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Quigley Cripple - tied by Hans Weilenmann
A tribute to Bob Quigley, who died June 12, 2012. The Quigley Cripple is perhaps his best known pattern. Quigley Cripple Hook: Umpqua U204 #14 (or equivalent) Thread: Benecchi 12/0, tan Rib: Wire, gold Shuck: Marabou barbs, dyed golden olive Abdomen: Marabou barbs, dyed golden olive (continuation of shuck) Thorax: Squirrel, dyed olive Wing/stubs: Deer hair Hackle: Grizzly, dyed dark brown Pattern design: Bob Quigley, fly: Hans Weilenmann http://www.flytierspage.com
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Callibaetis Cripple Dry Fly
A simple pattern for big fish in the high lakes. This is my go-to dry fly when fishing a Callibaetis hatch in the high lakes of Central Oregon spring until fall. You can tie a million variations but I like this particular version as it is very close to a Pheasant Tail Nympth that is so effective below the surface. For full fly details visit http://westernflys.com
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Last Chance Cripple Fly Tying Directions
http://www.intheriffle.com/fishing-videos/fly-tying/last-chance-cripple/ | Last Chance Cripple Fly Tying Directions
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Last Chance Cripple Hendrickson 4K
Detailed instructions for tying a Last Chance Cripple Hendrickson.
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Quigley Cripple Fly Tying Tutorial
Bob Quigley developed this pattern back in 1978 while fishing the Fall River in Northern California. The Quigley Cripple represents a mayfly emerging from the nymphal shuck. It can be tied in a range of colors/sizes to match your local hatches.
Is Your Fly Up?? TM  Quigley Cripple in  Olive
8/0 Olive Thread, Goldenbrown Antron, Olive Superfine dubbing, Comparadun Deer hair, Brown Rooster hackle, #18 Barbless Dry Fly hook Please give a thumbs up or comment below...
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March Brown Quigley Cripple
This is a March Brown emerger/cripple tied in the style of a Quigley Cripple. You can find this pattern at Dette Flies in Roscoe NY.
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BWO Paraspinner
BWO Paraspinner tied by Pete Shanafelt of the Bighorn Angler. www.bighornangler.com
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Quigley's Cripple
Terry Becker ties the Quigley's Cripple at an Intermediate Fly tying class at Cabela's in sun Prairie Wisconsin.
Callibaetis Cripple
The Sunriver Anglers Fly Tying Corner features a Cripple Callibaetis this month, modeled after a Quigly Cripple. I have updated this pattern to use a Biot for the abdomen and a mix of dubbing with UV fibers blended into a pale olive dubbing.
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Fly tying a Baetis Cripple
Pattern Originated by Bob Quigley Hook: 14-22 Thread: olive Tail: pheasant tail Body: pheasant tail Thorax: olive dubbing Wing: deer hair Hackle: light grizzly
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Callibaetis Pullover Cripple
This month's Sunriver Anglers Fly Tying Corner features another in the Callibaetis Lifecycle Series; a Callibaetis Pullover Cripple. It is similar to a Pablo's Cripple, yet uses unique materials to make this a particularly effective pattern for imitating emerging
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Improved Cripple
As requested for students of The Missoulian Angler Fly Shop fly tying classes to review on the Missoula Fishing Report Blog.
CP's Extended Body Parachute Callibaetis
Extended Body Parachute Callibaetis
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PMD Cripple Elk Hair
This fly tying video will walk you through the steps on how to tie a PMD Cripple with Elk Hair Tied by Erik Moncada
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Fripple 2.0 Baetis Mayfly Cripple by Curtis Fry
http://www.flyfishfood.com: This is the 2nd version of the original Fripple pattern. It's a good cripple or emerger imitation for baetis or any other style of mayfly. Just change color and size to match.
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Tying a Klipspringer Cripple mayfly with Barry Ord Clarke
An elementary cripple/stillborn mayfly pattern for super selective trout.
