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Meaning of Nameko
Define, definition, meaning of, what is the meaning of, Nameko
Meaning of Nameko
Define, definition, meaning of, what is the meaning of, Nameko
Basic Log Inoculation Setup with Sawdust Spawn
When growing shiitake or other mushrooms on logs, most beginners opt for the basic or low tech method of planting logs. This video demonstrates using sawdust spawn, our most economical type of spawn. Inoculation can be done alone or with multiple people. With one person drilling , two inoculating, and one waxing, about nine logs per man hour can be inoculated. The more experience the crew has the faster this process becomes.
volvariella volvaceae Growing
- Use compost from straw, bean shell, manures, sawdust etc - I have experiences more than 20 years in spore making, methods of growing like as grow on shelf, ground, in jar and also mushroom liquid fertilizer making. Interesting, I am able to consult, assist and or advice for your farming in place or by Email :[email protected],Hp:+85512791519. Please contact us : Interesting
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I demonstrate how to check mushrooms for a pellicle (separable gelatinous membrane on the pileus). Pholiota sp. (probably something close to P. velaglutinosa)
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bundelzwammetjes - Pholiota
schimmels - zwammen - fungi - paddenstoel - fungus - swam - skimmel - Pilze - mycota, mycètes, champignons - funghi, miceti - svampe - svampar - sopp - Hünjmotsen Een paddenstoel is het vruchtlichaam van een zwam of schimmel, die vaak onder de grond groeit, maar ook in hout of in planten. De schimmel bestaat uit schimmeldraden (hyfen). De schimmeldraden samen heten zwamvlokken of mycelia. Paddenstoelen vormen maar een klein deel van de schimmel. Schimmels spelen samen met bacterien een belangrijke rol als reducenten in de meeste ecosystemen. mycologie = paddenstoelenkunde Het vakgebied dat zich bezig houdt met paddenstoelen, schimmels en zwammen heet mycologie. Mykos is Grieks en betekent zwam, logos is Grieks voor rede, woord, in dit geval: de leer van ... Een mycoloog is dus een paddenstoelenkenner
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Mushroom "Pholiota squarrosa" found in the forest in Russia
Mushrooms "Pholiota squarrosa" found in the forest in the Tver region of Russia (Konakovo district).Autumn of 2016. Some sources have reported cases of poisoning by this fungus .Some people have reported that this mushroom is edible. Copyright: Oleg Tarabanov
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tofu and nameko
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India-Forgotten foodgrain- Proso millet
The proso millet is called Baragu in Kannada. A very nutritious foodgrain , it can grow in the most dryland conditions and with very little water. In a water short world reverting back to these grains will help humanity manage its food resources.
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