it has a very fine selection of abandoned mines as well. ***** All of these videos are uploaded in HD, so adjust those settings to ramp up the quality! It really does make a difference… You can click here for the full playlist of abandoned mines: https://goo.gl/TEKq9L Thanks for watching! ***** Growing up in California’s “Gold Rush Country” made it easy to take all of the history around us for granted. However, abandoned mine sites have a lot working against them – nature, vandals, scrappers and various government agencies… The old prospectors and miners that used to roam our lonely mountains and toil away deep underground are disappearing quickly as well. These losses finally caught our attention and we felt compelled to make an effort to document as many of the ghost towns and abandoned mines that we could before that niche of our history is gone forever. But, you know what? We have fun doing it! This is exploring history firsthand – bushwhacking down steep canyons and over rough mountains, figuring out the techniques the miners used and the equipment they worked with, seeing the innovations they came up with, discovering lost mines that no one has been in for a century, wandering through ghost towns where the only sound is the wind... These journeys allow a feeling of connection to a time when the world was a very different place. And I’d love to think that in some small way we are paying tribute to those hardy miners that worked these mines before we were even born. So, yes, in short, we are adit addicts… I hope you’ll join us on these adventures! #ExploringAbandonedMines #MineExploring #AbandonedMines #UndergroundMineExploring
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Raw Video: Kennecott Copper Mine Flyover (Fox 13 Utah)
Extracted from Fox13.com in response to a Liveleak.com video description by @UtahSkyBum's Bingham Canyon Copper Mine upload. Youtube video stabilization applied. Original source: http://fox13now.com/2013/04/12/raw-video-kennecott-copper-mine-flyover/ In response to video http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=598_1372991753 UtahSkyBum's LiveLeak.com channel http://www.liveleak.com/c/UtahSkyBum
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SCUBA Diving an Abandoned Iron Mine
Diving in Fortune Pond in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. This site is known to have some of the clearest water outside of the great lakes in the Midwest. Water temp about 45 degrees F. Fortune Pond was an open pit iron ore mine that operated in the 1950s. The quarry was over 200 feet deep and features an abandoned rock crusher as well as many mementos left by other divers. When its pumps were shut off in 1958, the mining company had dug nearly 1.4 million tons of iron ore from the pit. Falling (Ft. eSoreni) by Sappheiros https://soundcloud.com/sappheirosmusic Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/0rfzkcQjiFg Lights by Sappheiros https://soundcloud.com/sappheirosmusic Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/-lbbHQbZNKg
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Underground mine video.
Manbus going down track in coal mines.
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Mine Inspection i
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Big Wheels Keep On Turnin'
Ok then "Big Tracks" keep on Turning as this D11 gets down to the business of earth moving in the hunt coal at the Stellarton open pit mine.
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Big Pit Mannequin Video
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Mining and Geological Engineers Including Mining Safety Engineers Career Video
JOB TITLE: Mining and Geological Engineers, including Mining Safety Engineers OCCUPATION DESCRIPTION: Conduct sub-surface surveys to identify the characteristics of potential land or mining development sites. May specify the ground support systems, processes and equipment for safe, economical, and environmentally sound extraction or underground construction activities. May inspect areas for unsafe geological conditions, equipment, and working conditions. May design, implement, and coordinate mine safety programs. RELATED JOB TITLES: Engineer, Engineering Manager, Geologist, Mine Engineer, Mine Engineering Manager, Mine Engineering Superintendent, Mine Safety Manager, Mining Engineer, Planning Engineer, Project Engineer ONET: 17-2151.00 Learn more about this and other occupations, jobs, and careers at: www.CareerOneStop.org
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KaiVi VR - Siilinjärvi Phosphate Mine 360°
360° video - The virtual model of existing open pit mine in Siilinjärvi, Finland
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SchaufelradBagger 288 -  Bucket-wheel excavator 288 (Open Pit Mine Garzweiler II, Germany)
Momentan (Juli 2016) schaufeln die Bagger kurz vor dem Ort Borschemich! Mit einer Höhe von 96 m, einer Länge von 240 m und einem Gewicht von 13.500 t ist dieser Schaufelradbagger einer der Allergrößten! Das Schaufelrad hat einen Durchmesser von 21 m. Eingesetzt wird er zur Zeit im Tagebau Garzweiler (Braunkohlerevier südlich von Mönchengladbach, bei Borschemich und Immerath). This bucket wheel excavator is one of the heaviest land vehicles of the world (13500 tons) The excavator is up to 220 m (721 ft) long and 96 m (315 ft) high. The excavating head is 21.6 m (70.9 ft) in diameter. It works in a coal mine in Germany, North-Rhine Westphalia, south of Mönchengladbach (Open pit mine Garzweiler) Filmed with Camcorder Canon HV20 Copyright 2016 by SupraNaut. All rights reserved. Enjoy! http://www.supranaut.de --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You may use this Royalty HD Free Stock Footage in personal & commercial projects. If you use it in something, I would love to see it. Post this link in your video description like this: footage by: https://www.youtube.com/user/DerNaut1
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Exploring Portugal's Abandoned São Domingos Mine
The São Domingos mine site has been worked for precious metals since even before the ancient Romans (likely by the Phoenicians), but the first large scale efforts were by the Romans. Once the Romans had extracted all they could with the mining technology of the time, the site was abandoned until it was “rediscovered” by an Italian miner from Piedmont, Nicolau Biava in 1854. Ownership then passed briefly to a French syndicate before the mining concession was leased to Mason and Barry, an English mining firm, in 1859. Mason and Barry significantly expanded the open pit from that which the Romans had excavated and also pushed much deeper underground than the Romans with multiple shafts and drifts. Under Mason and Barry, the primary mineral being mined was copper (driven by the demands of the industrial revolution), but pyrite was also heavily mined as a source of sulphur. During this period, the mine operation became so large that it required its own police force. The mine was abandoned in 1966.