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Callibaetis Comparadun by Curtis Fry
A callibaetis comparadun is a common and effective dry fly for the stillwater fisherman. Follow our Blog: http://www.flyfishfood.com Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/flyfishfood Follow us on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/flyfishfood Buy this stuff online: http://store.flyfishfood.com
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Fly Tying Quill Cripple Emerger | Hackles & Wings
Hackles & Wings Fly Tying videos! Today we're going to tie the Quill Cripple Emerger. SUBSCRIBE for more fly tying videos: http://bit.ly/SubToHacklesAndWings Follow me on INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/hacklesandwings Check out the catalog: http://bit.ly/cataloghw Materials : Thread: Semperfli Nanosilk 18/0 Beige Hook: Hanák H390 BL Body: Peacock Quill Thorax: Peacock Herl Hackle: Dry Fly Saddle Brown Wings, Wingbuds: CdC Beige Music: Credit to Dan-O at http://danosongs.com
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Fly Tying Dry Flies - PMD Cripple
Tying a PMD Cripple dry fly with Rick Harding of The Fly Fishing Life .com
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Mil Spec Mayfly Cripple by Fly Fish Food
See full material list: http://www.flyfishfood.com/2017/01/mil-spec-cripple-mayfly-pattern.html *** UPDATE *** Don't use the Chartpak with this fly... It has too much ink and will bleed over time. You are much better off with a sharpie or a prismacolor marker. ~ Cheech Learn to tie this effective mayfly cripple pattern, can be tied in a variety of colors and sizes -- Subscribe for more tutorials and gear reviews: http://goo.gl/rk1v29 Buy these materials online: http://store.flyfishfood.com Follow our Fly Fish Food Blog: http://www.flyfishfood.com Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/flyfishfood Follow us on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/flyfishfood Fly Fish Food
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Tying the Buzzball Cripple
Tying a variation of Lafontaine's Buzzball with Joe S. Moore....the Buzzball Cripple.
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Yamamoto's Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple
One fly that can express multi stages of mayfly emergence. Also this can tied for different mayfly species by simply changing hook-sizes and colors. Works in both spring creeks and rivers. For how to fish and fishing results, click http://leftyangler.blogspot.com For purchase, click http://leftytyer.blogspot.com
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Cripple dry fly
Materials from www.TROUTLINE.RO Hook: 2xlong dry,12# Thread: Uni-Threrad 8#,tan Tails: microfibets(hends),olive Body: turkey biot,tan Ribbing: Uni-French oval,gold,small Wing: CDC feathers,rusty brown Hackle: olive grizzly cock feathers
Fly Tying: The Last Chance Cripple (PMD)
Check us out at http://www.featherflinger.com Rene Harrop killed it with this pattern. One of my go-to patterns when the trout are giving your offerings the middle fin. CDC seems to be the ticket with picky/pressured trout. Material List: Thread: Orvis 12/0 Brown Hook:Dai-Riki #305 sz. 16 Shuck: Rust Emerger Dubbing Tail: Lemon Wood Duck Fibers Body: Brown Goose Biot Thorax: PMD Fine Dry Fly Dubbing Hackle: Grizzly Cape Wing: Light Dun CDC
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Last Chance Cripple
Terry Becker ties the Last Chance Cripple for an Intermediate Fly Tying Class in Sun Prairie Wisconsin.
Klinkhammer Callibaetis Fly Tying Tutorial
Dave demonstrating a variation of Callibaetis tied on a Klinkhammer style hook. For a complete material list please visit - https://bit.ly/2QproKa
Quigley's Film Critic
Quigley's Film Critic - Tied by Luke Langton of The Midwest Drift. http://www.themidwest-drift.com/ www.kkflyfisher.cpm 800-795-8118
Fly Tying a Sulphur Cripple with Jim Misiura
Sulphur mayfly's hatch starting in mid May. Here is just one of many patterns that are successful during that hatch. Good Luck with yours!
