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PNG Government bolsters Investor confidence: There will be no changes to the Mining Act
The Papua New Guinea Government has reassured investors and stakeholders from the extractive industry that there will be no change to the current Mining Act (1992) before 2017. Both the Prime Minister and the Minister for Mining gave the assurance during their respective presentations at the Mining & Petroleum Investment Conference in Sydney this week. The announcements have been welcomed by the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum... visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg/ for the latest news...
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Dr Brian Brunton on Mining in Papua New Guinea
Is the Papua New Guinean Government regulating the Mining Companies in order to really benefit its people? Dr Brian Brunton, A Former National Court Judge, now based in the Milne Bay Province and co-ordinating the 'Alotau Environment' NGO Group says the Milne Bay people are no strangers to the outcomes of Mining. "We are left with a hole in the ground, and you can imagine where the money goes to," he says.
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PNG Chamber of Mines & Petroleum presents Inaugural Chamber Awards: Oil Search Awarded
The 2018 PNG Mining & Petroleum Investment Conference also saw the awarding of the Inaugural Chamber Awards. These awards, recognizing the contribution of industry participants over the course of this year. -visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg// for the latest news...
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Mining Act Review
On the third and last day of the 2015 PNG Mining and Petroleum Conference, Minister for Mining, Byron Chan, highlighted the changes made to the Mining Act and the development of six new mining policies. Mr Chan said the changes address issues of governance, compliance, best practises and sustainability. The Minister said the changes capture the local content aspirations of the O’Neill-Dion government. - visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg/ for the latest news...
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Mining Minister in Morobe
The National Government through the National Executive Council is looking at amending the Mining Act.
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Changes Made to the Mineral Resource Authority Act Questioned
The PNG Chamber of Mines & Petroleum has raised concerns over recent changes to the Mineral Resource Authority Act. The amendments, passed by parliament on February 14th this year, saw changes which now provide more direct government control of the MRA, including at the MRA Board level.
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PNG Government will look at realistic ways to implement signed UN deal
The United Nations (UN) and Papua New Guinea Government, through National Planning Minister, Charles Abel, signed the United Nations Development Assistance Framework 2018-2022 today in Port Moresby. This framework guides the work of the United Nations in the country for the next 5 years. It reflects a shared commitment by the PNG Government and UN agencies to work together to achieve agreed outcomes. Planning Minister, Charles Abel, speaking during the signing of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework, said this is an outcome of the relationship that Papua New Guinea learned from challenges with the changing world. The government is looking at developing a more realistic approach to development. “The Department of National Planning is trying very hard to modify our development framework so that it is more holistic and it takes into account the Millennium Development Goals,” he said. He said the Government is working very hard to modify the country’s development strategy to align development processes, and to incorporate local plans into the Sustainable Development Goals. “I want to thank the UN for supporting that process; by helping us particularly in developing the Medium Term Development Plan number three which will cover the next five years to be implemented by the next government,” he added. These two plans are interrelated and represent the 5 year plans for the country with respect to international commitments to sustainable developments. Abel said Papua New Guinea has all the relevant features and opportunities to contribute to sustainable development locally and internationally, which this framework takes into account. United Nations Development Programme Country’s Coordinator, Roy Trivedy said that this framework is a collective effort from the UN partnership with various stakeholders. “This framework guides our relationship with government and the people of Papua New Guinea. It aligns with vision 2050, the 20-30 agenda of Sustainable Development Goals, the Stars Policy, the Medium Term Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals,” Trivedy said. visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg/ for the latest news...
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Papua New Guinea SME Corporation Act
Papua New Guinea is about to enter into a new era of Small to Medium Enterprise management. In February this year, a new legislation was passed by parliament and gazette. It makes the Prime Minister directly responsible for the SME sector in the country. - visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg/ for the latest news...
