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An Introduction to Northeastern Forest Ecology
Northeastern forests are interesting and complex interactions of biotic and abiotic components. The interactions and processes that define these interactions constitute the ecology of the forest. Understanding forest ecology, the study of organisms in their environment, helps woodlot owners and managers anticipate how each component contributes to or responds to management activities. An introduction to northeastern forest ecology includes a discussion of landscape history, human activity, natural processes, organismal behavior, and environmental conditions. The emphasis of this introduction is towards those factors related to the regeneration of the forest. Presented by Dr. Peter Smallidge, NYS Extension Forester, Cornell University Cooperative Extension, Department of Natural Resources, Ithaca, NY. Presented November 19, 2014.
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Soil biology for crop and soil health.
Dr. Nikki Seymour covers an introduction to soil biology and why it is important for crop and soil health. Specific reference to impacts of agricultural practices on soil biological components and how this might relate to crop productivity are covered.
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Millborn: Biotic Earth Big Sioux River Greenway Project
Clint Johnson, CEO and President of Millborn Seeds, joins forces with Joel Peterson of Verdyol Biotic Earth to discuss how Millborn's use of value added solutions such as Biotic Earth and Sustane will help achieve successful growth for the Big Sioux River Greenway Project in downtown Sioux Falls. Millborn utilized its proprietary Fine Fescue Turf Mixture with Myco Apply, a mycorrhizal fungi, to set the foundation for proper vegetation on the commercial project. Millborn's Fine Fescue Mix requires less water than traditional turf blends while still able to withstand moderate traffic. It consists of 25% Sheeps Fescue, 25% Creeping Red Fescue, 25% Hard Fescue, and 25% Chewings Fescue. Turf establishment accelerates with 4-6-4 All Natural Organic Fertilizer from Sustane. A complete package containing Slow Release Nitrogen, chelated micronutrients, organic phosphorous and humic substances. Suståne® 4-6-4 works by replenishing the soil with a rich supply of humus (stabilized organic matter) and the essential nutrients required for sound and long term fertility programs. Verdyol's Biotic Earth Black was also a vital component of the hydroseeding mixture to help establish accelerated and proper vegetation on the slopes. Through a scientifically balanced combination of specially processed straw, flexible flax fibers, infused with Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, mycorrhizae, Triacontonal growth stimulant, soil conditioners, and micronutrients you get the best possible soil conditioners in the Biotic Earth BlackTM. When used with the EarthBound 2000 or Scientific in areas where the soil lacks organics or has poor tilth, Biotic Earth BlackTM and the EarthBound® Soil Builders improves moisture holding capacity, water infiltration, soil structure, soil microbial activity, optimizes seed germination, improved plant photosynthesis and cell growth, effectively kick starting and long-term maintenance of the vegetation. All these benefits, and rainfall and runoff resistant. EarthBound® Scientific is formulated from both long chain and cross-linking molecules in conjunction with a hydrocolloid vegetable gum based tackifier to provide effective soil structure stabilization, water infiltration, and most importantly to adhere mulch to the soil surface. EarthBound® Scientific can be applied in almost all environmental conditions including light rain without any requirement for a cure time prior to subsequent rain. Curlex excelsior blankets promote ideal growing conditions for grass or tree seed, while simultaneously providing protection from wind and water erosion. Recyclex - the first permanent turf reinforcement mat (TRM) with fibers made from 100% recycled post-consumer goods - "green or brown bottles". American Excelsior Company invented the first biodegradable blanket - Curlex®. More information available at http://www.millbornseeds.com/commercial.htm
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Biotic Earth - Hydroseeding Engineers & Specifiers
http://www.bioticearth.com -- You're going to want to learn about this. Change the way you look at hydroseeding, forever.
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Elbow Creek Protection Project
Roadside banks along Gilmantown Road in the Town of Wells have been eroding for decades. Upper portions of the banks are severely unstable, and some areas have washed out into the road, damaging infrastructure. In addition, sediment is deposited into nearby Elbow Creek, filling in trout and macroinvertebrate habitat, and increasing turbidity. These threatening conditions spurred the Elbow Creek Protection Project, and the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District secured funding through the Department of Environmental Conservation’s Water Quality Improvement Project to get conservation on the ground.
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EARTH FIRST Landscapes - Hydro Mulch
Hydro-mulching, or Hydro-seeding, is an efficient, environmentally friendly and more economical alternative to sod. This grass planting process is beneficial to improving the overall health and appearance of your lawn. Several different types of grass are available depending upon your specific situation and the accredited professional consultants at EART FIRSTH Landscapes will work with you to determine which best meets your application needs.
Plant-e: living plants generate electricity
Plant-e is a company that develops products that can generate electricity from living plants. Based on natural processes electrons are harvested from the soil and electricity is produced while plants keep growing! Too good to be true? See www.plant-e.com for more information
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Pastured Poultry and Conservation Planning
Presented by Terrell 'Spence' Spencer, Farmer/Owner, Across the Creek Farm, West Fork, AR View the webinar at http://conservationwebinars.net to earn CEUs. This webinar will give participants an overview of pastured poultry operation including management techniques, facilities, challenges, and opportunities. Join the webinar for a thorough overview of the many components involved in pastured poultry operations. The advantages of raising poultry on pasture, the environmental benefits, and the infrastructure needed will be discussed. Learn the many different considerations these producers face, how organic certification changes management, and opportunities for support from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. The opinions expressed in this webinar are those of the producer and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of USDA.
The Trans Pecos Eco-Region- Texas Parks and Wildlife- [Official]
An overview of the Trans Pecos eco-region in far West Texas.
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