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Working shear zone gold deposit in West Africa
An example of primary gold mineralization in shear zone. In this case, it's worked by artisan miners from refugee camp run by UN. They also wash alluvial material drifting from primary deposits nearby.
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Mineral Hot Springs resort in Araxa, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Tauá Grand Hotel thermal springs of Araxá. Stone and marble lined floors and walls with 3 types of thermal springs set in a beautiful park centered around big lake... a luxury hard to find elsewhere. A perfect place to unwind for holiday or spend your honeymoon.
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Washing diamonds in Congo DRC 1
Two alluvial mining gravel pump sets can be see: 6-inch to move the gravel volume and 4-inch to clean up the bottom, where most of the diamonds are found.
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Dredges for alluvial gold mining on Maranon River, Peru
Examples of dredges for alluvial gold mining on Maranon River, Peru. Exemples des dragues pour l'extraction d'or alluvionnaire sur Maranon rivière, Pérou. Przykłady drag do wydobyciu łęgowego złota na rzece Maranon, Peru. Ejemplos de las dragas para la extracción de oro aluvial en Río Marañón, Perú. Примеры драги для россыпного золота на реке Мараньон, Перу.
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4 Washing gold - Lavando oro - Lavage d'or - Mycie złota
Washing gold on the Maranon river, Peru. Lavando oro en el río Marañón, Perú. Lavant de l'or sur le fleuve Maranon, au Pérou. Mycie złota na rzece Maranon, Peru.
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2 Washing gold - Lavando oro - Lavage d'or - Mycie złota
Washing gold in Liberia, Africa. Lavando oro en Liberia, África. Lavage d'or au Libéria, en Afrique. Mycie złota w Liberii, Afryka.
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The quality of this video is lacking, because it was partially recovered from a video tape destroyed, by the humidity fed fungus. It gives a good idea what a . Collection of my videos. CONRAD Banka hand Drill was disigned by a dutch mining engineer and was first used in 1858. In 1902 Conrad-Stork, Holland obtained the licence to fabricate . Introduction to the Conrad Banka drill. The Conrad Banka drill is the Original Banka drill since 1902. Conrad Stanen BV is the official manufacturer of this drill.
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Church, Betare Oya, Cameroon, Africa
Church at Betare Oya, Cameroon, Africa Église à Bétaré Oya, Cameroun, Afrique Iglesia en Betare Oya, Camerún, África Kościół w ​​Betare Oya, Kamerun, Afryka Католическая Церквиa в Betare Оя, Камерун, Африкa
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Hot spring - Banos del Inca, Peru, South America
This is not only the best hot spring in Peru, but as well a historical place, where Pizarro met Atahualpa, then imprison him to extort tons of gold and silver for his freedom. I reconstructed, step-by-step from old manuscripts, this sad event in: http://rafals.com/peru Since the mineral water come out nearly boiling, one can add cold water, as much as needed, in private bathtubs. Personally, I consider this mineral water as one of the best in the world; it heals.
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Hot spring - Banos de Agua Santa
Termas de la Virgen This hot spring is at the foot of Cascade Hair of the Virgin, which flows from a cold spring. address The pools are located at the intersection of Luis A. Martinez and Montalvo Streets in the city of Baños, Ecuador. schedule Monday to Sunday from 04:00 to 17:00 and in the evening from 18:00 to 22:00. Baths were inaugurated on May 24, 1928. climate The average air temperature is 18.5 degrees and the water temperature is 54 degrees Celsius. description Mineral components are: yellowish magnesian sulphate, calcium, sodium, magnesium, chloride, silica, potassium, sulfur and carbon dioxide. Traditionally baths are used in various diseases such as rheumatism, varicose veins, skin lesions, and digestive & metabolic imbalances. Personally, I like the combination of hot pools next to the cold waterfall; the generator of negative ions.
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Hot spring - El Tubo, Zorritos, Peru, South America
This hot spring is in the desert 15 km away from Zorritos, a small coastal village near Tumbes in northern Peru. The best way to get there is to take moto-taxi from Zorritos.
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Hot spring - Papallacta, Ecuador, South America
Papallacta is only 1 1/2 hour (55 km) away from Quito, next to Antisana stratovolcano. On the way up to hot springs, we see a spectacular view of the paramo. The spa resort called "Las Termas de Papallacta", offers 8 thermal pools with water temperature from 30 to 45°C and 3 cold water pools with temperature of 2°C.. Papallacta is located at 3 300 meters. On a day without clouds, 5,704 metres Antisana stratovolcano is visible; a majestic sight from hot water pool. Open everyday from 6:00 to 21:00 How to get there? By bus take the Quito-Baeza road, than take a 1/2 h walk or take a local taxi. For more information or to reserve lodging call Termas de Papallacta. Fresh trouts from paramo lakes are served in the local restaurants. Personally, I consider this resort one of the nicest. One should never visit Ecuador without bathing in the hot pools of Termas de Papallacta.
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American River vesves Bear River Gold Mining / Prospecting October 2015 Music- Metallica- Nothing else matters vesves Red hot chili peppers- Dani California. Prospecting for gold on the Feather River drainage in California. An American Mining Rights Association (AMRA) video.
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In memory of Steve Jobs - The Crazy One
Steven Paul Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 -- October 5, 2011). This movie is dedicated to Steve, for being a true inspiration to many of us. Credits: Apple, AP . Apple's original Think different ad, remixed in tribute to Steve Jobs. More at DISCLAIMER for audio-------(If you use this disclaimer please credit Ch3dd4 B0b) All audio used in this video is not my material. It is the work of the artist/band . Read Description - - On October 6th, the world has learned the death of a man who literally changed the way we live our lives every day. Steve Jobs, the .
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