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TUTORIAL - Male Cat Cryptorchid in Abdomen
Hello! In this tutorial the tutorial will be more difficult because this video will show you how to repair a male cat with cryptorchid in the abdomen. You can do it by yourself from now by following the instructions in the video. I have done this surgery myself many times with the technique seen in the video, it's an easy way to do this.
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Male Feline Cryptorchidism and Castration
"A vet and another originally thought "V" was female as there were no testicles present. My human insisted that "V" was male. Months later, a single testicle began to descend. The other was fat and juicy and remained in the abdomen. The vet said it couldn't be functional, but he would remove it anyway. He doesn't know the passion and vitality of the Vajra Lineage. We're a fertile bunch! Good thing too: because it was still active and able to 'perform'. The vet executed a great surgery, removed each testicle. This presented a great educational opportunity. I asked my human to record it. So, for your education, I present: Venus' castration." – Vajra, Venus' grandmother. #Cryptorchidism #ProudOfMyGrandSon
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Intraabdominal Cryptorchid castration
How to perform a canine intraabdominal cryptorchid castration using a paramedian approach to the abdomen. (note: video of closure is posted separately)
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Feline Unilateral Cryptorchid
Amazing what can be done with a 2.7mm 30deg scope with an operating sheath and a 5mm port! I actually LOOK FORWARD to cryptorchid surgeries now and I used to DREAD them!
Hi This tutorial i am gonna show you how to approach and find the testicle by spay hook ,small wound and less blood hope this video will give another idea to do easier surgery please subcribe if you like my video and share to your vet friends please follow my facebook page; DR MING KWAN ................................................................................................................ Music by Every Step - Silent Partner:http://youtu.be/JX8Jo66w4tA
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Canine cryptorchid surgery
This is a true abdominal cryptorchid. This procedure utilizes a very small incision, smaller than a laprascopic cryptorchid surgery. Before surgery, make sure you are on the correct side by palpating the descended testicle and determining the side of origin for that one. The incision is made just perpendicular and lateral to the cranial portion of the penile sheath. Sharp dissection through the fascia and blunt through the muscle layers for almost no bleeding. Must be able to use a spay hook, just remember the developmental anatomy of the testicle and visualize where it came from and where it was going. It has to be in between. Email me for more details. [email protected]
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Abdominal Cryptorchid Cat Castration
This video shows a technique for castration of an abdominal cryptorchid cat. The retained testicle is located with the use of a spay hook.
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Cryptorchid Cat Surgery
Left testicle has descended into scrotal sack. Right testicle was found just inside the right inguinal canal. My personal video editing program was not performing properly so I resorted to using what appears to be a much better program; however, it is not activated as you can see.
Cryptorchid endosurgery from a cat
Testicles, being in an abdominal region for cats and dogs, can be with lightness remote from the abdominal region of laparoscopy. The technique of such operation is very simple, not trauma and rapid, as compared to the "opened" surgery. In position on the back and Trendelenberg, after insufflation in the abdominal region of carbon dioxide and introduction of laparoscopy, begin examination with the inguinal ductus. Comfortably to use laparosсopе with a working channel or laparosсopе of minimum diameter. In the cases of unilateral cryptorchidism
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Final Video: Vet Surgery - how to do bilateral abdominal cryptorchidism
A Be Kind To Pets veterinary educational video for vet students and pet owners. An 8-month-old poodle started urine marking. No scrotum and no palpable inguinal undescended testicles. An ultrasound is advised but not done to lower vet costs. A paramedian caudal abdominal approach and spay hooks neutered the dog.
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Dr Belinda's Veterinary Vlog: Episode 13 - Bye Bye to Bertie's Balls - A Tale of Cryptorchidism
One Ball Bertie came in for his castration. He is cryptorchid which means that one of his testicles didn't descend into his scrotum. Find out why it is important to castrate cryptorchid dogs and follow his surgery from start to finish.
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Kriptorşidi (Cryptorchidism)
Prof.Dr. Kürşat Özer tarafından yapılan, köpekte kriptorşidi operasyonu
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Keyhole Cryptorchid Castration
Video of laprascopic keyhole cryptorchid castration
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umbilicall hernia
canine umbilical hernia surgery
2016 ECats Cryptorchidectomy
Tips for performing cryptorchidectomy in the cat.