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Resources PNG – Episode 12, 2016
Papua New Guinea is prone to disasters, both natural and man-made. In the recent months, the country had to deal with the effects of droughts caused by the onset of El Nino. The National Disaster Centre, in partnership with the University of Papua New Guinea, have partnered in providing training on how to deal with disasters. This episode features the graduation of eighty-three participants graduating with a certificate in Careful Hazards and Risk Management. Also on this episode… since being granted the autonomous status in 2005, the Autonomous Region of Bougainville has been working to have most functions brought back to the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG); among these, the ownership and regulation of the mineral sector. In April 2015, the Bougainville Mining Act was passed in the House of Representatives and took effect, paving the way for the Bougainvillian Government to shoulder the responsibility of monitoring activities relating to mining on the island. Resources PNG was in the region recently and spoke to the ABG President, Chief Dr John Momis, about the effects of this specific legislation. And we take a look at the United Nations effort in strengthening the parliament system in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. - visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg/ for the latest news...
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Resource PNG – Episode 2, 2016
2015 has been a difficult year for mining in Papua New Guinea. Falling metal prices have hit many projects hard, with several projects forced to halt operations. Mining Minister Byron Chan speaks about how the government is addressing these concerns, and provides a glimpse of proposed amendments to the Mining Act. We also speak to Ok Tedi Mine CEO Peter Graham on the status of the mine – and a possible date for production recommencement.
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PM O'Neill Addresses Mining Issues
Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill told parliament today, the Government is at the centre of addressing mining-related issues. PM O'Neill said a formal statement will be released to address grievences by landowners in Hela, and shares in Panguna and Ok Tedi. - visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg/ for the latest news...
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Behind the Scenes—Detained in Papua New Guinea
As a journalist, filming a Chinese-government owned mine being built in Papua New Guinea in 2010 led to some hair-raising moments as we were filming "Profit and Loss." At the mine site in the mountains, as we filmed a family that was resisting forced relocation, word came that security had been tipped off, and we were hustled into cars and driven away. A few days later, when we accompanied landowner Sama Mellombo to the site where his clan cemetery had been unearthed by Chinese workers building a refinery, things got very tense and we were detained. After watching the YouTube clip you might want to read the blog I wrote when we got home. http://www.sacredland.org/slfp-crew-detained-by-police-in-papua-new-guinea/ - Christopher "Toby" McLeod, Project Director
Experimental Seabed Mining in New Ireland
The development of the Experimental Sea Bed Mining in New Ireland is strongly being push by the PNG Government despite local and national outcry against it. Nautilus Minerals Inc which plans to mine copper and gold from 'high - grade massive sulphide deposits' 30 Km off the West Coast of New Ireland, was granted the world's first mining lease by the Government of Papua New Guinea in 2011. The mining lease cover a sea area of 59km known as Solwara 1. However, the people of New Ireland who has strong traditional connections with their seas and environment do not want the project as they believe it will destroy their very foundation.
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Despite the decline in the commodity prices, the mineral sector in the country has recorded significant progress last year.
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Sir John Guise
Sir John Guise warned Australia of the danger in imposing a Westminster style of government on Papua New Guinea. He foresaw how a strong centralized government would not lead to political stability and said Australia would be to blame when democracy broke down.
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Experimental Seabed Mining in Focus (Pt1)
What is Experimental Seabed Mining, and what does it mean for Papua New Guinea? This film provides an overview of the issues and risks involved in Canadian company Nautilus Minerals' plans to mine the Bismarck Sea. Featuring prominent academics Prof Chalapan Kaluwin, Dr Ralph Mana and Prof Patrick Kaiku of the University of PNG; and ACTNOW! PNG program manager Effrey Dademo. This film was produced following a public forum held at UPNG in September 2012.
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Deep Sea Mining Activists awaits Government's response
Deep Sea Mining Activists and concerned groups are still awaiting a response from Prime Minister on environmental impact data. The wait follows a petition containing twenty four thousand signatures was handed to the government in October last year.
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This video shows how the people are battling to stop the world's first experimental sea bed mining in Papua New Guinea. Nautilus Minerals Inc. who was granted a mining lease by the PNG government initially planned to set up an office in Madang, however, was unsuccessful because the people refuse to let them. It then moved East New Britain Province, but was sent away again by the people. Nautilus Minerals Inc is now in New Ireland Province. The battle is on to completely get rid of this Project in the waters of Papua New Guinea.
