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SQL Decryptor
Decrypt the Encrypted SQL Database Script -- http://www.sqlrecoverysoftware.net/sql-server-database-decrypt/ SQL Decryptor -- A Matchless Solution For SQL Users! SQL Decryptor is capable of extracting data from data files of SQL Server even if they are encrypted. Users who demand SQL database exported in decrypted manner can avail this tool and easily fetch the SQL database even if they lack the Dedicated Admin Connections. Tool incorporates foundation of complex algorithms and yet has a simple interface giving users a much friendly environment to exhibit necessary operations. What Is Data Encryption? Encryption is provided for security so that this data is saved with more security. This can be done either by providing a code inside the data or a key which manipulates data in such a way that it cannot be processed without decoding or decrypting. And for decoding, key is required. This is meant for security purpose, but sometimes users face issues when that particular key is misplaced or user wants to access this encrypted data urgently and do not have necessary Dedicated Admin Connections. In that situation our SQL Decryptor can be a great help as it provides a platform where user can access this encrypted SQL data also. Key Features of Software Tool: Login Modes: Tool provides two log-in modes, one is "Windows Authenticated" and other is "SQL Server Authenticated". When user is choosing second option he has to give necessary credentials i.e. username and password associated with SQL Server. Preview SQL Database: Once your SQL database to get decrypted is loaded, tool shows all the details within script of stored procedures, functions, views, triggers which were initially encrypted and now have been decrypted. Dual Export Options: User has two options of exporting SQL encrypted data. One is to export data without decrypting it i.e. "With Encryption", and other is to export SQL data after decrypting it "Without Encryption". SQL Decryptor provides both options and user can choose amongst these as per his requirements.
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