How to Treat Cryptorchidism in Dogs
How to Treat Cryptorchidism in Dogs. Part of the series: Dog Health Care. Treatment for cryptorchidism in dogs involves trying to palpate the testicles and see if they're in the inguinal canal or the abdomen. Find out how to treat cryptorchidism in dogs with advice from a practicing veterinarian in this free video on dog health care. Read more: http://www.ehow.com/video_5808318_treat-cryptorchidism-dogs.html
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Portosistemik Şant (Portosystemic Shunt)
Prof. Dr. Kürşat ÖZER tarafından yapılan, bir köpekte portosistemik şant operasyonu
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Dr Greg Finds the Testicle in a Cryptorchid Dog
http://dogdishdiet.com/order-now/ Dr Greg shows what it is like to do a cryptorchid castration and shows an enlarged prostate gland
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Testicular tumour in a dog
Undescended testicles may become cancerous. It is best to neuter your dog young esp. if he has undescended testicles. Toa Payoh Vets' giving back to society is through the sharing of clinical research and knowledge via the production of vet educational videos for vet students and pet owners. These videos are listed at: www.toapayohvets.com/videos.htm. Veterinary cases studies and articles of Toa Payoh Vets' case studies by Dr Sing Kong Yuen are at www.toapayohvets.com
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How to remove the undescended testicle - neuter of dog
Veteirnary surgery. Anatomy is important in understanding where the undescended testicle travels during development. Location of the undescended testicle can be difficult if it is not palpable below the skin. It may be inside the inguinal canal (as in this case study) or inside the abdomen. Ultrasound scan is advised although in most cases, laparotomy will reveal the testicle next to the neck of the bladder. This can be hooked out. Only with 2 testicles removed, will Toa Payoh Vets issue a neuter certificate. Some vets remove only the descended testicle and issue the certificate. This will be professionally negligent. The undescended testicle may become cancerous later and the vet/ practice can be sued for negligence. .
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Laparoscopic orchiectomy in a cat
Bilateral intra-abdominal cryptorchidism in a cat. Laparoscopic orchiectomy. Criptorquidismo intra-abdominal bilateral num paciente felino. Orquiectomia laparoscópica.
Three special needs feral cats post-op
I am eternally grateful to Dr. Jill Caruso and Faithful Friends Animal Hospital for spaying/neutering and treating the 3 special needs feral cats I trapped on Feb 1st and 2nd, 2014. Danny had unilateral cryptorchidism (one undescended testicle), severe watery diarrhea, and an old hip fracture. Olivia was pregnant and had to have one eye removed due to the fact that it was injured and completely retracted. Daisy has been suffering with severe, persistent eye infections. She was also pregnant. Dr. Caruso took impeccable care of these three cats. This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Unilateral Rostral Mandibulektomi (Unilateral Rostral Mandibulectomy)
Prof. Dr. Kürşat ÖZER tarafından yapılan, bir köpekte unilateral rostral mandibulektomi operasyonu
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Enterotomi (Enterotomy)
Prof. Dr. Kürşat ÖZER tarafından yapılan, bir kedide enterotomi operasyonu
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What are Undescended Testicles?
Learn the signs and symptoms of undescended testicles in young boys and how the Department of Pediatric Urology at Children’s Hospital Colorado can help. To learn more about undescended testicle at Children's Hospital Colorado, visit https://www.childrenscolorado.org/conditions-and-advice/conditions-and-symptoms/conditions/undescended/
Cryptorchid Neuter- Canine
Showing paramedian approach to an abdominal cryptorchid neuter in a dog
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TieBack Procedure
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Hérnias em geral, são um ponto fraco ou abertura dentro de uma massa muscular que permite que outros órgãos internos passem. Ou seja, há uma pequena abertura natural dentro de uma faixa de músculo. Podendo ser genética ou adquirida, no caso do video o animal foi atropelado. Dr. ANDRE ESCHHOLZ M.V. - Ortopedia E Traumatologia Anestesista e Cirurgiao Dr. Andre Eschholz M.V. Hernias in general are a weakness or opening within a muscle mass that allows other internal organs pass. That is, there is a small natural opening within a band of muscle. It can be genetic or acquired, in the case of video the animal was hit.
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Il criptorchidismo nel cane, immagini chirurgiche di un caso di criptorchidismo addominale
Cryptorchid dog neuter
Right side is the most common. Small incision is possible with proper use of surgical instruments and knowledge of anatomy.
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Final Video: How to spot an inguinal hernia in the dog
An inguinal hernia is painful if it is large. Surgery to repair the hernia is best.
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Emergency Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair on a Dog
A dog in an animal shelter was spayed and crashed during recovery (breathing and heartbeat stopped). CPR brought the dog back to life and x-rays revealed a diaphragmatic hernia. This is a hole in the diaphragm (the muscular separation between the chest cavity where the lungs and heart are located and the abdomen cavity, where the stomach, intestines and most other internal organs are located. On the x-ray that dog's intestines were inside of the chest cavity with the heart and lungs, causing her to have difficulty breathing. She was taken into surgery in an emergency to repair the hernia. This was the first time that the shelter had ever attempted a diaphragmatic hernia repair on a patient. The surgery was successful and the dog is doing well.
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criptorquido inguinal y abdominal www.ksvet.com
htpp://www.ksvet.com KSVET es una video publicación de cirugía y caos clínicos.