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PNG Chamber of Mines & Petroleum: Tough Times for Explorers
President of the PNG Chamber of Mines & Petroleum, Gerea Aopi, said mineral explorers are facing tough times. Mr Aopi expressed concerns over the drastic decline in mineral exploration, especially in the grassroots exploration sector. “A decline in exploration impacts many rural Papua New Guineans through the loss of direct employment, and a lot of businesses, owners and suppliers who provide goods and services to support these exploration projects.”.. visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg/ for the latest news...
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Ok Tedi Mine Community Against Government Takover
Representatives of the Ok Tedi Mine Villages and Community Mine Continuation Agreement communities say there was no consultation with them before the Government passed legislation transferring shareholding in Ok Tedi Mine Limited to the State.
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Resource PNG – Episode 45, 2016
On this episode we feature move to merchandise alluvial industry in Papua New Guinea. A recent alluvial mining convention and trade show facilitated by Mineral Resource Authority (MRA) brought together small scale miners throughout PNG as well as international investors to Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province. It was the third such trade show intended to introduce and educate alluvial mining communities to utilise machines and emerging technologies as opposed to the traditional methods of mining. All this aimed at allowing an increase in production for small-scale miners. It was during this event that MRA also revealed the value of alluvial gold exported between the years 2008 to 2015 – a whooping K365 million. - visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg/ for the latest news...
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PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum talks about 2016 investment conference
PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum executive director Greg Anderson speaking to Diane Kambanei of PNG NBC TV about the 14th PNG Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference which will be staged from December 5-7 in Sydney, Australia.
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Experimental Seabed Mining - Coming to a Coastline Near YOU!
Donate: http://actnowpng.org/donate Share on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1l93esG Share on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1l93kk6 Papua New Guinea has already suffered some of the worlds worst mining disasters . Foreign companies have polluted our rivers, destroyed communities and caused a violent civil war. Now Nautilus Minerals wants to dig up the seafloor in a new experimental mining operation. But, as the government has already acknowledged, communities all across PNG are saying they do not want to be part of this experiment. But this issue is of much wider significance than just Solwara 1 and Papua New Guinea. There is already exploration for similar mines all across the Pacific region and in the Indian ocean. Numerous countries have sanctioned the exploration without understanding the full potential environmental impacts and how it could impact on local communities. NGOs and communities are calling for a moratorium on this type of mining, like that already in place in Vanuatu, until there are proper studies on the environmental and social costs. The timing of the video is very poignant as the PNG government struggles with the issue of whether to put $118 million of tax payers money into the Solwara 1 mine: money the NGOs say could be better spent on improving health and education facilities for communities in PNG. Governments needs to do the right thing for their people rather than looking after these foreign companies that destroy and impoverish us. Governments must reject seabed mining and invest instead in health, education and agriculture for the long-term benefit of our communities. This animation was lovingly crafted by Ample Earth: http://AmpleEarth.com
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PNG Government Not Broke_NBC News
The National Government is not broke and will continue to invest in major infrastructure and developments.
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Yangoru-Saussia Candidate says Elected Leaders' Task is to Address the Sate of the Economy
A candidate for the 2017 National Election says the next big thing elected leaders must do, is to save PNG’s falling economy. Max Kamba, who is contesting the Yangoru Saussia seat in East Sepik, has strong views about how the national economy is being managed. Kamba is among 16 other candidates contesting the seat, currently held by Richard Maru.
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UPROOTED [documentary]
Uprooted is a story of four communities in Papua New Guinea's Madang province who have been affected in various ways by a Chinese state owned owned nickel mine. Narrated entirely by landowners, it shows the pain and fear of losing their land to large scale development. It also highlights the concerns related to Deep Sea Tailings placement (DSTP) the preferred method of mine waste disposal.
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Business PNG - Episode 11, 2017
The United Nations Development Programme has partnered with the Business Council of Papua New Guinea to prepare a platform that maps business engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2016, the country’s private sector and civil society committed to contributing to achieve the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development, which seeks to eliminate poverty, hunger and address other pressing issues within the next 15 years. Also on this episode, we look at the manufacturing sector which remains critically important to both the developing and the advanced world. PNG’s manufacturing sector is small and has a high cost of production, naturally, this act as a barrier to exporting, and yet local producers are increasingly finding new markets, particularly in the neighbouring Solomon Islands and other Pacific Islands, but even in Australia and New Zealand.
