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The Nameko Mushroom
Learn more about this delicious fall fruiting mushroom. The Nameko mushroom grows on a multitude of different trees species, and is most commonly used in soups.
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Pholiota nameko
on our mushroom trail, we have lots of different mushroom species, both cultivated and wild. This video features a large fruiting of Pholiota nameko. Enjoy.
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Nameko Growing
Here are nameko (Pholiotus nameko) growing in house and shed environments. Nameko is usually harvested and used when the caps are small unopened and very slippery, however we like to grow them out as the mature mushroom flavour is great too.
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Nameko uprawa grzybów EXOTIC GROW Pholiota nameko
Zestaw do domowej uprawy Nameko - Pholiota nameko.
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Underground Gourmet Mushroom Farm In Philly
These Urban farmers grow Trumpet, Shitake, Lion's main, and Nameko mushrooms in an abandoned auto parts factory in north Philadelphia. The underground location provides near perfect conditions to grow mushrooms. https://munchies.vice.com/en_us/article/how-to-turn-an-abandoned-factory-into-a-thriving-mushroom-farm?utm_source=munchiesfbus
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Pholiota Mushroom
Thanks for watching MiWilderness.
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The Nameko Family - Episode 2
Recorded by DU Recorder – Screen recorder for Android
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#19 Namekoちゃん
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天然 なめこ『滑子』『Pholiota microspora』『Pholiota nameko』
モエギタケ科スギタケ属に属するキノコの一種。 別名『ナメタケ』『ヌメリタケ』とも言う。
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Mushroom & Nameko
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Nameko drying
Welcome in to Fungi Co Headquarters where I dance you around nameko and how I preserve it.
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Pholiota nameko - fungi kingdom
Pholiota nameko - fungi kingdom
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Talking about Nameko Mushroom @ Green Light Nursery Landenberg, PA
Talking about Nameko Mushrooms at a Spring Gardening with Mushroom workshop @ Green Light Plants Nursery
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How to preserve wild mushrooms Nameko, efective methods to keep it delicious
Learn a new effective method of preserving wild muschrooms.
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Pholiota growth
Time lapse of Pholiota tuft growing Sept 2011.
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Growing mushrooms: chestnut
Chestnut or Pholiota adiposa mushrooms grown on 50/50 sawdust and soybean hulls
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Pholiota species
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Pholiota adiposa
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Changing Pholiota, Mushroom/ Denmark 2015
Changing Pholiota is a good edible mushroom, growing on stubs. It can appear already at midsummer. The cap changes color with humidity - from, this the name. Caution: this mushroom in many ways looks similar to poisinous mushrooms in the family, Galerina marginata.
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Forest Nameko Time Lapse
Nameko Mushroom and Tofu
Ingredients: - 1 fresh bundle or canned Nameko Mushroom - 1 package Tofu - 2 Tbsp Mirin - 2 cup Water - 1 Tbsp Soy Sauce - ½ cup Bonito Flakes - 1 Scallion Instructions: 1. Open nameko package and rinse them in running water. Drain. 2. Remove tofu from the package and cut into small cubes (a little bigger than dice size). 3. Chop scallion. 4. Place nameko mushrooms in a small pot. Add mirin, water, soy sauce and bonito flakes. Mix well and bring to boil over medium heat, stirring occasionally. 5. Reduce heat to low and add tofu. Cook for additional 3 minutes. Stir gently. 6. Garnish with scallions to serve.
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Poisonous Wild Mushrooms "Scaly Pholiota"
North American mushrooms Poisonous, found in clusters at base of deciduous and coniferous trees, especially aspen and birch on logs and stumps.
