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Chemotaxis Simplified
In this video animated by Brianna Smith and narrated by Jasmine Gonzalez, we explain chemotaxis and how certain bacterial cells respond to chemical gradients. **NOTE: The purpose of CheR and CheB is for the bacterial cell to remember past chemical concentrations and compare them to current chemical concentrations, allowing it to know the direction it is going.
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Bacterial Chemotaxis in Plain English
Bacterial Chemotaxis in Plain English
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Neutrófilos parte IV: Quimiotaxis
En este vídeo se explica la primera etapa de la Fagocitosis que es la Quimiotaxis. Se define el concepto de quimiotaxis y se describe cómo el neutrófilo responde a los estímulos quimiotácticos del tejido lesionado en la zona de inflamación así como de otras células. A fin de complementar su aprendizaje, les sugerimos revisen los siguientes vídeos del tema de "Neutrófilos": https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaoOJ79_onxuxau8vfT8HNeohIrPG0d1s Si el vídeo aportó a tu aprendizaje, dale like y compártelo, por favor. De esta manera nos ayudas con nuestro compromiso de difundir el conocimiento, la ciencia y la cultura en la población. Suscríbete a nuestro canal para que recibas las notificaciones de todos nuestros vídeos de ciencia y cultura. Hagamos de la Inmunología una ciencia entretenida y fácil. ¡Aprendamos con EdSci!
Chemotaxis and Adhesion (Chan)
Dr. Marcia Chan reviews the topic of chemotaxis and adhesion in immune responses. Presented on Oct 17, 2016.
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La Diapedesis
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15 02 Quimiotaxis de neutrófilos
Alberts, B., Johnson, A., Lewis, J., Raff, M., Roberts, K., & Walter, P. (2010). Biología Molecular de la Célula. (M. Dufort & M. Llobera, Trads.) (5.ª ed.). Barcelona: Ediciones Omega. Recuperado a partir de http://www.ediciones-omega.es/biologia-celular-y-molecular/21-biologia-molecular-de-la-celula-978-84-282-1507-7.html
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Flagella Got Turned! (Chemotaxis and Memory)
Extra Credit Video Project for Microbio class! Review of the two component response system in relation to chemotaxis and memory in flagellar function. The teacher said get creative...this is what happened. LYRICS OH MY GOD Alexis, look at her flagella It is so fast It's like some two component response system Who understands those systems anyway? They only talk about it because its so complex I mean it's chemotaxis I can't believe it attracts so quickly I mean WOW It's just so fast I like flagellar rotation and I can not lie You other microbes can't deny That when an attractant binds to an MCP It's a round thing in your face And CheA gets sprung CheW wants to pull up tough Cuz it noticed that MCP was stuffed Deep in the cell and its working I'm hooked and I can't stop staring Oh flagella, I wanna get with ya and take your picture My proteins tried to warn me That attractants got me running, me so hungry Oh flagella rotations You say you wanna be reset? Well CheZ, CheZ Is CheY's average groupie It sees it phosphorylated To hell with romancing It's fast, swift Got that Phosphate like a turbo vet I'm tired of MCP saying phosphates ain't the thing Take the average microbe And ask him that CheA's got those phosphates packed So flagella, YEAH! Flagella, YEAH! Turn it clockwise, clockwise Tumble that healthy cell Flagella got turned Flagella got turned The cell is small, complex And needs CheR to remember its gig It just can't help himself, it's acting like an animal Now here's its scandal CheB wanna get that methyl And UH! Double up UH! UH! It's talking about a low rate And CheR methylates at a constant rate Want them real bound, no phosphate So CheB can de-methylate MCP is in trouble Beggin for a piece of that chemo So I'm looking at bio videos Super smart students amazed like WOAH! You can keep them art degrees I'll keep my microbes fresh like cheese A word to the high response, I wanna get with ya Won't run but tumble But I gotta be straight when I say I wanna run Till the break of dawn Flagella got it going on A lot of kids won't like this song Cuz them punks party all night long And we'd rather study Because we're smart, have heart And down to get the study on So flagella, YEAH! Flagella, YEAH! Do you wanna roll in my biofilm? Then turn around And tumble down Even art majors Got to shout Microbes are cool.
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Migration des leukocytes
Watch this movie on Plotagon: http://plotagon.com/3595
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Quimiotaxismo Positivo - Glóbulo Blanco
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