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https://www.opencutexaminer.com [email protected] At www.opencutexaminer.com we specialise in the facilitation of RII402??Certificate IV in Surface Coal Mining Descriptor This qualification reflects the role of employees working as an open cut examiner in a surface coal mine. They perform tasks involving a broad range of varied activities most of which are complex and non-routine. They are responsible for the quantity and quality of the output of others and contribute to the development of technical solutions to non-routine problems. Requirements for completion of the qualification Successful completion of fourteen (14) units of competency made up of: Ten (9) Core units, and Four (5) elective units of which: * at least three (3) must come from ‘Group B’ listed below and up to one (1) from ‘Group A’ listed below, one other (1) from ‘Group C’ , or from Certificate III, Certificate IV or Diploma level from this, or any other Training Package. The units chosen must be relevant to the job function. Care must be taken to ensure that all prerequisites specified within imported units, or units chosen as electives, are complied with. Core units of competency (9 Required) Unit title BSBSUS301A Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices RIIBLA205D Store, handle and transport explosives RIIERR401D Apply and monitor surface operations emergency preparedness and response procedures RIIMEX405D Apply and monitor systems and methods of surface coal mining RIIMPO403D Monitor interaction of heavy and light vehicles and mining equipment RIIRIS402D Carry out the risk management processes RIIWHS301D Conduct safety and health investigations RIIWHS402D Examine and maintain mine safety RIIWHS404D Implement and monitor health and hygiene management systems Group A (One 1 from here) Unit title RIIBLA201D Support shotfiring operations (Qld) RIIBLA301D Conduct surface shotfiring operations These are normally developed/attained as part of your role on site. Group B (Three 3 from here) Unit code Unit title RIIBHD301D Conduct surface blast hole drilling operations RIIMPO301D Conduct hydraulic excavator operations RIIMPO302D Conduct hydraulic shovel operations RIIMPO303D Conduct rope shovel operations RIIMPO304D Conduct wheel loader operations RIIMPO308D Conduct tracked dozer operations RIIMPO310D Conduct grader operations RIIMPO336D Conduct belly dump truck operations RIIMPO337D Conduct articulated truck operations RIIMPO338D Conduct haul truck operations RIIMPO312D Conduct scraper operations RIIMPO329D Conduct dragline operations Group C (One 1 from here) Unit title BSBCUS401B Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies BSBINM401A Implement workplace information system BSBINN301A Promote innovation in a team environment BSBLED401A Develop teams and individuals BSBMGT401A Show leadership in the workplace BSBMGT402A Implement operational plan BSBWOR404B Develop work priorities RIICOM301D Communicate information (Old S1,2,3) RIIERR403D Lead rescue team RIIMPO401D Supervise mobile plant operations RIIMPO402D Apply the principles of earthworks construction RIIRIS403D Managing and coordinating spill responses TAEASS401A Plan and organise assessment TAEASS402B Assess competence These are also normally developed/attained as part of your role on site. NOTE: If you have S1, 2, 3 you will have RIICOM301A Communicate Information. www.opencutexaminer.com HOME OPEN CUT EXAMINER AUTHOR WHO OR WHAT IS AN OCE? (DEFINITION) OCE ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES OPEN CUT EXAMINER JOB DESCRIPTION OPEN CUT EXAMINER (OCE) SALARY OPEN CUT EXAMINER JOBS OPEN CUT EXAMINER COURSE (OCE) OPEN CUT EXAMINER COURSE ONLINE RII40213 CERTIFICATE IV IN SURFACE COAL MINING OPEN CUT EXAMINER (OCE ) EXAM OPEN CUT EXAMINER APPLICATION OPEN CUT EXAMINER (OCE) NSW OR QLD HOW I CAN HELP SCHEDULE OF FEES – OPEN CUT EXAMINER COURSE HELPFUL WEB LINKS CONTACT US
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Principles of Longwall Mining
This video provides a basic description of the longwall mining method for extracting coal underground. It includes an explanation of the different products/key components of a longwall mining system (longwall shearer, automated plow system, AFC face conveyor, line pans, CST drive system, roof supports, longwall automation). Learn more at https://mining.cat.com/longwall
Carmichael Coal Mine
A description of the Carmichael Coal Mine proposed by Indian resources-group Adani in central Queensland, Australia, extracted from a lecture delivered by Dr Chris McGrath at the University of Queensland (UQ) on 7 April 2016. The full lecture is available at https://youtu.be/FKutt1SR39A
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What is STRIP MINING? What does STRIP MINING mean? STRIP MINING meaning, definition & explanation
What is STRIP MINING? What does STRIP MINING mean? STRIP MINING meaning - STRIP MINING definition - STRIP MINING explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. "Strip mining" is the practice of mining a seam of mineral, by first removing a long strip of overlying soil and rock (the overburden). It is most commonly used to mine coal and lignite (brown coal). Strip mining is only practical when the ore body to be excavated is relatively near the surface. This type of mining uses some of the largest machines on earth, including bucket-wheel excavators which can move as much as 12,000 cubic meters of earth per hour. There are two forms of strip mining. The more common method is "area stripping", which is used on fairly flat terrain, to extract deposits over a large area. As each long strip is excavated, the overburden is placed in the excavation produced by the previous strip. "Contour stripping" involves removing the overburden above the mineral seam near the outcrop in hilly terrain, where the mineral outcrop usually follows the contour of the land. Contour stripping is often followed by auger mining into the hillside, to remove more of the mineral. This method commonly leaves behind terraces in mountainsides.
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