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How to Grow Mushrooms: Best Way to Make Fruiting Blocks
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mossycreekmushrooms/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mossycreekmushrooms/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MCMushrooms Earth Angel Mushrooms: History of the Masters Mix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBKrri27Xv0 Our website: http://www.mossycreekmushrooms.com/ Check out our latest blog post: http://www.mossycreekmushrooms.com/blog/ Interested in learning to grow mushrooms? Check out our consultations: http://www.mossycreekmushrooms.com/ph... Hey Moss Backs, when you buy from these companies it helps to support our channel. Please use code "Mossy" for discounts or free stuff on your orders! House of Hydro: Free sets of replacement discs! https://www.thehouseofhydro.com/index... Northspore: 10% off all of your orders https://northspore.com/ Shroom Supply: 10% off your order https://www.shroomsupply.com/
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Grow Guide: Cinnamon Cap Mushrooms
Grow guide for how I grow Chestnut (Cinnamon Cap) Mushrooms from substrate to harvest. *To see what equipment I purchased you can click on the link to my Kit page. If you purchase items from the links (no extra charges for you) it helps me out so I can make more videos! https://kit.com/funkyfungi Website: www.funkyfungimd.com or www.serenityfarmmd.com Email: [email protected] Insta: https://www.instagram.com/funkyfungi_... I'm a Champagne sippin' Baltimore Mushroom 🍄 & Microgreen farmer. Chicken 🐔 & Goat 🐐 Keeper. Wife to Rich. Momma to 3 genetically gifted kids
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Cultivating Mushrooms at Nikko Farm
Living Culture visits with Melinda & Gen Nikko, owners of Nikko Farm in Aumsville, Oregon. The Nikkos grow Asian varieties of mushrooms and vegetables on 5 acres of land. Their products are available every Saturday at the Salem Public Market. Living Culture is a monthly television series that showcases cuisine and agriculture in the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is to generate interest in local foods through inspiring and positive media.
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【Okuda's Shiitake 12】Slimy mushroom, Nameko
Hello! Okuda's Shiitake channel has videos which are mainly about shiitake mushroom and inoculation. Please ignore any typo and awkward sentences. Please enjoy slimy nameko as well! Thank you so much for stopping by our channel! [中文] 嗨~、大家好!奧田製作所頻道主要有香菇的視頻。 一部分的視頻沒有關了。 請吃吃看也粘滑的滑子菇! 多謝你們的到來看~! 請看看一下! [日本語] こんにちは、このチャンネルは主に椎茸とその植菌に関する動画をお届けします。この動画は日本語字幕に対応しています。 ぜひなめこも食べてみてください! 観に来てくださり、ありがとうございました。 Subscribe↓ ・Facebook 【https://m.facebook.com/kinshoku/ 】 ・Website -English 【http://en-shiitake.kinshoku.com/ 】 -Japanese 【http://www.kinshoku.com/ 】 Free reference source ・BGM/SE DOVA-SYNDROME、MusMus/効果音ラボ Okuda's Shiitake Okuda Shiitake mushroom nameko 奧田製作所 奧田 香菇 滑子菇 奥田製作所 奥田 しいたけ きのこ なめこ
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Tradd Cotter: Mushrooms to the rescue
Mother Earth News fair
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Nameko GIF
I made 8-bit Nameko. It is from casual game Mushroom Garden. From May - August 2015. Sound : Nameko Flute.
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Giant Puffball Mushroom in Oregon
These are some giant puffballs that are growing in our yard early September in Central Oregon.
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Nameko pěstování hub - www.ekohouby.cz
Šupinovka nameko (Pholiata nameko) souprava pro domácí pěstování . www.ekohouby.cz
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blewit burritos - how to cultivate blewits
Tradd shows a method called blewit burritos, cultivating blewit mushrooms in your own yard using cardboard and mushroom stalks.
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原木ナメコの収穫(山形県鮭川村) Harvesting mushroom in JAPAN
雨降りの早朝、斜面の林の中で育てている原木ナメコを収穫します。(山形県鮭川村木の根坂)  Harvesting mushroom "Pholiota nameko" in the rain. Yamagata pref. JAPAN
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GREEN LIVING features Perfect Mushrooms
GREEN LIVING - ANC features Perfect Mushrooms
nameko theme song
나메코 테마송
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Lactarius indigo (the indigo milk mushroom)  Wild, edible mushroom in Tx
smells like blueberries and taste soo good. they grow only in the woods under oak trees in tx. would go good on alfredo
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Gardening with Mushrooms EP #1
Slide show on planting a mushroom bed in you garden with Stropharia Rugoso annulata (Garden Giants, Wine caps)
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Scaly Pholiota Mushroom (Pholiota squarrosa?) at Conifer Trunk
Photographed at the Concordia Language Villages, Bemidji, Minnesota (08 September 2010). Go here to learn more about this species: http://www.mushroomexpert.com/pholiota_squarrosa.html
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Berkley's Polypore
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cauliflower mushroom
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Nameko In A Bowl Keychain Review
Nameko Keychain Review❤️

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