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Film Critic fly
Emerger pattern tied on the ML051 Competition Barbless Hook using Semperfli Nano Silk
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Chris Williams: Green Drake Emerger
Chris Williams ties his Greend Drake Emerger. Get more info at http://www.theweeklyfly.com
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Wright's Royal
My most trust dry fly of summer.
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Ez Dub Midge Cripple.m4v
Great Early Spring Midge Pattern
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Green Drake Quigly Cripple
Check out more fly recipes here: https://goo.gl/uiJZoh The Green Drake Quigly Cripple has been around a while but if you haven't fished these now is the time. This fly style was designed quite a while ago by Bob Quigly. The pattern can be tied in many formats, Pale morning dun, Blue winged olive, Grey Drake and so on. So you can make it hatch specific. It is a staple in most seasoned guides boxes. When I was first introduced to this fly I had an amazing day with them during a Pale morning dun hatch. I went back to the shop the next morning and tied as many as I could. Later on as I guided I started tying these in the Green Drake style and had just as good results. Again like the floating nymph the way this fly sits in the water is part of the magic. I really looks like a Mayfly trying to come out of its nymph shuck. The abdomen when tied in the Ostrich plum really has some nice movement to it as well. When dressing the fly with floatant I try not to get any on the rear portion and only on the hackle and the wing. This way the fly will sit properly in the water. This is a must to have and will always have a place in my box. Material List: Hook: Dai Riki #8 270 http://bit.ly/2DKM7h8 Thread: 6/0 uni dark brown http://bit.ly/2rE2XgC Hackle: Whiting bugger pack Grizzly & Olive http://bit.ly/2GgLu3Y Tail: Olive Marabou http://bit.ly/2GRTYg7 Rib: Copper wire http://bit.ly/2xubaWt Abdomen: Brown & Olive Ostrich Plume http://bit.ly/2u93Teh Dubbing: Hares ear ice dub Tan http://bit.ly/2BpQDjN Wing: Dark Deer hair http://bit.ly/2psQwRs Get fly tying materials right here - https://goo.gl/J96CgU BLOG - https://goo.gl/c5qg1u SHOP - http://bit.ly/1P3eUSp SUBSCRIBE - https://goo.gl/4anFDo FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/n40flyshop/?fref=ts INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/north40flyshop/ SNAPCHAT - north40life
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Fly Tying Video: Green Drake Parachute
This Green Drake Parachute pattern is an excellent fly selection for the upper McKenzie River near Eugene, Oregon. Learn how to tie this high-floating drake. For more fly fishing tips, check out www.OregonFlyFishingBlog.com.
The Parachute Callibaetis Fly
Mitch Matsumoto demonstrates tying a Parachute Callibaetis Fly. This video is presented by Mission Peak Fly Anglers, Fremont, CA..
