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Ultima online — Mining in Enhanced client By Storm
Storm provides a guide to mining using Enanced Client in Ultima Online.
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Ultima Online: How to set up a mining macro in razzer
This is short how to on how to set up a marco in razzer to let you gather ore forever with out going over weight. WPshard.com
Views: 8097 Chazzos
Ultima Online - Macro For Digging Up Treasure Chest - Enhanced Client
Macro for Treasure Maps/Treasure Chest, makes digging up chest alot easier, might be a better/easier way but this is what i use. Also i dig up a few low level chest's. Enhanced Client.
Views: 698 MelodicMusic00
How to Install the Ultima Online Enhanced Client for UOAlive.com
This is an instructional video on how to install the Enhanced Client for Ultime Online on the Private Server UOAlive.com Links you will need: http://uoalive.com/ http://uoalive.com/forum/index.php?threads/getting-started-with-the-login-and-client-download-process.83/ Download First: The enhanced client here: https://uo.com/client-download/ Download Second: The Launcher: http://uoalive.com/ECLauncherSetup.rar
Views: 935 Tristan
Setting Up a Mining Macro on Rel Por (Razor)
Discord Chat: https://discord.gg/0brwm9j58IobZKeP Navigate to this folder C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Razor\Macros Right Click in the folder. Create a new text document, and name it Mining.macro. Make sure it's .MACRO and not .TXT. Then right click on the file and open with notepad or notepad ++. Then copy and paste this code: !Loop Assistant.Macros.IfAction|4|0|no item of type Assistant.Macros.DoubleClickTypeAction|3897|True Assistant.Macros.GumpResponseAction|8|0|0 Assistant.Macros.PauseAction|00:00:01 Assistant.Macros.GumpResponseAction|72|0|0 Assistant.Macros.PauseAction|00:00:01 Assistant.Macros.ElseAction Assistant.Macros.IfAction|4|0|you have worn out your tool Assistant.Macros.DoubleClickTypeAction|3897|True Assistant.Macros.GumpResponseAction|8|0|0 Assistant.Macros.PauseAction|00:00:01 Assistant.Macros.GumpResponseAction|72|0|0 Assistant.Macros.PauseAction|00:00:01 Assistant.Macros.ElseAction Assistant.Macros.IfAction|4|0|can't mine Assistant.Macros.SetLastTargetAction Assistant.Macros.ElseAction Assistant.Macros.IfAction|4|0|target cannot be Assistant.Macros.SetLastTargetAction Assistant.Macros.ElseAction Assistant.Macros.IfAction|4|0|that is too far Assistant.Macros.SetLastTargetAction Assistant.Macros.ElseAction Assistant.Macros.IfAction|4|0|no metal Assistant.Macros.SetLastTargetAction Assistant.Macros.ElseAction Assistant.Macros.IfAction|5|1|390 Assistant.Macros.HotKeyAction|0|Organizer Agent-8 Assistant.Macros.ElseAction Assistant.Macros.DoubleClickTypeAction|3897|True Assistant.Macros.WaitForTargetAction|1 Assistant.Macros.LastTargetAction Assistant.Macros.PauseAction|00:00:01 Assistant.Macros.EndIfAction Assistant.Macros.EndIfAction Assistant.Macros.EndIfAction Assistant.Macros.EndIfAction Assistant.Macros.EndIfAction Assistant.Macros.EndIfAction
Views: 1422 Hero Guides
Ultima Online Sallos client, smart target
Ultima Online Sallos client, smart target for positive and negative spells
Views: 1792 Andrii Andrieiev
UO Forever Basic Macro
How to macro in Razor on UO!
Views: 213 Fish Wife
New macro for looting.
easy looting macro for ec client Roland deschain teach me for macro making! Thank you,Roland
Views: 1758 semmerset
UO Auto Miner
Views: 496 MarshallFNRiley
Best uo (ex Antares) mining process, anti-macros system.
Russian Ultima Online shard, BestUo (ex Antares shard). Minig procces with anti-macros system
Macro Mining
Macro Mining + Stealth + bag banco
Views: 1690 Bruno Andrade Xavier
Guide - How to macro Enticement / Discordance
A basic guide on how to afk macro up discordance from any level. Play Ultima Online Renaissance for free at http://www.uorenaissance.com/
UOSteam: Installation and Setup
Views: 5772 Vlek
Getting Skills - Ultima Online Enhanced Client
http://www.uoforums.com - Join Ultima Online Forum Created by Baruk_S
Views: 795 EOGamerUltimaOnline
Ultima online - Guide to The Enhanced Client User Settings -Produced by Storm
Video Describing the function and use of Enhanced Client settings located under the settings tab in the EC.
Views: 21301 UltimaOnline W2
Ultima Online: Razor Tutorial
http://www.uoforever.com Ultima Online Forever Razor Macro creation tutorial!
Views: 3380 Ultima Online Forever
UOSteam: Scripting
In this installment I gloss over some of the very basics of scripting while putting some scripts together, showcase an OP healing macro, and prepare a vanilla melee orc profile for the bloodclan.