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PNG LNG Landowners Petition Government Over Delayed Royalties
Clan leaders of the mutli-billion PNG LNG project are planning a peaceful protest over delayed benefits. The leaders say the Government has to clearly explain to landowners the proceeds and details of the four point two-seven equity share. The Government has been given 7 days to respond to their petition. - visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg/ for the latest news...
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PNG election: PM O'Neill faces increasing pressure over corruption allegations
PNG election: PM O'Neill faces increasing pressure over corruption allegations Papua New Guinea's two-week general election has begun. Prime Minister Peter O'Neill is facing pressure over corruption allegations and a collapsing economy. Despite mineral wealth and a large gas plant, most people on the island live in poverty. Al Jazeera's Andrew Thomas reports from Kokopo, Papua New Guinea. - Subscribe to our channel: http://aje.io/AJSubscribe - Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AJEnglish - Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera - Check our website: http://www.aljazeera.com/
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West Papua - The secret war in Asia
The forgotten land of West Papua is under brutal Indonesian military occupation. Its tribal people are being slaughtered, and their unique environment destroyed. But the world is doing nothing to stop it. In 1963, in violation of international law, Indonesia occupied and colonised the West Papuan homeland in the western part of New Guinea. Since that tragic event the West Papuans are asking for a fair referendum about their independence. At least 100.000 indigenous people lost their lives in this secret war.
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Oil and Gas Updates
Conference delegates to the 13th Papua New Guinea Mining & Petroleum Investment Conference were given an in-depth update on PNG’s major resource projects, as well as an insight into future projects.- visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg/ for the latest news...
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25 August, 2010, Madang, Papua New Guinea Following an undertaking by Papua New Guinea's New Mining minister, John Pundari, a team of government scientists held an awareness meeting in Madang in an attempt to clarify the proposed mine waste disposal method of Deep Sea Tailings placement (DSTP) by the Chinese nickel miner MCC. The audience were highly critical of the presentation. Many said they weren't impressed with the information delivered. This video shows the response from a scientist from the Department of Environment and conservation.
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SABL Stories - Oil Palm Labour
Locals in Bewani, West Sepik Province are paid poorly for their labour on oil palm plantations by logging companies. The logging companies are operating under a Special Agriculture Business Lease, despite the PNG Government declaring all SABLs illegal and void.
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Geo Thermal Energy has Potential in PNG
The Government says Exploration Companies have shown keen interest in the Geo Thermal energy potential of PNG. He was responding to queries on this by Oro Governor Gary Juffa.
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Solomon Islands Here to Learn About PNG’s Political Party System
Papua New Guinea’s Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates, has attracted Solomon Islands to learn from it. Solomon Island’s Political Parties Commission is here on a fact finding mission to understand how PNG has developed a very good party system. This finding will help PNG’s neighbor to make changes to its Political Party Integrity Act. The Solomon Islands parliament is expecting to table the amended law by mid next year. - visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg/ for the latest news...
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PNGDF Soldiers Awarded Special Police Constable Certificates
A two-week induction course for the Force Support Battalion ended last Friday with 36 PNG Defence Force soldiers presented with certificates, as special police constables. The 36 defense force personnel are now tasked to carry out Policing duties alongside Police based at Laiagam in the Enga province, to clamp down on law and order issues and illegal mining, in the Porgera Valley.- visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg/ for the latest news...
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Australia Mining Protest - Standing on Sacred Ground
See Aboriginal elders practice ancient rituals and protest government collusion with mining companies that is destroying a sacred river in Australia's Northern Territory. This scene comes from the Islands of Sanctuary episode of the four-part series, Standing on Sacred Ground. The episode also shows Native Hawaiians using indigenous ecological and spiritual practices to restore the sacred island of Kaho`olawe after 50 years of military use as a bombing range. Standing on Sacred Ground chronicles indigenous people in eight communities around the world standing up for their traditional sacred lands in defense of cultural survival, human rights and the environment. Watch them stand against industrial mega-projects, consumer culture, resource extraction, competing religions, tourists and climate change. Standing on Sacred Ground was produced by the Sacred Land Film Project, http://sacredland.org, a project of Earth Island Institute. To deepen public understanding of sacred places, indigenous cultures and environmental justice, the Film Project produces a variety of media and educational materials—films, videos, DVDs, articles, photographs, school curricula and other materials. The Sacred Land Film Project uses journalism, organizing and activism to rekindle reverence for land, increase respect for cultural diversity, stimulate dialogue about connections between nature and culture, and protect sacred lands and diverse spiritual practices. If you enjoyed this clip, please consider supporting our ongoing work by visiting http://standingonsacredground.org/ and clicking Donate.