Dysuria, RLQ and Right Scrotal Pain in 14 yo Boy
14 y.o. boy with RLQ Pain radiating to right scrotum with dysuria for 1 day. PoCUS found appendicitis with appendicolith. At surgery appendicitis tip found adherent to inguinal ring (right scrotal pain) and adjacent to bladder (dysuria). Pubmed: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24673672 Images captured with G.E. Venue, L9 linear array transducer on abdominal preset.
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Orquidectomía laparoscopia en la criptorquidia
Facultad de Veterinaria. Universidad de Zaragoza
Criptorquidia abdominal unilateral en el perro
Se muestra el diagnóstico y manejo quirúrgico de una criptorquidia unilateral abdominal en un perro de 7 años, en la cual el testículo ectópico degenero a seminoma.
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Criptorquidia en un gato exotic shorthair. Cirugía Miraflores del Palo
Mostramos el diagnóstico y tratamiento de un caso de criptorquidia inguinal en un gato. El animal presentaba también una hernia inguinal
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part 1 Orchiectomy
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Single incision laparoscopy  in cryptorchid dogs
La criptorquidia es la falta de descenso hacia el escroto, de uno o ambos, testículos después de las ocho semanas. La mayor parte de las veces los testículos tienen una localización abdominal (criptorquidia abdominal), aunque también pueden encontrarse en el conducto inguinal (criptorquidia inguinal) o en posición lateral al pene. La criptorquidia es un defecto del desarrollo, que tiene un fuerte componente genético (trastorno congénito). La incidencia de este problema es mayor en perros con pedigrí, en algunas razas (Bulldog) y en ciertas familias. Los perros criptórquidos abdominales de ambos testículos son estériles, sin embargo los perros con criptorquidia unilateral son fértiles. La líbido y los comportamientos sexuales de los perros criptórquidos son normales. Las complicaciones potenciales de los testículos criptórquidos incluyen torsión testicular, aumento en la incidencia de neoplasia testicular, síndrome de feminización en machos y discrasias sanguíneas. Por estos motivos, y por las implicaciones genéticas, es recomendable la castración de los machos criptórquidos. La castración, con independencia de que sea criptórquido uni o bilateral, ha de ser de ambos testículos. La cirugía laparoscópica aporta claras ventajas en la castración de los testículos abdominales ya que además de las ventajas propias de la cirugía de mínima invasión, como son disminución del dolor y de los tiempos de recuperación, aporta la facilidad de localizar el testículo y la disminución de los tiempos quirúrgicos. La orquidectomía laparoscópica realizada mediante el abordaje de incisión única o LESS (Laparoendoscopic Single-Site Surgery) reduce los tiempos quirúrgicos y el dolor respecto a la cirugía laparoscópica por varios puertos, incrementando las ventajas para los pacientes.
Criptorquidia abdominal en el perro
Mostramos un caso de criptorquidia abdominal en un perro de raza bulldog inglés de 6 meses. Es importante el diagnóstico de esta anomalía así como su corrección quirúrgica para evitar el desarrollo de neoplasias en el testículo escondido.
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Criptorquidia inguinal.Cirugía Miraflores del Palo
Mostramos el diagnóstico de una criptorquidia inguinal, así como la orquidectomía.
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Criptorquidia inguinal
Cirugía de una criptorquidia inguinal bilateral.
Criptorquidismo Abdominal Cão  - Hospital Veterinário da Bicuda
Um caso de Criptorquidismo Abdominal num cão, onde a remoção do testículo ectópico foi feito através da Laparoscopia.
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Hernia inguinal unilateral
Se demuestra la resolución quirúrgica de una hernia inguinal.
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Pankarpal Artrodez (Pancarpal Arthrodesis)
Prof. Dr. Kürşat ÖZER tarafından yapılan, bir kedide pankarpal artrodez operasyonu
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Cirugía laparoscopia  de la criptorquidia abdominal en perros
La criptorquidia es un problema en el descenso de uno o ambos testículos a la bolsa escrotal, después de los dos meses de edad. En algunas razas hay mayor riesgo como: Caniche, Pomeralia, Yorkshire Terrier, Teckel, Cairn Terrier, Chihuahua, Maltés, Bóxer, Pekinés, Bulldog, Bobtail, Schnauzer miniatura, Pastor Escocés. La castración es el tratamiento más recomendable para un perro o gato criptórquido. La castración laparoscópica que realizamos en la Clinica Veterinaria Ayora, aporta muchas ventajas frente a otro tipo de castraciones. La laparoscópica nos posibilita realizar esta castración abdominal con mayor seguridad y menos dolor que por cirugía tradicional.
Curso Online de Cirurgia - Orquiectomia com testículo ectópico
Teaser (apresentação de lançamento) de video-aula de cirurgia. A video -aula completa com imagens anatômicas e todo o passo a passo da técnica fará parte do Curso Online de Cirurgia do CETAC em 2013. Maiores informações no site www.cetacvet.com.br
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Criptorquidia abdominal en un pastor alemán. Cirugía Miraflores del Palo
Criptorquidia abdominal en un Pastor Alemán. Cirugía Miraflores del Palo
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