Views: 9362 Vlek
Macro  -  Mining | Ultima Online Razor PL
Witam Na filmie przedstawiłem jak zrobić macro do kopania w Razorze. Rozgrywka odbywa się na serwerze UOClon TE - www.uoclone.pl Pozdrowienia dla wszystkich graczy. ChamprezaTV.
Views: 5087 Champreza UOCH
Ultima Online: COMPREHENSIVE Razor Tutorial (and More!)
==================== INDEX ==================== 0:41 About the UO Client 2:50 Finding Razor Files (important for copying macros), note that %appdata%{Enter} in Windows Explorer can get you there too generally 5:50 Macro File contents (just FYI) 6:23 ***IMPORTANT*** Razor Windows 7 / 8 Freezing Problem and Solution 10:36 ***IMPORTANT*** UO Options (Alt O) Settings -e.g. Turn off Pathfinding, filtering offensive players, and other important features 18:35 ***VERY IMPORTANT*** first steps in Razor MAKE SURE TO APPLY THIS! -e.g. TURN OFF the "Reduce CPU Usage" option!!! ========= Tips for faster looting ========= 29:26 Auto open corpses 30:57 Opening Containers on Same Spot 32:08 Shift-Drag for Stacks 1:12:20 Drop What You Are Currently Holding Hotkey (Save yourself from Carpal Tunnel!) ========= General Tab ========= 25:10 General 32:56 UO Razor Map ========= Options Tab ========= 26:00 Options 34:18 Override Spell Hues 35:20 Spell Formatting ========= More Options Tab ========= 37:28 More Options ***IMPORTANT*** OBJECT DELAY SHOULD BE ~600ms FOR BEST RESULTS (54:20 for example) 44:40 MAKE YOUR SCREEN BIGGER (see more!)--Be sure to have the UO Option (Alt O) set to 800 x 600 for "Game Play Window Size) ========= Display / Counters Tab ========= 45:44 (This is very useful to track reagents, bandage timer, etc.) TIP: You can get the hue # of an item using the new ========= Arm / Dress Tab ========= 52:18 Arm / Dress Tab 54:48 Skills Tab (skill point LIMIT) ========= Hotkeys Tab ========= 59:07 Hotkeys Tab ***VERY VERY IMPORTANT*** 1:05:39 Using Potions using '[drink' commands instead of Relying on Razor's version (easier) *** IMPORTANT *** 1:07:37 First sample macro (and Hotkeys) 1:15:45 ***IMPORTANT*** Resynchronize Client 1:19:54 Skill Use Hotkeys 1:20:46 Spell Hotkeys 1:22:28 ***IMPORTANT*** Getting out of being Paralyzed 1:23:35 Creating a "vendor buy" / "Guards" macro (and assigning to hotkey) 1:25:59 Target Hotkeys ***IMPORTANT *** 1:29:19 BE CAREFUL OF WHICH ULTIMA ONLINE CLIENT YOU CLOSE LAST if you have made changes to Razor ========= Macros Tab ========= 1:33:05 Macros ***IMPORTANT (you should probably watch this whole section!) -1:45:50 Conditionals using your custom counters -1:48:51 Drop to Relative Location -1:50:24 Absolute Target vs. Target By Type -1:51:12 Teleport using Relative Location -1:53:51 Simplify Harvesting with Relative Target -1:55:05 Target by Type -1:57:08 Double Click by Type -2:11:09 Using Restock Agent for Training Magery / Resist Safely -1:58:29 Beware of Movement in Razor macros (desync'ing issue lasts until client restart) ========= Agents Tab ========= 2:02:40 Scavenger Agent 2:04:03 Scavenger Agent Issue Problem with Platinum 2:05:21 Restock Agents ***IMPORTANT -Make sure you have your More Options-- Object Delay set correctly (~600ms)! 2:11:09 Restock For Training Magery and Resist (Save yourself from losing reagents!) 2:17:15 Use Once Agent ========= ESPECIALLY FOR NEW PLAYERS ========= 15:00 Death/Resurrection/Criminals & Innocents ***IMPORTANT*** DO NOT LOOT BLUE-NAMED CORPSES IN TOWN! YOU WILL LIKELY GET GUARD-WHACKED! 1:24:17 Calling Guards 54:48 Understanding Skills and the "Real" Skill Point Maximum (700) 1:05:41, 2:19:47 UOForever's [drink, [pouch, [doubleclick, [gettype, [servertime helper commands 40:40 Creating a party (If not in a party, monsters killed by your friends will make you criminal if you loot them!). Use the '/' key to party chat 41:00 Guild chat/emoting/yelling/whispering 1:55:28 How to renounce your young player status early 2:13:15 Getting More Bandages to Heal Yourself 34:43 Opening your Spellbook (Alt B) and getting spells-Drag scrolls to spellbook ========= OTHER TIPS ========= 19:29 Using a different client version than the "official" UO Forever version (e.g. the latest EA client) **** I Don't Mention it in the video, in Hotkeys +Macros, The "Stop Current Macro" is a VERY important hotkey to have set! (I set it to the Escape Key) so you can stop a macro at a moments notice! ****
Views: 34053 itWouldBeWise
Ultima Online Enhanced Client (www.ASG-UO.com)
Ultima Online Enhanced Client www.asg-uo.com 2016/9/26 In Taiwan ( server: play.asg-uo.com port: 2593 )