png settlements
png people and stellment
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Mark the dates 5th & 6th May 2018 on your calendar. Yes those are the dates you'll get a glimpse of raw talents of a small island district in New Ireland Papua New Guinea. Fashion and modeling are new in the island though it has been the home of a world class mining for over 10 years and counting. The whole island is still under develop and with this small movement of creating an avenue for the people to coming out and expressing themselves, we hope it'll go long way in building the people's mindset to be partners in development in every ways on their island😍😍
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SABL Stories - Bewani
Despite the PNG Government claiming it has cancelled all Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABLs), when Act Now visited the Bewani people of Vanimo in Sandaun Province in April, we found that Malaysian logging companies are still actively using the SABL name to steal land.
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Stunned, New Ireland Landowners Do Not Own Resources Under Solwara1
The Technical Working Team assisting the West Coast Central Seabed Mining Land Owners Association has been told by the consultant for the New Ireland Provincial Government that ownership of resources for the seabed mining project does not involve them... For the Latest PNG News: www.emtv.com.pg
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Resource PNG – Episode 20, 2016
Lands and Physical Planning Minister, Benny Allen, says the current PNG Land Act of 1996 is old and needs to be reviewed and amended. Various aspects of proposed amendments were highlighted through public consultations in a recent series of forums held in Port Moresby, Mt Hagen, Lae and Kokopo respectively. The forums held follows a huge backlog of land issues over exploitation of resources involving developers in recent years. One of the aspects of the law discussed in the forums was the Special Agriculture Business Lease (SABL) which has received condemnation from many landowners all across Papua New Guinea. Minister Allen revealed that the government is embarking on plans to amend the Land Act so that it favours Papua New Guineans, so that they become active participants on their own land rather than spectators. And to the oil and gas sector, the Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited recently marked a milestone with the state owned oil and gas company holding its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) since its name change from the National Petroleum Company PNG. Resource PNG was present at the event. - visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg/ for the latest news...
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PNG chief justice faces court on sedition charges
Papua New Guinea chief justice Sir Salamo Injia has been released on bail after a court appearance in relation to sedition allegations.
NZ Government Seabed Mining Agenda Exposed
NZ Government Seabed Mining Agenda Exposed! Phil McCabe http://www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com/show-archives/nz-government-seabed-mining-agenda-exposed-phil-mccabe Phil McGabe www.kasm.org.nz After opening up New Zealand's regional parks for mining, The government realised that harvesting minerals from the sea floor is the new game in town. International momentum and attention from businesses and government have spurred this move, Currently, there are many countries looking at programs for exploitation. New Zealand holds the 5th largest marine estate in the world, Up to 200 Nautical Miles away from the land is marked as it's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) Accounting for roughly 1% of the planet's surface, So the potential mining interests and associated risks are voluminous to say the least. New Zealand isn't the first country to "OK" Seabed mining, In the case of Papua New Guinea, The Community didn’t know about it, Until AFTER they’d already consented. And the process for approval here, isn't exactly above water either, so to speak. READ MORE: http://www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com/show-archives/nz-government-seabed-mining-agenda-exposed-phil-mccabe Cheers guys for reading this all the way to the end, If you do donate or contact them, let em know it came from The Vinny Eastwood Show :) Just want you to know I'm 100% listener funded, it takes a lot of work to organise, edit, upload and share these interviews by myself, so I do hope you consider flicking a few dollars a month my way via automatic payment. NZ Gifts And AP's Kiwibank: 38-9010-0455296-00 Name: GUERILLA MEDIA or through patreon https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4321806 If you do donate (or already have) send me your facebook name at https://www.facebook.com/VinnyEastwoodShow/?ref=hl and I'll add you to the secret and EXCLUSIVE Vinny Eastwood Donors group, Plus, you'll get early access to brand new episodes before they're made public! Thank you so much for supporting me all these years everyone :) Vinny Eastwood MR NEWS home page www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com Youtube Channel: wwwyoutube.com/c/vinnyeastwoodnz
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Community groups in New Ireland and East New Britain express their views about seabed mining in the Bismarck and the Solomon Sea.