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TFP PMD Cripple
WAIT! Put your keys down... grab your favorite beverage... and get the materials right here without having to leave your tying bench -------// http://bit.ly/1UvhCzg The TFP Cripple was created because Missouri River fish tend to eat dead, crippled, and rusty PMD’s much better than bright yellow duns. The problem with a lot of the cripples that we had in the bins, even the CDC variations, tend to be way overdressed and when fished among a bunch of naturals didn’t even looks remotely convincing. So we came up with this cripple to have a low profile, be sparse, still float, and be visible. We have antron added to the tail, ice dub in front, and deer hair on the crippled wing. At first we thought the deer hair would over power the fly, but after using a lot of different wing materials, if you actually watch the fly on the water it is the least overpowering of any material as long as you use the deer sparsely on the fly. The deer hair also repels water and floats much better than many alternatives. If you want to fool picky trout during the summer PMD hatch, this is a worthy option. Materials: 1 extra-long standard dry fly hook 70 Ultra Thread - Brown Wood Duck Mcflylon - Copper Turkey biot - Brown Deer hair Grizzly hackle UV Ice Dub – Light Yellow BLOG - http://bit.ly/1P3eVFO SHOP - http://bit.ly/1P3eUSp SUBSCRIBE - https://goo.gl/4anFDo FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/n40flyshop/?fref=ts INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/north40flyshop/ SNAPCHAT - north40life
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How to tie a Pheasant Tail Cripple
All you need to know to tie a Pheasant Tail Cripple for the next time you go fly fishing. http://www.granddaddyflyfishing.com/
Tying The Defcon-5 Green Drake Nymph
shop.theportlandflyshop.com Daiichi 1260 - http://shop.theportlandflyshop.com/daiichi-daiichi-1260.html Tungsten Bead - http://shop.theportlandflyshop.com/hareline-dubbin-plummeting-tungsten-beads.html Peacock Mylar - http://shop.theportlandflyshop.com/uni-uni-mylar-double-sided-tinsel.html Partridge - http://shop.theportlandflyshop.com/hun-partridge-skin.html Ultra Wire - http://shop.theportlandflyshop.com/wapsi-ultra-wire.html Thin Skin - http://shop.theportlandflyshop.com/wapsi-thin-skin.html Ice Dub - http://shop.theportlandflyshop.com/hareline-dubbin-ice-dub.html Crazy Legs - http://shop.theportlandflyshop.com/hareline-dubbin-crazy-legs.html Yellow Pheasant Tail - http://shop.theportlandflyshop.com/hareline-dubbin-ringneck-pheasant-tail-feathers.html Pro UV Cure - http://shop.theportlandflyshop.com/pro-sportfisher-pro-uv-resin-thin.html Loon Fluorescing Fly Finish - http://shop.theportlandflyshop.com/loon-loon-fluorescing-uv-clear-fly-finish.html
Pale Morning Dun Cripple Pattern
Tying the Pale Morning Dun Cripple pattern. This is an adaptation from a Quigly Cripple.
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Last Chance Cripple - tied by Hans Weilenmann
Last Chance Cripple Hook: Tiemco 102Y #12-19 Thread: Benecchi 12/0, tan Tail: Lemon woodduck barbs Shuck: Ice Dub, ginger Abdomen: Goose biot, dyed tan Thorax: Squirrel, tan Wing: CDC, natural Hackle: Cock, grizzly dyed dark dun Note: The Last Chance Cripple is a generic mayfly cripple pattern. Adjust size and colors to match your local hatch. Pattern/design: René Harrop, Fly: Hans Weilenmann http:www.danica.com/flytier
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Cripple Brown Drake / Idaho Fly Company
This is the Silver Creek Cripple Brown drake. Enjoy this video and come see this fly as well as others at our site: www.idahofly.com There you can purchase materials to tye this fly as well as others. Tight Lines, Idaho Fly Company
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Quigley's Film Critic
www.flyshopnw.com Can be tied to match any mayfly
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Drake Mackeral Cripple
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Ben Byng: CDC Green Drake
Ben Byng ties his CDC Green Drake in this week's free fly tying tutorial. CDC can be a bit challenging to work with at first but Ben pus it to good use in this green drake pattern. Subscribe for more new fly tying videos here: https://goo.gl/hZQE89 OR...Get more info about this fly at http://www.theweeklyfly.com OR...You can download the ENTIRE HD library at https://theweeklyfly.vhx.tv/browse Either way, leave us a comment.
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Flashback Hares Ear Fly Tying Tutorial
The Hares Ear Nymph is a widely used pattern that can be tied in a ny number of variations. One of our top recommendations simply due to the fact that it can imitate such a wide variety of insects. The most common colors being natural, black, and olive in a size range going from #08 all the way down to size #16.
Callibaetis Spinner
The Callibaetis Spinner Mayfly imitation is a go to pattern during the spinner fall on many of our local lakes in Central Oregon.
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