Views: 1590 asg uo
Razor Enhanced - Configure Autoloot
In this video show how use Autoloot Assistant in Razor Enhanced. Razor Enhanced is New Assistant for Ultima OnLine game. http://www.razorenhanced.org/
Views: 505 Alex Dan
Casting in UO is faster in the Enhanced client (E.Field)
To prove that casting spells in the Enhanced Client is not slower than the Classic Client, I did a test with the 2 clients side by side. I expected that they would cast at the same speed. Little did I know that my testing would show that the EC actually casts faster. After several tests showed the same results, I decided to record a video to prove it. On the CC, I use UOA to record the following macro and assign it to the home key: 1) Say "Start Casting in Classic" 2) Cast Energy Field 3) Target (Self) 4) Say "Classic stop" On the EC, I use the native macro function to play the following macro and assign it to the home key: 1) Say "Start Casting in Enchanced" 2) Cast Energy Field 3) Target (Self) 4) Say "Enhanced stop" Both characters are naked and have 120 magery and 0 eval. The Classic client window is the one on the left. The character in the CC is the one standing to the left. I toggle to the CC, then position my mouse over my taskbar and prepare to toggle to the EC. Once prepared, I press the home key in the CC, quickly toggle to the EC, then press home again. You can see that at 0:27, on both clients, the words "Start Casting in Classic" comes up first before "Start Casting in Enhanced". Now look at 0:40 carefully, the character in EC actually managed to complete casting the spell first. The difference is even more astonishing because I started casting in the CC a split second before the EC, but the EC finishes first.
Views: 1396 CaimbuelHarleaquinn
Worlds strongest newbie - No skills or macros - Ultima Online PvP
Worlds strongest newbie - No skills or macros - Ultima Online PvP
Razor Enhanced - Script & HotKey
In this video show how add a script and set a Hotkey in Razor Enhanced. Razor Enhanced is New Assistant for Ultima OnLine game. http://www.razorenhanced.org/
Views: 247 Alex Dan
Casting in UO is faster in the Enhanced client (F.Strike)
A more conclusive test than my previous one at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6rPpm... Like the previous test, I make macros in both the EC and the CC to flamestrike a chicken. Macro is fired off first in the CC, then fired in the EC. But the flamestrike cast from the EC was the one that the server determined did damage first. See the looting rights.
Views: 352 CaimbuelHarleaquinn
Razor Spar Macro
A video detailing how to create a razor macro for Ultima Online which will heal a target and equip new weapons.
Views: 2496 Alcsaar
Ultima online Setting and testing Macros
testing macro's for UO -- www.twitch.tv/kyhippie/c/3386648&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=kyhippie&utm_medium=youtube
Views: 997 Phillip Estes
Farming with Enhanced Client
UO Redemption, Crimson Dragon EVO PET Generation 3.
Views: 166 Brent Buckingham
UO Forever  AFK Macros/Stats
How to raise your stats and AFK Macro in UO!
Views: 36 Fish Wife
UO Redemption Messing Around On Enhanced Client
uoredemption.com Ultima Online Redemption Enhanced Client Messing around on the EC on UO Redemption. Sorry for not knowing what the hell Im doing, just wanted to show some of the effects and whatnot.
Views: 404 Michael Foster
UO assist gate jump macro for dummies
Matt McDermott are you happy now??
UOCartographer how to
Views: 1002 momofcsc
UOSteam sell for bulk order deeds
Macro does the hard clickin' for you!
Views: 115 Factavi the Knight
Views: 8796 YbiVaToR777
Public corpse in UO in EC
This is what happens when you open a public corpse in Enhanced client currently. lots of lag. serious pain in the ass.
Views: 225 Scribbles Ruk
Guide: How to configure and launch OrionUO
Website: https://orion-client.online/index.php Wiki: Launcher - https://github.com/Hotride/OrionUO/wiki/Guide-for-Orion-Launcher Client options - https://github.com/Hotride/OrionUO/wiki/Orion-Client-options
Views: 4666 OrionUO Team
Ultima Online Forever - Razor Patch Install - http://www.uoforever.com
Ultima Online Forever Razor Patch ONLY Installer Guide/Howto. Join us! http://www.uoforever.com Credit: Carl.
Views: 5591 Ultima Online Forever
● Ultima Online ● Yew Territory - Mining Cave ● http://www.bestuo.ru/ ●
http://www.bestuo.ru/38 ● Ultima Online ● bestuo.ru ●
Views: 95 ownageactivated

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