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REALIST NEWS - Congress Just Signed "The Four-Wheeled Patriot Act"
Today's Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItyNQicLloo&list=PLKLDGZDpj8C2LnaP10I-tgxpqvFadIBBo Article: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-09-08/congress-just-signed-four-wheeled-patriot-act Like/Join me on STEEM: https://steemit.com/@jsnip4 Donate to support the show: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=ABQYA6588KZ3N Join Coinbase to get into the Crypto game: https://www.coinbase.com/join/529f2c1f8576e2719b000553 Bitcoin Donation: 18wUKrCy2uzQWNT5Zkb8ZFkyiLHM3KiJfr QR Code: https://www.realistnews.net/QRCode.png DASH: Xq5hsFprntdbAoatSAkZkgtFRtoQqCPYD8 QR Code: https://www.realistnews.net/DASH.png Ethereum: 0x28e32AB00E4F251CD3a6D4eC4359d7F55e9D6BC5 QR Code: https://www.realistnews.net/ETH.png LiteCoin: LKthQ5uhjqN1oreHhwGmFjJh5bL3HeBaMv Where do I buy Silver from? https://sdbullion.com/jsnip4 http://www.jmbullion.com/?utm_source=realist-news&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=Realist-News http://www.realistnews.net DISCLAIMER: WHILE I SPEAK ABOUT CRYPTOCURRENCIES, TOKENS, PRECIOUS METALS, AND OTHER "MARKETS". I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISER AND I DO NOT CHARGE ANYONE FOR THESE YOUTUBE VIDEOS I PRODUCE EVERY DAY. THESE TYPES OF VIDEOS ARE BASED UPON MY OPINION ONLY. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN TRADING AND INVESTMENT ACTIVITIES.
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UOG SRC still suspended until SRC constitution is reviewed
The Chancellor of the University of Goroka, Joseph Sukwianomb, said the university council has decided to keep the student representative council under suspension until the SRC constitution is reviewed. Sukwianomb, said the purpose is to reorganize and reconstitute a SRC so that becomes a mouth piece for everyone. The new constitution has to represent the interest of the institution, the PNG government and its people. - visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg/ for the latest news...
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PNG Air Supports the National Government's Focus on Agriculture
Airline operator, PNG Air is supporting the National Government’s focus on agriculture. Board of director’s chairman, Murray Woo, told EMTV News, they are upgrading their air freighter services to cater for the demand. - visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg/ for the latest news...
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Autonomous Bougainville Government Passes Mining Law
Customary landowners in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville now have the right to say ‘no’ to exploration and mining licenses. This is the basis of the new Bougainville Mining Law that was passed today by the Autonomous Bougainville Government. The law that also recognises small scale-mining activities.- visit us at http://www.emtv.com.pg/ for the latest news...
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Madang Protest 2010
In Papua New Guinea, the leaders of a demonstration against changes to the country's environment laws have been warned they could face arrest. Thousands of protesters defied a warning from the country's attorney general to hold a march in Madang Province. The government, through the Environment Minister, Benny Allan, made changes to sections of the Environment Act 2000 to prevent landowners and concerned Papua New Guineans from "interfering" with industrial resource development projects destroying oceans and rainforests -- like the Chinese Ramu Nickel Mine in Madang and Exxon-Mobil Liquid Natural Gas project in the Southern Highlands. Without any warning or consultation, on May 27, 2010, the government of PNG introduced emergency legislation that dissolved the Constitutional rights of all landowners in PNG, including the right of Indigenous People to own land, challenge resource projects in court and receive any compensation for environmental damage. The bill was passed without being seen or debated by parliamentarians. Excerpt from "Rainforest Portal" June 8th 2010
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